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PGA TOUR Golf Shootout

PGA TOUR Golf Shootout for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Concrete Software, Inc. located at 7250 Metro Blvd, Suite 210 Edina, MN 55439 United States. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

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You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The really good revews are from big spenders. You don't have to pay to play but you also won't get strong clubs for a while. So you'll bogey on a Par 4 or 5 just trying to reach the green. Like every other golf game, you can make a "perfect" shot with minimal wind and somehow the ball hooks into the rough or a trap for seemingly no reason at all. Interface is ok once you get used to it but it can be overwhelming at first because there's a lot to take in.
Cool time waster. A bit of ads to ignore you. It would be better with less ads and more daily challenges
This a very addictive game! I only have a few things that I would improve. sometimes i get the loading screen in a play match but it never loads the course. I have to close the app and on occasion I lose the pack I just got from winning my last match. another thing is freezing when I try to skip the opponent's shot. Also maybe add an option to get or pay for additional card slots? I did the challenge to go 9 under in 18 holes just to find out my card slots were full so it didn't count it.
It's good. The physics seem to be accurate. Just put up with watching ads to help upgrade equipment. I haven't paid money yet but am playing ok and advancing
Again, yet another HORRIBLE golf game! This is the WORST of them all! I could not even play one game past the tutorial without being very frustrated and pissed off! I like the "pull back and straight cannon launch style", most common in other golf games. But this is awkward, and totally off, almost impossible to get accurate and good shots. I feel like my finger gets twisted and I can't get the shot to go right when I move my finger right, and so on. This is atrocious!!! No fun!! Uninstalled!!
Update: I am seriously addicted to this game. Have compared it to others and it is way more realistic (all things considered). The other apps are more arcade-like. This one has many intangibles that make it very live like competition. IT IS FREE GAME PLAY. Does have purchase options if you wish to fast track your player level and bag club options. However, just being patient (if you can) and play. FUN way to pass down time rather than read negative news press or redundant sports opinions.
This game is interesting but why must glitches happened? Example like I don't received coins when I won in duel only to some individuals I'll get it and also sometimes I can save replay, sometimes don't...
Great graphics. I enjoy playing this golf game. It takes a while to build up your clubs but stick with it just like real golf. Okay you asked me to let you know of any problems and here is one I just can't ignore. I had a 4 inch put to make and everything was perfectly aligned and my release was the center of the pendulum but the putt travelled backward 30 feet off of the green. I have seem some improvement but the same thing is still happening a little less . Still the best I've played.
I love the game, I just wish duels were in real time. And tournaments did not cost 100Gold. To much for what you get in the tournament. Also I wish we could do clubs vs clubs. 1 club member vs 1 club member and who ever has the most wins gets cards.
I have been SERIOUSLY disappointed by this latest update. Despite numerous complaints by myself & other users both in reviews & on the Facebook page, the developers are continuing to downgrade card packs. It is now at the stage that silver packs (second from bottom value) are virtually useless & not worth getting, despite being the most common & also "random" upgrades & card packs are anything but. To quote 1 user 87% upgrade chance but still no upgrade. Very disappointing
This game really filled a void brought on and perpetrated by covid-19. I am not an avid gamer and to that extent was only playing the usual card games. PGA SHOOTOUT gave me a release but also a slight addiction. After a year of playing, it's still fun and challenging. Keep up the improvements and add more courses.
I mean the clubs that you win is absolutely pathetic. and is this golf or basketball because these balls are so bouncy it's ridiculous I mean it even sounds funny this has got to change. I've been honestly playing this game for about a week and it's so silly the way the golf ball bounces like it does. have more club selection courses that don't look overly the same and no basketballs for golf balls.oh , and how about we're able to pick the style ,color,print of ball we want that'd be beautiful
It's fun but hard to understand what different all the different clubs are good for. Confusing to navigate.
I love this game and it deserves a 5 star. I've played over 1000 rounds and play it every day. However there needs a bit more work. I've been waiting patiently to see a club vs club layout or something different. Also it feels like I can't get past level 7. I've been there for months and I'm not even quarter way to level 8 ( I even purchased a hand full of packs ). Just doesn't feel we get enough coins free awards, victorys against opponents and the chests. Overall it's an A+ and to try it.
