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eFootball PES 2021

eFootball PES 2021 for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by KONAMI located at 東京都中央区銀座一丁目11番1号. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
PRO: Outstanding graphic, smooth gameplay, doesn't force you to buy in game purchases and you can compete with paid players. CON: If you play from US, you can't receive efootball points. Incredibly laggy and jerky online matches. Some fuctions are limited compares to PC or Console versions, like performing player skills, increase graphics setting, etc. Able to edit strips and view individual player statistics would be nice touch in future update.
I am really saddened to write this comment because I have been playing PES since it came out but at the moment I am really tired of trying to enjoy the game. In most of the online games my players can't make a simple pass to a fellow player. It's like already decided that I am going to loose the match. No matter how much I try I can't make a decent pass, either it goes to no man's land, or bounses of the player I am trying to pass or gets intercepted. Uninstalling if things don't improve.
The new controller is not helping us it makes the control of the game play difficult but a part from that It a very nice game I enjoy playing it, but my problem is you people have to add champion league to it. Thank you
This comment will mostly be lost but i really want these changes. The standard s of pes has dropped recently I really want the old way of opening pack and no featured players. Please make getting players really hard so that we have the interest going on. And featured players really suck everyone has it.i really love the game . 2018 version was the besttt. Hope u get this comment
Honestly, it's the best football game on mobile, my biggest headache with this game is 1. you don't have full control over your players. 2. It's almost impossible to defend, especially when every deflection goes back to your opponent in COM matches. 3. In COM matches, the CPU's players are on steroids. You can't dispossess them, and if they breathe on you, you lose the ball. Cheaters... The game becomes unfun.
I love everyhing about this game. Ive been playing it for 3 years but. I made a new one but this one is the best. Multiplayer is awesome too. Best game EVERRRR
Game is Awesome in terms of everything whether it's commentary, Gameplay, Controls too are really good compare to any games. My Only CONS for this Game is the Friend Mode : Same RATINGS for all players, my friend has 3600 around and mine is 2500 So you can understand what is the Match between the two but we Have to play, and I rarely wins. Also, there can be an option of Playing from ORIGINAL teams apart from your regular team ,I know it will be great for any multiplayer.Real Cricket is doing so
It is a automatic generated game .... if a match winner is decided by the software then how it is called a game I don't know ! . No matter how hard you try you'll lose if the software decides that ... worst experience ..never going to install it again and I recommend not to install this only for graphics , ea sports is far better than this because there winners are not decided by the software but by their capabilities
The game is good, but the online mode is terrible. I've lost many matches after actually won the game. After the game ends, the screen turns black and for an "error" the match is canceled. Or even after the screen turns black, a messege apears telling that I lost because I disconected, without I actually lose my connection, this really annoys me, instead winning 6x0 for exemple, I lose 0x3.
The game is very goodand addictive, but main problem is when we play online opponent make match null, and some opponents are long ball spammer, and main problem is the online match lag (because of opponent's slower network) please konami make a option that speed network players can only play, it's too frustrating because of it, and all other are very nice, nice gameplay, addictive, but online game is very poor, these are main problem of this game, but com match and others are good, thanks pes.
Nice except the fact that, in SIM mode, you get defeted by anyone, even if the opponent is much weaker than your team. Always scores against you in the last second of the match... Very annoying game! You people forget what a game is all about: fun and relaxation for the user. Instead, you offer the user exactly the opposite...
Its great, but please work on your camera and it focusing on the ball , they are some instance that the goes towards the control of game when playing a match, and we wont be able to see the players there and and the opponent go tackle and attack and score sometimes. please if you can work on that, this game will be superb.
This is a rigged game. Nowadays there is this thing when you put pressure suddenly the button seems to be not working and your players just watch the other team score while you're doing all you can to move the player and try and steal the ball. While the opponent (COM) has the ball it's almost impossible to steal the ball even with the best defenders. Silver ball players seem to be some mythical god's from whom you can't steal the ball from and suddenly out of nowhere you have a deficit from 4-0
Its an okay game not the best plus when i play a match i see people team that has 90ovr IN EVERY MATCH (not exactly tho) but its still annoying and horrible but at thr same time okay
I love the game but the only thing i hate is that you can't cancel passes And i would love if konami put like when you change player mid game that you could put a timer when the come in the game
Good, but sometimes i am facing different problems:recently the game is being stopped by itself, null problem which i am facing 1 out of 20,the long ball problem, even we dont get good players especially iconic moments fromm boxdraw etc. If this continue i should unistall the game. By the way, AI is better.
