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Perfect Park!

Perfect Park! for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Spring Wild Studio located at S La Verne Ave, East Los Angeles, CA 90022 U.S.A. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
There's ads every round, if you wanna claim something there's also an ad. I like the concept but the ads make it unplayable. If I could rate it lower, I would.
I would say this a zero star from me!!!! When I played it, it's boring and too much ads!!!! Each level have an ad pop up no where, and this should be a kids game for sure and too easy I can get it less than 10 seconds and I would be hating this app with no stars which I don't like the app and it didn't match with the ad you made!!!
Too much ad, you can't even enjoy this fun game. I know this is a free ver, and you probably have a paid version but ad every after level is too much. Uninstalling.
give this game to your 2 year old child to play it to know how to match things this game sucks its not called perfect park! its called !!!!!!!!PERFECT AD!!!!!!!!
At first, I liked this game when I saw its ad but then when I installed it, I probably experienced ads more than playing the game itself. The levels at the beginning are extremely easy so u can finish one in less than 10 seconds. Can you just imagine how boring it is to wait about 30 seconds between each and every level that only takes 10 seconds??!!!!!
The idea is fun the execution is bad, after watching 30 ads and making it to level 30 there still isn't much of a challenge. Don't waste your time
If there was 0 star rating, I would give it to this game. Is useless and full of ads. So stupid, so useless, so waste of time.
Worst development.For a free game u can get 1 min of game play for 5 min of ads, also i reached lvl 65 then the app crashed then i had to play from lvl 15.If you really want to play pls close your mobile data/network, to have 5 mins of uninterrupted game then you can uninstall
Can see the potential for some good puzzles, but far too many adds. After every level an add, offered loads of rewards aswell but again more adds. I made it to level 13 before the adds got too frustrating.
"This game is hard" my ass! At least the ads are longer than the actual frickin levels. If i had totakea shot for every ad break, i'd die from alcohol poisoning. The only entertaining part about this game was the part where i draw multiples d1cks on the platform because of how quickly i got bored playing this game. People's face reactions when they see your ad on facebook is the face they make when they touch the wet food in the sink.
An ad per level?! Are you kidding?! Tons of visual trash, weird pointless bonuses that pop up just to make you open an additional video ad voluntarily
Please dont download and waste your time playing this awful game Ad after every 5 second and you cant even skip it and watch whole 30seconds ad. Ad after every level, ads and ads everywhere. Too much monetization I liked it at start but i cant take this anymore sp uninstalled it. Too much ads!!! so dumb levels at start like they're teaching you how to play such a simple game. First 30 minutes wasted on basic level
You're greedy af! Every level there is an ad, if you want to get the reward from finishing the level there is another ad for that. This game sucks, so simple graphics and it's still so slow. 0/100
bloated with ads. sometimes you have to watch 2 ads for a single level. it wasted my time and patience
Unbelievable amount of ads, plus to advance at the game at a reasonable pace you need to watch even more ads to receive the prizes you already "earned" or they're gone. The game is also extremely easy and between the slow difficulty advances and a bizillion ads I find this game excruciating to play and therefore unplayable, if there was a score lower that 1 star I'd give it here, developers are getting lazy and representative, insulting players
This game is a good one. I played this game while turning off the wifi to avoid bundle of ads. However, despite playing it while turning wifi off, the game doesn't run smoothly i.e. the game stucks repeatedly. I am not sure why this happens as this game has basic graphics. I reached to level 43, after which I am posting my experience.
This game is Too Easy 😑 And Boring Also You Should make some Challenging Or hard Games. I don't know Why You made this game. This game is too easy and boring for so I will rate it 1star. But good for kids. You just made Ads Interesting. Try to make Interesting games
Constant adverts make this game a nightmare to play. The ads last longer than the time it takes to actually complete the levels and you can't skip the ads. The ads come up after every single level. You'll be spending more time watching ads than you will playing the game. Uninstalled.
