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Is a Sports game developed by KONAMI located at 東京都中央区銀座一丁目11番1号. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
0.01 rates for the highest grade unit e.g the 104/103 best Messi/Ronaldo card. That's 10000 single summons or 250000 PB to get a decent chance to get 1 specifically. I am glad that summon rates are now mandatory to expose scamming companies like Konami unlike in the older days when I used to play PES manager
I know this game is sponsored by Barca and I'm a Barca fan but u guys need to add all soccer teams like real Madrid and England teams, all teams from all over the world
Cool game - but BIG problem... iF not money spender, you dont get cool stuff.. no way to compete.. too many cards, very little chances to make a good team... This game is too greedy.... Looks like a gambling machine... Dont let kids play....
Changing my reviews from 4 to 1 star. Now I feel like this is a spam and being cheated. Really disappointed with the tactics using to get user pay. I spent hard earned 1250 PB's on the 2021 grab box and the cards given were so bad. No legends in 5 times eleven card draws. While my other friend bought PB and he got a legend there. What kind of treatment is this to a loyal user to the app? Totally disappointed, going to uninstall it after using it for more than a year and a half.
Good. Not 5 stars cause it is a little complicated to understand. Would like to request devs to make the explainations easier
Don't purchase Prime Balls on this Scam and Rigged game. The Spotlight 11 Draw is a SCAM. The customer service are not helpful and don't care if you spend money or not. The outcome results of matches and draws are altered and manipulated by the game developer for you to spend more money purchasing prime balls to play the Spotlight 11 Draws with too many low grade players in return. Some of the players are defective and not playing the way they supposed to play. Don't spend your money on this Scam and Ripoff game.
Prometheus draw is useless someone will think that it is only gold draw but there silver balls apart that it is awesome
I simply Loved this game What a wonderful game. It is one of the best games other than pes that is being developed by konami
KONAMI and PES are always a step ahead in terms of customer services. They provide a casual game, which you can enjoy and build up a winning team slowly. The rewards, events, and free stuff is absolutely consumer-friendly. This shouldn't be the game for "Pay-to-win" fanatics, who pay their way into the top rankings of the game. I haven't spent a single buck on this game, but I've slowly built a team of 52K over an year of playing. And I enjoy it so much! ❤
Oh this app is really nice to have in your home now and it has been amazing since I started to see the same thing in my life
Why soo many stuck?.. Can you help me 😭.. I don't have problem phone.. My data left 50gb..but why I can't play.. And he say I lost connection
Does not even start I wanted to enter the 100+ Ronaldo event it tells me the game can't be played before December the 4th
We want isl and indian national team in pes and exhibition in pes mobile for fun take team with full squad timesly
I like the graphics and players characters envolved but if i may ask, the remaining process of downloading could consume like which volume of data size because hardly had i managed to use 400, 000kbs, it depleted from nowhere
It would be better if you actually let people get into the game before assaulting them with unskippable footage that takes ages
It is so stupid game, It doesn't play and has many process. The players play themselves, I don't enough enjoy this game. They must improve this game in order to increase quality of the game...
Please add new amazing commentary, like when Messi or Ronaldo taking shot on goal post that time have to say their name with a crazy voice.😊🤗 Ronaldoooo!! please add whistle sound during the match start. add please player statistics record info like how many goal he did after joined in my club. Any way PES CARD COLLECTION is my one of the best football game. Thanks KONAMI!
The apps keep on asking me about authentication of my phone. I have un-installed and re-installed to get rid of that. But it persist. I am using a Samsung Note 3. OS 5.0. Maybe it is already incompatible to the apps.
This game seems like it will select certain user that will get good cards. If u are not chosen, the cards u get will always be common cards, even for special draws. U will nvr get card with special skills...
Brilliant. Good job Konami. I really enjoy it. But increase keeper spawn rates as they are far too rare.
Very good and enjoyable game. The game is a marathon, not sprint, so you have to be patient. And second thing is you dont have to get superpower player to win. I get enemy with older card,grade only 1650s, without messi or ronaldo or legends, but he can manage the strength into 150k, and great skills and talents. He maybe play from 2 or 3 years ago. My only request is please give us more and more giveaway anniversary, millions download, millions registration, Covid-19 giveaway and etc.
The game is good and fun but it's so hard to get prime balls , maybe 20-30 a day max and you need 250 to draw and have a 5% chance of getting a 5 star players , and there is so many bad 5 star players too so you are not done there . Also if you want to spend money it's way too overpriced, I think Konami is over pricing alot of customer out you spend 77 dollars for 700 prime balls ... That's 77 dollars for only 2 draws of 5% chance of getting a 5 star played , they need to make that way cheaper
This game clearly has a reset period. After the yearly major update you will not receive higher grade cards. 1st account I had playing couldn't get a card over 100 after 2 years. 2nd account couldn't get a card over 104 in a year. 3rd account started and I get multiple over 104. there is clearly a reset period you have to restart the game in order to get new cards
A game for those who know about football. This game tests your patience,strategy and intelligence. It isn't something that you master in 1 day. Once u get the game,it is so much fun. But an advice, " Don't play an eleven draw if there are no 5 star cards guaranteed".
The pescc championship fest really needs to be looked at as always up against far superior teams so got no chance of getting anywhere it needs to be made more fair in the matching of teams been playing for over 2 years and has always been the same time it was changed. Also getting up to date players rather than the same players ie messi and co. could do wiv updating as always getting same low grade cards.