This is the best soccer game I've ever played, the reason I'm not giving it a 5 star rating is because there's a lot of things missing in the game, like line up, visible referee, name written on the player's shirt and replay mode, I can't find any if these things in the game but I will still call it the best soccer game I've ever played, if those things are added then no soccer game will be able to beat PES
It's an amazing soccer game, one of the best I've ever played on a mobile phone. The issues I have with this game is that shots can't be cancelled and settings to enable the timing of the game, weather, extra time, penalty shootouts aren't available in campaign and challenges. They are only available in friendly matches.
I have so many issues with this game..1 the referee is so annoying at time in the sense that he give more advantage to my opponent 2 the control always glitch most expecially when you're trying to pressure your opponent 3 i think you guys should include level of playing in a way one can be able to select a level of difficulty because most people can't even win a single match and also other leagues should be included to enhance the game. Etc..
Can't I rate 0 star? This used to be neat, until from once, the shoot button does not work in key situations! They just don't want us to win. Moreover, the pass is not working sometimes. The opponent players faster than we are, and i can't do the same. Once I am in a lead of 3-0, my opponent came back and won the match 4-3! When i trailed 4-0 at the first half, I tried to do the same. I scored 2 goals, and I went into the penalty area 4 more time and the shoot button didn't work! Rubbish game.
The game is good. The controls, the game, the graphics is quite good. But, not too good you know what i mean. But, the most unsatisfactory thing is the gameplay. please make it more real. Please make it More fair to player. Sometimes, the foul given doesnt make any sense. And when we pressure their player without a tackle, we been given a foul. But, when we get tackled they doesnt get a foul. what the heck, it is unfair. Please consider this. Thank you.
It's a good online football game. If you have mobile data and space,then this game would be a good choice for you. I like it. There should be some slight changes names should be printed on the jersey. We want to also puase the hoghlights. And even in the highlight of full time all important moments should be shown. Thank you konami.
The game was good. but now it is most frustrating experience I ever had . functions is not working . It is working after several second of commanding. It is full of lag.The game is very much broken. The game couldn't be played in this way. Very upsetting . I gave it 5 star . but now it doesn't even deserve 3 star . Mainly the online match making in event modes take much time .. And experience of online matches is worse . every function is working after several seconds of comanding ..
They have improved it from the last time I played it so there is a 4 star for you but I will only add the other one star when you fix the online game bug. my players are very slow and even my commands are pretty slow on my Samsung galaxy S9 when I'm playing online and sometimes causes me to lose the game. when you fix that, you will have 5 star from me.
hey I been playing this for over 2 years, but suddenly from yesterday the game doesn't open up, it's says UNABLE TO OPEN PES 2019. I don't know what just happened. I never seen something like that before please fix that error. I been reporting 1000 time but there is no reply and the error is not fixed. fix this ASAP
Impossible to play the multiplayer option. It just sucks. No matter how strong your internet is still the game will lag. The opponent will steal goals as you won't be able to control or pass properly. People with good phones, this game isn't for you. This game is for people with very slow internet and bad phones. This is why pes can never compete with fifa. As the online part just sucks. It's too bad. And no matter how many updates are done it never changes. So 1 star for everything.
The best football game I have been played so far, because it was very fun when suddenly 'com play' getting goal in cheep way, when your defender don't know how to clear the ball, when your player don't know how to pass the ball ( not even Messi or Ronaldo ) it will always goes to opposition feet and when suddenly there are miss kick every where. Thanks KONAMI for making my day getting better and better everyday.
Console gaming experience in a mobile platform. Almost as good as, if not better than any other football games on PC, not to mention about mobile. The real-time player condition updates adds more to its realism. Unique real life celebrations of each player included with awesome realistic graphics. Can't expect more in mobile platform, just hope it stays in such good condition all the time. Love from India. 🇮🇳 🧡💚
I have a problem , i have been playing PES for 3 years . And one of my friend is playing it for only 3 months, but he have more legend than i have. This type of cases are spreading all over the globe. I kindly suggest Konami to give legends and other black balls to more experienced players. Not beginners or they will lose interest in playing it. I hope u understand the problem. Thank you
it's a very lovely game . one of the best football game I have ever laid my hands on . it's really crazy and I would love for it to be much better than this . well I am not really appreciating some missing qualities in the game like the replay and saving goals . I really score some awesome screamer and cant save them .also I cant change an action or cancel of already pressed . I believe the achievements should have more actions like score a hat-trick with three headers and the like . its lovely.
