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Pengle - Penguin Match 3

Pengle - Penguin Match 3 for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by CookApps located at 8th floor, U space building, 670, Sampyeong-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Up to level 1485 and continually freezes or just won't load to open. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling tried turning device off. Nothing works which is really frustrating as i really do like this game.
Really disappointed with the latest updates. Currently playing version 2.0.9. I have to close down and reopen the game each time I lose a life. I've been playing this since the very early days of it being created and these latest updates have to be the worst since the original Kindle version not connecting to Facebook. Small board, freezing games no auto restart. Might be a good idea to have all these things fixed before the next release seems they weren't fixed with this one ๐Ÿฅบ
Everytime I have a game I never get finished it keeps freezing have to delete it then install it again getting sick of doing this so please fix this problem
the game continuously freezes whenever get close to finishing a level so have been stuck for a long time now.. so frustrating, it needs to be fixed !!
All of the sudden the game isn't loading correctly I can't play it if freezes and I'm at a decent level in the game so it's very frustrating really just about to uninstall it and forget about it
Agree with recent comments from Jan 2020. I've been playing this game for a long time but recently the game freezes up. I've beaten 1485 at least twice only for the game to freeze, loose the live but win not counted! It's a hard level to beat! It seems like it freezes when you get the arrows, double arrows. So frustrating! Right now I rate the game 2 stars until it's fixed!
It was good but the levels have become so ao hard that u dnt even want to play this. Will just have to uninstall
Terrible after the update! I tried emailing with Cooks the developers of this game with no response to my inquiry? Can't open up the next levels, won't give keys to help me!
I been playing Pengel for years l love the game but lately it freezing up alot stuck on board for a long time because it keeps freezing. Hopefully you can fix the issue soon
Becomes boring quickly. This is not a card game of solitare, but it is a game played alone. No community or friends needed to play. Purchases seem a bit pricey to me.
Fun game but everytime I play it, when I hit retry it keeps going to retry & taking away lives, some I have even purchased lives to keep playing, so I am not going to purchase anymore lives & not get to use them because the game keeps stealing them from me
I'm on level 1722 and it shows that I have a 4 way bomb . when I use it the whole game locks up, I lose that life. I start it again and as long as I don't use that 4 way bomb I can continue to play but cannot clear the level this is quite frustrating. I really enjoy the game, please find a solution and send an update quickly or I will be forced to find another game to enjoy.
Game continues to freeze up or just crash out, used to love playing, but very frustrated now . I Uninstaller till you can show me you fixed the issues .
Loved this game but now after few moves the game freezes..has become very irritating ...plz solve the issue. These days just can't play Pengle.Why to send an email ? You know that after few moves the game gets freezes.plz solve else delete the game from play store
I have not been able to play this game on my mobile since the update a couple of weeks ago. Board is too small, frequent freezing, often open to no lives. I have done all the malarkey they tell you to do and uninstalled, ran cleanup, rebooted, no other apps... to no avail. Wish they would fix and I would give it 5 stars. I have played this game for years. To their credit, they've given me some extra coins but not enough to compensate if you can't play.
I have been playing this for a very long time. This past week all my friends have disappeared and it won't let me add friends. What's going on?
I can't open Pengle on my laptop again. Why??? I loved this game but for the last few days I can't even open it on my p/c. Why??? Again, this game is freezing!!
Used to be a really cool game. I'm on level 930 and the game is not working correctly. It didn't stop working at this level it has been having problems and they have gotten a lot worse. I'm going to have to just delete it soon if it doesn't improve. It's not playable anymore. :( please fit the game. Thanks. It has also taken like all my gems ๐Ÿ’Ž. It Like it spazed/froze and just kept taking them. I barely have any left. It has taken extra coins too without giving me what I click. Etc
. I love this game but it still freezing up . I can't complete this level. The game is still doing it. I can't pass this level it freezes up. Can you fix this? I'm still stuck. I love this game but this is the level that keeps freezing still.
Three is an issue with your game , it keeps freezing up.gave your game another try. Your game is still freezing
Pengle, level 2.0.9, will not even open on my cell now as a Guest. Customer service with Cooks so needs to address game Pengle and correct multiple errors when "playing" the game. Thanks!
