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Pet Idle

Pet Idle for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Alphaquest Game Studio located at Rua Emanuel Kant, 60 - Sala 1105 (H.A. Offices Linha Verde) - CapΓ£o Raso - PR/Curitiba. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is good but I don't actually know but I think it's broken because when I sent my pet to play outside for the first time my pet never came back. I've been waiting for about 10 minutes but still nothing so if you have a solution to this please reply.
This game is ok, but the pets are quite annoying because their stats go down quickly, and I cant figure out if I can start a new game or not. It would also be nice if I could get rid of pets but that's my only problem.
It's cute but there's a bug. The bug is when I was doing the character trait and all of it was bad character traits so I changed it and when I did that my game is glitchy shaking I really want you to fix it. Thank you
Super addicting! You first start off with an adorable little dog or cat, once you take care of your pet you get Coins and Energy. Coins can be used to buy furniture and pet supplies. If you save up enough energy you can buy a new pet! Once you buy a new pet, you get to name your pet and pick its gender. Then, you get to spin your pet's personality. Your pet can have bad traits and good traits. I absolutely recommend.
In this game you can feed your pets, buy drones, buy stuff for your pets, they all have different personalitys like Unprofitable, Lazy, and Agile. You can change their color, buy stuff to decorate your house, and get daily earnings but I had alot of bugs, everything I joined the game over half of my pets would be in the hotel and its not too big of an issue but it lags SO MUCH I have alot of pets and its hard to take care of them if I'm lagging alot and when I join theres poo and pee everywhere
I love pet idle . I've been playing it for two years but i have one problem i just i don't have enough coins to get the beach that's my problem
The game started glitching today any time I tap something it freezes and I need to refill the feeder and water but I can't :(
I love Pet idle because I love Pets and the pets I love the Most is Dogs, Turtles, Penguins and I hope Turtles and Penguins get added in the next update cause I love them!
AAAAAAAAA!!! THIS IS THE BEST PET IDLE GAME EVER!!! So far I have 1.14m coins and 500k and something energy and 6 pets and one panda!! I love that its so easy to gain coins and energy. But I would like to ask two thing....1. Can you please make diamonds more easier to get? and 2. Do the sign in rewards reset? Anyways great game! Love the new update! OwO
I love the game it is wonderful the only reason i didn't give 5 stars is because i was hoping you could add the ability to place walls and doors so you can have different rooms if this is all ready available please tell me but if not can you make it possible
Overall good game. But you could do some changes. When I buy something I can't equip it or find it anywhere. I couldn't move the ball so I put it back into my inventory and now I can't find it and can't but a new one till level 2. I also bought furniture but the same happened!!!!!!!!! WTH!??? All it says on the item in the shop is a red *1* saying that I bought one. Edit: yeah I realized that the same day 😬 but thanks for actually responding, altho it took a while :)
My pets would be at home but when I go to the garden to water the plants some of my pets would be missing but I can hear them ... I need to put them as hotel then put them back in the house ... Fix this please πŸ™
THE BEST GAME it was after a few updates (not the garden ones), getting coins and energy is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard. Please fix. Ty
This is the best! Even tho its just repeating, It's sooo cute, it gives you many free money and levels! ❀️
What an amazing game, has to get 5 stars, no dout about it! 10/10 game, bit anoyed that you can't colour everything, half my stuff is red and orange, and the rest it boring white, so fix that and there's a happy me. Otherwise, the best game i could think of, thank you for creating such a game! If your thinking about getting this game, and your reading this rate and review, YOU HAVE TO INSTALL it's just so anazing 5 stars again 10/10 final. Install or you haven't lived yet.Thank you for the game
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Hi there! Im Really to see this Game is also fun and Adorble! But my problem is whatever your Afk and you put to your pet too the hotel and when you came back and you put your dog and hes very mad like what happend too him??! ANd i ChEck what hAPEEND TOO HIM WHY HES HEART BAR IS EMPTYYYYY now i just need to wait Again..πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈBut is also fun And adorbleπŸ˜€πŸ₯°
It is so so so great there all so cute it needs five stars 🀩. I love it .It lags a little but it's great
Its ok but I can't complain its cute and funny but it needs some work. I would like to interact with the pets and play with them more. but other than that its very fun
This app was so fun and then I lost all of my progress and when I hit upload to get it back nothing happened so I'm giving this a one star
Full screen ads that intercept the game is a massive turn off for me... other than that it's a pretty peaceful afk game
I can't even get into the game, every time I do it either 1) doesn't load then I sit there waiting for like 5 mins 2) freezes , sometimes when I get into the game it freezes then I can't play it 3) it lags, when I play it lags, then kicks me out of the game, please fix it πŸ₯Ί
Pretty neat and colorful. I might want to see more pets such as birds, rodents, lizards, and maybe wild animals like wolves and foxes. Apart of that, I still have a bit hard time to take my pets to my garden, they sometimes won't appear on my garden after I press wander. Maybe you can add "visit garden" button to take your pet(s) out to the garden and then they stay. Also maybe you can put food and water bowl at the garden so they don't have to go home to refill the bar. All in all, good game.