The most unstable game even with the most stable network connection. The first time ever I feel like throwing the phone away during matching online game. It nesrly takes forever to get an opponent. If you can't make sure to stabilise the connection settings, don't ever do an online game. It's just a waste of time playing this. Don't download! Konami never listened to user opinions anyway. Forget this thing.
Great game but, ×No players name on Jersey ×Hackers are taking over the online mode ×Pack opening animation is so old ×Cannot cancel a pass ×If you pass and an opponent gets the ball, your current player is in pass mode even when you press. THERE ARE SO MANY MORE FAULTS, BUT OTHER THAN THAT, I WOULD SAY ITS THE BEST FOOTBALL GAME ON MOBILE, AFTER FIFA16 MOBILE, EA MADE THAT GAME A PAY TO WIN GAME.
It the best soccer mobile game so far. But should really add a life time tornament worldwide to make is splendid. So far is awesom. But even surprise to see 2 stars for this game. It only the control that has a problem with but when it comes to soccer mobile game on android, so far this it the only soccer mobile game I hv played and the commentary, great n funny. guys appreciate a bit.
Great game, has nice physics and logic. Totally awesome. Best football game for mobile. Please maintain a separate records of players in our team. Total number of goals scored by a player, fouls etc. Please add some interesting mini games like penalty shootouts, Street football, Rules free football etc
Referee always on their side , poor gaming , poor engine and one of the worst game of all time. My account had been suspended for not doing anything illegal. Shame on you. Now the New system which let the phone can't move anything makes the com play freely to win against user. In conclude, the more the updates, the worse the gaming. pls ban the hacker and why nothing is done!!!!!!!!!!
I used to play FIFA Mobile and it started to get terrible then I downloaded PES and it been a year and I have no complaints at all. Thank you KONAMI
The best mobile soccer game I've ever played, but it should allow us to change formation while on the game next time you upgrade
While the graphic is great, the gameplay is terrible. Switching of players is so random that sometimes you cannot switch to the player nearest to the ball. When running for a loose ball, player will stop running when the opponent got the ball. Corners are hard to set. Buttons do not work when you press a few times, it's like system is scripted to let opponent go unchallenged. You cannot change formation during the game. If your opponent has beckham, good luck to you. He is invincible.
The graphics are good. That was an improvement. The overall interface and game play is good but there are pitfalls. First of all the introduction of featured players was the worst idea ever. It should have just been boosting specific players for a week or how long he performs well... Featured players brings no difference between low rated players and high rated ones. And also match fixing in superstar is too is high to the extent that the shoot button does work in the 18 yard box. Fix in 2020
This is my first review, and what can i say? I played PES Mobile since 2017 and this is by far the worst one. Passing mechanic is an absolute joke, a legendary player like Cruyff or Kroos passing like a Sunday League player. Absolutely woeful defending. That is a number one priority you need to fix. And, of course, online matches, absolutely garbage, the server is garbage. Sad that this game is actually the best football game on mobile but still lacks so many things. Also, fix the grass graphic
Hands down !!! Graphics and engine are the best among all games. Simple and Clean interface is plus point but at the cost of complex and boring view for details while in team formation according to manager tactics. Online is totally trash most of the time. Non responsiveness of buttons hampers the performance at crucial times. Need these improvements for it to be a complete package.
Gameplay is excellent. long time i was playing EA FIFA, but after playing PES i do now believe the hype and love for PES. fast paced, quick tokens, ease of purchase , quick settings , graphics everything is perfect. however, on my OnePlus 6 , the game is not working 100 %. Network speed is good. But the game hangs and crashes frequently on standard settings too. Hope, for a better response from Konami developers.
It's good but 9 is too much. Developers of fotoball games are lazy cos there is not much choice, just this and Fifa. The game is good but lets not go too far. It still needs to improve. Let's start from the lazy difficulty in the game that make it harder by having your strikers brain fart in front of goal or hitting the post each match, whilst your opponents, even the smallest clubs seem to have the worlds best finishers.
Changing my rating. Upgraded to a nice 5g phone and this game is so much better especially online. Playing the game offline with any phone will do but if you want to play online then you must have a good phone & good service/connection or it will be unplayable and you will get frustrated. This is game is great.
