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Phantoms: Tang Dynasty

Phantoms: Tang Dynasty for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by YOUZU(SINGAPORE)PTE.LTD. located at 60 PAYA LEBAR ROAD #08-43 PAYA LEBAR SQUARE SINGAPORE (409051). The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This have the quality of mmo should be on a mobile phone the only downside is when get into the game to log in. It takes time for you to get to the log in page but overall its an awesome game!
The game is good and I like it a lot but the next day I tried to play it, I tried to press the start button but it won't let me. It keeps saying coming soon and I can't do anything about it
Your rate for SSR is awful even it say will be increased in event periode still no SSR. Just got 1 SSR from first 20 summons cause it say guarantee and no more SSR till lv 55. I will give 5 stars if the developer fix that rate up. Your game size is big and your rate for SSR is awful, but personaly I don't mind the size. How can this game will reach 4.0 if you don't listen the problem's players. Hope the developer will fix the rate up. Ps : story and graphic is amazing
The graphics are extremely perfect 💯✨ mostly the characters are amazing but the one thing that im disappointed is you can't fight freely you always need to wait until there's a match
Best game. Addictive. Hope it doesnt become ptw. Please add dancer class for male character too. Feels kinda unfair ._. Male dancers exist. Edit: The game feels dead. There are less players. Quite Sad since I love the story.
I have waited the english version of this game for so long and finally it's out now! The graphic is very good and the story is very interesting as well even if the names are quite strange because they are translated from Chinese to English. Then another problem is when the first time I played it, it crashed a lot but it's better now. So far I really enjoy this game and I hope it will get better and better! Thank you for making the English version of this game!
A potential game with excellent graphic. Deep developing storyline for each character. Gameplay would be a bit hard to follow for beginners. Please keep your fire up, development team! All the best
I stopped playing for a while, but when I came back most of the UI is Chinese. Please translate this.
FIX: Story resource pack is stuck on 43%. I have completed the 1.6gb story resource pack at 100% but it went to downloading again? Why download again? I won't download it again.. I have already re-downloaded the story resource package at the 2nd time. I know at the 3rd time it will do the same result. Now I can't proceed to next main quest because of this! Resource pack is bug please fix it.
The drop rate is still low but at least there's a lot of free thing now. It's good thing this is not a p2w. Seeing there no pvp or else........!!!
Was a fun trial on launching, but have a lot of technical issue / bug. Might be considering to return if there is a good event.
Total download 5,77GB until now. This is my opinion.. This game look alike another gacha game, the battle system game which just tap and tap on the map but in this game the gameplay can be played by walking through the large map and can see other players. So why very effort to make voices and large map just for big data download while can't battle directly on the field. Honestly this is just like scam fake RPG. This is pure gacha game alike.
Players not well updated. For e.g. maintenance extended for quite awhile and players waited hours for it without knowing when will it open. FB, Google Play and in game no new announcements. Please players in the loop and updated especially when it's past due
The game is so buggy. Sometimes some features can't be open unless you do such wierd trick. And you'll find some inconsistencies between battles. The translation is the worst. You'll get confused reading some statements/descriptions. The game only have facebook to engage with players, no other platform to bond with them. They only post what to summon on each date. You won't get patch details, guides, etc. The game seems dedicated to vietnam players and focuses on their money. P2W Yes.
Its is very a nice game. The graphics, control, concept are amazing. However, the reason why I only give 3 stars since the game is a bit buggy. The resource story package can't be clicked and I cannot proceed to the next story. Please do something about this. It is a nice game but there are still something that needs to be fixed.
Actually I love this game.. The game is fun especially in the story.. Overall this is not the hard game.. But what I hate it this game is impossible to get another SSR spirit again! even when there is the event to rate up chance to get SSR spirit.. I think this game will not get a rating 4. if you continue to use a system like this, many of my friends have given up on this game because of that..
Been playing for hours, and im lvl 25 at the moment. First of all, the graphics is stunning for a mobile game(given u hv downld the hd content, and max graphic in the option). The control is good and the animation is smooth. The story is there for those who actually care for it, I love the story so far. The bgm is soothing, but the voice for some cutscene is not there, given i've downld everything( 5gb ++ for the total game by the way). Downside is, evrything is dead in this game. Lack of player
Ok I edit my review for this game. First of all the game lacks alot of content when you reached max lvl and finish the events all you gotta do is fishing and treasure hunting daily which requires alot of stamina. The stamina system is so ridiculous you need to wait 12 hrs for 120 stamina lmao and thats only 3 entries in lv70 dungeons which requires 40 stamina. The developers dont listen to the community and dont care about the game. The issue about the mail & story resource pack has been ignored
Nice graphics and gameplay BUT the topup is too expensive. No one would ever spend $99 for just 200 jades! This game will not last long bc of that. Also, there is only 1 server! Just imagine how youll be able to catch up with the older players.
