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Pet Paradise

Pet Paradise for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Daniel Zazueta located at Zapopan Jalisco.. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
YES YES YES! As a fan of pet society, I was very sad when it shut down, and for years I just forgot about it. Once I discovered this app, it gave me so much nostalgia I just had to download! It's almost just like pet society, I think it's amazing! I love aesthetically pleasing stuff, so this was automatically a treat for my eyes. Coins are super easy to obtain, I am almost never poor (unless I go on a spending spree) overall great game I love it.
1. It would've been not boring if theres more content. 2. More options to buy with gold coins. Like an alternative if there's no blue coins. 3. Mini game tiki hope needs more bounce or weight so we can guess where it will land. 4. More content in the shop. More events. 5. Not work friendly trees don't bear fruit in time but by how frequently you visit the garden. I can exploit it but it gets tedious and gets in my work and studies. Don't have that much time. 3. More trees types. It's boring.
a game that has potential to be interesting until you experience glitches & bugs. items bought with real money are lost. moderators delete any complain or even positive criticism with a threat that you will be removed from the official fb group. the support team offers 0 assistance. emails are unanswered & /or in spanish. for the devs to steal pet society, you could have at least made this acrually work. if you miss pet society, this is NOT the game for you. play something else.
An slow but fun game with adorable characters, but the glitches make the game difficult to play. A major one being that I cannot add my friend's username. Whenever I do, I am shown a character by the name of 'cute pet' which is a nonexistent part of the game. Please update and fix this.
Really brings back the nostalgia of Pet Society. However this game is full of bugs. If you try to take a photo of your pet or watch an ad for coins, the game will crash and reset the game to your last save point. You constantly have to manually save or risk losing any progress. I would play the heck out of this game if only it didn't crash every few minutes.
Every updates make the game goes downhills,lose items in the glitch& pp team ignored my email so my items couldn't recovered, the coin bags go back 2 the original price which is quite shocking for new player like me... everything got expensive& i left, they even changed the spin wheel& makes bc difficult to get, too many gliches in this game.difficult to lvl up at certain lvl.everything's pretty crazy in fb group too, when they can't solve it, they delete ur post, juz selfish ppl wan more money
I downloaded this game solely because of a game called Pet Society that I use to play boosted this as a "remake". There is endless glitches and problems. Its not even remotely enjoyable to play.
I have spent money on this game. then, everything was alright until the luxury shop came. They made items NOT TRADABLE which was the main source of fun. Items in the luxury shop were ridiculously expensive and NOT TRADABLE. They're milking the hell outta this game. This is game is not for kids, they might spend a lot of your money if you leave them unattended. Specially if you have you credit/debit card connected on your accounts.
When I try to find a friend Cute Pet keeps popping up...I have several friends playing this game but can't find them
I'm so disappointed and sad! I've been playing for about a year - saving money, decorating the rooms and collecting a bunch of stuff until today.... when I entered the game I noticed that there are no accessories on my pet (no dress, no hair etc), my room was absolutely empty, and when I checked out the inventory-THERE WAS NOTHING! I read a few reviews about this game before and some people were saying something about missing stuff, but I couldn't imagine this happening to me.
My items have been returned so I will adjust my review. I still believe a lot of changes need to be made for the game so that this kind of things don't happen again but at least the team was fair to me , arturo and armando helped!
Why would I lost the game data from July? I was uninstall the game, and when I log in the data saved is the old one. How awfull!!
I love it. I just have a few questions. 1. I can't visit my friends. 2. How can I dye the pets wigs? I bought dye already. 3. The Spin chance game won't work. But all in all I've been enjoying the game.
I'm sad to see that all of my stuff were gone... stuff that I've also bought with blue money, without any explanation whatsoever. I was waiting to get them back at some point but I came to the realization that it will never happen. Iv e uninstalled the game due to this issue and many more. Too bad because I was a fan of the old pet society
I'll give this app a 5 star because its a replica of Pet Society. However, it needs more to improve and make it unique and not just a copycat. Tbh this is also better compared to Pet Pals ngl. I'm new to this game and I kinda like it, hope the devs add online server so we can interact with other players. Not really a fan of the art graphics and hope it can be modernize etc.
