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Pharaoh's Fortune Match 3

Pharaoh's Fortune Match 3 for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by CookApps located at 8th floor, U space building, 670, Sampyeong-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game freezes on level 78/79 and you have to start over and it freezes all over again. Love game hate the freezing.
Great game but keeps freezing now can't believe that level 73 freezing after a few moves 8 times today this has happened will delete n report to Google if it is not sorted you are so ignorant you don't answer any players comments cmon man up n answer us
This game will keep frezzing up its not good for your phone nine times out of ten your phone will have a virus and will stop acting right you would have to restart your phone and after restarting the phone is still not guaranteed to work properly...
Game great until repeated freezing at level 77. I'm deleting the fame now. Maybe I'll be back if you take care of freezing issues.
Loved the game then several months ago it started freezing up during levels. This still hasn't been fixed and from the other rating level your one isn't a factor. I'm on level 331 and can't continue on because of this. I don't know how much longer I'm willing to wait before I just delete it an move on as the game developers don't really seem to care about this.
Game was fun...until it froze...repeatedly. Power ups were good, not timed, which is awesome. Good until level 63-the first freeze, and good again until level 84, which froze 3 times. I've uninstalled it.
Nice game until level 63. 63 will not play, it freezes and takes a while to exit out of the game. Too bad, it was nice.
Game freezes I get to level 63 but after a combo the game freezes and will not respond. Uninstalling because this seems to be a prevalent problem that the game developers aren't going to fix
Game keeps freezing up on level 84. Seems like they dont care about it freezing. I would give it 0 stars but i cant
Game was decent until I got to level 72. Like every one stated before the games freezes up at level 72..
It has been a VERY cool games. The only issue I'm having is that once I started playing ep.5 level 84 after making 5 to 8 matches it freezes. I can't go any further. HELP!!!
Was fun for awhile, but cant get past level 72 (I think), it keeps getting stuck after a few moves and freezes. It's now worthless.
I Was enjoying the game. Right in the middle of the game, while I was getting ready to make a move, a 30 sec. add! That is unacceptable in game play! I've never had That happen before and I'm not going to continue this game. Too bad because it Was a good game. TY anyway
Game is typical match 3 clone just like all the rest. Decent graphics etc. Problem is that lvl 72 is bugged and just doesn't work. Any time you use powers like scarab the level freezes. Lost all my bonuses on at because it just kept freezing. Oh well, just be warned the game is buggy. I'm moving on to another game!
Well let's say, its always freezing up after 80, I am at 106 now but always the levels with the green like thing that releases gems falling it keeps freezing and I ha e to go out and retry. Graphics are amazing, I would give this a 10 if I could but with the constant freezing its not worth playing anymore. Guys you really need to fix it. Really now....
Level 72 and a couple others before glitch and blocks won't move after a match is made. Very annoying. Going to delete, better off playing candy crush
You can't "play free" the algorithm forces,you to have to buy coins ..but with actual money, which in weak ppl can,become an addiction to gambling... Most newer games,are arranged this,way...it is,pure,evil.
Very fun game. Fun enjoyable play & a sweet little set up for the winning! It's really great design and beautiful quality
This game is really fun to play but one it freezes up on every other level..please check into this problem because it's a lot of fun to play and I hate for people to quit playing because it's doing the same thing to them as it is to me.
Please fix the bug from the leaves, that freezes the game!!! Great game! And effects! Beautiful as Alice in Puzzle land, other game of yours. I loved to play a nice puzzle game about Egypt and Cleopatra!
this is one of the best match games i've played the graphics the music the gameplay all very brilliant well done
I was enjoying tbis game until a couple of days ago it just started crashing in the middle of a level .
Not so fun anymore I'm on level 72 and I can't get past it, keeps locking up..I've quit out of it several times. It does not Lock in the same place. I have had this game a long time..😣 Samsung tabA tablet. So still locks up on level 72, I'm deleting the game now.
This is a great little game... when it loads. The game will freeze up in the middle of playing a level, which is very frustrating. Unfortunately, it's getting deleted.
Great until I got to Episide 4, #72. It continuously freezes up and no way for me to advance. I will be uninstalling.
I had really liked the game but been stuck on level 316 because part way through it will stop dropping gems and will not let me make any moves.
Level 79 keeps freezing and I keep starting it over and over again.. I only moved 3 times.. Help!!!! I love the game but not like this..
Great game but cannot get past level 72 it keeps freezing any chance you could get it fixed .Will be a super game if this glitch is fixed . Always on 7th move on level 72 have uninstalled and installed again and still the same bit of a disaster 😭😭😳😤
Game freezes every time i try to play it. 1st 70+ levels ok. But now cant play. Tried uninstalling/reinstall. But problem continues. Uninstalling for good. Too bad it was a fun game until now
It is a great game. Until ... I am on level 231 the game freezes and stops playing. It will not drop new gems in the empty slot. I am uninstalling the game .
Can't get past lvl 74, app freezes. Really sucks because it was pretty fun up to this point. Uninstalling.
I've been waiting for this game too be released and I wasn't disappointed! Its a smooth running game, with nice sound affects and lovely graphics. Love the theme too, very nice game!
Freezes on level 72 with 20 moves left, every time, over 20 attempts to restart. Hopefully a patch will fix it soon
The game kept freezing for me at level 83. So I deleted it. Maybe once ya all have it fixed I may re-download it again. But it was fun up until then
Game freezes repeatedly. You clear a series of gems but no gems fall from above locking the entire round forcing you to "retry" the level over and over again.
I'm stuck on level 72. Not sure what I need to do to get past it. Don't know if the game is freezing up or what. Might have to uninstall it
Crashes at level 72 and cant get any farther. Tried several times but always crashes. Guess I'm done.
Not sure where my first review went ... But the amount of begging this average match-3 game does to try to get you to buy ineffective powerups is crazy. The first 100 levels are a cakewalk. After that, the difficulty fires way up, way too fast, which feels intentional to get the player to buy items. It's fun, the graphics are nice, but it's not getting any money from me.
I like this game because it lets me know how I am doing compared to other players. Makes it challenging. Good sound effects and graphics. Really fun!!
I paid for ad-free, and ads disappeared; however, when I next went to play, the ads were back. I tried to contact devs, but got no response. Just a word of caution about spending any money in this game! It's a shame as the game is fun. Oh, well, back to games that don't rip customers off.
It was fun until I got into level 148, played a few moves then it freezes and nothing moves. Tired of restarting the same level over and over. Unfortunately I have to uninstall..
This game is starting to get boring... It needs to be fixed... It seems like every other level it's freezing up again you guys really need to fix the game so keep someone's like me to stay interested 😉 my. Come on you got a good game..
This game has suddely stopped at level 77. I tried many times to replay but its still freezing. It does not forward at all!!!. Plz fix this problem asap.pl . otherwise it is a very nice game. I love playing it.
Well hmmm ...went like a breeze 1st 80 levels..unfortunately that was it!! Continued FREEZING of game midway through OVER & OVER!!! I would have given a 5 star rating Overall - Graphics are awesome, yes relatively easy thus far, but unfortunately the freezing of the game has left me disheartened SO Game has been deleted. Glad I didnt spend a dime :)
I am stuck on level 72. It freeze when trying to finish that level, it is annoying. I was really enjoying this game but like I said. level freezes and can't finish it.