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Perfect Soccer

Perfect Soccer for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Simface Games - Football located at ROOM 6, 13A/F., SOUTH TOWER, WORLD FINANCE CENTRE, HARBOUR CITY, 17 CANTON ROAD, TSIM SHA HONG KONG. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
you have to connect to the internet before and for that reason i can't play the game this is too boring
i am the first one in the league, my player is the top scorer and yet they are not rated , even my team has no ratings.
if you lag to waste your time play this game it will kick you out every 5 minutes everything else is good tho
I love the game but there's more room for improvement coins are too tortours to get besides in tour you can have team strength of 536 your opponent would have 734 and score you 6-0 but if you have strength of 735 your opponent will be scoring you intermittently with 565 strength why? So many penalties you have created a nice game remove this lapses
This game is Pay to Win cash-grab. The game is pretty much modeled around spending real money(as much as they can squeez out of you as possible). There is too many curencys in this game( cash to buy players and upgrade stadium but wait you also need coins to do that ??? then you need healing packs, energy packs and morale packs) all designed with one scope and one scope only, confuse and trick you in spending MORE MORE MORE.
needs lots of improvement such as when a team get red card instead of playing 10 players in still 11 players full playing , some of the tackles are not real , tactics changes needs to improve during the match, sometimes players wont chase after the ball keep freezing until the other team player will run and get it , if everything fix its a cool game love it so much
No developer's or even no robot reply. A game where they expect you to put money into the game that's great but there is no one to ask to sort the game glitches so is it worth investing money when the developers clearly don't care they just collect your cash not mine tho lol
Use lowest aggression will see my team give free kicks and penalties every 10 seconds!!! Use the other settings for aggression, makes no difference. Still non-stop free kicks and penalties????!!!! This game has too many stupid fouls!!! Not a smooth or realistic football game with too many stoppages for free kicks and penalties!!!! Grrrrhhhh!!!!!! The other reviewers are correct on tis point!!!!
great game. The only problem is that all german players are represented as italians and not germans so it would be nice if that was fixed. Example: A player with the surname "Leitner" has Italian nationality when clearly it is a german name.I dont have a single german player on my team nor Have I even seen one on the transfer market. My favourite team is bayern munich and It sucks that I cant even have german players. Also there should be the ability to change player names to fit your wants.
I win a player in tranfer market but I cannot see that player in my player list and lost my money please help me
Full of fouls and penalties makes this game ridiculous. Even using the lowest aggression will see my team give penalty in every game? Record so far was 4 penalties given even when using the lowest aggression? Infuriating game despite some nice graphics, etc.
This is such a great game. You can learn tactics from it, improve your tactic skill and the graphics is really good no ads because no ads have appeared while I was playing so it worth install it BUT it's not a football game that you can play so byeeeee
I can't sign player in auction market. it's almost like top football manager. just improve it more, it will be better than tfm
I love it , but seriously you guys need to upgrade. firstly its unfair for a team with higher ovr to get defeated mercilessly by a very lower ovr team. sometimes the game starts ahead of the manager and finishes between a sec, what the heck is that. I just got to level two, but I can't sign A,b,s ovr players in the transfer, expect ss sss player. the transfer mode is very weak, I can't get my player sold, my player won't be listed in the transfer market. please upgrade this game please.
I'm in my 3rd season now, it's not completely horrendous, but there is an issue with the transfer market. the most players they had on the transfer market were 4, at times there were 0, none of which I was able to buy because they were expensive and I was able to sell any players on the market at all this season. so I hard made any money this season. I messaged the admins and they never responded
Competition is mother of success. I was hoping that FA is a private league where friends can compete between themselves just like in regular league. If you implement this the number of active players will rapidly increase. This option has no other game on playstore. Than you can even put simbolic rewards for winners in private league.
can u make the player with team a n team b selection?? easy to setting the player if we can save team a n team b..thanks
my kid loves this game ❀️ but they want to know if you can make some adjustments to the game can you please make it easier to play the game by controling the players like in fifa next year? i think everyone else would love that but the game is amazing!!!
This game has a lot of ads in it...and l am so confused how to play it,so plz make it better ,also the controls are weak and useless...plz fix that😣it was very nice though playing this game.πŸ˜‰
the transfer is not coming but the game is prefec.now it okay and i love it too? Please can you upgrade this game i want to change name pls but i am in love with your game keep it up πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
Best game ever . Many tactics to learn. But one problem the players are not coming in my team after I won the bid so please fix it.