GRRRRR HOW COME that since allowing the latest update IT NOWS REQUIRES A DOWNLOAD AND USE OF MORE DATA FOR EVERY HOLE ๐Ÿ˜ขI SHOULD O WAITED till id played the new updated version before writing my pervious review which can be scrapped entirely and now will be deleting this app
Loaded the game it was sorry you line up the shot and it goes through the hole and you miss the shot.people say it's a good game must be getting paid by the developer don't waste your time
Really poor support. Played the game quite a lot and Spent over ยฃ50 on packs to raise my level but the game has now crashed and I can't play it. Everytime I load the game it starts at the same crash point and goes no further, it has been like this for a week. Very little support after speaking to developers.
it's a fun game and I would give it 5 stars. the adjustments for moving where you ball will land lag, and your shot goes off way out area. fix this mechanic and the game is definitely a 5 star game
decent game. The graphics are pretty solid but this pinpoint accuracy is pretty difficult. I've missed five foot putts countless number of times because you literally have to be perfect on your aim. There's no wiggle room. for a press and release targeting system there should be a little bit of give
lots of fun. pairings are hit and miss so there will be times you get a birdie and the other person shoots an eagle.
The online club doesnt work all the time. The game in general is good but the club membership has a lot to fix.
Not able to read the captions, they go away to fast. (5-27-21) where is the edit button located? Not been able to up date, where can one find the rules to the game, does anyone in management ever read these post?
It's a good looking game which is easy to play. Opening the card packs is a bit long and knowing what club brand your using is confusing. I'm new to the game, so that could be down to me. Anyway still playing as it can be a time killer if that's what you're looking for.
This game has potential but MUCH work is needed. Physics suffer immensely! Its kind of a spinoff of Golf Clash but does fair job with differentiation when it comes to upgrades. I actually like this system better. The "opponents" seem much more like A.I. rather than real players. One reason I question the validity of "oppenents" is bc Im able to FF the amount of time they take BEFORE the stroke. At the TAP of the screen I can force their play. Also, the "opponent search" is VERY questionable.
My first golf game like it ,don't understand it all but like it. OK been playing for a while now it's been fun . Nice being able to chat and interact with other in my clubhouse. If you play you can join a clubhouse at level 3 , do it. you progress alot faster in a clubhouse search for a clubhouse for you ...home country...same competitive goals etc. My phone crashed, support was awesome in retrieving my stats . Play it have fun.
This game starts out great. By soon it is uncontrolable and the upgrades do nothing. And don't worry about adjusting for the wind because it only worked when it's blowing you into the water or sand.
your newest update sucks, still has bugs and now the swing meter speed is ridiculous. this update really didn't improve things.
I will tell you that the support staff for this game are the greatest. I lost my data and they stayed on it until it was fixed. You can't ask for more than that. Thank you very much support team. By the way I really like this game. This continues to be a game I enjoy even with the growing pains they are having. The game gets improvements but continues to have some glitches overall a good game. ??
Good game but, it needs to have different types of balls, ones that travel further and also have power-up ones
A great golf game, with a few exceptions. (1) pulling back too far on a swing can cause a release by itself sending your ball to places you don't want it to go. (2) acquiring points (silver coins) doesn't mean much. I've earned 2,500+, allowing upgrade to a putter or wedge (which don't really effect play outcomes). A better driver costs real money. (3) graphics are poor at showing putting surface incline.
Fun little time waster and I enjoy the PGA challenges. it is tough to tell who are actual players and who are AI generated games that you're playing against. on the bright side it's not as time-consuming as some of the more complicated golf games on mobile. On the other hand I don't know if I'd actually put money into it. Edit: I've been playing consistently for a few weeks now and it's sti enjoyable. Skill is still a.big factor in the game.
Great game, addictive. Graphics are fine and gameplay is pretty smooth. Progression system really slows down around level 6 but your inventory of clubs/ bags is petty full by then. There are a few problems with offer wall gold and other small things, but that's mostly outweighed by the good help/ fast response from concrete help. Daily and solo play challenges are rewarding and fun. Couple of bug and problem fixes would make this game an easy 5 stars. Would definitely recommend...
Great game, only one complaint and that's with the free gold as the involved partners don't always follow through or "glitches" and you don't get the gold. Game play is fun ร nd u feel the most fun for a now and again time killer.
Great Development Team These guys are by far the most amazing customer service team around. at times they made me feel like i was their only customer, because of all the time they spent working with me on an issue. by the way, the issue was resolved and i cant say enough about them. not to mention, the game is insanely addicting.
I enjoyed this game at first, but as you progress you seem to get worse rewards. I would wager the algorithm written to give "random" golf packs is 90-95% silver at best. Which is fine at first, but makes it virtually impossible to upgrade your clubs after you have been playing for a while. It's become apparent that this game is no better then any other game on the market. If the rewards became such that upgrading became even a remote possibility then the game would be a lot better.
