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Perplexy for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Revelator located at Type 4/1, Hydel Officers Colony, Sector 16, Noida - 201301 Uttar Pradesh. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Some of the expanation are confusing, but that only means i dont understand it yet. Only stupid people will get annoyed by that fact
The only issue I have is that some questions are solvable in a different way than intended but it will still count the answer as wrong and sometimes you don't notice you have to scroll down to see the full question
Like others have said, it was fun. However there are a few questions that are either too vague or just have flat out wrong answers. Most of the wrong answers are incorrect probability logic.
I found it great for my mind, challenging but not so much I didn't want to do it ;-) & I like I can watch ads for coins
11+ test style questions, enjoyable and nostalgic! 😁 Would give 5 stars instead of 4 if the ads worked (to be able to get more points/coins to play more levels! Currently stuck at a level with no way of getting points 😐😯)
This game would be good, it with the questions being as vague as they are, one cannot possibly answer all the questions accurately. They should make the questions more clear if they want a better rating.
Perhaps the app has its own answer and it depends upon your luck or you can say your idiot thinking that you'll be on the correct answer. It's necessary to rate a star for giving any comment. F*** off
This is fantastic! It's challenging, it's original, and it's addictive. What makes this game so different from the others is you can move on and come back to the trouble ones. Most of the these games I end up deleting it because I can't move on. Great job!
Great game, needs more logic puzzles. Also the question saying there are three numbers that have a product of 36 and a sum of X, find X, has two correct answers. The games correct answer is 13, 2*2*9=36 2+2+9=13. However, I came to the conclusion 1*4*9=36 1+4+9=14 which is an option for an answer. Kinda lame that I lost coins because two correct answers were present.
I tried to answer this question and have found that you have made a mistake. The answer is said the be 35cm as that "was the highest common factor". The problem is, it is not a factor for 85cm. Could you please direct this as it is very confusing and annoying. Apart from that it is an interesting game.
Problems with questions and no way to give feedback. E.g. 43 in logic, the solution implies that it was intended to have a reference date.
I thought this game would be amazing from the high rated reviews... but the sequences are mostly numerical, maths based ones with only a few numbers starting you off, and when you get a question wrong, you have to unlock it for coins, which means watching an advert, then trying again, then look at a hint costing more coins, then by that point you might as well spent those coins on revealing the solution. Some of the riddles are quite good, but some are a bit 🤔... Which I suppose is the point of the game.
The game is a good attempt.. bt just a good attempt not a good game. Coz there are a lot of mistakes in explanation for e.g. the level 35 question where the relative speed of the trains about to collide is 100mph @50mph each and the fly still manages to cover 75miles @75mph out of 100miles inbetween.
While the game can be challenging, the challenge should not be to guess the incorrect answer to many of these questions. There are many errors. Probability errors. Also some questions do not provide correct rules, eg. the red and blue marble question.
Some riddles are badly stated or the answers are wrong. Eg boys and girls playing hide and seek behind tree and bush. On tablet in portrait, text is too small. Having to purchase answers is annoying.
After seeing Logic of level 45...!! 😑 Yeah... It's logic... Dumb logic... I know about number system... That was my course... But the answer is just playing with digit... As per as the question, answer should be 1...
Would be fine if there werent so many ads. Maybe you could try fixing that instead of guilt-begging for reviews? *puppy dog eyes*
There are many questions that are either framed improperly or have multiple answers. Eg: sequence 66, 36, 18,... Given answer is 8, but 12 is also possible. There are dozens of questions like this.
Well designed app. It starts off easy and then challenges you to think. The good thing is it allows you to buy coins after watching ads which can then be used to buy hints or view solutions. The three parts of the game keeps you busy. Good app!
I may change my rating in the future because I have only played through the first seven questions of the logic section thus far. However, I have already noticed there is no consistency to the level of semantics needed to accurately interpret the questions. In order to answer some of the questions "correctly", the wording must be taken quite literally. Yet, utilizing this same approach to other questions may yield an "incorrect" answer. With these questions, one must ignore semantics and use a loose interpretation to arrive at the "correct" answer. Therefore, success in the logic portion of this app is not solely based upon logic. It will require a certain level of intuition which merely counters the effectiveness of testing one's logical ability.
Enjoyable game, but some serious misunderstandings of probability. Amateur level misunderstandings that have no place in a "logic game".