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Pet Shop Story™

Pet Shop Story™ for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by TeamLava Games located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a really fun game. Music and graphic are nice. I would of give 5 stars but getting diamonds is almost impossible unless you buy them. And for some reason, the baby animal in my nursery is ALWAYS sick! I breed the chiwawa 6 times and I was never able to get my second baby. Same for other animal. :( i spent over 3000$ in breeding with no success
I played this game a few years back. Kids and I liked it. Just began a new shop with the grandkids. Still a nice laid back relaxing way to pass the time. Kids learn about cost and design of a shop. Too many things cost jewels which we can not afford. There was a glitch before with some animals not appearing or dissappearing as well as not showing up in the section for challenges, Jack Russell main issue back then and still an issue now. Today's technology leaves no logical reason for this to remain unfixed. Kids enjoy it still...cute animals.
I love this game but the animals cost WAY to much.😞And when you run out of gems,the only way to get more is to buy them with REAL MONEY.😠FIX THIS NOW!!!😈😈😈
This is a very good game but I have some problems with it, •The biggest problem are the gems, it is impossible to get any free and a LOT of the game seems to need them. •I used to have the old version of the game, and in that the money would collect automatically from the pets so even if you didn't have time to go on, you'd still have the coins. I much prefered this method. •The art style in the previous version was also much better. This is too cartoony and with very little variation.
Pretty amazing game. I wouldn't suggest downloading it though. The thing is that if you wanna expand your pet shop, it will say that you need something that you don't have. So sometimes if you don't have something, but you need it, then you can ask your friends. So I guess it's a pretty good game.
game is good but it needs more ways to get diamonds. And the quest are really costly. For one of them you need to spend 14,000 COINS! 8,000 for the tiecat and 6,000 and it only gives us 5,000! and the pets cost alot. But the game is super fun I play it with my friend in call so five star UwU
The game is simple and fun, but it relies on you having people install it too. The pet beds should be able to be made by yourself, and the gems should be easier to acquire. Make them prizes for tasks, and/or give 5-10 out for every 7 days you go on the app, etc.
Love the game but everytime I log on something goes missing. Like right now I just got a jack russel for completeing a collection, woke up this morning. Its gone and not in storage. Everytime I breed my store reloads and the kids gone. Really getting annoyed with this two steps forward one step backwards game.
It's good but.. If we buy a new pet it will disappear like but I'll give 2 stars bcs fix it pls then I will delete this comment if it fix thank you 😏
Amazing and fun game but, the gems take way to long to collect and there isn't actually a mystery box.
Amazing game couple probllom is u can only gift ome a day, and only lets u get free gems if u complete tasks after level 6 they give no more ..........but other that ok app i do recomend it ........do please fix proploms
Mar 23, 9:28 AM PDT There appears to be a glitch in this game. Mar 23, 12:43 AM PDT I paid 6160 in coins for a Jack Russell mate. The game took my coins but does not register the purchase. Also the Jack Russell I got for completing the set disappears all the time and progress in the Designer Breeding does not update. i contacted support and they said they have no support for this game. Don't waste your money or time.
It's a great game but got a problem and when it gets fixed I will go to 5 stars. My problem is that after I tap collect on my Beales then feed the feed doesn't go away. Why? Thanks
I love this game it is amazing! I was looking for a breeding game, but I NEVER expected to get a game that can CROSS BREED! I also got a storm ID. But I wish there were more ways to get gems and coins. If you love animals, buisness, and having fun, THIS GAME IS FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
This game is awesome...but past few days I am experiencing some crashes in game.The pet which I won from my collection that is Russel is'nt been seen...
i have an ipad and i would like to switch my account to my andoid tablet but its not syncing.. pls help.. im really pissed i've been playing this game for years now..
As a person who has given so much money and all to play this game with the help of my online members and my dad and not to given back my levels or my money and gems and all you guys make me feel like I can't and don't want to play anymore at all I need a customer support service number or agent to get ahold of me and I'm also not rating this game either at all anymore .