The game is cool. First day, you can reach as far as lvl 40 without paying. The only thin is that there is only ONE SERVER. It seems like the developers forgot the game or kind of abandoned it. Even the in-game customer service is not working properly. The FAQ is present but there is no content. This would've been a good game if there are more servers
Each time you play for only about 2 minutes, the hang up screen cannot be played. the gadget that i use xiaomi mi6. please fix it, or I'm forced to leave the game because it can't be played at all.
Game cày sml. Tuy nhiên vì thế nên ko bị pay to win. Dear developers, there some problem with the new update yesterday that make the picnic event interface display with missing icons. Also and most importantly, the game CRASH whenever i enter or renter the event instance but still cost the energy. I really do like this game so i looking forward for you hotfix. Sincerely.
I love this game, definitely staying and hoping to see it grow. Decent translations to English. The spirits are so amazing and fun! It doesnt feel too cash grabby cos from what I've seen, they give you decent numbers of free summons and upgrade materials. It's just a beautiful world with fun quests and events. Works just fine on my Android phone, no crashes, no issues.
Just grey screen after i back to my home screen then back to it screen then i cleaned up my background apps and back to it and still grey screen even after I restart the phone there's no point at all
played for 3 days. spent quite a bit. now it crashes right after loading my google login. after reinstalling, i can login but crashes whenever i start an instance and i cant teleport anywhere for eg. to manor. im using samsung s9plus. unable to play for 20 hours now. noone responding to me on fb messenger of Phantoms page
It was a nice game, really smooth and all. I was a bit confused when i played, the language was set to english but it was still showing mandarin. Turns out i haven't finished downloading the resource pack.
Even though the game is great due to its fantastic graphics and story but it has many bugs to be able to play. That is why I would again download it after the bugs are terminated then it would become one of the best mmorpg out there in the market.
Good game. I love story line because Vietnamese support :) devs don't want gamers playing just 1 hour/day. Recommend find others game for main times to spend.
When i open this game and i stuck at the first play saying unzip the resource and alreadu 100% and it cant go further so i stick at that What:s the use of this game when i cant run normaly is this a bug
Great character customization, doesn't look like a money grab, amazing graphics and okay plot. Only issues I have is dialogue refers to a man regardless of character's gender, and the game crashes a couple times out of nowhere. Other than that, if those issues are fixed, I can see myself playing this game for a while and even purchasing a few packs to support the developers.
••No evidence no problem , this game is insane. Too many downloads, and its not my property. No free now. :-( ••You think you are a good in drawing? Exactly , why this is low on votes, you need to return home and resign in your job carrer.•• ••After me download this application , its said that google is having problem on installing this. What happen to my data? Its 2.7 giga bite.😠😠😠 ••We need help here!, we need food, shelter, clothes, medicines. This is emergency. Please help you me!!❕❕
Great game but the only one problem is size too big and unfortunely my samsung only use internal space so i have delete lot apps just to play this game
The art is great, the concept is great as well. Sadly the game keeps crashing, which led me to uninstall the game. I also would like to recommend for the Npc 's name to use their real--chinese--name (written in roman character), i feel like the use of western name just doesnt match the whole concept and aesthetic. Overall its amazing, but sadly the game just keep crashing. Hope it would improve in the future.
Well, I thought what the reviewers said were true.. I guess I really should have checked it myself. The game is magnificent and the graphic is breath-taking..I couldn't express more in words, so I really recommend people to play this game as I dont have any problem while playing this fantastic game. Hopefully this game would be more popular in the near future. I have nothing to complain and I can only thank the dev for making such a great game. Thankyou once again :D
The graphics are great but that's all. Like most Chinese MMOs narrative is useless and there's no actual English voice acting. Then there's autoplay. Above all Chinese cultivation stories are really just meaningless. Why not just give us more open world experience without too much of a Chinese influence.
well this game is nice and fun but why you separate the world chat to many option pls make it simple for another gamer to chat each other... and this game graphic are so cool and 3D ..i toght its suck like reviewers say but its not this is the best game to play for multiplier ithink..
A lot of bugs. Cost me a lot of data(4.7gb)! Every 2 chapters updated a lot. This game are nonplayable.
very nice game but I hope you can give more options to level up rather than waiting and doing casual stuff. Also, please be more generous with stamina. some instances cost 40 stamina in one go. Still, more events and will really love this :)
after downloading it, i'm just stuck on a gray screen. When I open it I will see the logos and after that it will turn into gray and will be stuck to it.