Ummmm.... This kinda boring 😴😴😑 And more adsss!!!😠😡😠😡😠😡😠 I like to give three stars bcs of this two problems 🤦🤦 I just like graphics controls and that's all.... Ok bye hope you can do better
I actually liked the game, but not enough to buy it tho. It's maybe a kind of a puzzle game that gets more complex over time. But yeah, this is an advertisement bait game. A game which was made to get players to watch ads. Too bad.
Not enough ads. There are ads in between almost every gameplay. I wish I had to watch one full add for each coin I earn
Nice game but...Damn full of fu~~ing ads can you please remove the ads...if you remove it i think many people download this....and i think this game is all about watching ads....😡😡😡😡
I get you need to run ads to make money. I get that your ads average 8 seconds. But in between every single play? That might be a much.
With this amount of ads, it's like you've downloaded an ad viewer with a bit of game... It's okay to have ads, but not SO MANY
Was a terrible experience, was trying to listen to music too and the game is soo loud and obnoxious that i cant hear my own music and you know its 2020, what are you doing developing a game without a mute button are you dense? Also the constant ads i had to delete within 5 mins of first opening this application due to the sheer volume of ads
When you get past level 6 (the tutorial stages) you get an advert after every level, each level only takes 5 seconds to complete so literally ads every 5 seconds, if your the type of person where constant ads irritate you then no point in downloading, if the ads where after every 4 levels or trys then could be bareable, good game idea tho, shame about the ad spamming
So cynically monetized you'd think EA published it. Literally a vehicle to push an obscene amount of ads. 5 minutes playtime, over half of that adverts. Rewards for completing levels are hidden behind 30 second adverts. Levels take 10 seconds to complete followed by an ad break or reward advert. I know that adverts are the price you pay in exchange for free entry but this is taking it to excess.
There is an ad after each level, so 15 seconds for a lvl followed by another 15s for the same 2,3 ads.
This game sucks!! Big time! I played until level 36 and closed app and when I opened the app later I was back at level 1! Then I played until level something in the 40's and closed app. Later I opened it again and was back at level 15! Very disappointing! Do not Download!!!
It must be intended for retards and I don't use this word often. You literally move your finger one inch, having accomplished to draw a straight line from A to B to be greeted by double ads and proceed to the next level, to do the same.
So bad 😭 poring so much advertising I never see it in my life 5 sacand play 30 sacand advertising every single level it's wasting of data and time
The gameplay is too simple & easy. You can get boored fast. coin is useless. This game is all about watching ads. Yes a lot of ads. If you like ads just play this game. "PARK YOUR CAR AND WATCH MY ADS". What a waste of time watching useless ads with no skip button.
Zero star do not download it . It doesn't worth to be downloaded full of ads each level with ads gahhhh
The free version sucks. This game would have been fun if not for the ads in between levels. It woukd take you 5 seconds to get thru a level and 30 seconds worth of ads to get to play the next one. Smh. I would have considered paying to remove the ads but you just pissed off a potential buyer.
All levles are easy . This game should have a limit for drawing a line to park the car . We can draw a lot of lines and clear all the levels easily . If we get a reward in game we have to watch an ad to open the reward , this is so bad .
There's no real challenge in it. Just kids IQ is sufficient to resolve all the puzzles. When I saw the ad with a grown man having difficulty to park the cars, I thought it would be challenging but it's all ***********.
Such a stupid game because this game have to many advertise. Don't install this game. Such a horrible game.
There are so many adds. Every time! When you're done with the level adds will pop up immediately and if you want to loose the add they want you to pay! Sink this play!!! Not good!
Most of the bad ratings are because of frequent "Ad Breaks", but play offline and you'll stop seeing them. I played up to level 104 and I'm uninstalling because it got rather dull from the 60th level. The puzzles don't appear to be ordered by difficulty and some repeat themselves. The game was an alright ~50 minutes killer.