I use to love pets then I stoped liking them but this game brought me back I love this I remember the first time that a saw my puppy I thought it was a teddy😂it was so funny I love pets again thanks for making I will never stop loving pets
I was going around the app store and I seen this game I been playing this game for years and when I say this up and running I was happy it has good game play well if it was still 2012 and stuff the controls are good for the old days it's just all out a good game
stupid game. you eventually get a cash register but dont sell pets? so whats the point of breeding pets if you dont sell them? i have people walking round my shop like gourmless fools, but not buying. yet you have goals to buy stuff? the coins you earn from your pets takes ages to accumilate... absolutley ridiculus.... dont bother installing... its not enjoyable at all. im uninstalling....
I don't mind the game, but I hate that it requires payment for almost everything!!! I wouldn't mind watching ads or something, but there is no option for that.
😭😭😭When I was little (person writing this isn't username) this was always a childhood favorite for me. I found and installed it & it worked. But as soon as I got the Short haired cats 1st kitten.. It started to glitch. Every 10 minutes a notification would show up saying the kitten is ready. All of the families were complete except the German Shepherd. I was upset because this never happened before. I uninstalled the app so it won't glitch and make me upset. Please fix this. Love the app💖
You guys should make it more fun like people taking out animals like people paying for the animals that make it more fun to play and more people will play the game. I think this game is fun but it's not that very attract play like it's like you just get money when not like real money like for the game and you just have to be collecting and getting animals .
I DON'T LIKE THIS GAME!!!!!!All you do first of all, is give pets away and you can't do anything else! Even u can just decorate the STORE!!!!!!!I don't reccomend this game. Do not play unless you wanna die of boredom.
Should be a way to earn gems! You will get to a point where you can't do anything unless you spend real money! please make the playpens rotatable!!! some of them have huge items and that hides the neighboring playpens!!!
Love it. The problem on the android version is the coins and paws aren't easy to spot due to the small size. If the graphics could make it easier to spot for those with vision issues, it would be great. Sadly, the apple store version's latest update doesn't allow it to be run. It just doesn't open. Also, the same game cannot be mapped to both apple and android devices. A very satisfying game.
I love this game so fricking much. Ive played this game for years and it only has 2 pop up ads that dont come up often. I would definitely recommend this for everyone, as this game is just really fun. I think one thing to improve it is just having different ways to make gems.
The Chihuahuas disappeared when my internet connection fluctuated. They did not return with a stabilized connection. Three missing dogs later... I gave up trying. Fun game otherwise.
this game is awsome. but it's just that the chiwawa is broken. each time I try to collect the money it doesn't give me it. it only gives me points. please fix this.
I like the game. The only thing that I don't like about the game is that you have to buy diamonds to complete some quest and I am not buying diamonds just to play this game. It should be a easy way to get diamonds. Can you please make changes to this game or I will be deleting it.
Its pretty good execpt for one reason: Sometimes after I breed a baby the game will say they need to restart so ill press ok. Then whatever baby i just got dissapears and it doesnt even give mt my money back! I have to earn money all over agin and wait all over again too!😩😞😡😖😞. I also keep getting annoying notifications saying that someone wrote a message on my profile but i cant find a message anyway! Not on my profile,wall, or news!! please fix!Other than that the game's pretty good.☺😀
This used to be my favorite app and now I got a new phone it wont let me play cuz it's not updated for the newest android, and I have an S10+. Please Update this & Zoo Story 2.
Had the game before like 5 or 6 years ago and have to say I'm really disappointed. The art and graphics went down hill, we use to have a way to earn gems and didn't have to buy them as long as we were okay with the ads, our pets use to come in different colors so they weren't all stuck looking the same, we had more options of pets even horses, all in all the game just isn't the same and in my opinion took a turn for the worse.
I'm very upset as I was someone who played this game years ago, and I was wondering why it didn't seem to have changed. Because it didn't! It even has bugs, the missions kept popping up saying they have completed when they haven't yet and therefore refreshes my screen repeatedly. And not to mention, the gems. Where you have to buy them with real money to get them after the first few levels. I really wish this game could get updated or something of that sort.
