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Pet Master

Pet Master for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Moon Active located at Mikve Israel St 7, Tel Aviv-Yafo. The game is suitable for PEGI 12 (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I don't find it as good as coin master since the raids are worse in stead of 3 trys to steal gold you get 1 and the villages are to expensive the tutorial village used more than 1m but in coin master that would get you about 4 to 5 villages
Should have 5 shields to get a real chance at building a village. As for new cards in the chest well yet to be seen. I really hope this game improves.
Takes 2 minutes to actually start game, trying to make up buy at least 4 items. Boring! Chest are difficult to open even on lever 50!! Opened 3!! More money grabbing than coin master, coin master much better!!
Really good game and addicting. Only downside it crashes on raides and now can't get back into the game to use the money I saved
Yet another game by moonactive that you only get 5 minutes of free game play, longer if you are willing to spend lots of money.
0 stars. 1 of the worst games I've played...cheap knock off of coin master...pay to win...u need too work on it better...I have 3 shields n find it hard to rebuild with the limit spins n 3 attack option don't help smaller players...I hope ppl read this n don't play ... sorry pet master but u messed up big time
Game is rinse and repeat, earn enough coins to complete your village, then move ontonthe next and do the same. Far too many pop ups and prompts trying to convince you to part with your money for extra spins/in game currency. Game passes the time without really being enjoyable.
I have three accounts on this game on all three same think no chance to advance in the game ,but offers to buy all over the game interface. Speachless. Do not play this game they only want your money .On level 55 you already need to pay 50M coins on the big chest ,everyday on 1000 spins no more then one attack and one raid in any event and you cannot take more then 1000 spins unless you buy a lot with real money.Raid maxim you catch is 10M coins times your bet doesn't mater your village .
Everytime i build a village the game cuts out and i have to reload. It doesn't happen on any other game on my phone so i know its not my Internet. Very frustrating.
This is beyond frustrating, the card trade should refresh at midnight for then it is a new day. Personally I also think that we must be able to send more cards a day why the limit? And the groups should also be activated I play coinmaster as well and the groups makes it so much more fun. Please could you rectify this.
Severely disappointing it is an exact copy of coin master, the developers didn't even put in any effort to make it original. It was made by the same company but FIFA and battlefield were both made by EA but they are completely different games. Please developers, come up with more original idea.
Won't load as of a few days ago, tried to clean phone of all unnecessary memory and storage use and data, tried uninstalling and installing and resetting my phone but nothing works. It keeps crashing and never loads.
I love this game but the shield is a problem. There is also no extra games to play that can increase your spins like a money wheel. The cards is also a problem because its expensive and you don't get what you need.. seems like a money making thing. I also play Coin Master and if i have to choose only one the pet master will lose. I have to add , you can't trade extra cards nor sell them that makes it more frustrating..
Fun and addictive game prefer it compared to coin master that it repetitive and nothing new in years. Pet master is newer and more addictive. I would rather any money I spend on pet master doesn't go towards coin master development. Only suggestion I can make for both games is when you hit milestones you daily free spin bank increases as past level 60 if you don't spend and run out of spins then the 50 a day isn't enough to get coins to progress and become stuck. THIS GAME IS NOT COIN MASTER!!!
Like the dice board, A nice idea .Actually, I am coin master player .Love coin master and pet master Both the games are awesome .Keep rocking moon active team,thank you so much for your reply 😍😍😍
This game is a great way to pass time. However there are some downfalls. I don't understand how you're only able to have 3 shields, yet these can all be taken in one hit (mega attack). Also I've played this game for the past couple of days and not once have I been given shields to protect my village. Meaning the coins that's I'm winning and spending on my village is all a waste of time. I understand this is a new game and I'm hoping it will improve.
It's OK from the same ppl that do cm. My peeve is it says add friends to receive free spins, well I've added 6 friends and received no free spins like stated....😑 Definitely feel cheated ty for nothing.. Just another way for moonactive to make loads more money.
I have a large number of friends that simply don't appear on my friends list. I logged a call, it took the support team 2 days to get back to me, I followed the recommendations to the letter, even went above it to resolve, but still not fixed. Applied recommendation even a couple of times to no avail! Emailed them back to notify and request more support, now 4 days and counting and still no feedback!!!!!!!!! Why do you have a support team if not worth anything ?
A good game but the time for refill spins is too long and dice refill time is morrreeee longerrre than that.
Game is interesting but main issue is we can't increase our spin even we are having multiple extra cards,
8 pop ups before I even start, very few wins on anything, nor one win on the first raid it's always the last one and not enough spins or shields. Seems to be a money grabbing exercise only. Very disappointed as I love coinmaster
I got this through mistplay as I had already had coin master from something else. It's almost the same with a few improvements..however still lost a star because of the amount of pop ups as soon as you start game, when you run out of spins, and when you run out of dice...just give us a button that says 'close all notifications' !
