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Pepi Hospital: Learn & Care

Pepi Hospital: Learn & Care for PC and MAC

Is a Educational game developed by Pepi Play located at Paplaujos 3-34, Vilnius, Lithuania. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Educational game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I put a gift card in to redeem my points for $10 paid to have the rooms unlocked for 349 and the rims only open for a very short amount of time like a couple minutes then when my other daughter took the phone to play with it all the rooms were locked again after I had just paid for it less than 2 minutes prior. This is an awesome game and my girls love it but totally not worth it after I've been through all the hassle of trying to figure out why and what happened and now I can't even find the re
Brilliant Pepi games but some I'm not sure if its only me but some games when I try and get the free floors I answer the subtraction question, but after when I get it right it doesnt load into the ad, but otherwise I highly recommend these brilliant Pepi games but I suggest fixing that bug otherwise it's awesome.
Please unlock other rooms my children loves this game pleaseee just unlock you can be adding ads after five minutes den return to the normal game not ads to unlock room I will report this game if the room is not unlocked its really interesting
I tried to buy the full game and it did not work it said it failed to buy it have the money but it wont let me do it this was a problem with all of the pepi games so if you could fix that that would be great.
I really love this game but it does have a glitch because I try to put in the thing to go in the locked levels but it's not working at all it keeps sending me out of the game.
It's super well make. Game has every detail of hospital. And we can play with different characters . The best hosipital game ever. I am now downloading all of Pepi's games
I like this game very much but there is so many ads that I can't play the game properly but the game is good for kids thats why I am ratting 5 star
I give it two stars because you can't do very much . It would be cool if you could do surgerys on the characters and unlock all floors . That's why I give it two stars .
My daughter loves this game educates her to tell her what is right in healthy stuff and what body parts need to be
I love the game its realy fun, but why lock some rooms like what the point do us just want ourer money like so, but its realy fun when am bored I play it for the full day
Meh, its ok I do like how it has rooms, the style of the rooms and what you can explore BUT YOU HAVE TO SPEND MONEY TO GET OTHER ROOMS?!?!?!? ..... ..overall though this is a ok game i gave it a 3
This game was OK. It only had 2 rooms of the hospital and you have to buy the rest. It says that you can watch a video to try knew rooms, but every time you try, the game stops. But the 2 rooms that you have free are good.
This game is gross when I watch an ad to unlock floors it always lags. The update is that make sure that I have to reset the game and not everyrone. That glitch hates me so much.
My daughters LOVES this game. I hated having to watch the ad every 15 minutes and her having to restart her progress, so I decided to buy it for her BUT every time I tried to buy it, it says "transaction denied" even though I have google credit. Please fix so I can get it for her!
This game is so cool you can dress up characters control them.But there are only 2 floors you can play in but that's ok...😊😊😊
For some reason its not letting me play! Any way, when I could, it is really fun! The annoying thing is when the timer ends you have to watch an ad. My little sister is asking every 10 mins to do the maths equation can u get ride of that!? Any way the game is really good I rate it 4 stars!
When we download it will notbwork it keeps freezing at the start and we have uninstalled it and reinstalled a few times.
I have installed it many times before. This time when I installed it and played the game but whenever I want to unlock any new floor it stops and gives a message 'Pepi Hospital has stopped'. Please fix it.
I was asked to pay 111 rupess to be ad free and unlock Money has been deducted but still same. Kindly see to return money or upgrade. I am disappointed my daughter was njoying the game so impurchased. I not thought it would be a fraud to take money
Good experience. I am ten but I still like it. The only thing I would suggest is if you had like 3 minutes before taking cast or bandages and to have other illnesses like throwing up but it is good please try to emprove the game so I can give it 5 stars thanks😊
THIS GAME SO FUN...I'm really like this game bet have to pay bet you can get free just watch ads to unlock the room and you can play all the room so fun thank you bye.
I like this game it has everything a real hospital should have. Such as dental clinic , surgery room, waiting room and much more. But the problem is it is locked still it is okay to unlock it for ten minutes by watching an ad
Excellent!I love the concept of this game,the artstyle,the rooms, different things you can do and etc.This game is really fun and entertaining,I never get bored of it.I love how we can access other rooms by doing mathematical equations which helps improve our mindset,the ads are a great addition to the game because not everyone has the money to buy them.We understand you guys needs money and we appreciate you guys for making the game accessible.
