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Penguin Diner 2

Penguin Diner 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by BigWig Media located at 39 Bowline Court Durham Wharf Drive Brentford Middlesex TW8 8FH UK. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I loved this game from when I was younger I played the computer version and the Mobil version and when I saw it in the app store I was so excited to play it again because I haven't played it in years but every time I open the app it's a black screen for like 1 or 2 seconds then it crashes can you please fix this problem I loved this game as a kid.
I really enjoyed the first version of this game and I was excited to play this one but they're seems to be a bug that freezes the game. For me, it occurs at the end of the day on the 1st day when you're supposed to receive your statistics. On my device, the shutter goes down but no writing can be seen. Please fix this bug :)
I love this game....it's so challenging,but the reason I give 3 star because I hate the ads..... every level that we complete....it's very annoying...can't you remove the ads please
I used to love this game, I'd even play it with my youngest but all of a sudden it won't even open???
everytime i click the game, it crashes all the time, cant even last for 2 seconds, it just took 1 second then crash.
One of my favorite childhood game on browser but i have notice that there is no music in the android version whyyy i miss the music plzzz bring it back its more fun to play with the music it helps me to stay focus without music its kinda boring
Totally works on my phone now! I have an LG Aristo3 plus, and before it was just a black screen. This gane is from my child hood. It's exactly how I remember it, and it runs pretty smoothly. I wish there were mkre things in the catalog to buy for the restaurant though!
I used to love playing this game. Y'all need to update it where as though you can play it on the newer Galaxy phones.
After purchasing all items like chair,table...completely,the game was boring and I had enough money..i dont know what to to with the money..
My experience is so bad After thr ad it will take to long to load the game. The game is totally freeze i need to restart the game...please fix this bug...i would totally appreciate it Thank you
Not so many new things it just gets easier when you get something new Here's my suggestion add more shop items so that we can progress further and add more adventurous maps
I used to love playing this game on my computer as a kid so I downloaded this all for the nostalgia but the ads are insanely annoying
I used to play the first one all the time and this one Is even better and I like all the items and themes but I wish there was more decorations added so I could spend all the money I have.
I'm facing the same problem in this second part of the game also. The game is getting hanged after the first day. I'm not able to move on to the next day. Kindly rectify the mistake because I love this game so much :(
The game is awesome, just like the first version, but even BETTER!! i actually had installed this game a year back, but due to some problem in my gadget i had to uninstall it...today i installed this again and it's saying ' unfortunately penguin diner 2 has stopped ' . I tried almost a hundred times to open it ,but it's just saying the same thing.The same Error happened with penguin diner 1 , and i was disappointed:-(Please fix this error cuz i LOVE this game♥♡♥:'(
I love this game, one of my favorite childhood games, I've played the mobile version before too, and then it just randomly disappeared for about a year. I disliked the 3D version, so I was rather disappointed when the originals went away, but I'm glad they're back now! Unfortunately the game won't even launch. As soon as I click to launch it, the game crashes. I've tried re-installing and nothing is working. Please fix this issue.
This game can't even open. Even the original game didn't open .Sooo...i hate is game.DON'T INSTALL IT!!!!!
Why it is not responding? My ny ahhi download kia h or yeh nhi chl rha likha hua arha h it is been stopped Plz fixed this problem
Why is this game moving so slowly? Why does it cost so much to do upgrades? Why do I need Google Play installed on this game? Sounds somewhat familiar!!! My score is not adding up. I am truly disappointed because I loved this game.
I'm fall in love with this game since when i was kids until now, i very like this game 🥰😊☺🥰
I used to play this game all the time on pc. And I have this app before. Then it disappeared. When it came back, it had sooo many ads. I wouldn't spend real money for no ads, since I always finish this game in a day. I play it to pass time only. Hate how it came to.
Omgg!!!!!! I just came here to download snapchat and saw thisss....this is one of my fav games of childhood......i love ittt
Doesn't work for the new Android. Loved this game and I finally found it! BUT! Can't even play it, same with the first Penguin Diner. Please update, so it'll work for the new Android too!
This game is fun! I play it on the computer on Google but I decided to install it on my phone. When I did, I clicked on the app and it just kept kicking me out. Please fix it, I really want this game!!
Please update the app, I've played this game since I was 8 years old. It keeps crashing when I try to open it 😭😭😭
There are 4 levels, after the second one you have all the upgrades. Also, poor optimisation, lags a lot when there is several penguings in the diner. Developers could have put some more effort into upgrading this flash game classic into a full blown mobile game.