A fun game and have been playing a while. A glitch kept me out of the game for a few days but the support team fixed the issue really quickly
Good fun with plenty of choices to be made. Only complaint is that it does take quite some time to move through levels and no opportunity to chat with competitors. Graphics are excellent!
really an awful game in the golf genre. slow moving , juvenile graphics . confusing busy controls . Im certain the developers are a group of 10 year olds in thier bedrooms . The very worst example of what video golf can be .
They must not want you to play the game much. The amount of time it takes to open packs is very excessive for what you get. If you keep playing after you have 4 packs in storage you basically get nothing but a few and I mean a few coins for winning a game. You can open the packs with gold but that is expensive and most will not do that. This is just another P2W. This could be a good game but for now it's back to Golf Clash, it's much more reasonable.
Logo first appears like normal, then blank screen. What's the issue?? UPDATED: My fault. My dumbass didn't read the instructions to reinstall my progress. Although, why did it go blank in the first place forcing me to reinstall the game?? Hhmmm.....
POSITIVES: Ease of play, great graphics and not expensive to play. NEGATIVE: Stingy on coin rewards. Coins are how you upgrade clubs and level up. Example: Spent a lot of time and effort over 6 days and won Clubhouse Challenge. The reward for winning was 100 coins! That is like competing for a week and all the winner gets is a coke or a stick of gum.
Maybe impossible to win enough to upgrade. You have to spend a lot of real money and soar above others. Now I see that you don't really listen to feedback so I lowered your score to 1 star because 0 isn't an option...How many times do you have to see it in feedback...at least make it possible for someone to advance without putting your kids through college $$$.
Game has a learning curve. It is a game of self challenge to achieve the top level of play. Their are opportunities to play against other players.
Great graphics. More courses to play would be a nice addition. Also the statements on more cards in the packs as you upgrade levels is not true. From experience bronze silver and gold packs only give you 1-2 cards in a pack.
Interesting UI/UX, Good Physics, Cloud Save... Already a Fan of PBA Bowling, now PGA Tour Golf Shootout. Congratulations Concrete !!
obvious money grab, do more with the game and you will get more of my dollars, leveling is idiotic at best, still no new clubs or courses, no revision to leveling, keep everyone up to date
Updated today and lost everything, started all over at beginning, originally paid for some gold, now everything is gone, never playing again, never been screwed like this before. Game was pretty fun but not worth my time and money to start all over again.
Excellent game, very few adds that you don't have to watch if you just want to play . No money needs to be spent.
Challenging game. Decent graphics. Like all games it will cost you to play. This game will cost you immediately. If you dont upgrade your clubs you will play the same 4 to 5 holes over and over and over for weeks. Everything in the game revolves around gold bars which you only get 4 free ones per day and to play in a tournament requires 1000 gold bars. So if you get your 4 free bars you can play in a tournament in 250 days from now. Good game if you are ok with spending money to play it.
THANK YOU for updating the app so that the ads start muted when you have sound turned off. I can't tell you how frustrating it is when you are trying to play the game in a quiet place but then an ad comes on at full volume despite your settings. This improvement is something that will make me play the game more. I do still wish you could make the individual games really live instead of prerecorded.
App was updated to push you to connect your FB account. This is a common theme for data collection and may potentially push the boundary of legalities. I'd be interested to know if they have foreign investments that use this data outside of the US!!!
Really fun game, with a pretty good asynchronous multiplayer experience! I REALLY wish you'd include a Google login, besides just Facebook. I don't want a Facebook account, but would hate to lose my progress when switching my phone. Some of the clubs seems a little too arcadey, for example the Skyfury. I don't mind the other bonuses or buffs, but giving extra control after the ball is sent flying is a bit over the top, in my opinion, and tilts the fairness of games.
Its ok still play everyday, but tournament are to exspensive so i dont play them. More frustrating , ties in groups matches should be one ribbon and two for win,get rid of the hands idea, birdies and pars suck when its a tie and your always matched with equal players so ties make it impossible to enjoy it
Great way to pass time. Kinda difficult until you start upgrading the clubs. The only real problem with it is there are too many updates to keep playing more holes. If they could get the amount of updates it takes then could get 5 stars.
This app is realy good although I wish you could watch videos or pay coins for gold in the pro store that would make this so much more fun because it only realy gives you 1 2 or 3 gold in card packs but yes winning turnamants can give you alot of money but I'm not that good yet so ya would love if you could update that plz and thx
Fairly good overall, but the greens are horrible: way too hard. A number of reviews have complained about this issue already, yet nothing has changed. TPC hole 11 is an example of an unplayable hole because it's like trying to land a superball on a concrete parking lot surrounded by water. Nice game otherwise, though it would be nicer if we had a full set of golf clubs with multiple irons (1-9), for example.
