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Perfect Angle

Perfect Angle for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Ivanovich Games located at Av. Via Augusta 15-25 08174 Sant Cugat del Valles - Barcelona. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Why should we lose a life when succeeding a level? Why should we lose a life when wanting to change the options (accessible only when you return to main menu)? How come I've just watched 5 videos in a row and still no lives? How come I have to have the app open in order to wait the 9 minutes to gain lives? I'm on the latest version and never had any of these issues on the previous versions. Please fix!
Crashes too much + the lives system is ridiculous play 3 levels then either wait 20 mins or watch an ad, siiike uninstall
Amazing game. Shame for the ads but I understand it's necessary. Amazing graphics and while I'm still in the beginning of the game the storyline is intriguing. Favorite
I downloaded this game for one reason and that was to write a bad review simply because the creator is a douche bag. Do not act like you are someone who is better than everyone else and comment back on a review with an attitude. You make money making games? Put a price on it, don't kill the app with bullshit ads. Sell the game for $1 if need be but don't flood a game with ads. If I could leave a 0 star review I would, based strictly on the developer.
This game is excellent. I didn't know what to expect when i downloaded it but there is a story that fits in with the gameplay. The game has a depth to it that i appreciate. Its not just shapes.
I honestly really enjoy this game. I love the puzzle aspect of it, but I do have a problem. Seems older devices, like mine, cannot do the levels where the shadow is used to complete the puzzle. The shadow literally doesn't appear at all. Be aware of this, as it will make some puzzles quite literally impossible.
But please atleast make it work after i watch the video. After watching ads, it stops, or sometimes no life gained. Please make it better. I love this game.
Pretty good game. But be careful to disable Mobile Data on this game as it will suck your data dry. Used 150Mb in 3 days when I mainly played it where I have WiFi access.
i really love this game, but I can't continue playing. I closed the app and when I wanted to continue playing again some time later it tells me I don't have any lives though it's been at least a couple of hours I haven't been playing. when I want to watch an ad to refill my lives it tells me there are no videos to be seen at this point. It's kind of frustrating, because I'd like to progress in the story
Well, it won't finish loading steps and it just sticks on the enter screen and lags my phone. I have samsung galaxy s6. I understand the need to have ads..... it takes money to make good graphics and other good gaming qualities. Good job! What game creator do you use? I plan on making a tank game with unity maker
Game is great and I understand the need to make money this design work costs but it's a bit off putting having inbuilt overlay ads and random clips then also watching ads for more lives. with the constant involuntarily ads it should be infinite lives and pay to remove ads, not all 3 possibilities
Great game with one MAJOR drawback. You only allow a few seconds of game play (free version) then force player to wait upwards of 10 minutes for lives to regenerate. You should allow several minutes of game play between breaks. I don't mind ads just excessive waiting for life regeneration when I have succeeded in solving the puzzle and lives are taken anyway. Change this and I'll rate it 5 stars, otherwise it's not worth playing.
Poorly optimized. Hasn't been updated since 2016 (Almost 5 years). Forces you to play just three puzzles per session (video doesn't work). Puzzles are often quite easy which makes the arbitrary only-3-per-session mechanic that much more irritating. Story is a bit stale so far but I do appreciate the use of art and voiceover. Overall, it appears more thought put into 3D effects vs making the game actually enjoyable. Feels like if a committee designed a game.
A very very old concept, just repetitive simple movements, with as repetitive levels, packed inside a very poorly optimized game based with an equally bad ui. On top of that it comes with the standard forced ads if you don't want to wait 10 minutes to play every level.
This game has an interesting concept, however the actual play is not good. The game lags, even on systems with dedicated graphics memory. The recharge timer for lives has been resetting itself. I've seen 9 and a half minutes five times and still no life. I would love to give this game a higher rating, but as it is the game is unplayable after a few levels.
["In-app purchases","Supports in-app purchases",[null,2,null,[null,null,"https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/OHPOv1_KARAq6le0gvoUqeZ7Nr5SLmY5Jgbzutmg5LRcj3q_1lV_cgfPeuAB2mRFYDTC"] ] ]
imagine a single player game having an energy system where you can play like 5 levels at a time then wait to play again... do us all a favor and give the dumpster trash of a game 1/5 like me and uninstall it
It looks good. Thats about it. The story line is vague and the is absolutely no way you could make it through the game if they didn't let you watch videos to play and get hints.