I think you need to release the full version of pepi hospital cause we have to watch ads or pay but I always have to watch ads to get the floors we only get 2 floors that's not fair
I don't really like it because it's a baby game in I 6 years old I don't like others add and you have to buy like floors
I like the game but there's one problem..I don't know if it is just me but I tried buying the full game but it won't work so I hope you can fix it
I love this game so much because I'm a great player but I'm sure that she will be able and not Bye to the mars star in her life but it will enjoy her First season of a movie starring her 66inches a better life and the future of her 6AM age and her Or you will be the one to make it more fun and fun and more enjoyable for girls than you doing this year 66666666inches the mars show has a great deal to make of the Lioness of a world that she is a great gift to make you doing this to make her First l
I love it and I love that the stuff that's money you can watch a ad to get it free for like 20 minutes
There's one problem I can't unlock the other rooms when I press it the game it will exit but the other games are nice can you please fix it then I will rate it 5 star thanks
This app is so great and also there other games like the one that is family and now im installing the one that is like going to the store. You can do a add even there us no Internet connection i really love this and also my cousin and my sister and of course me love this so much and playing it everyday at our vacant time. Hope Pepi can See and reply thisπŸ˜”β€οΈ By the Way I recommend this to all of u to download this and also there other apps that arr also fron pepi❀️
I really love this game. and it's not only pepi hospital I love, I love all pepi games I already have pepi super stores but a problem with starting it,and watching ads to unlock the stores, and the also START after 15 minutes please help me
The game is fun but everytime I try to unlock the other rooms I need to answer math questions. The math question isnt my problem though. Whenever I tap a number it will go back to my home screen. This happens every time.
This is solo annoying. You have to pay to play the interesting sections and you only get two places free
I plant this because I was sick and also this game you need to buy things in so that I don't have good in it so I can't watch the ads
I would of gave this a 5 star but u only come with 2 floors and if u want to unlock the other levles u have 2 pay or watch a add. But if u watch the add u only get the other levles for 15Mins.
This is an awsome game but some gliches one of them is when i enterd the game it kicked me off i deleted it and im re downlouding it now
I love pepi hospital. It is like a real hospital and it has all the facilities. The interesting thing is that we unlock all floors by watching only one ad and to watch that ad we need to solve some very easy mathematical problems and each time we cures a patient the new patient arrives. It's so interesting. I love this app. So I recommend everyone to try this app. I don't know how everyone feels about it but for me it's interesting so I would rate it 5 stars.
How to play( no option )πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ,WROST GAME ,the patients take the instrument like injection and so on no option to go home of recovered patients I hate it so disappointed
This app is very good i am 10 years old and i have to watch ad to unlock but its okay it is the best game ever
This game is really good for you kids I love and you guys should too it is just a little annoying that there are adds but besides that I think it is best for my little sister and your siblings and children, and I love how you can cure people on it so i belive your kid/sibling will be a doctor if not your relieves will love and learn so much from it.
I like this game isπŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚so funny game im given five stars love it i have no problems on this game and this game characters so funny hahahaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚im tell this game is so funny characters voice omg🀣🀣🀣🀣 so funny you have a problem on this game ??πŸ€”πŸ€”i have no problem but one thing this adds i don't like 😠😠 im so bored this adds oh ho😑😑but thats good no moneys only adds😐😐 thanks for reading my feedback have a nice day byeπŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ–πŸ–πŸ–πŸ–
I used to play this game all the time, I decided to download it again and all my purchases were gone. I'm not paying for something I already paid for.
It is amazing i love this game I love playing with the baby's they are so so so cute and I love the aquarium and how the otapuss spits out ink and I love the robot
Best you get a longer time to play in the locked rooms and I just think that is awesome!!! You get 20 minutes when ya unlock the rooms and just the best many stuff to do and just a lot of fun
It's fun and you get paisants buti have a problem i have to keep whaching ads to unlook ather or if i whant ot forever i need a pay but ather than that it's gret
It is a very beautiful and inspiring game. It has to be imagine as a doctor. And it is pretty sure to Bandages ,alectrasounes, X-rays and many more.😊
I love this game very much i,v learned much from it the problem is it uses data to anlock the other levels but i enjoy this gameπŸ’–πŸ€ž
Wow it is the best game ever you can give your children they will busy in this game because this game is is the best game to Busy kids give mobile to every kid they will learn how the doctor work so thank you so much to read this sentence
Is very fun game is the best but the 1 problem I was watching ads but is only 15 MINUTES pls but this is still the fun game πŸ™‚
Hi ! . This game is made only for kids because it has not puzzles for kids so kids interested for mobile phone means of this app has more person when you are answered questions means your unlock 1 level u you can try this game.
