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Penguin Diner

Penguin Diner for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by BigWig Media located at 39 Bowline Court Durham Wharf Drive Brentford Middlesex TW8 8FH UK. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I haven't played this game in over 6 years, but I always had fond memories of the simple gameplay. Coming back to it gave me the exact feeling. The game is simple and fun, I love the lack of in app purchases being shoved down my throat. And while the ads are long and annoying, the game experience is still fun. Rhe game is a great time killer.
It is a game which I played few years ago as a flash game on PC. Nice to see it here. It reminds me my childhood :)
I used to play this game on the computer when I was younger, a really fun and easy game, I would've given it 5 stars if it had not kicked me to the home screen as soon as I tried to start it
I couldn't launch the app, at first I couldn't download it but after being able to download I couldn't launch the app is it a bug or something? Can it be fixed?
The game is great the only thing I hate is as soon is the shutter closed it takes about 8 to 9 seconds for the score to appear
I can't even open the app, it says it needs a lower updated android to play,.. I have a Huawei p30 lite, but I used to play this as a kid, I loved it! So if u guys can update it for more up to date phones that would be amazing because I miss playing it 😢
I like the game before because it had chefs and you don't have to wait it will be like "poof" can you please add the old ones back because it helps the game to be better
I loved this game on the computer when I was younger, and I still love it now!! So simplistic but so fun!!
Please update this game, it crashed and kick me out to home screen 😭😭 I missed this game so much please fix it
The game is super fun to play I just don't like the fact that it plays an ad after every level and it needs music so it can be more umm interesting but other than that I love it
the ads get annoying when they try to force open my app store without my permission to. just an annoying thing to have to back out of.
The game doesn't work with latest Android version. Please update the game. It only works with older Android version. 😔
***** K, so i downloaded this game cause i remembered how fun it was as a kid. Only to play the first level all seems good and ok. I finish the day.. Only to just get the closed railing.. THATS IT . A closed railing no info about my day.. What i made. Or even the next button. As i remeber thats how it. Was. As soon as the day ends is when u get to see the upgrades and how much u got.. But nothing. At all. Tried closing the app amd restarting but still the same outcome. HELP!!.. Cause this has always been an online favourite *****EDIT ***** To anyone who acutally has to buy data.. And doesnt use wifi. To be able to get past that problem. Turn your data on for the first level. Let the ad play. Then turn it off for thr second level. And each time u have to wait a minute to acutally move on.
I've finished the game. It's really challenging yet and fun but I hope they extended the story and maybe add some more upgrades.
I love this game I've been playing this game since I was 7 years old. I've seen games that took a similar approach to this, but somehow this game manages to be more original. It's an arcade game that doesnt get you tensed up and in a rush so you can enjoy the game more but also gets you rushing a bit more later on. And plus, the music. 👌
I always played it on a online website the it was gone...Now when I saw it it almost gave me a heart attack!! It may be the best game I ever played!!♡♡
A decent game where you have to serve your customers. It's no different from the pc version, and I don't really mind the ads either (there's an ad after you complete a day). It's pretty good for how it is.
I love this game! It's one of my favourites but the reason I'm giving it 3 stars is because it has long ads that cannot be skipped and sometimes an ad will pop up on screen while you're playing. The other reason is because when you have too many customers in the diner is starts lagging and you can't keep them as happy to get the best money to complete the harder levels. Other than those things it's a great game and would definitely recommend :)
I liked it although I got the second one not the first one I loved that catologs and all the different phases and outfits you could unlock # Makemore
I LOVE IT I'm a big fan of it it's kinda scary when you get mad....it's weird that it took 30s to win...but the great thing is the upgrade and chef that's the good thing but... How do you buy chef?it's been a long... Time I haven't play this😭
I played this game when I was a small child and now that I am much better at games I need to play it. this brings so many memories :")
This game is very fun and I remember this when I was very young but I don't remember there being ads after every round :/
everytime i click the game, it crashes all the time, cant even last for 2 seconds, it just took 1 second then crash.
This game is a good part of my childhood. Back in those days when PCs were fatter and data was nicer and ads were lesser, me and my younger brother had real fun playing this and also the second version Penguin Dinner 2.
This was my favourite game when I was younger. When I found out that it is on google play, I really was excited. You guys did remove the glitch that was happening, but, there is still one bug. Basically, after you finish day 1, everything stops. Please fix it.
All the very congratulations to the developers ...THE GAME IS AWESOME It completely shocked me up with the graphics and game play! !!
Loved this game when I was a kid! So much fun. But the only problem is that everything crashes after day 7!
Not one plays they don't allow you to watch the vide to get diamond, s they shut down and the more your uninstall and reinstall it just fails out write not good my young children use to love to play it and it's just a wreak out .
It was so fun and very nostalgic back in the day when Y8 days i always play this. I already finished this and now i download the version 2
The game is not being downloaded. It just loads for hours, days, weeks, months, years, and a century of years
Previously when i tried dowbloading it would not work due to newer phone version, am so glad the devs fixed it. This was such a big part of my childhood.
okay, so i installed the app penguin dinner 2 and it crashed so i came here hoping that this one will work. it turns out that this one is also crashing. please fix this. both app are not working well.