This game is kind of interesting in the beginning (PES 2018). It is not that interesting and fair now (PES2021) after adding the efootball point to this game. This efootball point is not available for people in USA. It's ridiculous and all USA gamers can only watch other people getting their favorite players using efootball points. Konami said they are trying to work on it, but so far, they didn't do anything to make it work (almost half a year)
I rate it 3 stars it's really fun but I can point out some problem the ref is ALWAYS against me I steal the ball and the ref give the opponent a free kick the passing is somewhat good when I pass sometime it goes past my team mate and to the opponent sometimes the opponent takes a random shot and it ends up in the back of the net the commentary is 420 mb when the game is already 1.28 mb in games there are long ball spammer but pes is nice enough to give us a 100ovr all messi
When having a bad internet connection, the app just keeps crashing and asks me to go back to the tilt screen. Even after finishing a match, the app fails to save the progress and simply asks me to repeat part of the match again (sometimes the whole 2nd half). That's extremely annoying :( The developers really need to make the app save the progress offline on the local space of the mobile; if necessary, with only one online save when exiting the app. That's why I'm giving it only 3 out of 5.
Issues with internet connettion and hard to control the players.most be fix it..spending money for no reason...after level 40 it losses control on it and many times you can not control the players they loss power for not reazon
Nice game but the multiplayer is very bad. You get opponents who have a very bad connection and you have to play according to their Internet. You cannot pass normally, or anything. It's all delayed. And they have experience to play in that environment and they beat you just bcoz you are mad hitting the buttons. Just fix the GODDAMN MULTIPLAYER!!!!!!
Damn. This is the best mobile game i have ever played.But it still have some problems. It sjould be fixed.
Best game.... ❤️ I'm playing this game since 2018.lot's of memory is hare but there is a problem.Konami has a poor matchmaking system & there is lots of nuller.As soon as possible fixed it. A number of new user who got lot's of iconic player, on the other hand There is many old user who can't got any iconic.This is very irresponsible seytem form konami.soo you have to recover this types of problem.then user will be happy.thanks u❤️ Love from Bangladesh ✅
Ok its a good game I personally enjoy it alot but there are some stuff I would add and that would be to make leagues to make the game something to wait for, also there should be something that stops you from getting a duplicate like for example its a feature player pack and its Barcelona, it would be great that if I get a messi it makes sure I don't get another messi, also I would add R9, Zidane, Seedorf, Raul and other greats cause comon now EVERYONE WANTS THEMM! Other then that great game 8/10
Online matches are very laggy even at 100Mbps internet plan. Also, while playing with friends over LAN the controls stop working at any time. This controls getting stopped has been a daily occurance of all the online matches. Please try to fix these faults. Also, if a player gets disconnected most of the time the result is null and void which is wrong. I feel, if the player who is still standing should be given the prize rather being rendered as null and void.
i have migrated my account to my new phone. wanna know what happened? 1st : my konami id has been changed. 2nd : my data was overwritten. which way? from my new phone to both konami account and google play. which means all saved data online has been reset to 0. give a try and keep going to know how does it feel to waste a lot of your time for nothing. wish you good luck :D
PES 19: 1. Real life game play 2. Gameplay smooth 3. Graphics brilliant 4. Live update. (If ramos is not in form in real world the player is also affected in pes19 turning their form to D) 5. Player of the week 6. Create your dream team with your favourite manager 7. Advanced controls are much easier and the most effective 8. Practise match is available 9. More realistic skills and more skillsthan Fifa mobile. 10. Team chemistry (that increases as we make the players play more with each other...
I love the experience and the gameplay. Add more commentary options in the game and add leagues like champions league and so on. I bet you, i am going to sleep in side the game. I have been playing this game for more than two years now. I wish you guys can grant me the wish of getting ronaldo, messi, van dyk,koulibaly. I will trash my opponents like am being trash on daily basis. Thank you
This game is excellent. The gameplay - as of my device - is very smooth and enjoyable, as of the fact just stated. However, I very much want konami, or whoever who organises the changes and updates of the game, to add different camera views to add a much more console like experience, something you are believed to give through your game. I also demand a change to the HUD/button settings because amongst many of the campaign games which I have played, i find myself trying to hit shoot. (Custom HUD)
I used to love this game but obviously it will get you mad and ruin your life, controls are garbage, defenders are absolutely weak even if upgraded to the highest level except for the COM, why can't we buy the players we love to have rather than a stupid random ball selection which is heading nowhere except silver balls, my goalpost has no 🤬net, a game of 1+GB and no better challenge other than campaign what nonsense!!😠😠🤬 you'll need a 🤬 internet or Wi-Fi to play it, who does that?
I play this game just for the love of football and good graphics. Other than that, there is nothing good about this game. The online modes lag so much, even with good internet. No other game has such bad performance with multiplayer mode. Konami has failed to address this issue for SO LONG. The offline modes are not good either. Each match is scripted and the gameplay does not effect the end result. The campaign mode is so scripted that you can determine which match you will win beforehand.
