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Phantasy Star Classics

Phantasy Star Classics for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by SEGA located at Sega of America, Inc 6400 Oak Canyon, Suite 100 Irvine, CA 92618. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Absolutely love this app! Am playing Phantasy Star II ATM and the gameplay and atmosphere are perfect. Paid £1.99 to remove the ads too. If you like RPG's then you owe it to yourself to play this it's great honestly. I'm also playing the IV too, but not on my phone. That's also a really good game and genuinely funny too. 👍
When I try to start the program, I get the commercial and sometimes the game doesn't start, I just get a black screen. Other than that, it's a game that I fondly remember. I just wish that you had the original PS. That was my favourite game of all time.
Great port of the greatest entry in SEGAs answer to the Final Fantasy series. BUT IN SPAAAAAACE! It's great, old but great. Just play it.
Absolutely wonderful! Just the distraction i needed during these crazy times. Cant wait to introduce my daughter to the game that started my love of RPG so many years ago. Thank you SEGA!
Big thanks to Sega for making their classics available for free! I did have issues with the D-pad, which has very small buttons and often sent me in the wrong direction. As for thr gameplay, PS4 is a cut above the others and generally has great pixel art, but there are a lot of mechanical issues characteristic of early RPGs. I logged a lot of hours in the game but ultimately chose not to finish because of the wildly unbalanced combat, painful menu navigation, undeveloped story and other issues.
Seems to be good ports of the games. It loses a star for not including the first game for some reason, and for all the extra ad stuff going on.
Great games but this collection has one major flaw. The first game isn't included. 3 stars until you add it. I had to resort to emulating it.
If you're into old RPG or remember any of these with nostalgia, there are 3 great games here. The latest (IV) is the best by far, but do try them all (preferably in order, story wise won't affect much, but the tech leap can be bothersome), you'll enjoy them a lot.
What you see is what you get. 3 of the best 16-bit rpgs ever made for the low, low price of watching an ad once in a while when you save/load (but not everytime.) When I get a couple bucks I'm going to remove ads because these sega classics are worth it.
Propaganda in front of the start button. It is not possible to play with propaganda in front of the buttons.
I love these games. But the ads slowly became very intrusive. Not sure if it was an error but I was getting the 5 second resume ads every 10 seconds of inactivity, as well as at the start of and in the middle of battles, entry into town, and sleeping for the night. It's a real shame as I was having so much fun playing Phantasy Star 4.
I Love the old turn-based RPG's.I've played Phantasy Star 2,3 multiple times,this is my first time playing #4,it is not a disappointment,Very enjoyable.The ONLY downside is having to constantly watch videos just to use the Save/Load features.
Confused I bought this game January 2018, now when I try to restore purchases to remove the ads it gets stuck loading and says an error occured an to try later.
Saving requires 30-second ad. Switching between apps requires a 30-second ad. Resuming for a pause game requires a 30-second ad. this is freaking ridiculous for such an old game. very greedy app Developers . I would definitely say avoid this!!!
Painfully average. Buy games from Steam and play the ROMs in a proper emulator. Watching ads to 'rewind time' is super gross. Games like old turn-based RPGs are good for mobile but this is a lazy port. No updated or improved translation for PS2, truncated items and names galore. PS3 is an infamous kusoge (trash game). PS4 is great but mods improve all 3 games and original PS1 (not available to buy anywhere). If you play one game play PS4 skip the prior 2 mobile ones.
So, someone help me here. Is it free to play or is the Downloader just free and you have to buy the games after you download this from play store bc I cannot get any of the games to play....
It seems as though ive bugged the first crawler with my ilass data vectors.. not that i found it dissapointing for such as a fee $AUD2°99 Using the scalpel makes the game like one hundred times more intersesting.
I played this game many years ago, and was delighted to find this in the play shop. Very good game. I would love to see the origional phantasy star that started these series. The one with meiu and noah.
Good stuff. Ads are relatively infrequent and the games are exactly as they originally were beyond that. Of note: my last experience with the app was a few months back, so your mileage may vary.
While the games are great, the emulation or whatever you use to make the games work is very slow, especially with Phantasy Star IV. I'd have to give this a 3/5 because of that.
I love this game, it was a game where times were more peaceful,where everything was happy. But now... It shows a reminder of happier times. I am glad I have place where i can escape, and relive the past.