More bugs than i remembered. I had this game years ago and loved it. Now, it has a lot of bugs. I gained a jack russell from completing a collection, I have the playpen in my shop, but its empty. I can crossbreed with it, and feed it, but i cannot collect from it. I can't buy a mate for it and I can't even see that the dog is in the pen. I've also sent complaints to the support email with zero response. No forums online seemed to have this issue either. This version is just very buggy.
i loved it but! i commented on my neighbours all day and itvsay i got jack russel then when i clicked storage it says 99 jack russel in the storage. then i put the playpen it says the game is out of sync. after all that i checked my internet its fine so... i'll give it a 5 star if you fix it
It needs a new update for Android versions it doesn't work well very slow and sloppy and it doesn't fit the screen and the buttons and menus does not open i love the game BUT PLEASE UPDATE IT AND PLEASE LESS DIAMOND'S AND STUFF THAT ARE EXPENSIVE
I've soent alot of money and time on this game. And you can't even put the animals out. I dont. Understand why you offer that many animals if you have no where to store. Them you don't even take time to update the game. If you make something Atleast keep it up. And update it im very disappointed all the money i spent. In the game and now im no where. I loved it. The animals are cute but you just need to update and make more shop room thanks
I hate how u dont earn the diamonds or gems or whatever u wanna call them the only way u get those is to pay money to get them I would like to earn those instead of paying for the diamonds.
It's alright, really. Just is, the graphics are out dated and well, there are alot of glitches. Pets from quests dont appear after around a day or two. Not to mention that it's practically impossible to get free gems, in which if you want to buy more exotic animals, you'd have to spend money.
This app is really fun and all but i want to restart. I had this game years ago and i want to start my shop over but i dont know how to make a new game
The game is fun and there's lots to do right off the start, however it definitely seems like you have to spend money. You only start off with so many gems, plus need them for most tasks, and can rarely earn them. So it's really hit or miss, you can either wait it out or go trigger happy and spend real dollar to get the ball rolling.
I really like this game and it is hella fun but the thing that i would like to say is that when i have like 2000 coins i will turn of the game and come back on it and it will be on 1867 or i will buy a pet and then buy its mate but whe n i go back on the game it only has one animal and its mate has gone.
This game has one positive, the pets are cute. The actual game play is repetitive, most of the quests are blocked by requiring IAPs and many of the quests are broken. My friend repeatedly has had pets removed from their pen after placing and I did not receive one of my pets from completing an achievement. Contacting support results in an automatic reply that they "have limited support services for Pet Shop Story and will not be able to respond to individual requests". Very disappointing.
I post lots of comments on my neighbors and I keep getting a jack daniel as a reward, however when I go to my storage, a screen pops up and says I'm out of sync and it refreshes and I lose my pet. funny this ONLY happens when i win a reward and bc it refreshes, I keep getting the same issue over and over again so I'm not even progressing and I would like my pet pls!
This so good game and the pets is so so so cute and all is good but the gem is just 11 it is not moving you cannot get a free gem you nid to buy it thats why I rate 4 stars
I use to love this game until the quests stopped and until I was no longer able expand my shop. I don't like that there's no way to get gems to buy the animals and other things that require gems. I only continue playing it to buy animals that are available to buy with coins. And I have to keep several of my animals and other things in storage because my shop won't expand big enough to keep them out.
i love this game, but i hate the facts that alot of the tasks u need diamonds to complete them, and there is no way to earn diamonds so that u can complete them!
I love this game and I'm also an old player but I once deleted it cuz I lost all of my gems by mistake and didn't find a way to recover. But m back now!!
City is the most funnest game you can let pets when you tap on them they give you money you can buy new pets you get like gems when you first get it it's really fun you should download it
I gave this game a 4 because,I think that there are some problems,1 I cannot see some of my pet's,and 2,it said it would take 2 days,to expand my shop,but it took 3 days.I don't know if these are comin,but can you please find a way to fix the problems.Oh other then that I LOVE this game and pet's!
its a cute game and all but i have a problem with recieving animals from the collections. Ive completed two, and have only recieved one. (the little shelf with the hamster on it.) Ive looked in the storage, the shop, the mystery gift/box thing for the other gift (An orange and white dog) but nothing. Does anyone else have this problem or a solution? if so please tell me.
The Game is very nice and entertaining. However, sometimes I buy a pet, then buy a mate. Once I leave the game or redesign my shop, the mate is gone and I have to repurchase one. This has happenned 3.
A very good game for passing the time but i find you dont get enough coins or enough chances to get coins yet everything is so expensive.