Hello guys, you have created a wonderful game. I am addicted to this game. I am playing this game since 2017. I have few suggestions kindly change the number of subtitutes from 3 to 5. Kindly add chatting mode in Matchday or other eSports events. Add leagues, Tournaments, and World cup. thanks Regards
By far, this is the best football game i have ever experienced on mobile device. Keep up the good pace, but honestly i would love you guys to improve friends and multiplayer matching system and reduce the amount of lag caused in the game. It would be great to have an improved game controls literally when we lose ball the control constantly keeps on locking or there's a delay between changing from ball possession and ball chasing. It would be nice to get it improved.
So far the best soccer game I have played on mobile version but although the graphics and controls are good there is one only thing that is stopping it to make it the best game is some kind of mode which leads to team career, like UEFA champions league and other leagues. Also world cup. If these modes will be added then this game can shine so good.
this game has a lot of problems, for instance , defending is very hard , when I'm running after a ball it doesn't give me an option to change the player so I wind up controlling a player far away from the ball , dribbling system is the worst , and the offside detection system is useless, most of the time it's not an offside at all , and the goalkeepers are extremely bad for me , but for the COM they are heroic , you need to fix all this
efootball PES is a 5 star game alright but it could do with a little adjustment, in-game defence tactics kind of suck, also counter attacking isn't the best, and the fouling system is just so awful. I mean fouls are caught when they are not supposed to and some clear fouls are just not noticed at all......I think Konami could do better. In all it's a wonderful game and pretty addictive to
I have to change my review of this game. After playing done weeks now i must say this is the best football mobile game. Love the graphics, the physics. Real work was out in and i must appreciate it. Could you please work on the reward system though. After paying 300 games, only 10 coins? Keep up the good work. Looking forward to 2020...1Love!!!
Need better leagues and have Tournaments where players can win trophies and tackle a little bit more on the gameplay because it is getting boring having to play the same OLD modes every day.
Pro-Evolution Soccer. The Best Mobile Football Game. This stands in-par with EA FIFA Soccer. Some of the Features and Characteristics are distinctively awesome than the rival. Having played both EA Soccer and PES, I conclude both are different in their own way. There's no comparison. PES stands out for it's engaging Gameplay, Graphics, Controls. The "Commentary" is limited yet get the play go. But The "Events" are limited. Signing the Agents doesn't disappoint every time. Black Ball! ..........
I've been using this app for 4 months and its quite a good game and I would give it 5 star but the only problem I have is when playing with online players, it doesn't catch a player very quickly. It says checking connection status for too long and you will take you back to "searching for an opponent " please fix that issue and the other problem that the game is delayed. I would give 5 stars more than 100 time.🙃
Very bad gameplay. Events are designed to not to let us win. Chances of getting legend players in 10 draws is literally 0. The defence system of the team is useless. The ball gets behind the defenders to the opponent's strikers as if there is no such thing as offside. The offside detection system is so terrible. The GKeeprs are so poor they can't even catch the ball which is just in front of them, whereas the opponent's GK will catch every shots coming to them. The pass completion is very poor.
It is a awesome game ,but can be improved a little more like getting coins is very hard , only through achievements and matchday.You can bring some other things also I guess.
I hope Konami has improved the graphics when playing games with no lag. Konami also needs to add some kind of mode, like custom mode, we can choose the team that we want. In addition to custom mode, the world cup mode should also be included in this game.If the world cup mode were to be held, it would be amazing. thank you for hearing my opinion.this is the best game I've ever played. I love this game so much. I hope this helps KONAMI to boost performance in upcoming updates.
I love playing this game it's very good to play. But I can't see the referee in the game when playing . There is only one ball and stadium for every match. I don't see any football leagues like UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, LA LIGA ,EPL, BUNDESLIGA, LIGUE and World cup which Wii make the game so beautiful for users to enjoy. The spectators too are not real like PS4 graphics.please do something about it in the next update.
Thanks for the great game. There's only one recommendation, Dear KONAMI can you please set a penalty for those users who quit the match once they realise they're the loser? Because it's extremely annoying when we win the match but we suddenly get kicked out of the game just because some stupid users are unable to bear their loss!! You can at least cut their points or stars or disallow them to play the game for a while. This is the best way to stop these idiots from this uncivilised behaviour..!
The best football game i ever play . but sir . im from malaysia . can u create Malaysian team for PES ?i trully need it i spend more money at this game . can u make me a favor create a malaysian team . such as Johor Darul Takzim FC. Selangor FC . they been at AFC club for many year . i really appreciate it if u can do this favor for me . Great job konami!! Thumbs up!!
good experience, but the controls doesn't switch at the right time. When I tap where the shoot button is, the player will tackle. Please fix this issue. I have a total of 18 black ball players. But I didn't get a single black ball goalkeeper till now!!! If it will be like this, you cant win matches and events with superstar level despite of having a squad of excellent black ball players.