Game is very covid....Relaxing The graphic designes are on point,just an all around stress reliever๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰
The actual golf part of the game is quite fun, unfortunately that takes up about 10% of playtime. The rest is waiting for packs to unlock or watching adverts. The game format was clearly devised by a 4 year old.
I like the courses and the way you make shots, but I am less happy with the upgrading of clubs; I would rather be able to buy better clubs and sell obsolete ones rather than being stuck with a lot of clubs that you never use. As well as that, when you do upgrade a club you have no idea what will be upgraded i.e. power, accuracy or spin. So you don't know if it is worth doing .
I have reached out to you multiple times about watching your ads and your upgrade pack appears and than I get burnt spending my time watching your ads..I got nothing but you guys blowing me off... and it keeps happening...I also spend alot of money on your upgrades and packs.... I also sent another email and this review.... I thought you would give me a couple packs but it didn't seemed you cared... I'll change this review if it seems like you care... thank you..
i love golf its the most intreging sport . all this game does is load up and it goes right back to my home screen. waste of data. did i do something wrong when i downloaded the game ? still waiting for the doctor to to fix this app . nothing its lame im gomna uninstall
Game play is boring. They have some serious technical issues. My phone and tablet use to sync the game since the last up date they do not anymore. They need more content to the game . Try clubhouse on clubhouse challenges, tournaments. Something. Appreciate your responce nothing yet has gotten better othrr than i give up moving on to the next...... the only response i get is sorry your having sync issues. REALLY Not hey were working on making game play better with new content.? Wow DONE
5 star on a desktop computer or on an Android device. On an Apple iPad, it gets negative stars. Simply not usable on Apple.
Learning curve is easy, the aim could maybe use some refinement. Things seem to load fast and play goes quickly. Seems to be good amount of rewards. Controls seem to work well. Overall, of the few golf games I've played, this seems to be the best. Time will tell if this remains a 5 star rated game. And ads are only there if you choose to speed things up or upgrade certain things. If 6 stars were there to give id do it.
Really enjoying this game. Its so relaxing. No adverts , when you continue. Great. ! So you just keep playing without interrupting. Love it.
Much better than golf clash. I love the fact that vs isn't real time. This is pretty much perfect for a golf game except that you can't play full courses.
Enjoying the game! Any chance we could get a restart function for challenges so we dont have to wait to for level to load in and out over and over when trying to complete a hard challenge? Edit: Restart function added, thank you! Latest update seems to have increased speed of the aim mechanic substantially, anyone else noticing this?
The aiming system is terrible!! You stop the pointer precisely when you need but the aimer keeps moving for 0.5secs longer than needed. You cannot aim the ball directly with an overhead view. You have to download every single hole you face. The bot you face is an r-tard who just continuously hits the ball in a straight line regardless of obstacles. SMH ๐Ÿค” Might as well call it PDS Tour (Pretty Damn Stupid) instead of "pga." Let's face it: I would NEVER put the prestigious name on a turd! RME ๐Ÿ™„
great game, works well. updated clubs as you go, tried this after a couple of other apps and i personally think it works and plays better. cheers.. buy bitcoin!
Pretty fun game overall. Not super challenging, but gradually gets more challenging. Don't need to pay to have a good time. Pretty good upgrade system.
Good game. Has diverse types of plays to it which makes it more addicting. On tge graphics side, they not bad but could improve.
Fun game with no need to watch ads to advance. Although, greens surrounded by water have terrible lag, which needs to be fixed
In summary, this game is set up to reward 'idiots' (as I call them) who used 'idiot clubs'. A bit like the 'idiots' who play poker and go 'all in' pre flop, you know the ones. If you want to play as realistic a game of golf on a tablet etc as possible, then look elsewhere. There should be two areas, one for the 'Skyfury' idiots who spoil the experience and another for people who use sensible/realistic clubs. I WILL NEVER pay for packs while I'm playing against idiots who can't play properly.
Poor graphics makes it difficult to play. You can only libe up a shot by a tiny course in the corner making it time consuming to play. Shot meter is sloppy.
Pop up advice or information at bottom of screen doesn't give time to read it. Should have a button to make it disappear after reading it...25.09.20 update ...your wind indicator is a joke!! 24mph tail wind hit with a wood from T only goes 100yds!! Get real...I used to play golf and I could get that with a 9 iron plus.
Fun game to play. Would like distances for irons, woods and hybrids to be a little more like real life though. Other than that it is a very enjoyable game
Fun for a while at first. Graphics are good. But after a while it gets boring because there is not enough courses and ways to play. Developers do not listen to feedback, aka "Want to be able to play 18 holes solo or with friends", answer "Try our solo mode". Not looking for stupid challenges and things that come with solo mode. It simple: Create a game 9-18 holes, 1-4 players. Prefer some restrictions on who can enter aka no rockets/mag club allowed. Press Play. What part of this do you developers not understand? Solo mode DOES NOT DO THIS. Tournaments are hard for most to enter because gold is hard to acquire, and if you do enter your playing against rocket/mag people who 2 shot every hole. So now you end up in a boring play cycle, same holes, same clubs same everything. Moving on to Ultmate Golf. Better game in all aspects.