Good but it's glitching me out and I have to restart I still have the game but I can't take it anymore please fix this
Hello your app is amazing it could get a 5 star but every time when I click on add to get a floor it just puts me to the app store could you pleas fix it and that's why you got 4 star sorry
Cool game but when I have to open a room I have to watch a ad or pay money. I did not like to waste money on game 😊
It's fun because you get the dress them up and click the present and then presents come and you get to see the baby and put their pacifier in their mouths and wash them up and put them to sleep and get their milk and rock them to sleep and you get to go to the top top level to cut open the mama's stomach to get the baby out and you get to go to the bottom bottom level and you get to go see the ambulance and you get to see and then on the middle level and then go get your teeth fresh and White
I like this game a lot . But when i make some changes like - change clothes of the characters and leave the game and then when i come back to play then every change i make gets back to how it was before . FIX THIS .I have played pepi wonder world and this irritating function i dint find there .
(this may be short) Hi, I LOVE this app. It's SM fun! I've had this app for a long time but there's one thing that make me MAD NOW! 1. When ever I try to watch an add to get the floors off free, it load FOREVER that it made me delete it! So if u can pls pls pls fix that! Thanks for reading bye!
I really like this game a lot but I wish you would not have ads and also wish in the thing were you can give the the mom birth to the baby and I don't know how to give birth to the baby so I wish you can make a level were you can let the mom give birth to the baby
I love the game, but I hate that you only have 15 mins with the locked rooms! You can have them as an add, but DO NOT make a timer! Please fix this.
Truly Awesome and AmazingπŸ‘. I installed it before but whenever I wanted to unlock a floor, it gave me a message 'Pepi Hospital has stopped'. Now it works perfectly. Thanks for the solution.πŸ™
When I go on the free trial it says pepi hospital has stopped I keep on trying it keeps on doing it I've tried it on other device it still said it stopped
Hi this is a great game but I have a problem I wish all places were unlocked all places and I have another problem every time I change the character's clothes or play some somewhere else they always are back in the same place please fix that.
Best game BC it's cool but I want all the room cus then you can go were you want so I hope you will tho that then your game is really the best in the world so if you can you are literally the best.
I really enjoy this game. You have to watch an ad every 15 minutes if you don't want to pay for the other floors, but I don't mind.good gameπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
I rated this 4 stars because to unlock all the floors you have to play or watch an ad and you get a maths question so My little sister tells me to answer the maths question every 14 minutes at least can you make the timing 1 hour or more so I don't have to get distracted every 14 minutes thank you
It's not that fun because every time last want to see an ad to unlock the place the ad justs stop please fix it or just give us for free
This game is not good at all once the add comes it got stuck Today's message to pepi- yes I see video ads to unlock and I have reinstalled it around 5-6 times and every time my device is connected with the Internet still the advertisement got stuck at a common place in it and all the time the ads of pepi wonder world ads only stuck please help else I will not install any games of your till then I will only try to play it again. But please fix my problem. Till that only 1 star It got stuck again
Hi! This game is great and I like role playing with it but there's one problem.... You have to pay for a lot of stuff and I understand that's how you do your job but it's a nice game so thank you!
Honestly I like the game I just hate the ads and please add more rooms, props and interactons its a 7\10 other wise its a 10\10
I could not get an ad to work in this I tried unlocking the second level where the babis are AND NO ADS WORK I INSTALLED AND UNINSTALL THIS APP MULTIPLE TIMES BUT IT NEVER WORKS :( i would rate this of five stars if it would work...WORK BETTER ON U DAM GAME! I 8 ok i still play stuff like this
Its a fun game but when my sister trys to watch adds they dont work but over all i think its a really good game
The best roleplay hospital games for kids amongst all! You can even watch an ad to play all the locations for free! I will always support pepi no matter what! From The Biggest Fan Of Pepi to Pepi Teams.
This game is amazing! I can take care of patients and heal them if they have broken bones! I can also take care of babies in nursery, and so much more! I love this so much, This is the BEST hospital game ever! And because I wanna grow up to be a doctor, this inspires me even more! I highly recommend this. I can watch an ad to unlock everything for 15 minutes! It's worth it, and I'm very happy with this game! It is so much fun and it's also really educational for kids. I give this a 10/10!
I love this game it has many characters that you help out and you can pretend to do surgery on the characters and they give you 15 or 14 minutes to get the parts there is nothing really wrong with this game it's pretty good
When I press the ad to get another floor in the ad when the girl makes the blue dress in that part it freezes then we have to close the game to restart it and it still happenes but I like the game alot
You have to watch videos every time you open the app to unlock rooms. Unless if you want to pay to have them permanently open. My toddler loves this game but I'm tired of 30 ads per room every time he wants to play. It's a good game otherwise.