This is the game ive been looking for my whole life i always wanted a taking care of a pet game that you can move the pets i gave 4 stars because some of the pets cost 250 diamons and up.Could you please put a lower price or that the ads gave you 10 or 9 instead of just 3? Thank you!
We actually enjoyed this game not until it hang with the cleaner and cleaning the room. We uninstalled it and install again hoping that there will be no more glitch. But unfortunately, everytime i open the game, i go back to square one. My kid really love this game that he cried when I uninstalled it the first time, so I'm hoping to build a new home again. Please fix the glitch and the bugs so we can still enjoy the game..
This was one good game, but theres one problem, whenever i clean up my phone, all of my progress resets. Can you please fix that? (Edit: doesnt work, i even click load a bunch of times, i saved it a bunch of times already before, it still resets my whole progress. Please. Fix. This.)
Lover this game. I hope release new species cat like munchkin. But still lagging when playing at garden area and i hope fix it. Sorry I'm very bad English.
Game should be called. "Idle ads casual pet sim" I was afraid to click buttons or an ad would pop up. Especially after I willingly watched 8 to get the bonuses and spins. I was turned off after 30 min. Sorry. I know you need to eat. I'd rather just pay 1 or 2 $ and never see those overbearing ads.
Great game lots of awesome stuff like pets so many to collect my pets stoped eating food for some reason they were hungry but did not eat
It's great! I love this app! It's addicting and the pets are so cute! I suggest make it easier to earn gems. And while most of the pets cost gems I suggest add more pets that you can afford with energy or money. Because I've played for a few hours total and I have two pets each breed which cost energy and money. I don't want to watch hundreds of ads to get a pet. After all it is great!
Thank you for fixing the bug. I fixed my 1 star rating to a 5 star. Its an amazing game and the animals are really cute. I can't wait until there are more.
This game is amazing i love how its an easy-to-play game and you dont have to pay money to progress. Allough i think there sould be less adds
This game was AWESOME! Although it takes forever to level up (non-pet) it is an awesome game otherwise!
Apparently, you can restart the game without uninstalling it and then re-install. I had 1M coins and 200 gems. They were just gone. Also, while waiting for hours for getting coins, I got 0 coins and 0 energy. Both of these problems were unfair and made me quit the game. I'm sorry. I just can't regain my progress by just playing the game. It took me months to get this amount.
Nice game. Beautiful and realistic pets. Amazing graphics for house and pet customization. The outside garden however moves very slow and the color coustomization doesn't stay after closing out the game. Still great though πŸ™‚
I installed it on another device and signed in with play games to be able to transfer the progress onto this device. IT WONT LET ME LOAD IN MY PROGRESS! I had lv. 15 Girl mutt dog, lv. 7 Husky Memphis and one house expansion to the right two compact sofas lv. 6 bed (the pillow one you get at start) and sofa. I think theres a way the devs can place that progress in my game. Id like my progress back thank you. ( I still have the progress on the first device) my in game name is Dog4life
The game was pretty good until an update where the game started to give me forced ads. The pet's needs go down a lot quicker than usual. I preferred the game before the update but it is still fun.
Love this game. I love all the furniture and customisation you can do with the room. I can't wait for more updates. Notes for improvement for me are some activities to do with your dogs outside and maybe some more dogs you can buy with energy instead of gems. Add more furniture too its all so adorable and i cant wait for more. This is one if my favourite games.
Cute little game. Disappointed in the "remove ads" it only removes the random ads and not the clickable ones. I wish that it would have specified...
This game is very fun, I really enjoy taking care of my pets but the only problem is that they should fix the colors for the pets because I wanted to make my husky all white but I couldn't because of the gray on its coat and the time wait for the new room is also very long and I wish that we can sell furniture that we don't want but overall I think that this game is great.
Five stars! This game is so fun!!! Im a cat lover, and I love this game so much! It lets my stress go away. It's just my first time playing but I'm already getting addicted to it, and I have nothing bad to say about it. Keep up the amazing work! And that's all actually (^_^')
Actually I want to vote 5 stars for this but I when I just exited the game and leave for about 20 mins, i was somehow frustrated. Why? Well I just go back where i started. All of my pets were gone but even for a short time i enjoy this game it just go back where i started. Thank you Edit: I just wanna thank for making this because it was now a nice game. I've got cute dogs and cats. I was taking back what I said hahaha I am no longer frustrated I am enjoying this game. I highly recommend it.