This is the most unfair game that I have ever played. The game is not unfair in rules and regulations. But unfair during the game, the game decides whether I win or lose. It's not fair. I pass the ball to one of my player, he does take the ball and the oppositing team gets the ball and scores. It is not finished , I spend my myclub coins to buy a very good goalkeeper and upgrade to the perfect and still mediocre performance. I want answers to my misfortune in this game as soon as possible.
I love the game just 1 thing is there is no commentating and the way you sign player is weird but otherwise it's an awesome game 🎮
I am beyond words for this game. I love the whole setup so much but it's not enough to explain the poor controls. Slow reaction time and this very annoying thing where the player always turns away to kick. Online play lags so much I've actually thrown my phone at the wall. Absolutely terrible. Would not recommend. Actually switched back to dream league soccer just so I can move my players and have a resonable1on 1match
The best mobile football game out there nothing is closer to this game Once you adapt the game have enough coin to buy players, extend contract it is will be way fun to play the game at the start it might be hard since you have no coin but in one week it will be easy.
I'm in love with PES 💘 I'm now playing this game more than 3 years and seriously I'm glad to join pes family. This is probably the best soccer game for android. It sure lags a lil and sometimes frame rate also drops down but I guess it's my device's fault 😪. Still when it runs smoothly it feels like heaven. It's just that getting black balls nowadays is lot harder than before but still this game has everything which I wanted !
Great, except sometimes the game slows down even with a good internet connection. And the updates usually eat up more space. This is a second review I'm writing after the first one. With every update the game gets better, and so now even with the extra space play store always requests, it's totally worth it!😊 *** this is a new review, almost 6, 7 months after the previous one, now I'm enjoying pes to the fullest, hardly anymore glitches, its all quite a lil glam now!
Worst game ever but with good grapgics..please improve on your game in terms of imitating some of fifa's data and add to your game in terms of coach moving around outside the pitch while the game is on, lines men (officials), referees moving alongside with the players on the pitch..and sometimes the control of the game quit sucks when a player is with the ball the opponent get to wim the ball suddenly.and please work on the players celebrations its like only one style of celebrations they posses
The most stupidest game I've ever played. The Computer tackles you, it's okay. But when you give the Computer a lil subtle tackle better than it's own, it's a foul and a yellow on top of that....Trash!!!
Time killer game.why online matchmaking is too late....time is so valuable ..you should take proper step about this problem.... Otherwise no one play this wrost game😡😡😡😡😡😡
When you press the shoot button but change your mind afterwards to try and pass or cross the ball, the shot is fixed and can't be changed so you're forced to shoot instead of do anything else, please fix this in an update or in the upcoming pes 2020 update. But apart from that the game is great with good graphics, mechanics and physics. Another problem is that the ball looks a bit big and when a goal is scored the net is way too loose and makes the power of the shot look exaggerated. But amazing
Seriously, what's the purpose of creating a scripted campaign?? Most useless thing I found in this game. It's really frustrating to play and it rewards you with small amount of BP. I don't mind with the amount of reward tho but please make it more "natural". It's funny to see the enemy team starplayers such as featured messi can't be stop unless you committed a foul. When I did all the online events, there's no more thing to do other than campaign. But yeah now I prefer not to play at all.
Come on! You can do better than this. The game is good, graphics are great but one stars because the game is just boring, passing mode, bad, events are boring, no leagues, cups. Perhaps you can add more events like leagues and cups. And also I cannot sign players of my choice, the game select players you sign to your team. I cannot change the form before match. I've just uninstalled the game, nothing interesting, just graphics. Wasted my time downloading it🙄
Please add the offline mode, we cannot play with the official clubs... only with the online mode ... that's not great, we want to play this game like the one on the PS platform or the PC, with the Champions League, for example, or the Konami Cup At the very least ... that would be really cool
This game is the best football game I've played on android phone. The graphics and the gameplay is excellent. The only thing I wish to see on the upgrade is substitution please we want to see players go in & out during substitution and if you could add a career mode where we can play league, cup matches UEFA etc... that would really be awesome. Ever since I started playing pes 2020 I deleted all my other football games in my phone. That how good it is. Try it so we can meet in the ground lol....