I like the game but what I don't like is every time you complete a whole bunch of goals and you get to get a pet for free I never get the pet every time I get the mate for it, it shows only one pet and it says by a mate but I already did also if I have no gems how am I supposed to complete a quest where you need to buy an animal that I need to buy with gems you need to fix this!😠
This is a great game to play when you are board, and is very amusing! I give 4 stars because somtimes when I return to the game a couple of my animals are missing. But great job anyway♥
So first of all, this was a great game, but the problem with it is that when i got my Chihuahua from a quest, a day later , it just disappeared and the fact that its somehow there but u can't see it is really vexing. And when i wanted to get rid of the Chihuahua by selling it, I couldn't. Because the app would somehow magically close itself and im left on my homescreen. So i would REALLY appreciate it if u guys can fix this game. Much appreciated.
Hi!! This app is so cool 👍 like the way it's designed 😁the only problem is that on iPhone they have cages when they leave but for me they don't and when I leave the game 🎮🎮it resets back to level one.... Is this a bug or is it just my phone 📞??
Permanently stuck at -8 gems!! Had to pay the fee for my baby animal I recently breed becuase I have a LIFE and JOB I have to attend to everyday. Anyways, I had more than enough for what it was asking for. Idk why or how that makes any sense whatsoever. I'm not spending a dime on this game to fix it because I believe it's not my fault. Now I'm stuck at negative gems and idk how to get out of this mess. (The last update was in 2014, so I doubt my situation will ever be solved)
ATTENTION DEVELOPMENT OR WHO IT MAY CONCERN: I'm giving this game a 5 star rating because I enjoy playing the game and getting a lot of different animals in my shop, HOWEVER you still have some bugs that needs ATTENTION!!!!!, on one of the missions (cute crossbreeds) it gives you to crossbreed a Shorthair & a Birman to get a Australian Mist, I received a Longhair cat instead of the intended Australian Mist, PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE!!!!!
Great game but some stuff could be fixed. Let us watch adds to recieve gems please. Let us rotate the pens as well and fix the bugs of animals dissapearing
I feel like you should make a few mini games..to produce money faster. Or Maybe a story of some kind as to how you are running a pet shop.. just saying. Thank you to who it may contern.
Great game... IF YOU ARE DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ALL THE TIME. If you don't visit all of your friends everyday and play with their pets, you loose social marks. Almost all the pets costs either loads of coins or gems which both take a long time to collect, so you don't make progress. If you don't get your new born pets almost immediately when their "done", they get "sick" which also costs gems to heal. Don't get me wrong. It is a nice game, if you have time and real money you want to waste.
So many bugs, and the forums are full of unanswered questions with no help. I used to love this game, but I'm uninstalling it because it's practically unplayable now.
Payments were too expensive but animals gives too low for income for not quite decent time, too long. Also some animals were needed to be bought in diamonds.
Nice app, very addictive. Would be 5 stars but the app constantly glitches with rewards, giving them and taking them back.
I loved this game a few years ago and recently remembered about it and re-downloaded it and its very slow and some pets disapear id really love an updated version or just update this one id love for it to work like it used to
we use this app as a family. the only downfall is sometimes it will glitch and you lose some of your animals, but they still keep the money lol. anyways, it's fun to do and good for passing time
I gave this game 5 Stars bc it's a good game and I love it I have played with his game for so many years the thing is sometimes it stops working and the game shuts down but I love the game and I play it all the time would recommend this game to little kids grown adults love the game have a nice day if your seeing this but play this game and I will love it forever bye guys have a nice day or night and play with his game and see all the cute animals it's so cute you will fall in love with the game
I love this game so much. I first got it in 2013 , and whenever I switched a device I always got this app. At one point I got to level 18, and I was so proud of my shop. But then my phone just wouldnt turn on, and so now I really wish I could get back to that pet shop! If possible, could you add a feature allowing us to sign into other accounts? Maybe with our storm8 account password or something? I would REALLY appreciate it. Thanks!
I luv this app I have had it for now 5 years it is amazing u get to crossbreed breed buy and sell animals etc.the only thing is tht the mystery boxes won't show up expansions are very cheep in my opinion at least and if u ever visit someone and look at there wall u can find stormer 8 id and then add them as ur friends so tht when u need stuff for example,building a dog platoon cuz some of them u have to build u ask theycan accept it.Then u can give them gifts and they could give u gifts
Cost way to much for the crystal, not a bad game. Takes time to build up the money. Need plenty of money for the animals.