Okay just what the heck is this game? It's like 70% ad and 30% gameplay. What the heck??? You need to claim a reward: watch an ad. You need to claim a GIFT: watch an ad. Seriously? And they're forcing you to watch it! There's no "No Thanks" option. You click anywhere in the screen, the ad still plays! My gosh. Why don't you post pictures of ads in your banner. Fairly, the gameplay is also mostly advertisements
Good concept. But,,, every level there is an advertisement! Is it really necessary in every level ends/starts??? Feeling disgusting, Uninstalling. Sorry. But, the concept was really good. Keep it up with more advertising design.
Ads every after stage. Shows how greedy the company is, and not care at all about user experience. I mean not even every other, it is fricking after every stage! The ads take way longer to finish than it is completing each stage. Uninstalled after 5mins of playing right away!
A very worse game i have ever played in my life ever. Full of ads and the graphics level is very very low.
The game could be enjoyable if not for the agresive ads. You can't do a move without an add appearing out of nowhere
I installed and played it for probably 10mins. Then Uninstalled immediately. Worst game ever. The developer focused too much on income and profit and less on the gaming experience itself. I mean, i played for 5 seconds, then there's an advertisement again. The worse part is the Ads are not skippable. You are required to finish them. It is basically an app just to watch Ads. No sense in playing it. This is my FIRST review on a game EVER. Im telling you, it's that bad.
Good job, you needed a boost so you resorted to ads. Better try a new strategy because it wont work. Ive done 12 levels and got like 15 ads 🤙🤙
the game is enjoyable but please don't waste your time installing it, and here is why: 1) it has a lot of ads that will make you wanna die. 2) it has a very slow animation that will make you die too. 3) they suggest you to watch ad to claim reward, if you don't want that you must to wait till the "No Thanks" button to appear, they delay it to force you to watch the ad. in my opinion i like this type of games, but when i feel like they force me to watch ads or use me to make money, i hate this
Game was kinda enjoyable . But the ads are really really annoying . The ads appears after each and every match and I have no control over it . I wouldn't mine for a little ads but this game has too much ads . It almost make this game unplayable .
Despite the fact that I got disturbed by the pop-up ads and videos, the game isn't challenging and doesn't get any harder as I go further. I've reached level 52 and I still get a simple straight line parking. This is dumb and time wasting.
Very annoying app. You will get an mandatory ad in every level.. And also after every level they will offer you a gift and option to skipping those gifts comes after 5 sec. In between if you click they will start another annoying ad 😡😡😡 No option to give negative rating.. Otherwise I would have given -5 stars
you know what??? I will rate this game zero rate actually...this game is really boring...and the most annoying is that before i can play the next level theres an ads...u know EVERY LEVEL theres an ads like BIGO LIVE...OMI...MICHAT...and I can only get my gift by watching a video? seriously??? This game is really not interesting...
It has ads on all levels, even if I reject a reward. It's anoying and takes all the fun of the game. Could make myself play for too long.
At first you get an ad break every few levels... But fairly quit (like 3 or 4 levels into the game) you start to receive an ad break after every level. This game is more ads then real game. Would be a fun game if it wasn't so full of ads.
Two stars for the ideea and the game, no stars for the ads implementation., Because of the abundance of ads ( the ones that gives you no choice) i have Uninstalled it after 6x plays. It looks like you guys know what you are doing ..., Think about a ads placement strategy, like the one you already have with " no thanks " choice. Remember that less is better or is it ?
You'll spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game haha would've been an okay game if they cut the ads by at least half. Every level you complete there's an ad. Every reward, you'll need to watch an ad to claim. Hahaha capitalism at its finest
Bought to avoid ADs, given the choice to watch an AD to claim a prize after every level ! There is a delay between the claim button and no thanks button with the claim flashing first for several seconds before the option to say no appears. No point in purchasing. Turning flight mode on does not work neither. Would be an okay game with the consistent advertisements.