The game is excellent, and I'm enjoying the experience so far. I just wish to suggest a few improvements to consider for future updates. An offside gets declared even when the ball never gets to the player who was offside. Then, when i initiate an action like pass for instance, and the scenario changes , and i as such change my mind and wish the player to continue his run, so i can have a go at goal, there's no way to change it. Once an action is initiated its impossible to cancel. pls improve.
1. Game controls are very tough. Sometimes the buttons(on the screen) don't work(especially in crucial moments). 2. Control buttons are very big and nobody can see what is happening under those buttons. 3. Direction keys don't work instantly when the game resumes(like at the time of throw in, free kick and kick off). 4. No hat tricks celebrations and mentions. 5. Auto switch mode is worst. Never switch to players in the close proximity or the one who is attacking on the opponents.
One of the worst controls in an android football game. I hate the co trols as if they are dummy and another gameplay is goning on. The controls should be fixed. I would have rated 0 stars if possible. Disclaimer :- Don't break your phone or lose your lisence by downloading this game. Also without any network issue konami gives us loss for no reason. Pes is the worst football game ever. I prefer everyone to download fifa than wasting your net and time in PES.
Great game ! 🔥 A player isn't important for them they just have fun with people mental health . Thankyou soo much Konami u guys are doing a great job . 1) When I was playing online match my rating was 1123 and I was already losing to players below . Then they gave me a player rating 1236. So thats how it works right in that match too. My players where not even running . Mbappe was ran past by the great Godin wow . Are you guys trying to be worst than fifa 2020.?
This game is too bad for the people in USA. Pes doesn't have arbitrator, you can see the arbitrator when you have free kick or penalty.
I hate this game It always reduce my rating by making me loss games just like that Am pained 😭😭😭. It keep tell me to set my vedio setting to a optimal one And i still do it and yet it keeps lowering my rating . Am just tire
The game, the visual effects and the players are very good, but there are major problems with the system is the connection (despite the good quality of the Internet connection in other applications). More than once, things happen that do not make me able to play the game like today. He told me: Open konami apps and something else like that and when I press cancel, he returns to the previous page and this thing is repeated several times, which makes it boring. Please solve such problems
overall it's a beautiful game. in-match gameplay, graphic & control are also superb. but I got bored easily because it offers a monotonous gameplay. no tournament (only campaign), no mission, your goal is only making your team stronger (but what for?). also, very low probability of getting opponents online. i would suggest to have an online tournament with scheduled online match so everyone can and must participate, otherwise they got disqualified. but i still play it daily to kill time.
This game became the worse game ever. Infact RUBBISh because been upset when playing this game has become a habit. I will uninstall this game. I can't continue playing a game in which all events are predicted. They don't even want to know wether the users are satisfied or not. What marked me ever are the matches in which you lose against very small teams after all the efforts you've deployed. Pes2018 was far better. Users should know that they are being manipulated and are wasting there time.
Improve the menu system. For just searching something we have to scroll/swipe alot and it takes alot of time. Improve the stability in online/friend matches. Sometimes it takes too long for just match making. And even if it's get connected, lag is very common. Its very frustrating and annoying. Built an in game communication system where we will be able to communicate our friend before a match and in half time. These are the main issues and iam sure most of them are facing it too.
I play this game just for the love of football and good graphics ... Other than that there is nothing good about this game . The online modes lag so much , even with good internet . No other game has such bad performance with multiplayer mode . Each mach is scripted and the game play does not effect the end result . The campaign mode is so scripted that you can determine which match you will win beforehand
Great graphics and controls 5 out of 5 for me .You can see that the team had given all their time to make this game the way it is , no doubt the next version will be awesome!!
Here's a few things I think should be improved: 1)Controls: You can't adjust the size or location as you please. The movements are really hard but worst than that is there's no real tutorial on how to properly move, dribble, faint, etc. 2) You can't change your tactics like formation, going full defensive or offensive, etc. There's actually not a lot you can do. 3) Players react very slowly to your commands. 4)the handicaps when you play in a hard setting are ridiculous.
This game has good graphics but the game has been designed to not let you win any pro match. No matter how hard you try. Your defenders are programmed to be so stupid and they don't tackle any player who runs behind them from no where to score a goal. The probability of winning a legend player is 0. This game has a very poor UI. I'm deleting this game so it won't cause further harm to me. I've been so frustrated playing it.
It's very logical in online mode. I have all the good players in the world, and I'm also the best player in the world and I use the lte network. I play almost pes, and now I'm playing pes mobile six months. The mobile version is awesome and nervous, and the developer team just managed to hit the lag and also lost after winning with lag lag lag and stop the game and ...