ITS A GREAT GAME!! Its really easy to get money and energy to buy pets and things for them and the house. It's also really fun decorating and taking care of the house and garden. But I would like easier access to different pets. The other pets are 250 diamonds & up. Could u please allow us more diamonds than 3 when watching ads or.. the diamond price can decrease for pets & other diamond items.
great and realistic game! I only have one question, does the wander drone bring the pets out and back?
It's a nice game and it was awesome at first but these days whenever i exit the game, it's like the times there stopped. When i come back the next day my plants still didn't grow fruits even tho they only needed 11hrs but it's been 4 days and yet, still nothing. The same goes for my pets. When i come back they say i've earned 0 coins and 0 energy which i find it awfully unfair
It's cute but sadly it won't let me press the buttons you press and it takes a about 5 minutes of pressing to work other than that it's good. I give it 3 stars
This is really cool, I'm so glad this dosent need Wi-Fi I can play it anytime 😌 i love the update!! it makes me feel guilty of uninstalling this before ->-, I can't wait for the next updates >:)
I like this game alot but today i rejoined and it kept showing the sleep bar over its head and nothing else even know its green, and i took them out for wonder and they did not come back so i have to put them in hotel then take them out again, i tryed rejoining it did not work.
This game makes me happy but one question... When i was opend the game so lately the game said your pets are dizzy pls rescue them...but i dont need to play the game many times.... so thats my problem pls fix it...
Used to love the game and my last review I said how it should be easyer to get diamonds or have more pets you can adopt with energy hut it has never happened even though I was told it would in the update think the game might be getting deleted even with the new garden feature
It works really well... purrfect in fact! Love the game and hope it can keep getting updates. I also love how smooth the animations and animal designs are. :3
It's so beautiful and the pets are so cute and I love this game and the pets are cute but there's a problem I just got deleted it bc I got bored but I downloaded it again bc I miss my pets so I'm noob again in this game ty for creating this game it's so cute/not boring and offline ty
Pretty nice. Good animation, LOVE the new outdoors, but there is one little thing, the drones. I think they are to sensetive and will go after one of my petz if it reaches yellow. Please make them just a little less sensitive
I'm giving this a 5 stars because the animals are so adorable. The game is free and I haven't came across any ads. I also like how you can choose for a cat or dog at the start.
I did four stars because I accidently deleted the game and now my process is stuck. I cant retrieve the data please do something about this. but overall this is an amazing game.
I love this game so much and I just started playing yesterday, the adds are a bit of a problem there are much adds. But a thing I Hate is that you need ENERGY TO BUY PETS, it does not make sense. Why does it cost ENERGY and not COINS? I also have a bug that removes my net from the garden and its annoying me. But its a ok game
It was fun at first, I adopted a cat and then waited. I couldn't advance to after you get the water, and if the app closed, it would make me restart. I uninstalled it after the third time it reset my game.
I like this game, but on the second day of playing the happy meter broke and was stuck at 10%, despite all of my pets being happy. The save and load buttons really didnt work, so when I uninstalled the app I lost all of my progress. It was only two days worth of gameplay, but I sat on my phone for over 12 hours blankly staring at the screen while dragging dogs into bathtubs. Not proud of it, but it happend, I want my dog back Edit: Not a one time thing, it happend again when I started over
I gave 3 stars instead because of this glitch that I can't go to the next stage and also can't pick up can u fix this so I can give 5 stars? This game is lagging pls fix this :(
Beauty game and so cute and never ads and amazing game thanks you so match for this corona game hahahahaahah But please make when you watch ad to get 3 diamond so please make 5 diamond or 6
Commits the cardinal sin of having ads that pop up in your face at random. Also the controls stink and there's too much micromanaging for an "idle" game.
Fun game. Makes you feel guilty for not checking on you pets constantly. They get angry and faint when neglected too long.
I saved to the cloud, but I recieved no achievements or anything. I'm afraid of losing my data but other than that it's a fun game to pass the time.
Almost a great game but I cant figure out how to bring my pet outside, the bar is empty but it doesnt let me take it outside. Wish the tutorial told me more about how
Since there was the hotel update my pets don't die overnight anymore so I changed to 5 stars! This game is definitely recommended if you want a big challenge 😁. There's just 1 tiny thing that's a bit annoying to some people. Most of the pets are like 250 diamonds so there pretty hard to get. But I still think this game deserves 5 starsπŸ˜ƒ. Good job on your game!!! Keep up the good work! πŸ˜„
I really love the app but the reason i gave it 4 stars is because i would like to be able to take care of others petsso i can take care of my sisters pets
Animals and care, is fun highkey :) There's really nothing wrong with this app, it's nice, relaxing, barley any ads, yes yes.