Fun game. Only complaint I have is the persistent issue (meaning every 3-4 days) where it stays trying to sign in and I have to repeatedly close out the app and restart to be able to actually play.
Single player mode is a sham. I thought it would be 18 holes for different courses, but instead got challenge based holes only. Controls aren't that great compared to other golf apps. Would prefer to be able to see the hole overhead from the tee prior to teeing up, not only on the golf ball. Get rid of the pack "shaking" spaz out when opening equipment card packs. Add some grid lines or flow lines on the green. Include a pay opt'n to get rid of watching all the stupid ads just to restart a hole.
so far so good. i just started playing. im sure you could spend some cash on this game if you wanted to. im level 4 right now and have not needed to spend money to win. so far there are four holes everyday that one can play. so if you are looking for a golf game to play while waiting at the dr or something this could work for you. not sure how it will pan out as i keep progressing though.
Game play is smooth and the graphics are clear. Only issues are club function is not consistent and course graphic could be improved by focusing on the area between player and the hole as play goes on.
Backspin is kinda non-existent, but overall one of the better golf games I've played. Great potential if a few things get 'ironed' out.
So far great alot less room for error then other golf games with this stile of hitting! Which I preferr due to you're not going to nail a 265 yard shot ever other hole!!
Nice game, takes a while to level up to get decent clubs with control and distance. Greens too hard, wind inconsistent, most long holes into the wind. Overall not bad if you stick with it. Can play without spending real money.
I thought it is a 2 stroke penalty in the water. Greens are fast winds are too extreme most of the time. hard to make progress without spending real money. Took over a year to make level 8.
Great gameplay and you absolutely don't have to pay to win. The developers deserve a lot of credit for striking the right balance when so many games now require spending many times to enjoy them.
I like playing the game has good ๐Ÿ‘Œ graphics but what i really like now is knowing what clubs do what and what they can do in different places I place them in my bag now that I know makes the game more fun
Great game to play with lots of features. Wish there was more ways to get packs or wish packs came with more items as it starts to be a real grind to upgrade equipment as it seems packs start to give you less and less as you gain levels even if you buy them. Still a fun game but you hit a wall pretty fast.
very buggy, and so many ads. Worst part is when it makes you watch the same ad 4 or 5 times in a row and keeps crashing. game is pretty fun though.
I like this app, it has some good features for this type of golf game, also the club parodying boosts make for fun bag arrangements. We will see as I get further along, but so far, plenty to do without feeling like I need to spend money to progress. Only complaint is I wish there was a way to see an overview of the shoot before I go into my swing, so I can aim where I want without worrying I am going to hit the ball accidentally
I have contacted the developer and received a dismissive response. This is a ridiculous game. A club on one hole will easily hit the ball 160 yards, but on another hole it won't go lower than 180. The developers cherry pick the meaning of random. The golf ball is apparently closer to the size of a beach ball. And it is also quite hysterical that once you get to a certain point, you suddenly play in nearly gale force winds. I expected more with PGA.
I loaded this app about mid September and hadn't had any trouble with it. I reset my phone on October 1st, and hadn't been able open it since. It's hung up on the startup screen and that it's not responding before I have to close it out. I clear the chad & Storage and uninstalled and reinstalled still get the same message. UPDATED - The opening screen locked up after I selected to skip the tutorial. It corrected itself after a day of being lock. A great way to pass the time, updated rating.
Such a great take on a classic sport! You're really able to get the perfect build of clubs to suit your style of play and Clubhouses let you do it with friends or other like-minded players! There's a little bit of a learning curb so I'd recommend doing the Solo Challenges first until you get the hang of it.
Out of all golf games this game as far as shots are more accurate. Could improve the game though.as far as graphics and show the golfer. Over all, fun to play
Still the same. Developers have a private clubhouse of their selected buddies and they give them cheat codes to win all tournaments and free in game rewards. You can still play but they the finger is on the scale. Other than that have enjoyed the game for almost a year, but its just s game. Obviously some real immature and unprofessional developers. Response is that they don't do this. Until they resolve and take action this review stays. Talk to Jerry Garcia and his bunch. zero stard
I've given this a fair amount of time to get used to it. But I'm afraid when comparing it to a rival game I'm going to delete this app. No matter how much I've updated my club, and the set are all the same type, it's so difficult to use the putter! You can have an excellent round to throw it away with putting. I've played this for months and still it's not any easier and I can't get use to it. Sorry developers. Good all round but the putter in other games just pips you. It's very frustrating.