Love this game, it is the best soccer game for mobile gaming, thanks Konami. The game play its... well... I don't have word to describe it. It's just awesome. THANKS KONAMI!!!!
It's awesome game. eFootball pes2020 is faithful to what the two previous games have built. On the pitch, it all feels great, but in terms of content and variety, there's still a lot of work to do. have trust issues only need to look in the event, Matchday matches. Then no more issues not found. First of all Thanks to konami for making the awesome game. Waiting for NEW UPDATE . . . . Thank you so much eFootball
It is a nice game it has commentary in other soccer games there is commentary but this one is better and better graphics
I'm giving 5 star to ruin the game for this reason .. It's a waste of gameplay just animations and other things without seeing that the game has become so scripted. If you can't turn off the scripting of the game, it seems like many people will stop playing it later. Making matches of low ranking players with those high ranking players and giving advantage to low ranking players should be stopped. Match making should be kept close to +100 or -100. Match making systems need to do it better.
This game has everything to be the best football messed up. The game does what it thinks you want instead of game but they what you want and passing and through balls are always hit or miss and more miss. You cant can't cancel shots and the guide line is pointless cause when you think the shot or pass is on target it goes wherever. The COM are always concrete walls with the ball and your players are like feather weight. The game has too much to complain about and makes it less fun.
This game is very stupid And unrealistic,i hate it so much,it is very frustrating and annoying, after leveling up most of my players to nothing less than a 90 overall rating and buying one of the best manager available whose adaptablity is at 90, when playing simulation mode in event mode how is it possibly that a team whose team strength is lower than mine by a 1000 is able to defeat my team with a 4-1score line ,then what's the point having a high team strength,you idiots,and the ai is cheater.
Is a very nice game but something has not been done yet still, example leagues and wining of cups also please develop that also into the game and it will be more interesting please try
Dear konami , although i love this game i have to change my 5 star review the game isn't as fun as it was in the beginning and quite frankly it has become more boring and I'm less excited to play the only time I truly have fun is when I'm playing friends match with my friend and we are able to talk to each other and enjoy reactions Is it possible to put a way to hear and talk to opponets while playing and make it more possible to earn gold and blue coins and new solo game modes
Please Konami it will not take anything from you if we are able to restart or quit a match. There should be an option for that. And secondly it wouldn't take anything from you guys if the campaign wasn't so hard, I mean the only difficulty is superstar and that is not fair. And we should be able to earn my club coins from campaigns too since they are so hard. Please Konami
cool game but it doesn't give me the pressure of playing it. we are used to competition as in leagues cups trophies and more things such as that. i think they should be added so as to increase competition. playing online with friends which takes forever to connect is something that gets boring. so i think leagues cups and whatsoever to be added in the game
The game is fine in all respects but, if all the players were happy after playing full time then more and more people would be loved. The game was a competition with the national team and there were opportunities. This is best game
I would give it 5 star, but the game is not starting with out wifi or opening mobile hotspot, but the graphics is really decent , needs much improvement in the controls but it's ok, the main issue of this game is it crashes every time without wifi and on mobile hotspot ,l think konami developer will surely note it and will work on this .This is an amazing game overall
Wish give it -5 stars. Pes scripting is too much for me. Always lose when my rating is over 1300+. Hope Pes remove the script. The matchmaking is too long, it takes forever to find the opponent. Cheaters and scripting ruining the online game. I'm so dissapointed that I was playing this game since 2018, and ended up with disaster online game.
I would have rated it 5 but the problem is I feel the gameplay is sort of fixed before it starts. Like if u have to score 1 goal in that game u will no matter how and u can't score extra. They will even miss open goals. And the rarity of black balls has increased soo much that I spent about 1.5m gp on legends box draw and just got 2 legends. So please decrease the rarity.The online multiplayer game play is lagging and very choppy. U won't get the smooth game as u get in vs com mode.
First thanks to Konami for such a gaming experience, this version of PES is annoying at times for the fact that you are restricted to your gaming time on the field of play when playing with COM. The purchase of players is also a hell on it own when am not given the opportunity to get hands on the exact players I want in my squad rather than giving me a random choice of countless annoying players. Add more cup championships and ability to control replays in matches should be fixed.
Well,nice graphics,but it sucks to be honest. No leagues,no cups,just a boring "scripted campaign." The events are good,but I finish them off in a day or two. I can't play real players online,cos your game is "pay to play." And I bet that also is scripted. The last time you made a good PES game,was Winning Eleven 12, before that,it was the era of 08 and 09. Those were the glort days,now you are just another greedy corporation. Thank you.