Daniel is always watching the official group and listens to comments and helps people on the spot. He really deserves a lot of credit for this. I've seen him interact with members many times, always looking to help. He always fixes bugs. The game is really good and always improving. Definitely one of the best games out there and a big community of fun happy traders! I used to play pet society and this is just as good with some more advantages. Highly recommend downloading and join the group.
we don't need unnecessary features, we just want to relax and playing without stress. small bugs are still fine, but many people lost entire inventories, getting kicked and locked out of the game for no reason. it's been weeks and they still haven't said anything, we don't even know if they're going to fix those or not. no wonder people keep leaving the game.
always have a glitch 😔 and there's no product in the store like wigs , clothes. please fix this many of us really miss the pet society in Facebook.
It doesn't let me start a game using personal credentials. I already entered two email I own and it kept saying that email is already in use, however I never made an account here before🤨
Ive been adoring this game from the moment I got it. JUST like Pet Society was back in the day, only was extremely disappointed to find there were no Petlings! Just found it they will be in a future update so im pretty stoked!
I was so excited seeing the Alice and wonderland theme but as I played I became so disappointed. Majority of the items requires you to purchase real money. The only source to earn coins is through fishing and it won't even let you earn enough to buy an item. The furnitures mostly are 5000 worth of coins and in order for you to earn that you have to catch a fish for 50 times. No joke. The idea and graphics of this game is awesome but I guess I know now why it's only rated 3 stars.
When it comes to quantity (buying, selling and gifting) the process is relatively tedious as tapping the '+' is the only way. It be good if keypad can be used instead to capture the number of items, as well as including information like "max 49" , "max 35xp for gifting". The rewards given for level up is quite little sometimes 2 premium currency.. Not a super good game for players who do not pump real currency in it.
I couldn't log in to my account because I forgotten my Password I try to reset and i haven't received a single mail yet
I'm changing my review because I can see the difference :) It is much better, I love this game a lot but there's one thing about the money, it's kind of hard to earn the money and the things in the shops are a little expensive. I most definitely like this version better. This game reminds me of pet society which I loved. I am totally in love with this game, it is awesome!!! I most definitely recommend downloading this game. For all those saying anything abt the ads just close your wifi.
Great game, but I see a few bugs here and there. I somehow lose the money I earn in the Spaceship mini-game. I also can't interact with some of my friends when I see them. I'm not getting the trophies from the shopping achievements but got the Glutton trophy twice. Despite the bugs, I'm still enjoying the game, though the experience could be improved. I'm looking forward to the app's improvement and what the devs have in store for the game.
Here I go again I used to play Pet Society a Lot on FB and was extremely sad over EA shutting it down (despite its popularity); I was reminiscing over the game and found articles about Pet Paradise I told my sister about it and she's both happy and sad; happy because this is our element, and sad because...to spend so much on a game -so many items worked towards, and having to start over. But we're looking forward to the experience again
Even if it has a lot bugs, the maintenance team is so reliable. Give this app another chance, you will not regret it.
Love this game. I appreciate the devs' efforts in improving it. The scaling, no-gravity and rotation features are awesome. More fun to redecorate my pet's rooms.
I remember fb game, Pet society, which changed to this game. It is not the same, slightly worse. I find disturbing that the controls are bad.If I want to play with Tiki Hop,it is impossible to calculate how long you need to press the button. On Balloon Popper, it occures a lots of times that it doesn't count when I tap on one. When I want to buy something: where are the normal clothes? Where can I buy simple trousers or shirts? & how can I get Cookie Coins, if I don't want to spend actual money?
I used to love this game then with these updates I lost almost all my items,cookies and coins. Idk why they release updates with inventory and game loss issues. Been playing this since day one. So not impressed
I'm so dissappointed to see all my inventory items(clothes, stuffs and everything) and the first room things got lost yet without being fixed after the system updated! The room decoration had costed me a lot and now some of them are limited edition which can't be found anymore. I really need you guys to fix this bug pls!!! I do love this game and will definitely rate it with 5 stars if this problem never happens again.