I loved this game as a kid on the computer. But you guys need to update it. I cant play it on my phone because it was made for an old version of android. And that makes me sad.
Just like with the second game, this one won't launch either. Soon as I click the button to launch, the game opens for one second and then crashes. I just want to play one of my favorite childhood games :( Please fix this issue.
An amazing game, but there should have been more upgrades. I purchased all the upgrades before even finishing the 1st café. A short & sweet game, nonetheless.
I really like it. The ads are bearable. It helps keep the game free of charge plus it helped my eyes and head relax for a bit before the next rounds. No lags and bugs too. Good job
lots of ads.... other than that, feels no different than playing on pc other than the touch screen lol
I was excited when I installed it but the game won't launch saying it's made for older versions of Android :(( I really like this game since from my childhood please fix and update it
I used to love playing this game. Y'all need to update it where as though you can play it on the newer Galaxy phones.
Oh My Gosh Thanks You for restoring the game!! I have been trying to play this since last year !! Thank you so much!! 😁😊
Good game, but so. Many. Ads. Everytime you finish a day, a 30-60 second ad pops up and usually redirects you to the play store. Not to mention the ads constantly playing on the top of the screen. I came here to relive my middle school days of playing on cool math games but it's hard to do that when more than half of your time is spend looking at ads.
First play:Good Second play:boring Third play:Almost hate it Fourth play:Uninstall it Conclusion:Please make it more enjoyable and fun and also add more things about the uprade.Tq☺
I love this game ...it's my favorite since childhood. But, after I finish the first day, the game is hanged. I'm not able to move on to the next day. Kindly rectify the mistake.
Everything is fine but they r not upgrading the upgrades,only few things are listed to purchase,after purchasing that all they r not listing anything new so I m going to uninstall this game as they r not making it interesting when u will and if u will get new things to purchase then the game will become interesting so when they r not updating anything to purchase m getting bored,wo will uninstall
It doesn't work, I was so excited because I used to play this game ALL THE TIME as a kid but I hope they update it so I can play
I'm so excited when I saw this game but that excitement turned out to be a disappoint because I can't even lauch the app and there's an error message saying: This app was built for an older version of Android and may not work properly. Please fix it.
This was one of my fav game which I used to play in my childhood... But It gets crashed once I click on it to open. It just says that it will get closed.. Want to play this game once more.. Pls fix this problem..
I last played this game is almost 5 yrs from now. I've been looking for this for almost a year and now i found it!
Really good game i hope penguin diner 2 is good to right now i am on penguin diner 1 after penguin diner saries is finished how about make another game called penguin police
This was an awesome game , when i was a kid, this was my favorite .... i also had installed this lately , maybe a year back. And it was working well and good. But due to some problems in my gadget i had to uninstall it. I again installed this today, and it's saying ' unfortunately , penguin diner stopped ' i tried almost a hundred times to open it, again and again,but it was just saying the same thing. Please fix this error , cuz i LOVE this game:-(
Why when I want to plat this game , its go back to homescreen..idk °_°..Pls fix it..its same too at penguin dinner 2..idk why I cant play this game and penguin diner 2
I adore this game when i was 5 years old ..i want to play it on my android phone ..pleasee fix this issuee🥺🥺🥺🥺
Can you please update your game? It keeps crashing for people with newer phones. It says it's meant for older phones. So please update, I really love this game.
Won't open. It keeps saying that it keeps closing. I had to delete it. But I remember this game from awhile back and I remember I used to play it for HOURS on end. So that's why I didn't give it 1 star.
I like they make the game whitout Adobe Flash Player but there is just a half of screen in some big phones and there is no song thats why i give it 4 stars but its the exact same game :)
It won't let me play the game.It takes me back to my home screen.I was so happy to see this game and I used to play it when I was younger.
Loved this game when I was younger so I got very excited when I installed this but the game crashes everytime I open it , please fix this.
It was phenomenal until recently. After every game there's a stupid ad! I understand that you have to have ads, but why not every other game instead. I just want to play the game. Today's update kept the screen from freezing Thanks!
i really loved playing this game when i was 5 years old!! I played this game everyday and had an addiction to it, i was so sad when i knew it wasnt in the play store anymore like i literally cried, but im glad the game is finally back!!
I wanted to play one of my favourite childhood games but i can't even open the app. It always crashs for some reason. Fix it please
This is my childhood game I really love this game even I already played this game many time🥺✨💖
I used to love playing this game was one of my favs now I try to redownload it and it wont freaking open they need to delete it or have a warning before u download it. Its ridiculous. I have the galaxy samsung a50 and it crashed everytime.
i miss playing this game, sadly when i installed it it kept crashing and bringing me to my homescreen. please fix this.
I loved this game when i was younger and i check it was on the google play i was so happy but then imeadiatly i was dissapointed because i click on the app and it brings me back to the home screen. Please fix this.
This game is basically dead. Everytime i open the game it instantly crashes. I loved it as a very young fellow.
Ads after every game. If you have the WiFi off the game restes and it's unplayable without ads after the one day on the game. Without the WiFi on the day that you just finished playing you'd have to replay... Yikes I'll go for the old one
after finishing the level and the blinds will close it will stop responding. I can't move to the next level.
App doesn't even open to title menu. Keeps saying it was created for an older Android phone. Please update the app.