I used to have this game years ago and always loved it. Redownloaded it recently to find it is a buggy mess. Some of my animals will jjst randomly dissappear, causing me to not be able to collect from them making the game borderline unplayable. There is also no longer a free way to get gems, like watching videos, putting many things behind a paywall. Reading through these comments it seems that Team Lava no longer cares to respond to comments or fix the glitches in their product. Such a shame.
I enjoy this game, but it no longer allows you to earn gems. In order to get gems you are expected to purchase them...robbery. i have been playing this game a long time, and i am considering deleting it because there is no way to earn gems...ridiculous!!!
I've been playing this game since 2013 and this is really a great game. Simple gameplay also cute graphics. But, sometimes the animal wont appear unless I double click the pet's playpen. On the other hand, some playpen and decoration won't appear in the game. Maybe it's just my connection problem or something else. But, if it's a bug please fix it. So far, I really enjoy this game, and I hope you release an update for more feature or variety of the pets. Thank you!!
I love the game but it has a glitch I had 2000 coins but then the game refreshed and I had 610 can you fix the problem please🙏🙏thanks if you fix it I hope you read this!!
it's pretty fun to be honest but I would enjoy if the animals didn't get sick and to lower the price to cure them but to be honest it actually pretty fun!
this is a 3 because I wish you could take care of the animals and sell them and you can buy them for way less money also, I had four of the same peaple in my store at once so maybe make all of the characters different and you can't get any free gems what's up with that. It takes forever to breed or renovate your store.you shouldn't have to pay to breed .If you take my request you will be the best pet store game because they're is no other game like that and that's what lots of peaple want.
It's a good game but it takes way too long to make money. I found myself sat with nothing to do except click on animals every 3-5 minutes until I had enough money to buy something, then repeat until I can buy something else, and again and again until I've completed a task. And then again for the next task. It got real old after about 35 minutes.
This is one of the best pet games I've ever played I love the graphics and it also requires patience .please keep up the amazing work
This game is totally addictive! You can play for hours, but cannot stop. I love this game. I guess because I am an avid animal lover, as well as loving people, like I do. Wonderful upbringing, I guess.
Hate To Say This, Because I Loved This Game A Lot! But I Bought Gems, And Spent About 2 Or 3 Dollars And I Didn't Get The Gems!! I'm Very Disappointed.I Hope They Fix This Because I Don't Want Others To Have The Same Horrible Experience As I Did.
I got the Chihuahua from a quest, but it was invisible. I know it was there because it was barking when I clicked on the seemingly empty pen. then I bought it a mate and it showed that one... Only, it says there is only one now? I don't want to buy another one because it cost all of my game money... This is too much. please help...
URGH...this game is so.boring and you have to buy gems not get them another way.IT IS SO EXOUSTING because you have you make it to lvl 7 and then get like A MILLION COINS TO GET A GOLDEN RETREEVER URGH and... then you have to gather again the coins this is so exousting pls make the game more better however I love poodles🐩
nice little game. started playing because grandchild wanted a neighbor to send gifts to her. wasn't going to play, just send gifts but it's kind of cute and it's a great way to pass the time.
Kindly remove the bugs. It always say "Your shop is out of sync". Plus add an option of blocking some annoying people who use to write bad stuff on your wall. Add to unfriend some neighbors who have quitted playing.
it's a money eater game because the rewards you earn for completing a quest is little compare to how much you have to spend to buy equipment and pets. It's to the point where you can't buy equipment in quest and the game is slow & It take the fun out of it.
Full of bugs! I bought a chihuahua but it glitched so I ended up loosing 600 coins for nothing - i didn't get my chihuahua. Kept glitching every 5 mins too so the coins i collect from my pens dont register. Please fix the bugs!!!