"The 3-D visuals give you a great sense of the same courses you see hosting PGA TOUR events on television" PHAR KEN BULLSHEET! People don't turn their televisions on their side to watch programs in portrait (9:16) aspect ratio, so why the farque should we have to turn our devices sideways to play your far ken game you lying kahntz?
Well made game, very well made, full of so many freebies you won't know what to do with them all. Yes the controls are hard to get used to but that's the skill element my friend. Hands down my second favorite golf game in the Play Store. Sorry top spot goes to Golf Rivals hands down. But this game deserves to be proudly in the light as well, it is well made and loads of fun and has enough content to keep you busy for a long time.
The game has potential but, the shot meter being inaccurate annoyed me so it was a one game and uninstall for me.I was really expecting more since it was licensed by the PGA but, it's just another Golf Clash knock off.
I enjoy this golf game. It's easy. The challenges are as they should be, challenging. And the controls are easy to use. Plus, a player in this game, is rewarded with better equipment, for their experience, in the game, (i.e. The more the game is played... the easier it becomes to aim, reach greater distances & control the spin, of the ball with the various golf clubs. This game really does imitate real to life experiences, of golfing. I love it!
great game but hitting the sweet spot on the swing meter is very hard. and to add to that, if you miss even by a little you could very likely be in the rough. needs to be more accurate.
With last update I lost my data. Concrete was able to resolve the problem quickly. This is a great game.
Fun to play. It will start taking up all your free time if you are not careful. Addictive, always trying to be better than the competition. Easy to use.
love the game...but when you gonna fix all the bugs? half the time it refuses to give me a match, saying no network connection...and I've yet to be able to load a clubhouse challenge round. addendum... thanks to the devs for a timely and informative response. never got this kind of attention from the golf clash devs
This game is pretty fun. I hate the intrusive ads. I'm not paying money though for freedom from ads so I'll suffer.
play golf clash. You'll be happier. This have suffers from poor physics, mediocre graphics, and incredibly poor shooting/aiming mechanics. on top of that, the ammount of the youd have to spend racking up coins to upgrade clubs is crazy. play Golf Clash or even its knockoff Golf Rival instead.
This golf game could be the best I've ever played ! Ads on opening cards There's a big problem! When you start it is fair as a novice but soon you don't go anywhere! Same course you go to level 2 and stay there tho you start playing selected players rated better that's because the are buy into the system (money) so they out drive with some kind of buster power out chip and putt you so you have over power all your shot to try keep up gives you hooks and slices Spend money and enjoy uninstalling
Controls are simple and the game has realistic features (i.e. if the ball lands in a slope or uneven terrain it kicks accordingly.) Good game, well made...
Finally reinstalled with update, I had a day of starting over and then my old account found me. Thanks.
It's a fun game but can't help but be frustrated with the glitches. It's happened a handful of times now where I play the challenge to get a card pack and then a few hours later the pack just disappears like it was never there. Makes me feel like I just wasted my time playing. This glitch probably happens about every other day. Also, it's dumb that the only way to sign in to the app is with a facebook account...I don't have Facebook...
Fun game, but the devs REALLY have to address the brick wall you can hit: - waiting to recieve the right type of clubs to advance in solo, current clubs cant finish the achievements (and im not receiving enough due to #2) -ties.... im at a certain level, every match is a #@&#ing tie! theres so litrle room to progress now i cant unlock enough packs to open. ive paid to speed up packs, but with all the ties i cant get anymore going. (you are loosing revenue with this model). fix the wall please
You made a fairly decent game but also a very aggregating game. Clubs that don't hit far enough to even be called clubs, when a driver hits for 275 yards on a par 3 that is only 175 yards and not even a wood will reach cause the wood only goes 75 yards and iron won't do but 50 yards. I realize that clubs are upgraded and distance will improve if I play the game a loonnngg time. I suspect people will lose interest in this game rather quickly. Sorry but that's how I see it!
Frustrating. Every time I try to speed up the time for my packs or anything, it's like a vast amount are the same political ad. Hidin' Biden spouting his mouth off about some kind of nonsense that I couldn't care less about. Thinking about just uninstalling your app. I've had enough of this junk!
Fun, and easy. But purchase packs are a waste. Club rewards are weak, most spin upgrade not power or accuracy. Don't pay for ruby packs just a waste of money.
The devs team really needs to do some thinking to make this game playable. currently you tie about about ten games for every game you win. They had a decent fix but some vocal players cried that it made the game too hard so they caved and returned it to easy mode. now it is back to nothing but ties.
