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Pet doll

Pet doll for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Zzoo located at 서울시 중구 다산로 46길 17, 2403호. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good cute app, but there's some issues - the color changer is awkward to use, the color it shows is very small to see. There's layering issues with clothes and shoes and there should be an option, and the trousers sprites are squished vertically making some look a bit odd. The shoes and socks are in the same category and there's more socks than shoes and there's not much variety... Please make these improvements!
i love this pet game its the best you can make what ever pet you want! but it says you can put it as your wallpaper but i dont know how to do that. other than that i give it 5 stars
It's adorable, yes, but on occasion I will watch an add for an item but not obtain an item. Along with things being fairly laggy. I hope the problem is fixed in moments time, no rush though. Take your time and keep in mind of your health.
Cute but sucks that you have to pay money for hats and different bodies. Also, I would like a randomizer to create a character for me. Those are one of the best parts in a character creator imo.
i really like it its sooo cute but there is not much to do but its ok so maybe you can fix that so then there's more to do other than that it is good its aWeSoMe
This game is amazing it has nice calming music and no adds game from the same game comunity and great accesories
Yes Its A Cute Game But... It kept asking for my google play account CONSTANTLY. It would let me play for like 5 minutes.. But then it would just pop up. Next day, they started asking me for my password To My Google Play Account. Of course I declined, But the screen didnt go away. I am scared and creeped out from this game, And theres No Way Im Gonna Let Me Or My Little Sister Play This Ever Again.
This game is so cute! And I love the pets in it! But, the only thing I kinda get disappointed about it is when you take a picture of your pets, it doesnt show up in your pictures.
I love the game, There has been no glitches that have happened to me. I would recommend this game as a "chibi doll game". So yea😁 😌😌😌😌😌😌 I'm out😌
First thing to say is that It is really fun game to play it has a lot of thing to do and you can make your own characters and you can make as much as you want and i rate this an 5 out of 5 and if you are really into making your own characters than this is a game for you and i have 18 characters so far and i like all of them but they is one that i don't like but it is steal my favorite game to play on my phone and you will maybe like this game as well and i can't stop talking about this game.♥️♥️♥
I like making my pets look cute in drawings, and this was a HUGE upgrade from that! i COMPLETELY recommend this for people who like dressing up chibi pets! (ps:check out unnie doll and oppa doll also!)
This game is so so so much fun I love it I would definitely recommend this game this is funny because I made a bear and my grandma lives in the mountains and a bear gose around and takes her trash and puts her trash all over her yard haha
I absolutely love it. I've needed so much help on character design and this does it! Totally reccomend to download if you need help with art.
Wow, I just don't care about giving money as we have to give out very less. It's a game that anybody can play and if you are getting bored you can play this game. And I am pretty sure it's a game which any person can play. 🐶🐶
I really like the this game its got clothes so you can dress up your pet and pick whatever animal you like but theres just a slight problem YOU NEED 2.00 JUST TO CHANGE YOUR ANIMAL BODY we cant afford it and sometimes theres ads that pop up thats why im giving it 4 star but a good game keep up the good work
This game is amazing! When im bored i just get my phone and play pet doll I recommend getting this app its of corse a 5 ⭐but one problem. I kinda dont like when the pets stand up I brought the pet thing and I think its a waste of money since i thonk we dont really need spending money on games so please fix that thank you.
it's a good game, has great animations, and it's quite fun too! I had no problems while playing the game so I gave a 5 star because it's worth it! The reason I uninstall it is because I get bored easily and I think it'll be better if this game is not just about dressing and creating our own animal.
It isn't the best . but isn't the worst but doesn't mean it still needs to add thing like not having to create and destroy your character after u finish and want another
10/10 I love this game soooo much!!! The music is sooo cute!!!!!! I like that you can make it by your self.This game suits me well becuase I reallyyyy like cats.Im sorry for the people who dident get the game working properly.I almost played this game for an hour!!! So I recommend you try this game out. Hope you like it to.😊👍👍👌👌👌❣💕💕
Its SOOO ADORABLE! I made CreamHeroes cats(LuLu, LaLa, ChuChu, DD,TT,MoMo, CoCo)and they turned out so cute! My favorite is LaLa. I also am going to make more(like my "pet cat" Bootsie)(hes not really my cat but he acts like mine) and it will be adorable! For now, byeeeee! I'll post again if i can! Byeeee! Thx for making this game! Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
I've actually had this game on my tablet but I forgot the password so I thought that I can download it on my phone. It's not a bad game you can actually dress up pets it's really cute so download it now I give it a five just because it's cute I'll tell you guys more about it if it gets worse
its alright when the app is running its alright but for some unknown reason it takes FOREVER to load. I test it out so me and my family left my tablet with the app on for 20 minutes and its still on the 0.1% battery thing. Its loads so slow or doesnt do anything at all. The creator really needs to work on all of them. Its the same thong with one of the other apps so i dont know whats going on
I like this game but it dose not have much thing to decorate the pet and it is kind of boring but i would not recommend this game for people like me
This game is soooooo amazing and i have only been playing it for 10 minutes and im already addicted also i know how to set the wallpaper and it lookes amazing there are like so many things to do in the game and its just awsome well done im also gonna install uni doll the people who commet bad things dont know what the word amazing and cute and awsome mean if u dont like the game uninstall it how hard can that be?