The game is good, but you guys have major bugs that must be solved. Like bet with chips, or take them out. Also, the players don't have a strong foot, neither is stablished the number of fans of the club. Cheers
A good game. similar to tfm But not worth playing until the devs stop the cheats. (e.g. level 1 and 2 players with over 100 million in the bank.. And the account holders were less than a month old) theres a cheat apk available that gives extra cash! Level 2 teams stonger than most lev 8s!... Until this is sorted out... DONT BOTHER!
Its actually quite a good game, very similar to top football manager, which ive played for a long time. What i do prefer in this game is you dont have to spend ridiculous amounts of money to be able to compete. All in all an enjoyable manager game.
need give more money for first time's who are new to the game when unlock things should more money and more coins πŸ€”πŸ€”
Good game started playing regularly but there is a huge issue regarding transfer market its not working most of the people wrirring about it but no one is paying attention
Once you get to master in tour, the game matches you up with super high level bots instead of real people. The bots are always around 1200 team power, have the same join date, and have incredibly high team values (1billion+) while players in the highest FAs have a team power of about 1000 and a team value of 100-200million. I understand this game does have enough players but I would like to see the bots closer to the team power of the real players so they are not unbeatable.
Very fun (if youre a soccer/football fan) but there could be more modes and ways to earn items by playing. Really good game. Could improve on content but is doing everything pretty good.
Please I like and enjoy this game but I'm giving this game 3 stars because I don't know how to use chips in betting they always ask me to bet 1 game with chips which is difficult for me to claim my reward in shop- milestone please help..... otherwise I'm deleting this game.
Quite good as football manager game. Need to improve on transfer market and energy setting. Transfer market cannot make further setting to buy favourite player without the manager online. Energy (morale/energy) consume fast, lead to less game play. Less game play means less time spent on this game.
Support is non existent in this game. They do not allow you to kick 10x in a row using tickets if you have saved up. It is ridiculous. It is a shame bc I liked this game but they have so many issues.
the coach training doesnt make any sense, because it doesnt matter how long you train your players for you dont get any training progress it just waste your time for 12 hours, and a next thing the intro video that you have on playstore is from top football manager this app is a knock off compare to top fm.. top fm was way better
Everything's fine. But Not the Graphics. Good Gameplay. But it could have been more enjoyable if the players were real. And how do i bet a match with tokens? I dont know how to do that. Btw good game for Time pass
Why is the original team so hard to beat? even though you have all the players with OVR 70+ and players that are in perfect condition and position. that seems they have never opened this game at all, this is very unfair. Leading the league standings with a team strength of 400? really? Individualy they are no more than loser!! Just one more star from me, come on!
Really good game good fun plays well . not after money all the time. Not good help pages but would give 5 stars but when you ask questions no one gets back to you please reply to your customers/gamers go reply to rating but still no one gets back to your questions
massively pay to play i am on my 4th season and have spent a small amount of money to build the team i have i have a rating of 934 and lose to a team with a rating of 740 5 0 with all my moral and energy full not to mention any scouting paid or free give you useless players 99% of time and the money it costs to hire a youth player is more than you can sell for so no way to make money at all in game do not download or waste time this game is beyond pointless and poor
great game but two weird things i noticed, first of all the fact that for a player to get stronger in terms of learning new skills he would have to consume players to do that, honestly that is just plain weird and secondly i noticed that there are other copies of the same player and both player can play at once except one is on the reserve. This looks like time travel paradox stuff to me i really have to ask when this game was created were the creators thinkin of a sci fi game or a soccer game
can play with frienddsssss, but lately transfer sistem is weird..i bid for a player and lost money gold..but i didnt get the player...
bad I can't buy player and I Hv big bugs on my game Hv text u guys but no reply do I am disappointed 🀐
Ok, what the other reviews were saying is so true. Out of 10 tackles made, about 7 tackles will end up as fouls!!! This is absolutely ridiculous. Penalties are so common as well, plus I know some teams do not have players available in Transfers, while teams from Brazil; Poland and South East Asian countries are making massive bids for players. Is this a bug in the Tranfers for some teams but not those from the countries aforementioned? Would be interesting to know. Thanks.