The downside: watching a short ad when you want to save, and you have to be online. The upside: You get three solid and good rpgs which are actual games. It does not take up much space. And it is all fun. I hope Sega continues adding games like this. 👍
Phantasy Star 4 is a 5-star game, but there's a problem with the implementation. The game doesn't autosave your progress in case the app closes or gets reset. If you switch to another app for too long and your phone resets this one, you lose your progress and have to go back to your last manual save.
PS 3 feels mostly as I remember it, which says a lot. So far everything runs perfectly smooth, minus the ads and saving style, perfect graphics, music, even dying right in the beginning, was the same, cause these games can kill you if not careful. Lastly, can you please add black borders to the sides as graphic options, currently there is the blue graphic banners on left and right. 5$ for all 3 games is a great deal for ads free. Next give us Phantasy star Generations PLEASE!
original Phantasy Star 2 game, with all that it included = 5/5 or 10/10, whichever. port as a port : 4/5, could have added Txt Adventures for 2. But it's still good, and relatively decently optimised for smartphones, though dir pad can be a hassle to navigate at times 8 or 7/10, but well worth the money for someone who hasn't played it yet. still have to grade the rest, 3 & 4. :)
The definitive JRPG is now on mobile. Probably considered to be a mediocre game by today's standards, but for fans of retro gaming, this is a classic and a must play. Game has a killer soundtrack, with that classic Genesis feel. And a surprisingly deep story for its time.
I love the classic Phantasy Star series games. Takes me back 25-30 years to my childhood. No complaints really other than ads before saving, and you need to be online to play. Other than that they all play like the originals, and will give you hours of classic rpg fun.
Great port. Certainly worth the 4.99 to remove ads for these titles. Certainly beats the $80 I spent on phantasy star III back in the day!
I'd rate higher if it also included the original 1st in the series. It's called phantasy star classics but excludes the very game that started it all. I hope at some point they include it here or as another sega mobile app game.
I've played the first one when it first came out, and I couldn't put it down till I beat it. I have yet to play the others. Can't wait. SSWWEETT!!!
The hidden gem of the 16 bit era of RPGs. The biggest complaint i see is the controls, but the joypad and buttons can be moved, swapped, and the size rearranged, so if they feel clunky thats the users fault. The graphics are great, but you will want to spend the 4.99 USD to get rid of ads and save locally instead of to the cloud. This hidden fee is the biggest drawback.
Delivers as promised. I will be getting the paid version to save offline. Best looking emulation of PS that I've played.
Support made it right. I payed for the ad free but lost that when it went to classics. Support was able to get me a code to get my ad free game back. Thank you !!!! I love this game and hands down, best support assistance by far.
Honestly there's much better ways to play all of these bug I love the franchise and it's great to be able to simply get it from Google play
A great port of some great classics to the mobile platform. My only suggestion would be to add functionality for Bluetooth smartphone controllers so we can have a more immersive experience beyond the virtual pad controls. 👍👍👍👍👍
I have played Phantasy Star 4 multiple times on multiple platforms. The save feature is reasonable but sometimes has some loading issues with my Google account. Other than that all is working well.
I love the Phantasy Star series, especially 4, and I love that Sega is publishing them in a way that will allow me to easily share them with my kids. i don't mind the ads at all, a small price to pay for a free game with added functionality. keep it up sega! Could use more customization with the controls though, and a stretch to fullscreen option, that would make it 5 stars from me
Controls are sometimes a bit wonky, and the loading with ads is kinda bad, but once i did ad free, that was fixed. Im not a '90s guy, but i played these games on the psp and ps3 and absolutely fell in love with them, especially 4.
The controls keep not responding... i can move them, costomize them but the game is frozen even loading a save... frustratingly ineffective... the interface should be your main concern considering the game is made already...!!?!
Restarted my saved game today from lvl 7 with 1700 meseta and played to lvl 9 with over 6500 meseta where I saved game 2 times before I stopped playing for maybe 30 minutes. Loaded my 2x saved game to find that it did not save and my lvl 9 + over 6500 meseta did not save. This is unacceptable if this is the shoddy kind of service offered to people. I am uninstalling this ridiculous game and going to an actual reliable game app. I do not recommend this game at all, save yourselves the trouble.
Game is a true representation of the classic, warts and all. Very disrespectful approach to shoving ads for Sega games in your face even after paying for ad removal (including an unforgivable popup for Sega Heroes that covers virtually the entire screen and likes to appear right before you try to press a menu button, thereby sending you to a web browser you didn't ask for and generally wasying time). Make no mistake, Sega wants your money more than they want you to enjoy yourself.
I love this game. The only problem I've got is there are WAY too many ads. I understand revenue is needed but that's just asinine. Other than that no issues at all.
