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Perfect Snipe

Perfect Snipe for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Playgendary Limited located at Maximos Michailidis 6 MAXIMOS PLAZA TOWER 3 3106 Limassol Cyprus [email protected]. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
At first I gave it 5 stars & it was a good game but now I'm giving it 1 star because every since the updates it won't upload correctly & I can't play it offline anymore.
Uninstalled; no matter how good a game is I don't want to watch vids after every level... I understand the need to monetize your game but by forcing people to break in the action every single time to play to watch a 15 2:30 second unsolicited advertisement. Cannot, will not ever play Game's that do that more than 3mins.
Its really fun and u can get skins which I like and for as too! But the most thing I like is killing the guys!
Super repeatedly and they don't have any assets left to make a good game. And the game look like an abandoned school project from some student (Not hard, Clever, tricky nor worth your time mostly ads everywhere.)
It's nothing like the ad I saw and it would be nice to you know have a challenge God I understand that it is difficult to make a game that deals with gagging their shots but don't make me feel retarded by pointing at target and tapping
Had a great chance of being a good game. EXTREME failure! Happens when there's an ad EVERY board!! UNinstalling.
This game is NOTHING like the ad but later on it starts to get fun and as soon as it gets fun there is like on million ads everytime you finish a level so the people who made this needs to put less ads in the game. So I give it two stars.
Yo this is a dope game I love no flaws except for whenever I start it keeps giving me levels that have just like two people I have to kill but a awesome game I highly recommend it
I love this game but it's hard to click of the ads when I try to click of it brings me to the app store and I have to restart the game so if that dident happen I'd rate it 5 stars
Sensitivity is too high after you build your mansion the mission will be pointless and you'll build it in 17 min or less The backgrownd are the same in every mission's Enemy's don't hide or fire or bleed The game is literally +5 years old When you make a good game you can add ads in it
Toooooooooo many forced ads. If you are introducing ads for rewards then you shouldn't force players to watch forceful advertisement.
Hi so this game is so bad at ads but when im playing it it was awesome so i give this game a five star.
i saw the ad of this game on other apps that i use. tried it and it was nothing like in the ads. and when the ad of this game plays on other apps it was super laggy. horrible advertisement.
this is a great game but when the cilvian moves sometimes i kill it its not that bad but i dont really like that and when the bad people move i think u have to shoot them when there not there then they come but it wont kill them and it makes no sense when they stop in ur direction of shootinh them. ok thats all you need to know :)
This is my favorite offline and online game, oh yeah to the people out there that's rating this game 1-4 stars just cuz of the ads like bruh just turn off your WiFi or your data
Ridiculous number of forced view ads and almost hilariously ridiculous price to get rid of them. (I got quoted $7.70 per week. That's $400 per year! 🤣)
I like this game very much.i play all levels and win.my pleasure to make this game.but i like more levels to play can you put levels and update game.thank you.
If you have to advertise your game elsewhere,be honest. The gameplay is nothing like the ad. You are not getting a 5 Star from me!!!
The gameplay is.. Okay... But none of it is challenging. You can't fail from my knowledge and its just extremely easy. Also. There's multiple ways to unlock stuff. You can either save your money which takes a while. Or you can watch 3 ads to unlock a random item. If you grind until you unlock a gun you need an ad to use it. When you unlock cosmetic furniture stuff the game forces you to play for it. Then forces you to watch an ad to build it. Ads are every 2-3 levels. Not worth playing.
This makes has to many adds and I have to pay 5$or7 like I am never playing this game again plus delete is no good I will never play again because to many ads and most games seems to do that in 2020 like atop you just annoying And if you a parent i don't recommend this for child because it trick to pay money and download ads/games that pop of that re random. Did this review help.
As soon as I opened the game, put my phone down to have a drink, picked it back up and advert playing. Take 3 shots, "rate us" and then advert plays. I'd love to find a game where I can play it more than watch adverts without spending £7 a month on an "advert free" subscription which is what most games seems to be peddling these days
A good game to pass the time. Just downloaded it and I feel like it might get repetitive so that's the only reason it missed out on one star. Otherwise so far it's fine
This is the worst game I've ever played. It's not like the ad and it doesn't even work and even before I start playing the game there's ads and it keeps kicking me out the game.
