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Phase Out! (Ad-Supported)

Phase Out! (Ad-Supported) for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Phineus Media located at Phineus Media 3330 S. Canfield Ave. #6 Los Angeles, CA 90034. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I have been playing this game since March 2015 and I have not had a problem with it loading. The all to often ads can be exited just as fast as they pop up. I do wish if a player is no longer playing and a certain amount of time has gone by. The game should be forfeited. Overall I'm having fun. ..
I wish you could play more games at once... I also think It'd be cool if you could keep notes in a game.. So you can recall what your opponent is going for by their draws from the discard pile.. Or maybe a history tab... I also agree with the other feedback to include the option to nudge and when a player is inactive in a game for too long it needs to resign them from the game
Been playing it w my long distance bf and friends and lately all it does on startup is crash. Tried reinstalling several different times in a couple of different devices and same result. Please fix it, so I can play again, and Ill give you five stars.
I will probably come back to re-review after I actually get to play it.. I was asked to review after I played first hand while still waiting for opponent.
The game started off great, I played almost every day. After a month or so of playing, in the middle of a game, the app no longer opens. I've tried deleting and reinstalling the game and it still will not open. The same happen to friend, it's been three weeks now, we've been stuck in an unfinished fame waiting for the issue to be fixed
If a player takes longer than 2 or 3 days to take their turn, then they need to be automatically resigned. it sucks waiting for days for a player to tale their turn.
Phineus Media, you are the best!! Your game is much, much, much, much better than the official Phase 10 app of Magic. There are no glitches, smooth online play and has a function to play with our friends too. It's really the best!
I love this game but have not been able to pay for weeks. It keeps saying there's a problem with the server. Please fix and I will fix my rating.
I like this better than the official phase 10 app. There are different modes,& I can set the computer as hard or easy as I like. I can even name the computer. There are alot of ads,but I am going to get the paid app. I know it will be worth it.
I honestly like it until a player had 6 wilds in 1 hand. How in the world. I've played hundreds and hundreds of games but that one I have never seen. The same player also pulled 4 back to back skip cards. I don't know if they used a hack but that wasn't just pure luck. All in one game that's ridiculous
The game logged me out then it wouldn't let me log back in I had to make a whole new account then i lost contact with a lady named Barbara from Germany that i had been playing for a while and im in the United States.
I couldn't play my cards deleting.I wish they had more phase 10 ,uno and skipbo games to pick from on here.
Just like an old fashioned card game. I wish it didn't freeze up so much. This frequently happens after a turn, or when I've gone to look and see what the hand goal is. Does not always show me the other person's move, so would be nice to be able to "replay" it. Would also like to be able to send a message during the other players turn or nudge, in case he missed the notification. Overall a really fun game.
I like playing this can you turn to play the play the original card game but it'll be fun to try on the on the game in the game store but see how I do thank you for having
Hate that when I'm playing against someone I know I have to go back to menu then back to game wish it had real time play
Love this game but it is inconsistent. Number of games allowed to play seems to change. I have bought the paid version so I hope that it is better than the free one.
I cannot play the game anymore.. it is just stuck on loading and won't load any games anymore.. and cannot connect to network all of a sudden . Please fix this & I will change my rating !
Love this game! Grew up playing it with friends and family. Fun to play solo with folks around the world. It's basically rummy and uno if you've ever played those card games
I have several games that i can't play cause it won't load. I have to keep uninstall & install & lose all my games. Very frustrating. About to delete the app for good. I also hate the advertisement it is so unprofessional and I'm sick of seeing it.
I love playing this game. The only thing i dont like is that there should be an even/odd number phase and there isnt. Add that and it will be perfect!
What the heck! Soon as i updated it kicked me out. And made me create a new account name. Now i can't play with the person I've been playing with grrr Good game. I've been playing with one stranger for the past 2 years! Too bad none of my friends play.
This app has had numerous glitches from the time I started using it. It's always with games of 2 or more players. First I couldn't use my skips. Now even though it says it is my turn, I'm not able to draw a card, play a card, or do anything. It's incredibly frustrating and pushing me to consider other apps for this game.
I hate that it doesn't show what stage you are working on on the screen. You have to back out and look to see what your goal is. It's hard to find people to play with. But other than that I do love this game. Best 1 I have found so far
Really fun and quick. UI could be a little more streamlined, and having auto sort would be a nice feature. Works fantastic overall.
It only loads the game if I restart my phone or uninstall and reinstall but when I go back to that game it tells me it can't connect to server. This game was great for the first week I had it now it sucks... Fix this issue please because I'm about to uninstall it for good
I have the mad # of games but have been waiting on opponents for 8 months plus. Wont fforce them to forfeit is very frustrating
Every since this last update it crashes before I get to play it! Please fix this and I will put 5 stars!