I loved these games growing up. So I am very glad to get to play them again. I don't mind the ads for saving small price to pay for these old school games.
This Generation Sucks Period. I was playing phantasy star 4 and got my head handed to me. But that is not all, how come when you stop a at a inn that doesn't save the game and why aren't there saves at all. When I died, It sent to the title screen, It showed one option was start. I pressed it, And took me to the very beginning of the game. Why is that important? Because I was hours into the game, there are saves on the app but that is besides the point! I already had a save but didn't save yet.
Doesn't have the 1st Phantasy Star! The 1st will always be the best to me. It's a shame it's not included. That said, I'm glad 2 & 3 are....and I've never played 4. Thanks dev! ADS ARE INSUFFERABLE! Phone call, text, music, pause, anything you do results in a ad. It's beyond obnoxious. I'd pay for the game but reviews say the ad experience doesn't change. And I don't want to use google play games feature.
Bombarded with ads, never even got a chance to start the game, just watched 2x30 second ads... would have been nice to play these games again, calm down the ads so I can at least press start. Review update: Phantasy Star 3 is broken, I went to the inn 2x paid and never got healed, consumed 2 monomates and never got healed. Just play this on PS4 or Nintendo, this garbage should be taken off the Playstore... Awesome games, but worthless port.
Love what they did to port it, don't get me wrong it is great to play it on the go. HOWEVER...... Do I have to manually sign in to google play every time instead of automatic? And if I have no connection (like a subway tunnel) I can't access my save file? Why not have it installed on the device? I already paid for the ad free, would it make a difference to pay more just to have a fully standalone app (ie: installed in my device WITH independent save aside from cloud save)?
It has bugged ads. The skip button doesn't show or only appears for few seconds. The ad also doesn't end after 30 second.
Was very excited to play this game again. Played for a bit and saved. Came back to Los the save only to find out I need to watch an ad to continue. Beyond pissed. Goodbye to Sega for being so greedy.
The collection of games itself are good but the controls are a little clunky. Other than it's a great collection for fans new and old. Being somewhat of a fan of PS, I liked trying this out, mainly bc of the nostalgia and simply out of curiosity. I'd recommend it, that is if you're willing to put up with clunky controls. I give it 4/5 bc of this. That is all. 🙏🏼
Does not work. Save fails and you lose any progress. Many people have complained about this. Not playable.
Genuine classics. Very playable recreations of 16-bit RPG. Groundbreaking in their day, limitations very much on display. Addition of save anywhere is luxurious. Some of the best jrpg ever made, worthy of a modern remake. Until then, this is a gloriously nostalgic journey through gaming history. (I'm only up to 2, I never played IV first time around, I'm increasingly excited for it)
Absolutely love this old school RPG! Played it as a kid and enjoying it still! Thank you! Maybe you can add Phantasy star 1 or make a PSO 1 & 2 port. Please make a Phantasy Star Online 1 or 2 or both! I'd pay!
Required online connection for decades old games, and you have to pay to remove the ads from each game instead of just 2 or 3 dollars for all of them. I wanted to support them but now I'm just going to emulate them.
A low effort port. There's no touchscreen integration, it's somewhat poorly emulated with plenty of graphical glitches. Also, you have to be online if you want to save the game at any time. I paid £1.99 to remove ads on Phantasy Star IV. But I'll be playing the game using a decent emulator instead of this app. Don't waste your time with this buggy/frustrating app. There are many better ways to play these great games.
Love the games. 3rd party controller support and setup is needed. Along with the ability to change the background to black.
Some of these reviews are odd. Look I'm giving this 4 stars because first, I already have the Genesis cart etc. Yes there was one ad, and it wasn't 30 seconds, it was like 3 seconds tops people, click the double arrow on the top-left. Simple. Use the in-game save and don't bother clicking the button, or guess what? Ads. Now I'm taking a star for screen tearing. Even my Genesis didn't do that, the Switch emulated port doesn't do that, hell KEGA doesn't suffer from that. It's real gross.
After purchasing #4 to get ad free, it still requires me to watch an ad to save the game, even after restoring purchases and all of that. I think these games should be made available separately to purchase, ad free and without having to "restore" your purchase every time you open the app. They're great games, just a bad way of making an app for them.