This game is a racket. You don't progress through the levels fast unless you spend money. The game has glitches they don't fix. Shot meter way to fast. Don't install this game a big waste of time. One last thing you tie players constantly and its it's annoying beyond belief. Uninstalling!!!!
It is over all easy to control. Club selection and how to stock your bag is a little unclear. Which clubs to pair in a bag for long and shot games. Would like to see more 9 and 18 hole games and the option to play at one selected course full game. Practice on a course 9 or all 28 would be nice slso. Once you get the hang of bagging clubs and up grading your shots really become more accurate. A feature I think would be interesting is a place for notes ie clubs used, green speed, or other things.
WAS fun. Now a desperate grab for ad revenue. the shot slider gets jerky (fast is fair bit it needs to be smooth) putts that are hit perfectly miss anyway, all to force you to watch more ads. Why do freemium developers always get so greedy? UPDATE Updated the settings as requested. Slider is smoother, but shots and putts still don't land squarely even with 1km wind and perfect shots. Now when you hit replay it plays a video, crashes out and makes you watch the same video again. Greedy. Uninstall
I have started using the "Rocket" Wood and the "Lodestar" Iron and the "Homestead" Putter, have greatly improved my game and Eagle production, now I just need to get more Albatrosses and Holes in One (been stuck on just 4 HIOs for 5 months now.
It's hands down the best golf game that I have played on the phones. That being said that fact that you can't save your data without being handcuffed to Facebook is its down fall. Don't mits by far the best.. To be honest I just want to return to being "A Bad Man,With That Little Stick in my โœ‹!"
for some reason some of my clubs dissapeared and I didn't know how to get thedm back. I have begun to really like this app!:)now more than half of the time it's not giving me the pack upgrade! Now it's not giving me any card packs even when you watch the ads to speed it up. I'm not spending another dollar on this game till you get it fixed.
One star because of control lag. Seeing indicator is all the way to the right when I raise my thumb and swing starts when Indicator is all the way left?? Happens even when sitting at home. This does not happen when I play WGT. Fix please
Seems impossible to upgrade clubs when you get to Level 8. So you're basically stuck on level 8 forever. They need to add new holes also.
Overall a really good game. Interesting clubs with special abilities makes building various bags fun. Cool tournaments and special events. Finding the right clubhouse helps a lot. Concrete actually responds to emails, and the support is good.
Really like the game, but would like some sort of a Clubhouse Challenge. Duels are there, but we lose soooo many players because there's nothing to really rally around in the clubhouse. Love the reverse tournies.
If you want a great golf game, thats easy to advance f2p, courses aren't full of glitches etc, then go to Golf king people. I thought the pga game would be better (idk why cause golf king is top notch) so yeah, let down here. Good luck beating that game pga, you guys gotta step it up
Good game to pass time. It's one of the better golf games I've played. I wish there was more courses and challenges than the 4 courses they have with challenges. There's so many courses that could be added. Other than that, the game's great and always a challenge timing the shots and pvp play is pretty good too, win/loss is a matter of skill and timing.
Lots of fun. The controls are good but occasionally finicky. Game play is very good, and you can play without spending money if you so desire.
I'm playing this game of few days it's actually very good relaxing and yeah frustrating with some shots when you can't play very far when it seems you should be able to a bit weird but in general it's a great game reminds me of the old days of PGA golf tour on the SEGA Mega Drive
Hello golfers happy losing here just want to start by saying this game is pretty interesting but it still needs work the clubs are not very accurate although all the clubs are really cool I like how they have different abilities I think you should be able to win something when you level up but you don't but other than that this game is pretty good when you get used to it
Game is fun! Tournaments cost GOLD to enter (not silver). 100 per tournament which isn't too steep, BUT you only get about 4-6 gold per day which DOES make it tough to enter tournaments. Like other games, the time to open packs takes way too long. So login, play four games, and logout. Otherwise you'll lose getting any extras which is a real bummer.
A simple, but very complicated game. Y'all have made one heck of a game to figure out. So many things to collect and upgrade. It's a good thing i have experience with other golf games. I look forward to moving up and onward with gameplay.
Lots of fun. No money required and only watch the ads you want to. Definitely a grind but nice and casual. Highly recommended
Awesome game. I had an issue with my account which the customer service people fixed immediately. For future reference to anybody else, the game uses FB data save and not Google data save. Some notes. I agree it needs more courses, or different ways to play solo to upgrade your clubs. Solo mode needs improvement, you should be able to play a whole course. There needs to be a way to make more coins as you level up, like more coins for birdies and such. My min upgrade cost is $25k now.