Running it on A Nexus 6. Lags like hell! What is happening? Ruined what could have been a beautiful experience of interesting puzzle gameplay coupled with relaxing music. Fix this please.
This game is similar to ShadowMatic a game on iOS. Well done game developers. Please remove so much waiting time, instead play a video(video does not loads at all) or reduce the waiting time to 1 minute, because waiting so much breaks the flow of the game. So please take action immediately.
Too many ads. And really, making me watch an ad for more lives, when I already have to put up with popups? The life system really doesn't belong in this game, especially when I lose lives for going back to the main menu to change sensitivity.
Why lose a life between levels, makes no sense. Creator is obviously not reading reviews either and doesn't care about user experience. Uninstalling
Samma game nice and 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💭💭💭💭💥💥💥
I don't know who the developer is or are, but I myself have studied java language and I tell you that this is piece of art, not just cause of the extreme complexity of the coding but the graphics and the puzzles used here proved that this guys are total genius, and about the ads they are not annoying just what a video each three levels and that's all, considering what this is, is completely fair, and the puzzles are incredible. I could only complain about the little ads at the bottom which arent necessary.
I usually hate free to play games because they force you to spent money on in-app purchase but on this one you can just watch a tiny little video and move on. So you never have to stop playing. Nice work
I can't play this game for days even after the update because the timer in the game is still 9 minutes! Even when my phone is off! Shame. This is a good puzzle game but what's the point anyway if buggy as hell.
Maybe apply for some funding instead of trying to take our money. Don't spam-up the play store with this sort of thing again please. There are plenty of f2p games out there, don't tell me you need to produce crap like this.
Uninstalled this crap. Error with loading lvl 17, crashes game. When crashing, all hearts (needed to play the game) are reset to 0. Then to refill by ad watching, the lives aren't given or the ad fails?!?! I have 2gb of RAM, have updated multiple times. And yet no suggestions by developer help. By far the most hated game of the month by me. I hope this game burns in its own failures...
Every time showing no more lives .force us to buy premium.do not give lives even after watching ads videos.
Extremely fun and frustrating sometimes Just wish you didn't have to wait for the lives to keep playing on Or make it so that you only lose a life if you give up on a level or if you use a hint But other then that I love this app
I can see That there was a lot of effort put into this game (Maybe not) But still it is a good game, The hearts kinda ruin it, But besides that is Cool, And for thoes haters, Calm Down, I want to see you make a better game then this or at least Try. You can bi*ch at me all you want but the only thing im Going to say is at least these guys are doing there best to keep us entertained
I would give it five stars, but it crashed every now and then, and that was a little frustrating. I was also ready to pay the $2.99, but then the game ended. The upshot is that this is a very cool game, with great graphics, music, and storyline. Look past the few flaws, and immerse yourself in a wonderful game experience.
i like this game so much! But their are one thing i hate,watching an ads is not working in reffiling the lives. Plsss fix that or make the cooldown of lives into 3min instead of 10min.
I loved the idea of the game it's pretty fun but it's not free, because you have to wait 10 min while the game is opened, by other words (waste of time).
Takes too long to start up. I get kicked out and lose a life when it does. Needs better hints. Hard to see at some angles. Great idea for a game just needs some fine tuning.
I waited ten minutes for those to download and when I start the game I immediately get a message saying that the game has stopped. It this is fixed then I will change the rating. EDIT: I have updated the app multiple times and this still is not fixed, so I will uninstall it.
Having played a few levels this looks like a promising game, but then the problems start. The fundamental problem is that it hangs constantly on my Pixel C. Then you run out of lives, so watch an ad video to get 3 more and...it hangs. After restarting the game having watched the full ad, then you still have no lives. Repeat that a couple of times, then uninstall. I wouldn't object to the ads if it didn't hang as much as it does.
8 whole levels that took 4 minutes to solve and that's IT until you pay 2.99. For what? You have a lot of gall. Uninstalling. Response to dev. Then stop being so sneaky about it and just charge up front. It always makes me beware when someone tries to get in the back door.