I love the game but some of my tasks dissapear when new ones come in and i cant get them back i also dont remeber easily so i dont know what i was supposed to do espesially getting diamonds i dont know how yoh expect me to keep getting them if i dont even have the task to get them other than that i love the game but id like to be notified when my baby is ready instead of worrying about the time so i dont have to wait and spend more money
Can't see my animals. I had completed families and then those were reversed back to only 1 animal after waiting 2-3 days to breed! Have spent money for gems and had those animal families disappear! Too many glitches. I have reinstalled, cleared out other storage on my phone, have read countless forums of others with the same issues! I have bakery and restaurant story and never have issues with those! This game is junk tho is complete junk! I want my money back
Its a fun and great game!The only problem I have is getting parts sent to me to finish objects and pet pens that need to be completed, seems like you're always sending needed items constantly, but no hurry for me to get my parts, I'm a daily player and love the game. I think 8t takes a little too long breding times.
I think it's a very nice gzme! But I do think I hVe to agree with some players that some pets are way to much coins! And I also think that if a couple of animals take to long to give coins.. that's all but it's a great game and I recommend getting it!
Hello I lov this game but I am going to give this game 2 stars because your gems are way to pricey for 200 gems is €50 and for 500 is €100 now in other games I have played u get 6,000 for €100 now the gems in this game u need a lot and 500 will not let's u very long so anyone looking to download this game stay away because u need lot money for this game thanks for taken the time to read this all
best game and we can buy new pets and unlock new crossbreds and only thing is that pets should not be abondoned when the time is more and we didn't got chance to breed and place them so please look towards i said
Overall the game is amazing and fun but once I bought a mate for my chihuahua it took the money from me but didn't give my my mate for the dog other than that I love the game it's fun and I could play for hours it's easy to play and entertaining
This game was the best.. but, my fun ended when it was removed from my type of device. I removed 2 stars for that, but it was fun so I'll rate it 3.
Really enjoy this game as well as my daughter but you need diamonds, why not give ads or mini games to earn diamonds.
Awesome game, however I have a few minor issues to mention. The game can glitch, say you've completed something and give you coins. Then it refreshes your shop. Also I have two Affenhuahuas and I recently bred them to get a puppy. You cannot see two of them due to the glitch.
The overall gameplay is good, but I think the breeders and some pets cost way too much. Lowering their prices would make me and the other players happy. There are also several ways to improve the game, such as making the pets move!
The game is really cute and fun to play, but some of the pets and decor are far too expensive. A lot of the pets and decor is also payed for with the gems which you can only buy with cash. This makes your options for how much decor and how many pets and which pets you have very limited. There should be other ways to earn gems other than buying them with real money. Especially when a big chunk of the people playing this game are kids.
Very fun game! Sadly there is no way to get more gems easily. I like how you can delete stuff off your chat because there is no filter. Lots of options and cute pets:) takes a lot of battery and sometimes turns on by itself which is weird. Overall fun game
Cool game, i've played on several devices for at the least 8 years now and if you love animals, i'd really suggest it. I have only a few issues; One is it's pretty hard to make serious progress and time rules a lot of it-- just like most of the "story games" and some of my animals have decided to duplicate or fade out randomly.
Glitchy as hell. Bought the Chihuahua 3 times before it showed up once. completed collection to get the box turtle, it's not there. same thing with another one I can't really remember right now. and you expect people to but gems in order to get more animals! For what? The animals to not show up?!!? Ridiculous
I really like all the animals in it and how cute they are and they are free out side of the game!!!!!!
Decent game, shocking customer support with no interest or value of the customer. It's far too easy to accidentally spend gems due to pop ups in game. Even being careful I managed to spend mine by accident. Customer support have no interest in assisting you. A real shame as it is a decent game.
I had this game a few years ago. Loved it. It was my favorite game. I redownload it recently and it wont let me crossbreed. When I tap to cross breed, it doesn't appear. I only see all my pets. When it does appear and I tap to choose an animal to crossbreed it does the same thing. I'm also having problems viewing the pets you can buy in the shop. It's doing the same thing as the crossbreeding is. Trying to view the storage, the displays, and the decor also has the same result.
There should be more space, more options of pets and decor and one thing I didnt like is that it is so expensive if you want to buy something, so maybe lower the price because if you wanna sell it,it is way cheaper so that ain't a good deal either. When you buy a poodle I hate that you have to build the place for it to stay with like cushions and stuff why can't it be coins??
one thing I cannot stand is a developer whose game is blatantly all about getting money off their players. I have played for several days and it took ages to get 2k for a cash register, even after completing several tasks, visiting neighbours and collecting coins. and then after leveling up today I still didn't have much money and then the obvious came to me when I had a pop up saying "your baby is sick pay 2 gems or abandon" so I abandoned...the game!