I used to really like this, it has countless ways to customize your character and great color palettes but now anytime I try opening the app I'm met with a loading screen... and nothing else
It very fun and it let's you know that you have a big creation and you can make a picture with the doll that you made and send it to your friends so I suggest downloading it
I can't even play the app. I get in, hit play, and then "Petdoll has stopped." Everytime I try to play, it's literally stopped.
can't open the app :/ it looks cute, and I love their Unidoll app, but this gets stuck on the permissions screen. I select "not personalised ads", at which point the "okay/accept" button is greyed out and it just loads... and loads... and nothing happens. I left it loading until my phone screen turned off. So it's probably good? If you can get it to load.
this game is so amazing i love that it is different from the other games you are making animals in stead of people the only down side is that you have to pay for half of the things that are cool and better be beside all of that it is a great app!!!!!!!!!!!
THIS APP IS SO CUTE! You can make mjnj chibj cute animals and you can give them lots of stuff! I really like how you can put clothes and then and I consider downloading this!
Ads dont work. Game is adorable but it sucks that's the ads don't work and you have for buy most of the good stuff. Please fix this and inform me when you do.
I just installed this so I basically don't know about the game but when I saw it I thought it was pretty good game but I told my mom she said how to delete two games but I had six I deleted one now I only have five games and my brother has like three so I deleted one my mom said I can keep the rest of my five so I installed it also I installed dollify
I can't sign in when I click my account it just sends me right back and I can't play it I hate this game😤👎
I really like the game. It he's plenty of cute clothes and faces to choose! The only reason why I put 4 instead of 5 stars is because I want to save the cute pictures I make to my gallery but I can't find a button to do it! If you can already do this please tell me how as I would love to have the scene as my wallpaper on my phone. However if there is no option to save: PLEASE🙏 ADD ONE!!!
This game is fun because you get to style your own little animal and it can look cute or the way you like it
Its very fun and imaginative. Although, the premium clothes and backgrounds say in the corner a video sign but you cant watch it. Overall - L O V E I T. Could we make unnie doll, oppa doll and pet doll all in one game? That would be cool so if you make it I will tell all my friends to play it
While it is very entertaining it does eventually does get boring because there is only so much you can do in this game ( make and dress up the pets as well as making pictures with the pets and decorating these pictures ) . So if there were just a few more things to do then there would definitely be five stars and this game would be complete ( to me at least ) . Otherwise this game is great and is definitely something that should be recommended to keep you busy for a while if youve got time
It's really cute and I love making animals but, I'd assume almost everyone on this game is a child/preteen and they might not have access to money. What I'm trying to say is that the best hats (in my opinion) cost money! Other than that, good game would recommend! :)
I did it I loved it but later I joined and the start was like a seescure and I had to Uninstalled it and yea all my avatars were gone :( please fix this thank you!
Ok, i was very excited to try this game when i first saw it. But when it was loaded it took me back in the home screen, every time i try to go back the same thing keep happening please fix this i uninstalled the app because i can't play it no matter what i do. If you respond and fixed the bug, I might as well download it back. I'm not saying it's bad. I just can't load in. From: mintxz.
This app is amazing honestly I love it I'm rating this five stars I think you should check it out amazing I don't have a lot of words but I don't have any glitches with it it's a little slow but it's actually really awesome I need you to check it out at least download it I made like over like 15 characters already I don't use it much but yeah
I think this game is nice cute and fun it's cute for little kids like 5 or 6 but that's just what I think
Best game ever it is easy to use I can make a character in a minute I only have two problems you can only make 100 characters I make a lot and have to delete some. The music... IT Makes me go crazy. It would be nice to have a play mode just saying. Also lags sometimes but not a lot.
I really love it amazing game💞😍 I loveee it but if you can add like some mini games and you win coins and instead of watching adds you can buy it with the money bye y'all
I saw people saying this crashes, but I know it's either lies or their device has a problem. I have Unnie doll aswell and I found this game from there. I'm really pleased about this app so I'm gonna try the last doll app! THE PETS ARE SO ADORABLE I LOVE ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT 😍 the loading page makes me laugh because it makes me think my battery is at 0.1 percent! Well done, and please make more apps!
Great app its cool to make pets you can alomst make ANY animal and you can take a photo and add little thinhs like food, trees, talking, And more i just wish you could make a skit or something but it is a great game! If you like this app download unnie doll and oppa doll on unnie dool you can mske girls and on oppa doll ypu can mske boys such great apps!
Ok I love this game it let's you dress up pets,scenes,and lots of other stuff and also because pets in real life it's hard to dress them up because they usually run away 😂🤣 but I really reccomend you get this AMAZING game!!