So yeah this game is good fun, pop ups don't bother me, no annoying ads after each round like some games. However, I've noticed that the counter, that shows you've won coins on spins or steels cons you out of your winnings. It's counts up, then takes it back down while it counts. Now I've noticed that, it's ruined it for me. Uninstalled
A lot has changed in recent deployments. I think set/album completion should also have Dice rewards with Spins. Its been long since we have been waiting for pets to wake up. Any tentative date? When can we expect the reward calendar? Invite friend link doesn't work. There's 100s of pop up each time we open the game. Very Irritating!! Waiting to something to play with the coins (Like Viking or Sea of Fortune).
This game is great. Granted not all will agree but myself some friends and even my mum love it, its addictive. Start play 21/5/21 at 11pm. 22/5/21 4.30am Im still playing on level 28. I invite friends they download then you play with the opportunity to "RAID" or "ATTACK" there Island. It's a laugh &competitiveness comes into play. All good fun. Great for all ages I'd say from 8 up.
Money grabbing game is an understatement. From the people that have brought you coin master with their dodgy algorithms be prepared to get screwed over all again, with this game. Wether your a free to play gamer or a pay to play this game will bend you over and not use lube and expect you to come back for more. Why did I give it 2stars all?? Good question. The graphics are very nice also there are a couple of new ideas they put in, that if they took the time would be a nice addition to the game.
Basically an overcomplicated slot machine with 20 pop-ups that come up every time you run out of money or spins, it takes no skill to play this game and the only reason I downloaded it was because another game i had on my phone would give me rewards if I played this game and I'm gonna uninstall this as fast as possible after I finished the reward and also the multiplayer aspect of this game is just a bunch of bots If you want to be annoyed and want 5 pop-ups coming up, play this this game
It's not as good as coin master u don't win as much and its hard to get set up in your cards this game need some work doing to make it as good as coin master
I play coin master and thought this game would be better,but sadly not villages are way to expensive to build,not enough spins are given,I introduced 2 facebook friends to the game and only hot 90 spins instead of 180, have messaged you but still nothing done,not good,unless things change will be uninstalling game
So far this has been really fun. Loads of free spins and generally a bit of a laugh. Had an issue with a friend code not working and the ticket support sorted it really quickly :)
5 star game because its like a pet coin game, like coin master its good as well. But i kinda forgot to rate itπŸ™ƒ. I have coin master and i have completed a lot of villages. Its fun and free to play and thats how i like it! Pet master is the same, just it has a main character which is different. In pet master there is a mysterious theif raccoon, in coin master however, theres a mysterious theif pig. Only little changes but thats what makes it unique(:! Keep it up MoonActive! Love frm londonπŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί
It's a good game. But having to wait an hour to replenish only 5 spins is rubbish, so that's 10 hours to get full 50 spins. Because of that I will be deleting the app. I want a game that I can play for a while and not have to wait for 10 hours before I can play again. I have seen a lot of people have given 1 to 2 stars for the same reason. Listen to your customers and maybe they won't desert this app. Also sort out the pop ups. There are far too many when you run out of spins
WAY too many pop ups. Out of spins? 6 pop ups. Opened the game? 8 pop ups. Looked in shop? 5 pop ups. Pressed wrong button? 7 pop ups. Out of coins for construction? 5 pop ups. Ruins the game completely. And now getting 30+ forceable facebook log in webpages before it lets me play. If it even lets me in to play. I DONT EVEN HAVE FACEBOOK, I GUEST PLAY!!! UNINSTALLED!!!
I love this game its so fun and addictive! In my opinion u should take away the pop ip ads for spins though because it can get VERY annoying. Other than that the game is super cool!! Its basically an easy version of coin master exepct its easier to get millions! Although, the levels get higher and pricey but i love it so much! Never uninstalling this EVER. ITS SO GOOD!
I made a purchase for 8 dice at a cost of Β£3.99. Received an error message at the point of purchase, the money left my account but no dice. I was asked to provide a receipt by the support team which of course I didnt receive but was Informed they have a record of a cancelled purchase. The money may well go back to my account but very wrong that money can still be taken for a failed purchase. I wont be making that mistake again and would warn others that this could happen to them also
I like this game. It's very similar to coin master with a couple of extra features. My reason for 3 stars is because the chests are so expensive and the amount grows significantly each few levels. Also, I am getting loads of new cards, but none i need and none of the packs are open yet in the album (only 9 are open atm) so I can't see if they are going to be saved there in the future?? Will there be a trade option in the future to purchase card packs that way like in coin master? I hope so!
Love the game. Similar to coin master only problem I have is hard to get Shields . Need to have few more and I love the mini game. Pity u can't buy with coins dice in the menu or Shields. Other then my island getting bombarded its a cool game.
This is so bad. I wish I could give it a zero star! The character are almost the SAME as coin master and it's like you want to be more popular and have more attention! And the prizes are just stupid. And in one of the ads the person has 3 fake shields and when I attack them it doesn't tell me that I can't attack because they have a shield! This game is rubbish, absolutely rubbish.I'm going to uninstall this game and have coinmaster. It's even got "master" like coinmaster! It's such a fake game!!
I am having a problem with raids and attacks, they seem to freeze more often than not. It's extremely frustrating when trying to build up coins to further your game