This Game is obviously cool I love it when I want to get one of the worlds they just ask me to subtract and if I get it right it goes to an ad and it unlocks thank you so much this game is really amazing
I like it but its not like what it used to be we used to watch videos and we get it for free for a while so its a one for me
Fun but also a little boring I just wanted to know if maybe you could add a room and the ads don't show up.
This game is highly recommended for kids around the age of 3 to 6.This Game is entertaining and fun because you can move objects and characters and even do a math equation for unlocking each levels... Download this game for young ones
This game is very fun but the fake news in the room where old people were was very, very, very scary. 😨😨😨 It is so scary it gave me the goosebumps! 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAASE FIX IT! IT'S VERY SCARY!
Great game but i do think their should be more people and maybe a couple more rooms like the waiting room and the checkup room on the top right and the baby room on the left but its really great
I love Pepi Games!! They are really good for children & easy to play. But I actually want the floors to be free☺ Thursday just a request.. But Ad is ok, because the child can only play this game for 15 minutes not more than that. Thanks!
I really like this game but this game have a problem that is the treatment patient do not go home there still in and that's is a very big problem fixit it otherwise this game is really nice
Don't get it, it has only one thing unlocked and you have to buy the other things. My daughter was really excited to get the app but when she got on it she saw it was locked and was really sad.
It is so fun but you would have watch an add to unlock some of the rooms thats why I give it a four star rating
It's a really good game but the adds are boring but it buts it on 14 or 15 minutes and I like this game.
I like the game but the reason I gave 4 stars is that some times the game does not show a ad to unlock the other floors for a reasonable time. If u fix this then I am going to give 5 stars 🌟.
This so awful i hate pepi play so much the way i hate it that it's not have enough games to play inside the game but you have no more games to play with thats why i hate pepi play Make more game so i rate five star enough to you to grow i update it but still no Ac😑😑😑
I like the game but the reason I gave it 4 stars is because you can't help a lot of patience you can only help the one's that are hurt when you log back on the game I am at the earge of deleting it just because of this specific problem and there's a glitch that if you go out the game and log back on and take everything and put it in the button room then log back on again the characters will disappear I don't no if it will work for you but it happened to me
Well, its fun But when i try to watch an ad to unlock a room, trying to enter the kid code. The game keeps kicking me out. Please fix it. But the other two rooms that isnt locked are fine. Im still 7 so i wont go to your bug website. Even if my internet is on.
This games is so wonderful it has everuthing you use in a hospital. But it uses ads with maths sums to open other places . So i give it 5 stars
I love this game because it so fun went I want to unlock new room I can see add but it just 10 minutes went i want to play it but i have fun.
I love This Game So much! But there's one thing that i don't like: 1. I was even moving the caracters but it just glitch out look the wall just moved and turned into black it i only just gave it 1 star but i wish i could rate it 5 stars
I love this! Pepi Hospital is just like a real hospital. MRI, Ward/bedroom, pharmacy, gym, dentist, ambulance, omg there so much! Its so much fun all i gotta do is watch an ad and unlock the whole game for 14 minutes. So much fun! Highly recommended. Fun for roleplays! I love Pepi games now! But btw, can you add a big operation room for surgery rps? We need it. Ty!! β™‘β™‘β™‘
It's a fun game and all and if you want the floors that you dont want to pay for you can just watch an add. It does give you a time limit though which is 15 minutes
Very fun I rwleally like it no ads at all when you are playing it and I love it you should install now! Don't have to be worriedπŸ˜‰πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
I love it! It's like a real hospital and every fun and educational ! To unlock some of the stages you have pay for it but you can also watch a add to unlock then to but it last for 13 minutes I think each time have fun!
The last time I had this game would be 5 stars but this time whenever I push the add so I can go on locked placess it takes me out of the app game so I can't play with the full experience but I'm going to try again as I uninstall and installed again im back after 10 minutes trying it didn't work I am very disappointed >:(
THIS APP SUCKS. You can unlock new levels by watching ads, but it crashes in the middle of the ad. ⚠︎LAGS YOUR DEVICE⚠︎
This game is the type of game that does not have all floors so do not play it if you want to buy all the floors
Very good can you do an update where theres a house and please add more babys and baby stuff PLEASE please add a crib in the house if you add it
I love this game it was very helpful and the locked places were very easy to Unlock so I love this game l don't know why did the other's give 1stars or 4 stars😘