Too many ads. Everything you do is followed with an ad, which might open a play store page, unloading the game and losing progress.
Ads may give you money but make your game suck don't tell me it not for entertainment it probably is but the more ads the more the game sucks and I've had some problem 3 times i had to close the game and come back into it but the game is ok not bad but not that good
Ads suck your game its not about money I can GIVE 444$ but I don't like ads it suck I like MINE craft there is no ads but I like the game rate this game 9/10 for ads 1 point miss I hope you take out all ads I gave 9999$ to minecraft please remove ads please pls on the next update pls pls pls pls
Frustrating, theres qn ad, every single level, and theres no option to eliminate ads, perhaps the game its suoer good, and you want to play more the game, but, ads make you quit.
I'd give it 5 stars but I am forced to watch ads, I'd much rather pay to remove the ads. It's a cool game, but the fact that I have to constantly watch ads is awful!! It wouldnt be a big deal if there were less ads. legit after evey shot there is an involuntary ad and you cant even skip it until the last like 10 seconds! There are plenty of other sniper games that I can play and I can pay to remove ads if I choose to! Make that a thing and it gets 5 stars all day!
It's good game but I gave it only one star , because I installed this game after I saw it in ads that I can play online and there is assault rifles , all of these is lies 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
It's really fun but people always say there's too much ads but in reality there's really not And it's overall a fun and addicting(in a good way) 😁❤️
I actually really like it the only reason why I gave it four stars is simply because while playing it not to long ago the game kinda froze like I couldn't press the buttons but the stick men where moving which is why other than that I really recommend.
This "game" shouldn't be called Perfect Sniper, but rather Perfect Ad Watcher. Because that's what 90% of this "game" is. 3 seconds of sniping the enemy, taking a shot, killing the enemy. Followed by 30 seconds of ads after each shot. Rinse, and repeat.🤦
The add is great but the game is nothing like it ( usless) if I was to play the add over the game I would. Plus all the adds in the game are unbearable . Mostly why I deleted it was I thought it would be unique from the add but no it was worse. Fix all unnecessary adds plz
This game is for the mentally challenged or the incredibly stupid. There is no skill involved, nothing interesting nor clever, no puzzles to work out and even more maddening if you don't play it on airplane mode as you'll be subjected to an amount of ads heretofore unseen. Seriously, I understand that some games are mere ad vehicles, but these guys aren't even pretending to make a decent and fun experience.
Love the game but there are to many ads I understand in order to make games you need money but Is it required after every level?
When it comes to popup ad this app is perfect but when it is needed add to get the item and pressed it, there are out of ads left, what about that? Corrupted
This game is super brilliant and we learn how to shoot so this is also called shooter game Perfect snipe is super duper And this game is also lag and there are many characters and guns
It was a good game but no matter how many bars I had the guns you can get by ads the ad dosent play I dint pay to block ads but I get none at all
The maps are limited. They repeat after a while again and again. The level number goes on getting higher, but no difference from what you played before, in the same map. Not very interactive/serious game. Good for kids to learn sniper play.
Boring games.. The gun could be shoot by it self while we are aiming the target. Many ads and every bonus must watching the video even we are completing the assessments.
The game is fine but I only installed the game because of the add because it seemed intresing to play with other people, HOWEVER the add is a scam you don't get to play with people, Im just saying that the add is fake so I'm now going to uninstall the game
Your Game Is Different From The Ad On What I Expected, I saw on the ad there are teams but on this app there iz no team its just you pls add multiplayer.
Not great, very derivative of the whole shoot a stick figure rag doll genre that's exploding, pardon the pun, across the play store. Too many ads, poor sounds, still too many ads. Why am I earning pendants that do nothing? Why am I building a shelter for the sniper? Needless complexity ruins an ad laden app. Uninstalled a 2nd time. You don't get a 3rd strike.