This game is truly a fantastic game I have played it since I was 6 me and my sister enjoyed it alot we always lose the game but now I am back with it and I have assumed it that it has nothing bad
This game is the best. I've seen games like this but this game managed to be more original. It's so fun and addictive.
Smooth from last version , nice , fantastic , good , challenging , mysterious and no more words to say . Finally , KEEP IT UP .
This is one of my favorite games, and sadly everytime I open it it crashes and says I must contact the developer. I hope you'll fix it so that lot of people cam enjoy it.
On menu screen it tries to log into Google account and it loads continuously. Can't access the game like this
Such a fun game however, watching 30 second advertisement every few min. Is just too much. Uninstalling ☹
Wow I'm happy now because the app it's installed in my tablet Android, but still hoping that it will fix and can use to all new phone
The worst part is that the adds even after taking its all time. If we click on cross it takes us to google play to install other games than continuing where we were. I had my best patience with the game. And even though it's my childhood game and I really wanted to play this again. But it has irritated me to a level that I had to uninstall it in the end withing 3 days.
Played this game as a kid. Cute, lovely and simple game which is easy to understand. I thought if the game and decided to download it again after 4 years. 21yo me still loves it!💪 sometimes the game goes a bit too fast, which means the customers eat too slowly.
After each level there is an ad. Can you fix that please? It is very annoying to have an ad pop up after every level.
I was very happy to see this game in play store..but extremely disappointed as this game claims to be built for an older android version and also no updates are available..it would be great if they provide an update for new versions of technology.
After completion of day 1, it is just hanging like hell and couldn't start the next day. If we exit the app, we have to start from the beginning which is so irritating!! But I liked the game part. It brought back the childhood memories! I loved the game then!
Kind of a short game! I forgot about that haha but it's been forever since I played so I figured by now there would've been updates to make it longer/more complicated. I still love it tho!!
This is my childhood game I really love this game even I already played this game many times🥺✨💖
Its not working for newer versions of Android and says to contact the developer. Do something about it ... this is one of my favourite childhood games its working!
The game is perfect! I havent been playing for years now and i really missed it. I cant wish for anything better than this game, although I had been hearing problems about ads, its still good because i usually play offline so i dont have the similar problem. I am very happy that there are more upgrades and decorations in-game (which makes it harder)
I wanted to download this game since I remember playing it on the computer many times before, and it's really fun! However after downloading this app, the first thing it says is "App has stopped". It kept telling me that message over and over again. That's all it does. It should seriously be fixed or something. I was disappointed when that happened!
The app is quite slow and laggy not sure if it's just my phone but my other games work fine. There's also too many advertisements interrupting the flow of the gameplay.
Dissapointed. I need to reopen the game back because the game is bugging. After complete 1 round, this game do not let me play another round even after i watch the advertisment.
Plz fix the crashes , I love this game now it's not loading on my phone pls 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
I have always loved this game. Thank you for making this available. The graphics are good and controls are okay. Hope it stays better.
Please please please upgrade this application for andriod higher versions as they don't work with no changes I loveeeeee this gameeeeee❤❤❤❤
I remember i was everytime playing this game in my computer when i was 6 years old Now I'm 18 YO🥺..I'm so happy u really gifted me a good and warm memory thank u so much✨💕
I was excited when I installed it but the game won't launch saying it's made for older versions of Android :(( I really like this game since from my childhood please fix and update it
okay, i've played this before maybe year 2017 or 2016 and it worked well. i tried re-installing this app this year (2020) because i miss this game. now whenever i open the app, it crashes. it shows a black screen for 1 second then it will crash. a notification appeared saying that this app is crashing and i need to contact the developer for actions so i did this rate. any actions?
WAY TOO MANY ADS! Even when putting phone on airplane mode will end up causing it to lag. Better than shoving ads in your face. Seems games are still better played on PCs, because at least then you can ignore the ads surrounding the game rather than being forced to wait on the ad to even play.
I will preface this by saying I played the whole game through to see if these things would change. First, the only couples bonus comes from hetero couples. News flash! It's 2021! Two guys can be on a date! Two girls can be on a date! Come into this century, please. Second, the upgrades don't update as levels go on so if you get all of the upgrades halfway through the game, you don't really have any reason to keep playing. Additionally, the game is VERY laggy and lacks substance. :(
Need to update, crashes right after you open it. It hasn't been updated in the last 5 years now. It's a shame, too because I had before it when it did work and it was great game. :((
It is a good game ! it is lot of fun I was ill this game make me healthy !Thank you for launching this game ....