BOY WHERE DO I START I found out about this game in September because of the pet society nostalgia. Initially i was skeptical of all the rumours about how bad this game and the devs were, because although there was a plethora of bugs and constant game problems with every update, i wanted to believe that the devs were doing their utmost best to provide a good experience for their players. I was wrong. Instead, the bugs were never fixed despite constant complaints, and the devs proceeded to implement more redundant features. For instance, deciding to disable gifting for items bought with premium currency, rendering trading (aka the main source of fun in this game) totally pointless. Another issue is that apple-trading has become a popular mode of barter, mainly because many players do not have the financial capability to afford items in game, and this was a less-cost efficient and resourceful way for players to obtain items. There was no rule saying it was prohibited, but now the devs have suddenly decided that it is not allowed because why? It apparently 'devalues' items in game (which is funny cause in my opinion none of the old items have much value anyway). The primary mode of trading is via gems, which are only obtainable by purchasing with real money. See their priorities now? When many of their loyal playerbase protested against their ridiculous adjustments (in hope of trying to salvage this game), they proceed to ban anyone and everyone in the group who gave feedback regarding their decisions. The official facebook group is heavily censored and moderated by the staff, so no one is allowed to give even the slightest critique. Even if the feedback was given outside of the group, they will still ban you regardless, and that is evidence of how fragile their ego is. Instead of doing anything remotely constructive, they would much rather spend their time banning anyone who has a negative impression of the game. Lastly, I would like to end this review off with Daniel's favourite quote: 'IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE GAME, JUST LEAVE'.
Best game! it has bugs but Devs are there to always help you! when you download this game make sure to be in the FB official Group. a lot of Friendly traders and even Daniel(Creator) is there. he even interacts and reply on those inquiry. and even hear our wishes to update luxury shop. really love this game! moremore updates to come!
You guys need to update the items because I've seen a lot of player have that old items from the old Pet Society, but when I checked them out at the store, I found nothing. The items like clothes, wigs, etc in the store is just very limited in a small varieties. I remember that in the old one, the stuffs was so much better and there is a lot of items in the shop. I remembered all those glow in the dark stuff, luxurious furniture, etc but now, there is nothing. Please update and have a nice day.
It's almost like pet society, but it is a little triviel to do some things, like having to press 4 times to visit a friend. Like the original, there's alot of paying to play, and it's not cheap. I like the fishing, but Treasure hunt needs some guide to begin with, and the minigames are boring, not gonna do those more than once. There could be more info about obects, without having to drag them to the sell button. And the save with password every time is insanely idiotic.
I had high hopes, it started good, but now im just disappointed they somehow forgot to tell you guest account are void, if you wanted to test the game before committing with a mail, tough luck kiddo, guest are disposable, in just extremely dissatisfied and disappointed with the amount of time it made me waste i even convinced one of my friend to try it only to have the same problem and end up looking like a dunce, thanks, i hate it.
I find this game very interesting and like to play it when I'm bord my favorite part is the fishing and putting the fish in the tank
I first played this game about a year or more ago and I stopped after a few days of playing it. However, when I came back to it a year later i noticed that they had fixed a lot of things and made the game better. I still think there could be a few small improvements here and there but the rating of the game is just too harsh. I think people compare it too much to pet society and this is why they become disappointed, they forget that this is its own unique game.
Game randomly reset and logged me out. I logged back in and all my items were gone. I paid money on this game. I had my stuff backed up to their cloud too.
Actually a good game with beautiful graphics. But just wanna say it's so annoying whenever you play your progress are not safe unless you enter your password EVERY single time not only before playing, but also after? Imagine playing a game and have to type password repeatedly... so please simplify the mechanism of saving. I used to play a lot but now I only open the game once a day to spin the lottery
Fishes cannot be attach on tanks. Also putting items in shelves and putting inside inventory, your items begun to disappear. What the hell that item is so rare, thank god I didn't put my premium items in shelves or else they will disappear too. Pls fix this bug!!!
Constant logging out of account on app is stupid update. Installed new version, logged me out on my game, when i logged in again it had me back at level 1 i just got to levelled up to 15, 14400 points! #?!#* i had 150k and over 30 blue coins, i have lost both my gardens and all of the alice in wonderland merch i bought, fuming! All that loading between rooms and it doesnt auto save??? What a joke! Logs you out everytime you exit the game, constant loading of screens enough of a waste of time.
I loved this game to be honest it reminds me of Pet Society back when i was in fifth grade. Now, I need assistance since something happened on my game, I keep on reaching them thru email but no one responds to me. I mailed them october 16 and it's already 25th. I spend a lot on this game. All I get is depression.