Sometimes an ad banner will pop up and block the HP and MP of my party. The game needs a fast forward button, battling gets super repetitive. But maybe not because Sega would have us watch an ad for that too 😑
Love it, PS4 is one of my all time fav games. This plays just like the original and I love it. I was super pumped to find it works with my PlayStation 4 controller but disappointed that it would not work with my steel series duo. The cloud saving is a must and is great. On the whole i have very little to complain about but if i had to nit pick i would say since steel series makes a ton of controllers and they are very popular i would like for it to work with them. also maybe a trainer to increase game speed for grinding levels. TLDR; its great i love it, almost perfect.
Awesome. Phantasy Star is one of the best old school RPG series. Finding II, III, and IV in one bundle blew my mind. For a few dollars I can replay these classics that brought me so much happiness. The controls going from the old Genesis to my phone are without complaint. To anyone who played these back in the day, this is worth the money. To someone wanting to find the best classic RPG series, this is worth the money. A few dollars, come on.
These games will always be some of my best childhood and adult memories. Having it to go on the phone is wonderful. Plays just like I remember them!
I bought Sega shining force 1 and 2 and shining in the darkness and I have 5 dollars left on my account and every time I try to buy phantasy star classics it goes to some other account and says I don't have any money in my account so I can never buy it I have uninstalled it a dozzon times I log into Google a Dodson times and can't find my 5 bucks to buy the game. Very sad
Unable to play the games as after loading them up once, they all crash afterwards. None will start up after the ad, only a black screen followed by the app shutting off.
It crashed my pixelbook go when I tried to select remove ads. I had the screen maximized and my nintendo switch pro controller when the app killed my laptop.
I have readjusted my rating due to the incredible frustration of having several weeks worth of game progress (game almost completed if my memory serves correctly) completely wiped with no explanation. Game had been saved daily on the google play app with no trace of a saved game now on there
Man I've been looking for this for almost 15 years now! Played part IV the first time back in 2005 and grinded my characters for countless hours. The unfolding of the storyline is what got me hooked up. Battle mechanics is great. I just wish there is an option to speed up the battle animations especially when using macros. This one is classic and that which introduced me to the genre.
Love this game the adds were really annoying but I decided to buy the aad removal. Its a classic and one of the best. For that reason i decided to support and make the purchase. So far no issues with the game.
Can't save game keeps saying needed to be signed in to Google play but every time I try it keeps saying unable to connect to Game server no point playing if I can't even save the game.
Stunning adaptation of an amazing classic RPG series. Thank you Sega for bringing back some of the most memorable stories and characters in RPG gaming history.
The controls are absolutely terrible. I dont know if it is because of the port, but the controls is like a directional pad. This is terrible when trying to use on your phone. You will get extremely frustrated moving around.
Great games!! Brings back good memories but please put the original Phantasy Star in to this lineup!!!
No Phantasm Star I? Happy to get to play the Genesis era Phantasm Stars, but I'm bummed the original Phantasy Star from the Master System wasn't included. It was a ground breaking game that flies under the radar far too often these days.
I bought the ad free version prior to the merger of phantasy star 3 and 4 being added as a combo. Now I can't play version 2 without stupid ads or having to pay AGAIN. GRRRR Still no response. This is beyond frustrating. Nothing like paying for a game that I can't play now due to all the ADs. :-(
I bought the ad-free modernization for phantasy star 2 awhile ago and now it's having me buy it again, why?
Thank you Sega Forever! I played the heck out of the Genesis RPGs as a teen. Phantasy Star II was one of my favorite games. The port is great, too.
Tired of having played for an hour or so, then I thought I'd better save my progress, and the app gets stuck at "continue" trying to load an advert in , in order to use the save feature. You should make sure the game doesn't get stuck like this when something like an advert loading doesn't work. Had to close the whole window and lose my progress.
this app failed to load the game. i got to toggle the pro switch control and it accepted button mapping but no game. running on a pixelbook go.
Would really love to enjoy these classics but there is a huge disconnect since this is so antiquated. Yes, these games were during my time but how I wish there would be a remake or new edition re release.
If I try to save when I have poor connection, the app freezes while trying to log in to the game server, and must be force-closed, causing lost progress. Can't save in-game or offline. I paid 5 dollars for an interface inferior to basic free emulators, which bugs me to review every time I save. That's annoying. Great games, 5/5. Terrible app, 1/5.
I loved this game from my younger days, but this particular games sucks. It crashes when you try to save it and not all the time. It seems to crash when you've worked your ass off to get somewhere or retrieve something and finally can catch a breath. You're in that proud moment,"like hell yea!" And boom it crashes now you have to start all over from last save point! So freakin upsetting. I deleted the game I was so mad!