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Perfect Paint

Perfect Paint for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Kwalee Ltd located at Kwalee Ltd Ricardo / Midlands Technical Centre Southam Road Radford Semele Leamington Spa CV31 1FQ . The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's alright BUT it is a little bit you would say easy but still fun so I give this four star close to five love the game but you heard what I said easy🙄 but still like it thx for this game
Briefly fun. Got sick of spending more time watching ads than playing the game. It's a really neat idea, but seems to be flawed in execution. Scoring didn't seem consistent. And monetization needs to be rethought. An ad after every painting (20-30 seconds of play) is to much for me.
Its okay, just needs some work. For example, the calibration is off. I'll tap one part of the screen and a random line will jut out somewhere random. Also, you cant change the brush size, which I think is odd. The rating also seems weird. Someone could have a complete, though sloppy, copy with all the details/colors but still come in last with someone with something not even fully filled in gets first?? Great concept but definitely needs some work before it deserves a full 5 stars.
COULD be really cool, however there are so many ads, almost one ad per round and it's very frustrating. Fun game though.
Ok the app is ok in general but the problems are it glitches when you play and the wins aren't fair like some people who actually got it we done get 3rd or 2nd while the person the didn't even finish got first 😑 that doesn't make sense.
I always wondered if live opponents in many game apps are even real and this game proves that they're not.
The concept is fun, but it is very poorly executed. The pictures are not judged based on accuracy, so when I put actual effort into it, some one else wins with a few scribbles. Not worth the time. Plus the advertisements are so invasive... like after every round kind of invasive. Again, it's a big waste of time.
This game has AMAZING potential but kinda just... sucks. I love the idea but it's obviously not real. And way way way too many ads. Wish a different company would redo this and do it well! Lots of glitches as well.
The "players" your going against aren't real. It's npc generated names with artificial pictures. Not to mention the grading system has no merit, you can't even vote on the other people's drawings. It's not enough time to draw correctly, it's got no reward for doing well but unlocking more pictures. The ads are obscene and in your face after every 15 second round. Cash grab app. I suggest not wasting your time.
I love this game. Wish it had less adds but it's not horrible. I would give this 5 stars but it has a glaring flaw. PLEASE PLEASE fix this bug. After about 4 games it becomes impossible to play. The game will lag, then your drawing will disappear for 3 to 5 seconds at a time and then reappear and you get about a second to do something normally before the process starts again. It's really frustrating.
The concept of the game is cool and all. However there are... issues. First if all, you watch more ads rather than actually playing the game. And the fact that you can't play offline makes it 10x worse. Second, the voting system is extremely unfair. I scribbled and got 1st place, then I actually drew the picture the best out of everyone and got last place? Like- what the heck?? Lastly, if you are going to make a competition game, at least let us go up against actual people?
Ok This game is Hella bad. 1. The winning scale is just what? So I'm guaranteed that the other players are bots and they didn't even finish their painting when mine looked exactly the same as the picture and guess what? I got 4th place! Absolutely disgusting. 2. There are always a few ads before you find out the results and that's just ugh. I don't recommend this.
It needs alot of improvement but it is fun.It needs to have real players and for it to be at least 60 secs for a game because the game has more ads then the actual game.You can add like a place where players can go vote accurately and get gems for eaxh time and that way it would be real.Oh and it was lagging like the game was flashing my drawing and i couldnt play.I will install again when it is better peace
The reviews are pretty accurate. I'm sure they have a bot that is generating positive reviews because it says it has a 4.1, but the majority of the recent reviews are negative. The scoring of paintings is randomly selecting a user out of 4 players. Even if you have a precise drawing and the others don't, you may still come in last place. I didn't mind the graphics. Lastly, THERE ARE ADS AFTER EVERY SINGLE DRAWING CONTEST! Extremely annoying.
I have many problems with this game. First,.. The ads. Oh Lord. I've never seen a game filled with so many ads. Like I watch ads instead of playing the game. Second,.. No real players?? Why would you make a game that involves going up against people, when they are bots. That's kinda dumb plus they draw the exact same thing for all the drawings. And third. The judging system is trash. I literally did nothing and got 2nd place. Please fix your game.
The voting system is so messed up, someone literally draws nothing and gets first place. And there's a bunch of glitches with the drawing where it draws where you don't draw.