Hi, i have an issue with my game. I bought the angelic tree and i can't pick any of the fruits so I turned it into a bonsai, and now the fruits are just floating in the air. I'm unable to get rid of it, please help!! Now everything in my inventory is gone, plus the things in my first room of the house!! This is my second complaint and I havent gotten any respond back. All my efforts have gone to waste...
Changed my review from 1 to 2 stars because I'm recognizing the efforts to stop the lost inventory problem. My biggest complaint now is that I've tried to purchase coins twice, stars once, and all three attempts failed but charged me, so now I'm being robbed. Im embarrassed I even spend money on this game, but i have to admit it's so cute and i love to decorate. If anyone reads this can i be reimbursed please!?
Funny how I actually defended the game from negative feedbacks in here only to be disappointed myself. The only thing thatbis constant in this game are bugs. :)
What Idiot made this game so many glicthes That u can dobule your items and the santa wishlist that u can pick an item from the list and get it for x-mas DOESNT FREAKING WORK and when they post cool new items out THEY TAKE YOUR MONEY SO U CANT BUY IT what are these peoples problems if i was incharge of the people that make this game i would fire all of them and do the game right myself and when u try to send the developers a message they ignore it. BRING BACK THE OLD GAME!!!!
downloaded the game, found a dupe glitch 5 minutes in, got 1mil coins, then quit. funniest experience of my life- The game is a poor imitation of the original Pet Society, it is not worth to play.
I'm in love with this game found out about this game a month ago...I use to play Pet Society...and miss it alot..there are some bugs that need fixing...but I cant stay away..
Love itt so much just please make sure the stores are updated regularly and why does it say my friends dont exist when i try to add them??? I didnt get given all the trophies and other stuff just doesnt come up properly like what i have dug up and chests not being sent to me when ive bought something :(((((
Trading needs a new currency system. Something like MSP that's accessible to all players,old or new, or perhaps coin bags? Gems aren't good, need to wait until gem seeds available in LS and many players can't spend real money esp those who are still in school. Even so old players don't want gems, they only want to swap with old items or rare ponies, that new players don't have. The game needs new players to continue to survive in the future, but it's hard for them to make trades like this.
Everytime i go exit my items doesn't save and everytime you need to log in not the old version its auto log in and everytime you need to save it
When I try to find a friend Cute Pet keeps popping up...I have several friends playing this game but can't find them....also no xmas updates seems this game caters for a small group of people..if your American or British then not a lot here for you
The developer, completely stole everything from good old pet society, except the idea that this game was originally based on which was friendship, sharing, gifting, having fun and creating. He charges huge for poor graphics but the most annoying thing is the behaviour. Wait..did I say behaviour? Unknown word to this guy. What a pity this beautiful game ended to his hands. He has personal issues that's most certain.
I still can't believe this game exists and I can't express enough how grateful I am that it exists. It looks exactly like pet society and I'm really happy that I can finally play it again because I've been trying to move on from that game for years! It brings back soo many memories, thank you so much :') Great job. Oh, and also I haven't found any bugs or errors in the game. Everything's perfect for me.
I just bought a Christmas White Rock Fireplace, it decreased my star coins but I didn't receive it in my inventory :( I'm addicted to this lately but I'm sad now :(
I love this game, reminds me of Pet Society. But, Iots of bugs. I hope they will return the old stuff at the stores soon. What is the point of playing the game, if you want to decorate your room you have to go to a forum to trade items with other players?
Its kinda sad to see so many reviews didnt do its justice, but imo this game deserves so much more appreciation. Give it a chance and see for yourself. Though the game itself still need improvements, but they take your concern seriously, thus keep updating with new features and bug fixing. The graphic is super amazing, the art is cute, tidy and neat. This isnt pet society, but so much more.
I have seen many misleading reviews about needing to spend actual money and lost inventory. Generating wealth is probably the easiest part of the game, helping characters quickly add on to their house. Fishing earns me over $1000 in gold for less than 5 mins. Visiting neighbors achievements help you earn blue coins for special items. It's fun and you can meet some awesome people. Edit: lost inventory problem is fixed by dev team.
I very disappointed about your system. Please update or create something new... Is truly sad about your game effectiveness