First I gave you three star but now I give you 1 star because i can't play this game. when i click anything it didn’t open in this game this is so bad game please do something and give me answer of my questions. Why I can't open that option when when i click that like when i click scout, options and etc?. πŸ‘ΉπŸ‘ΊπŸ˜‘πŸ˜  apply aply aply. Very bad game. Please do something my fc name is N.K.F.C and my name is Navid Nizam
the game is confused, although my teams rating is 840 they lose to teams rated at 450 etc and to make it worse my players have been fouled, injured and had to come off whilst the opposing player who recieved a red card for the foul didnt get sent off? seems like a complete fail
Stupid game witth endless penalties and free-kicks every few seconds with the aggression at its lowest or hgihest. Makes no difference!! What a waste of time on a really stupid game. ZERO rating for this game!!!!!!!!
Every tackle is a foul? Every game has penalties? The aggression settings do not work at all and make no difference. Transfer market dominated by Polish; Brazilian and Asian cheaters with billions to spend. It would be a fun nice game if game developers rectify and eliminate these numerous flaws. If only........
The only things great about this game are the graphics and animations, everything else is awful... Goalkeepers are dumb, every tackle is a foul, tranfer system is garbage, players are duplicated all over, frequent crashes.... the list is endless.
Would like to say that this is one of the best soccer game even though there is still some error.something like when u trying to bid and won a player but didn't receive sometimes. But if u ask the customer service, they will help u to solve the problem quickly. And also some network issues but we can understand that this is still under development .Hoping to improve more.
Very good game, amazing graphics and very fun and easy to play. Although it still needs improvement, like seting notifications of the next match and the time the match will begin, it could be very helpful
Dropped 2 stars, 2 updates in a week. And can't find what you have updated. So here's what you need to update if possible. Can't bet with chips still, so unable to complete milestones. Challenge, please update, change special rewards for this and rewards. Cheats still playing at level 1 with a team level of 1000+ how is that possible. Just update certain bits ingame and this purely is the best and addictive game. We deserve this to be updated correctly.
when ever l uninstall the game to restart it it comes back where l left it and l made some of my best players disappear and l cant find them why is that happening
I would give 5 stars if there are 4-3-3W formation. Add FC left and right(Forward wing left n right),both foward flanks. Attacking center for both flanks are not really effective for true 4-3-3 formation. Overall this game is goodand have so much potential to be a top simulation/football manager game.
I think this is an abadoned game,devs got no new update and too many bugs lost all my account..in other word this is a waste of time and resources
I updated the app recently and it jus got worse..it jus crashes and stop every other time..it has become frustrating.if you dnt address this,i might as well do away with the game.i cant b playing an online game,yet its frustrating.
Sucks! My team have 8β˜… teamwork but i can't see any advantages. Why? And i Lose to team that low power than mine. PLS give a BUFF to who collected the more β˜… on their TEAMWORK! Pls Fix this ASAP. I hope u consider to my suggestion TQ.
d game is very very good, except i bought a player in tranfer and i did not see the player and my gold
Good game but recently we are all a xperiencing sudden force closing. Sometimes the app force closes soon as you open. All devices are having this problem
Good game, fun and time consuming, since the last update the transfer market has had a major issue and there hasn't been any contact from the devs in regards how soon it'll be fixed, hard to improve your team with a broken market. once fixed I will give a five star rating.
What kind of nonsense is this. I lost my team I built for 2years now just because the game don't have a medium of loging in. The facebook login is zero (error connection), while the Google Play login is zero. Other games has is way of loging in to your account but this is game is so annoying at this point. Please the management should resolve this problem as quick as possible because it has caused more harm than good.
Best game in the world...a perfect concoction of OSM and NEW STAR...the best manager football game ever just needs investment to take it to another level
Cool soccer,the only thing I think you guys should fix is to make the game stable, becos anytime a match ends,the app will just stop I don't know why is like that.
cool game. nice gameplay and features too. I expect more in the future and hopefully with the names of players that we're familiar with...
This would have been the best manager game but every time u win a match it shut down and the worst is when that annoying finger comes on screen and you can't do a thing but uninstall coz it never goes away If that's fixed, it'll be the best When are you updating? Coz mine no longer works
I can't still know how to bet with chips and you should also develop de game to a level that one person can go into a different team and negotiate with that time direct, rather than the only means to buy a player is through auction,