Very nice graphics. Sadly, even though I have the language set to English, the game interface appears to be only half-translated. Not really suitable for an international audience.
SSR drop rate is low but that's ok . The graphics are good , I love it . I really want this game to continue updating new features because in China servers , the story are much further in Global server and there are many features . Please continue developing this game . Thank you . I'm waiting for you . ♡
please, i really love this game but what u do is just grinding for no goal, i wish we can do more co op and some pvp war
Its so bad for great graphic game but it is not open world, its more like card game than rpg because you have to upgrade multiple spirits instead of focusing on main character, also too many cosmetics thing with less function in the game, I expect better experience than just cosmetics.
Super graphics, amazing experience Game have lot of things to explore and i love it. The only thing i miss in this game is players it really hard to find players in it and no one socailize. well its not problem with the game tho. overall performance is suprb. i can't wait to see the new things in it. and i would like them to add a duel funtion in it so that we can duel with the opponents as well
I like it but sadly most of the features ingame are in chinese. :( There are parts that are in english. I thought this game have english translations to everthing and I wouldn't mind the chinese dub.
Game won't load anymore. Stuck at login screen. When you press login will only say coming soon! I've waited time and money for a cheap looking game. Don't download this game. It is just good in the eye but is a complete waste.
The only problems i have are only the size of this game, which consume more than 6gb storage sacrifice for the beautifully smooth gaming experience AND the english version for the spoken language. Despite all that, this is one of the best game out there so far, i hope this could be one of the game that have an ending story in campaign.
superb GRAPHIC game i have ever played! Really can be compared to Black Desert Mobile. Just that this is Chinese made game, which is liking to my taste! Goodjob Netease ! Size of Game 7gb in total after downloaded HD TEXTURE and it is really superb!!! Would prefer if in the game show us what skills each class have so we can choose! Ive chosen priest and it is so cooll!!! Full of galaxies skills!! Im in love with this game!!!
Can't even download the game keeps on getting error "cannot install the game" my phone has more than enough space and it's connected to wifi while downloading waited for the download to become 100% and then it failed to download cmon developer you should be better than this. Tried installing it multiple time with different phones. Thats why rating is 3 because it's not yet a stable game.
slow and buggy game, and the game gets stucks at 85% after downloading the HD graphics. but after repairing the client. the story resource pack wouldnt even download now. maybe that's why singapore cant make good games lmaoo EDIT: contacted the dev on facebook like they told me to, but have not replied back to me in weeks. i've totally gave up hope on this game.
The game works fine until today, i can't open my ingame mailbox anymore, the 'Social' tab also having the same problem. The game just freezes for about 1s every time i try to click on them and nothing happens. Pls fix this, thank you.
Really take my wasting internet data .... when download hd texture and story line in game always stuck on 20%,40%,60%, after that it will 0 % again and if you ro repair client still same ... im already wasting around 7gb data internet only for download story line and hd texture in game but always fail when download stop and it roll back to 0% again .... really make me anggry
blank screen... other game works perfectly fine from Black Desert mobile, Dragon Radja, Perfect World Mobile, etc...
What the hell after sacrificing all my other apps I can't even play this game? Seriously? Can't the map is only half of mine . I can show the proof but can't send here . Good graphics and a smooth game
The first impression is that you enter the game loading page to see what basic graphics are. In the end, it was completely destroyed. Because the loading screen is gray Can't enter to see anything So my way, which is a player Who downloaded Can't play, so only one star can be given. Sorry that I can't provide more. If able to return and download, then satisfied with the game So I will give additional stars rating Thank you for reading
I played a couple of mmorpg and still looking out for another mmorpg game, found this game. I played NetEase games before and this one got me no lag. I didn't download the HD package and game runs OK. There is no intensify dailies like any other I played so I can take me time playing this game. Story & VO are good too! Only I find that Sheila was named Felicia at some point.
Great graphics and gameplay .However drop rate for SSR is super pathetic , donated quite abit of money and summoned over 200 times end up with only 2 SSR character . Unless you can afford to donate , if not don dream of getting any decent items or character .
Boring boring boring . Everyone who likes this game must be suck if they think this is even a game . No knock back when you get hit . Too easy to dodge and there's no need proper timing to dodge. Graphic is cool and all but gameplay is too simple it's boring. Please fix this .
I'm leaving my review after playing the game 30 mins straight ; intitials are impacful , its one of the kind mobile amine MMORPG genres , though I prefer western language, this game does full animated cutoff sessions are top of the game..i didn't enjoy all the game but i hope i would enjoy playing it.. I'm giving 5 🌟 to show my appreciation to the devs. I might change my review after playing further.