I read the reviews and didn't really believe the most critical review when I started playing. As I kept going, though, the judging of the paintings started to get really unfair. I had to draw a light bulb, I did and I finished it, but when It came to judging I got in 3rd place. I lost to two bots that didn't even finish or draw correctly. Also, the ads are a lot. Every round before you get your results, there's an ad. I understand it's a new, growing company, but still, it's a lot.
Too many ads with inaccurate judging. Every round ends with an ad, which means you're watching ads more than you are playing. Also, the judging is extremely inaccurate and will give someone who left their page blank 90% while someone who drew the whole thing gets 75%....
I noticed that I'm not actually playing against real time players. The paintings that I've done showed the same results/paintings from the other "players" when I land on a painting I've done previously. The ads are too much, too long, and not worth the "game".
This game would be fun but its annoying. You are supposed to be going against 3 other people. It doesn't matter if you draw perfect and everyone else sucks. Winning has nothing to do with how well you draw. I've had complete pictures that are on point and my "opponents" not even finished... and I lose. How they choose a winner is beyond me. Also TOO MANY ADS. I swear I deleted this game bc I was tired of the ads. You gotta watch a 30 second ad after every single drawing. It sucks.
This game needs lots of improvement, there, are plenty of issues that add up to make a poor experience. There are too many ads that last longer than the matches themselves. There is a terrible ranking system that does not seem accurate at all. I also feel that there should be 5 seconds or more added to the time we have to draw, or real opponents would be great. The concept was a great idea, if you are looking to play a game that's similar to this has a great experience I reccomend Draw It!
Negative star!!! I will draw the best out of the other three supposed opponents and some drawing that's not even partially finished will be the winner over my drawing that's not perfect but complete and looks the closest and I'll be in the last spot. Makes no sense otherwise would be a good game.
Okay, there are way too many ads on this app.Also the judging is very poor, Sometimes you loose over blobs of colour when you draw a full on shape and colour it in. Would not recommend!😡
Would be 4 stars but the opponents are NPCS! Install this if you want to rage cause i cant win even though i did it as close as i can but then the oPpOnEnTs or should i say NPCS did only 1 or 2 lines and got 1st and 2nd place while I got 3rd place! THIRD!!! Too many ads AND a Broken judging score AND not enough paint time. Play this to rage!! NOT FUN.
Fun idea, poor execution. If you don't buy ad-free, then you will be spending more time watching ads than playing the game. ~30 second rounds, ~60 second ads. I don't think you are playing real players, it picks inaccurate drawings for 1st place, there is no main menu (just the end screen of the last round you played) and you don't have your own profile. The drawings are cute and the actual gameplay is fun. But it's just a facade. I wish I hadn't purchased the ad free version. Bummer.
When you try to paint fast enough the brush lags and doesn't cover anything. I also see you have to be online or the game doesn't work even though it's not an online game. Yes there are players, yes they draw like you sometimes, however; I've tried a few tests and found they're bots. The grading for drawings is almost random, while I had drawn the full picture perfectly inside the lines and what not, one of the bots drew a few squiggles and got 20 more points than me. Terrible low budget game.
Really fun. I paid the $2.99 to get rid of the ads because they were awful. There are only 55 pictures to draw so more pics needed. Scoring has to do with keeping in the lines as well as color layering in the right order but it seems somewhat inconsistent. There's no motivation to play or try harder. No rewards no REAL competition. Id like to see rewards for high scores
This game makes no sense. The scoring is purely chance. When I actually draw the picture but others dont somehow they score higher than me. The graphics look nothing like in the ad for this game, and on that note I dont wanna have to click off an ad every two minutes. Way too many ads. In general I was disappointed with this game, and I dont think others should play it.
So this was an ad on another game and it looked fun so gave it a try. Good concept but the rating system is lame. If you like having your completed drawing beat by ones that are half done and nowhere near as good then this is the game for you. They will let you win occasionally to keep you interested but it's honestly a waste of time. I don't mind ads cuz that's how they make their money but theres one after every single drawing and sometimes another after you collect your prize. Pass on this 1.
Game does a terrible job determining how close a player's drawing is to the work they're supposed to copy. Frustrating to regularly see yours is very similar to the goal drawing only to see someone's half-finished scribble get way more points awarded.