I loved the game until recently. The last 4 times that I have tried to breed a pet the baby completely disappears and I lose all coins, I don't understand why it is doing this It worked fine up until 4 days ago. As of 3/6/2021 I have had 2 Jack Russell's disappear. I keep losing coins buying them again, I tell you this keeps happening and I will uninstall this game
Its really good but when im buying a chiuwawa and i already buy 4 in the next 5 minutes its gone now i have to buy more chiuwawas and its so expensive and if im moving some pets its so hard to move it i rate it 3 stars only because of that and i wish you can fix it if you do ill rate it 5 stars because this game is really good but just those things so pls fix that and i have one more problem if im in others pet shop when im recieving money its not going when i look at my money it still the same
I love this app! Ever since my 1 year old dog,she was a mut her name was Athena and she turkey was cute... anyway this can make me feel better and what it's like to have another dog. Now I'm moving to the UK so I can try one of there dogs.
I absolutely love this game!! But i have a suggestion, you should make it toware youre nieghbors can send gems as gifts just one at a time it would help alot, please consider this.
I have been searching for a couple of months for a good game that I enjoy playing without getting bored after five minutes. I finally found one. I love this game. It's so fun to play I got two of my cousins hooked and they love it as well. Just I'd appreciate if the babies wouldn't get sick. But other than that it's an amazing game I love it ❤️
i played this game when i was way younger and today i decided to get the game, It was good as in ok but it wasnt like before. I was thinking that since i was a kid when playing it, it was funner. Now that im older, i think i have a different opinion on games. when being a kid, you dont care about the graphics and how the game was made, you just care about how fun it was and how much you could do on it. i reccoment this game for kids that like animals and in the age of 3-10. Dont reccoment 11 up.
Great game. Just wish they would reward gems or provide a way to earn them. Until now. I can't even get it to open. Deleted it with great frustration and after spending at least $100. What a waste! Will never reload again!
Hi! This is a great game, but it has been 5 years since it was updated! it has a lot of bugs but I still love it. up date it to get 5 stars
I have loved this game forever but I wish there would be new updates ;/ It is still the same as it was when I was younger and used to play it.
Its Been My Favourite Game Ever Since I was 7!😁 I looked for it for so long and finally found it again!! 😄❤But i dont want to continue with that game. After i downloaded it and opened it, it continued from the last time i played it, though i want to RESTART playing it. Plz tell me how to do it if it is possible, will be waiting for a response.....
At one level I love this game. It's gentle with lovely graphics and quests that give direction. But two stars as so many things need diamonds and they are very very expensive. I wouldn't mind paying out a small sum - developers need to make a living - but a single animal can cost tens of pounds. You can have some fun with the free bits, but it is a serious money grabber at heart. Also not optimised for latest versions of android so some glitches.
you just have to many good things on dollars and I am on a limited income and cant spend money on games but enjoy this game..why dont you offer dollars for things done like the other games. I know you dont care if I quit but with the way this game is ran you leave me no choice..
It's very fun but some of my animals disappear, like I can't see the pet but the cage is still there. And the buy pets don't show many of the pets.. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it didn't work, cleared cache, tried everything in game, etc. Fix this please? I love this game I'd hate to delete it when I took all this time to get where I am.
I loved this damn game as a kid and I loved it now till I repeatedly get cheated out having to buy animals all over again and breed them all over again all while my money stays gone but I can never seem to keep my things! Fix it!
I started to play and it was allright but then the fact I was down so much gems from paying for all the babies that were sick. now I am down to 2 gems and it will cost 31 gems just to heal a baby goldfish 🙁
If you want something you can play with your kids or like my Grandaughter who is 9 ,this is awesome to interact with. She has her own phone so we get to talk about it, compare our pets, how much we have in money and buy things and send things to each other to help each other out ! It has just been so fun to have something we both enjoy and do together ! Love the pets, the money , the growth you can have !
This is a good app. I have met many people on this app and have made new friends. I'm a teenager, and its hard ro find friends and keep them. This is a good app to meet new people on.