Long time supporter but feel not appreciate by konami.. Even with pay to play still couldn't get any good draw
This game is ok but it is a little slow when you join the game you can pick any Barcelona player like messi but it is ok
Ranked Matches aren't ranked, I got put up against someone with top tier players when I'm level 10. fix the game.
A good game for football card. Good lineup of cards available. F2P players can play casually. But those better rewards need to pay to win.
I love almost everything about the game but some of my opponent online get Another better player try to choose 97-100 i don't like it
Pay To Win plus terrible RNG(played this game months, so this is not a untried/unexperienced statement) Wouldnt recommend
A good game but need to be balanced for matches, frequently get higher rank enemy, and need to be more generous with the players draw
Many talented players such as Neymar, Gareth Bale, Luis Suarez must be brought back. Also must increase probability of giving higher rated players in 250pb boxdraws.
In my opinion its a really good game because you start with a good player and from their you go on ahead a build your team.
Nice game . Only an option of tactics and a transfer market where we could sell and buy cards of our needs will be great. The concept is awesome. I have been playing for few months and its not boring
Nice Graphic, Next Update : Use the Fund to buy some 5* players , or Have a spin roullete to get 4* players
Great game and best time killer and awesome events every week updating.tnxx for game makers but only problem some top players and and legend s players not seen .mane neymar m sala ibrahimovic and Rooney ruben neves and seaman zidanea and more please update all top players nearly tnxx
RNG is sometimes weirdly balanced and at higher lvls the game CLEARLY holds you back by giving unexplainable losses of matches and utterly useless cards, but overall it's quite a nice game to grind on.
l think the game is fine but the bad form when l fighting a team what is stronger than me and its like pay to win and l wish l can control my own team and it will be fun if you can trade
Definitely a pay to win game. As rates of draw are low. Enough you are patience enough to save prime ball for draws. The rate of getting good cards are super rare. you can play for years but you cannot out stand people whom play it with cash. Also it more like a card game which you play by yourself. Not much interaction with other players. No new function, like guild or so adding into this game. So it can be quite boring after sometime. If nothing changes, it only better for short term playing.
This is a perfect soccer game for mobile, relaxing and in depth. It's nice that you aren't bombarded with ads too
If I could 0* I would matchmaking is totally broken. Game after game for 5 games I got matched against a team 3 to 4 times more team strength than mine. at what point is a game fun to be beat by 10+ goals a game and all you can do is watch it being mocked absolute joke. Good work from the developers NOT.
Amazing game but you have to know what your doing to not spend any money. I can't fusion my international 20 players I got rakatic 100 and milik 95 and I can't fusion them.
Draw rate cannot make it. Don't wasted money. Free to play with lot of rewards from event. Hope the draw rate will be adjust and game balance for newbie..
Omg another 250 ebs spent for the tenth time and only get 93 grade player again never get a player that it shows on excelsior what a joke
Why does the game hang during operation and nothing works . Also the game consumes a lot of data in a short period of time why I need immediate action
Don't spend money on this Scam and Rigged game. The Spotlight 11 Draw is a Ripoff. The customer service are not helpful and don't care if you spend money or not. The outcome results of matches and draws are altered and manipulated by the game developer for you to spend more money purchasing prime balls to play the Spotlight 11 Draws with too many low grade players in return. Some of the players are defective and not playing the way they supposed to play. Don't purchase no prime balls. Scam game
Best and Superb games..Pls gv me RB,DMf plus one superstar winger..And i want Legend Forward most as well..Best games ever..I wan Legend Pls..pls gv me 3 skill players
very nice graphic.. only to get high grade player card looks like we need to buy and spending money.. difficult to get desire player too
Great game plenty of cards old and new players. Been playing a while now and still loving it. Wish there was a European FB page to be able to join in the events Im sure the Asian players get.
The legion event was an utter farce. Every day I needed up in a team where nobody participated. Never again, please
Its a good game but there's a lac of many main players and teams also many players are over rated also we cannot see the players available in a draw
Edit: after giving it a retry I finally had a change of mind, the chance of high-quality player dropping seems to have increased by now. However, the lack of strategy settings and substitutions still remains and that's why I gave it four stars. Personally, I am a Liverpool fan. I know that the club isn't collaborating with PES anymore but, there are no Liverpool cards in the game aside from the national team cards, which in my opinion is strange, since there is Liverpool in PES 2020 anyways. I don't know much about the licensing stuff so that's only my fanboyish idea, and that isn't anything important whatsoever. Personally I think you can get a license for African national teams to we can get players such as Salah, Mane and Mahrez?
The reason I gave one star even if its better than DLS 21 is because, 1 when I switched teams, and I was Juventus, and it said lose even when I won it was 4-0 uninstalled, don't think the game is good
Please Add "Kit number selection" in Team Management. Thank you for adding Cristiano Ronaldo & Improving the Game & For 15 Million registration draw & barca player pick gifts!!! Please Add more missing players like Salah, Mane, Zlatan, etc & more legends like kaka, zidane etc.
There are some serious issues with game. 1)Match scaling:-How you exactly do that thing. I'm serious, because sometimes I can beat 180k team and lost to a 80k team. Note:- I know how you categorize the teams but I'm not talking about that. How exactly that simulation does that even I have full advantage over my opponent but I'm going to lose miserably. Overall game is good but overpriced PB and Low drop(when I say low it's miserable:-2.5k PB may not get the card you want(Maradona spending-Nada)