I would give it a higher one but there are certain issues that occur on a semi regular basis. The game chugs on updating properly it seems. For instance, joining the clubhouse a friend created, I did and then the next time I joined, I was unable to get in cause it said I wasnt apart of one. Then my friend experienced the header (your level, your rank, etc.) displaying in other pages of the spin wheel. Overall it is a good game besides these issues. Does drain the battery a good
Too many ads that are impossible to close. If you're not buying card packs, or if your team isn't buying them for you, forget it. You'll peak at level 6 and won't get far after that.
The courses are ok. I find that control is an issue. When the pendulum starts to swing and I release, it never stops where you would think it should. Not sure if its a signal communication problem or its rigged. It just frustrated me. I'm leaving this game. I've been in two clubhouses and have had no interaction with other players even when I ask a question. Cold.
It's a shame, it used to be a great game but since the last few updates it crashes all the time. The latest update made it very difficult to keep the ball on the fairway but you are still paired in games against pre update matches where the opponent has hit a 450 yard drive onto the green. They either need to roll back the changes or wipe the pre update matches.
Games like golf clash or golf rival are way more accurate when you are taking a shot. The ball you are supposed to use your finger to drag back and then release when the arrow is centered is way off. Its like the game os too slow and doesnt respond quick enough to your actions. Nice graphics. Game would be great if it was more user friendly
Better than most but could be even better.. I wish that the physics of the game were consistent, they are not. I also wish that they would develop the solo play aspects of the game. Why not add in a driving range, or free play courses? I have zero interest in playing against other people/bots, I just want to play some golf in my downtime.
I'm having fun. Some things seem impossible to win. I'm stuck on a Eagle hole. I would like to play more daily challenges. It's easier to learn the game practicing by yourself. Overall all this lots of fun.
Great game need a few things Needs a better club searching setup. Needs an slightly higher pays per match. Maybe 250 silver instead of 80 for an eagle Could also use something to help around the greens to judge green slopes
This is a fun and competetive game. Areas for improvement: 1. Team leaders should be able to see the pool of players not on teams. 2. Player vs player holes should be more rewarding. 3. It is almost impossible to level up without spending real money. If player vs player were adjusted to be more rewarding, it will reduce the players leveling time, making it less necessary to spend real money. 4. Its a great game, people should pay, and will. But in the end, no one likes pay for play.
I have been playing for around a year now and the game is getting very stale it needs a revamp quick my clubhouse had 50 active players and we got top prize every week but now we have only 16 members and all old members left because they were bored with the game playing the same holes over and over and once you reach level 7 it takes forever to teach 8 btw did I say the game needs a complete revamp
It has just stopped working. Won't get past the continual opening of a card package. Not very happy as I have been playing for ages. It takes a long time to level up and now this. Ugh
hard to have the same distance on clubs when teeing off vs in the fairway, and the directional arrow doesn't run smoothly at times as it seems to stick throwing off the timing. other than those minor issues, I really like the game.
This game is awesome but it takes too long to upgrade everything. Maybe I need a tutorial. I am enjoying it. It's my favorite go to golf game!!!
Good game to pass time. Be good if you could actually have a zoomed in aerial view, of the hole you are playing.
I don't think players should have clubs that are above tour players clubs... to drive 500 yards is unrealistic... and not supported by reality... after playing awhile you head to head equally equipped players... which levels the field...
Great graphics. I enjoy playing this golf game. It takes a while to build up your clubs but stick with it just like real golf. Okay you asked me to let you know of any problems and here is one I just can't ignore. I had a 4 inch put to make and everything was perfectly aligned and my release was the center of the pendulum but the putt travelled backward 30 feet off of the green. This product is tainted and highly infected by cheating I am sorry to say.
Great game! A little different than your regular golf games. I'm still having trouble adjusting to the shot meter, even when I back off a little, hand eye coordination is a must. There are a lot of clubs, so choosing the right clubs could be a small challenge...for me, anyway. I'd give it 6 stars.
There are some glitches in the swing timer. It will unexpectedly stop and go as you set your swing. The greens softness is an absolute joke.I I have never played a course where every green is hard as concrete. This really is not golf,what with the in flight power boost and all. You need to count penalty strokes as well. My swing meter is still too erratic for reliable play AND the higher you get in levels the longer it takes to reach the next level if you don't spend any real money.
Really good golf game! been playing for a while now and the only complaint is that it's very difficult to acquire new clubs once you've gotten the few "base" clubs in your bag. really fun! Edit: Not sure what happened, but after uninstalling and reinstalling, the swing meter is back to a more manageable speed. In my previous negative review, the swing meter was super duper crazy fast. So much so that it was literally near impossible to hit the ball straight....bug, maybe?