Used to have this game and loved it. Would have rated higher but the game is honestly slow running and legs out.
good app but we can not earn gems fast and everything is too costly we can earn money fast good app nothing wrong love this app and please make like we can earn gems faster but very cool game nice game install it
I used to play this years ago and got very far in the game. Sadly I have no idea how to get my old progress back. If I can get it back I'll give 5 stars cause I used to love this game. One if the first apps I ever downloaded.
I love it! So many pets to choose from! The only problem I have is that some of the animals cost way too much coins and diamonds. Maybe lower the cost of some of the animals and I'll give 5 stars. I still love the game though! 😁
This game is amazing I have a lot of fun on it is, always there when I am bored and when I have nothing else to do I can just play this because it keeps you busy looking after all the animals and creatures in the game, also I love that it makes you interested in the tasks like it would say got to a neighbour and collect as many hearts as it says. And that you can message other players if you are unsure on what to do they can always give you instructions. Anyway the game is amazing and the best.
I really like this app! Although, I was disappointed when I saw her flags and there was no pride ones 😂 I love how everything is animated and the veriaty of animals!! I advise this game to many!!
If you are sensitive,dont get game cuz if your to late on the babies they die,including breeder...😭😭. Unless you pay money to heal them. The game is okay but this needs to be fixed,or this game just steals money.
I loved this game as a kid (my phone was my grandma's before mine) and I had the app then, I downloaded it again 3 years later and I'm obsessed, all my stuff saved and there is a active community believe or not! I am impressed! I love this game, and I rarely experience bugs
It is a very fun game, however, I hate how you HAVE to buy the gems. That means I can't get almost half of the pets in the game because I HAVE to by the gems
It's a very good game, but I think you need to up your privacy levels. I remeber seeing people get harrassed on this app multiple times, and I didn't feel like I had much privacy. When I would talk about things with my friends on my wall I wish I had more privacy. I don't have this app anymore, because my mother found out I was talking to people. You should add something where people can report bullying. So no one has to go through things I've seen on this app. Thank you.
I dont really like it. I dont like how the notepad keeps popping up and you cant really so what you want you have to do the quests. I think this would be fun for younger kids but not for older people. I dont really reccomend it but people might like it.
This game is awesome and is so amazing i like it so much but my boston terrier says it takes five minutes to build so i buy it and when its building it says it takes five hours that made me mad but i still really like this game!!!!
I was really enjoying the game until I completed the collection for the jack Russel. I took the jack Russel out of my storage and it was fine, but when I opened the app again later it displayed an empty habitat. I keep having to store and unstore the jack Russel for it to show because every time I leave the app it disappears. I have now attempted to sell the jack Russel but every time I attempt to the app crashes :(
Really like the game but the problem is, i bought 2 Ramshorn Snail and it didn't show up. So please give back my 26 diamonds.
I loved it and still do :) it's a bit laggy but that's because it's meant for an older build of phone. I would definitely download this for a young child to keep them busy they'd love it just like I used to
Its really slow and glitchy, and like most games, you need to pay real money to successfully continue without having to play for a long time. I DO NOT reccomend this game :(
I like the game! It's really fun but I have a few suggestions I think there should be another way to revive gems then just having to buy them it's kind of disturbing and I don't like it but the game is really fun and I like it but I would recommend getting an update and changing that!!!!! I also think that you shouldn't have to have a certain amount of neighbors to be able to do things I also think you should be able to ask community for gifts!!! thanks or even be able to buy diamonds with coins
I like the game i would give it 5 but you have gemes and if you spend them all you have to do thingns to get more and some times it takes to long so it grate you shode do it if you can wate if you dont use them !!!
I admit it. This game was cruelly fun. Just, how to add friend peps means people. I love this game cause I thought I could add friend. But, the answer was no
Love this game for my kids, I would give a five but animals die if not collected on time and the time you have to wait for animals is ridiculous, also the price for most animals is crazy. Way to buggy please fix the bug
It won't stop crashing on my Galaxy J3 Star. Also, some of the pets won't show. It displays an empty habitat instead of showing the animals. I've also had these issues on my Galaxy Note 5. I don't know if it has anything to do with device compatibility, but it's ridiculous. What are you doing, Team Lava?