This is an amazing concept for a game, set up to be super fun, addicting, creative, the whole nine.. but POORLY executed, I can't tell you how many times I mirrored the image exactly and someone who didn't even finish the drawing won over me. Seems to be a random winner chosen, whatever, well here's a not so random rating.
The judging was horrible me and another person could be done with the drawing and get third or fourth place while the other people that did absolutely nothing get first place
Would be a much better game if there wasnt an ad every time something happened. Open the game? Ad. Paint a round? Ad. Score? Ad. New painting? Ad. Way too many ads, sometimes multiple ads. I wish I could just play it, as it would be an okay game if I didnt spend more time watching ads than actually playing it. Would not reccommend.
I cant tell how the winner is decided but it is not based on any scale I can decipher which makes the game super annoying. The winner seems to be chosen at random. Also if you are actually an artist irl, this game will annoy the hell out of you. It's probably intended for kids in which case it's good enough. But for others, dont waste your time.
Winning isn't based on your drawing at all. I drew nothing and won. I drew the best one and lost. It just randomly assigns scores and picks a winner. This makes this game completely pointless. Also ads pop up while you're drawing and the timer will still run while the ad plays making it impossible to draw at all.
I couldnt even play this game properly at the start, the ads were blowing up my phone. When I did play, the game doesnt give you enough time to draw at all and most of the time the half-finished drawings beat your completed drawings. Ads pop up between every game at least once and they dont allow you to skip, so instead of playing a quick 1 minute game, it turns into a 3 minute game with tons of 30 second unskipable ads inbetween. Overall, this game is NOT worth playing and I do not recommend!
It was fun just not for me. There was also too many advertisements and also the game was not fair because you played against others and their drawings sometimes were horrible (no offense) and mine was great and the winner was the worst.
Gacha is sooo right! So many times I've been the only one to complete my drawing...a good drawing and guess what??? I come in last each time! It's ridiculous! I wouldn't complain because that's not what I do. I try to be fair on reviewing the game but the GAME ISN'T FAIR!!! The idea of the game is great. They're just cheating us and there's no good reason for it! So disappointing! By the way, this is my first one star rating and that shows me just how disappointed I really am with the game.
The judgement is pretty unfair, not even trying to sound salty. Honestly a painting could look exactly like the one you're supposed to copy, but it'll be placed 4th or 3rd.
BOMBARDED with ads! It would be okay if the ads were 5 sec max, but when you have a 1 minute long ad, then an additional 15 sec ad on top of that after every round - you know that developers could not care less for UX. Another app gone to the dogs with greedy developers. Uninstalled.
Love this game!!! But I do agree with the scoring (some pictures always worse then others) and alot of ads (but really short so not a massive issue either). But the thing that annoys me the most is that there are only 55 pictures they need alot more. I unlocked all 55 within the first day of playing 3rd day on and I'm already getting bored of the same pictures.
It picks the same drawings over and over. You can leave a blank painting and you'll get first. And there's absolutely no time to draw. And also you can have the best painting and you'll get last. Everyone on here are not real people so every painting it's the same people. Plus the painting tool is way too thick so you can't even draw anything. This game is a waste of time.
It looked like a nice game. But the judging isn't fair. The game just randomly picks them. For example, the game asked some players and me to draw a flower with yellow centers. The other players didnt even finish the picture and I did. But I got fourth rank. I hope that this game will improve in the future :(
I like the idea of the game but the judging is way off! When someone does a clearly better job, the person who literally just scribbled wins. I think this game should also have "prizes" since all u do is try to level up which is sort of boring. Maybe get different avatars or paint brushes. Again the idea of the game is great but what it turned out to be sort of sucks. Just saying...
Good idea, awful execution. They are not real players, the winners are actually randomized, and the ads are overwhelming. The concept looked fun, but the way they did it defeats the whole purpose.
This is a fun game overall but I have a few problemsmy first problem is that I finished a painting and I was the only one in that round to finish but the other person who didn't even finish got first place whereas I got third place. The second thing that I wish you would change is to add ait kind of matching game where you have a picture and you can just do it on your own and you get a rating. I think that would be a fun addition to
I really liked the concept but...it has way too many ads and when I drew the best of all (completed picture)I didnt get the 1st rank ....but the one with incomplete drawing won!😑