I loved this game but for the last few days I can't even open it on my p/c. Why??? Again, this game is freezing!!
have played for long time,but now refuses to open for several weeks. Please fix all other games work 12-14-20
I used to love this game, bit now it just freezes ALL THE TIME!!! Won't move on to the next game unless you actually pass the level, waste of time now so will be uninstalling :(
I Love Pengle but it will not download on facebook anymore. What happened? I can't even report it to anyone until now. What can I do? I want to play Pengle!!!
I have loved this game and played it for years. now it's crashed on level 1722. and nothing I do rectifies it. help
Loved this game but now after few moves the game freezes..has become very irritating ...plz solve the issue. These days just can't play Pengle.Why to send an email ? You know that after few moves the game gets freezes.plz solve else delete the game from play store 26th feb 2021 Same problem again ..after 2-4 moves the fame freezes.Plz check and solve .
It's March 21, 2021 and game gets to the levels and once I click my level game closes up. I played 1 game, almost finished it before my last move where I clicked the ad button to get an arrow then ad finished then I tried positioning my arrow then game just closed up. Tried reopening it and I get to the levels then click it then it just closes for some reason. Anyone else experiencing this problem??
I have been playing Pengle for over five years since the last two upgrades I have not been able to play freezes still after lastest and daily wheel & friends disappeared it was such a fantastic game....
Thank you speeding pengle up but now on 3433 it keeps freezing when I've won so can't move on . Thanks in advance.
I change my password to my Facebook with my name is the same my phone number is the same I want my old game back
This game use to be great I've been playing it for at least 5 years on and off but now I can't even get it to load. I've uninstalled it & reinstalled it and it still won't freaking load!
I loved this game . Level approx 5000, then it took all my contacts away. How? Now I cant move on. Uninstalled, reinstalled, didnt work. So I guess this is game over? Any ideas? Unhappy x
Loved this game but, now I can't get past level 553 because the game keeps freezing. Have tried uninstalling & reinstalling but, nothing helps. I tried emailing the support email mentioned in other comments but, it keeps bouncing back with a failure notice. I'm very disappointed that this doesn't seem to have any real support. I will be uninstalling for good.
There have been so many levels that I have beaten and then the game freezes. This means that you have to replay that level and try to beat it again. I refuse to purchase extra lives or boosters. This is ridiculous!!!!
*HOW MANY TIME I'VE TO REINSTALL * Been playing this game for years...last update frozen me on level 1516, keys disappeared, waited a week for locks to open with no avail. Emailed CS advisor told me to uninstall and reinstall, done it 3x still frozen... that's a complete joke! 3 weeks and Pengel's had the time to fix... lost a client!!!!
I had to un instal Pengle as it would not move on to replay The game froze and couldnt shut it down so am trying now ro reinstal and see if it works withmy tablet Onmy pc it works perfectly so why does it not do the same here since it was last updated?
While playing, the game freezes up, when this happens you have to start over, you then lose your coins, a life, plus what ever tools you are using to help you beat levels.
See after reading the other reviews ,We all have the same issue Freezing up at & around level 3395 / 553 .uninstalled waited 24 hours & reinstalled ,plenty of room on my SD card 238.8 available ,Agree either fix it or remove app very frustrating !!
Great game. But not very star hunter friendly. Really needs a redo button. And level 23 takes way too much even with bashing all of the oil with more than enough moves to spare to one close to 3 stars.
This is my favorite game, but it keeps locking up grrrrrrr. does not matter what devices I play it on. Is any one else having issues?
This newest update to Live 2.0.8 is worse than ever! Freezes up constantly, which is so frustrating. I have played this game for years, but now the game board is so tiny that it's difficult to even see. Please fix the bugs!
Levels 121-135 have been played 15! times, because the game won't give me the 3rd key I need to advance!! I've been playing this game for more than 10 years!
stuck on level 1722. keeps freezing. no matter what i do. have uninstalled an reinstalled. didnt fix. how do i get past or do i give up?
Love the game, however it keeps freezing part way through the game. About ready to uninstall, making me crazy.
am able to play game on my samsung S9 but once lives are all used and i close the game it does not refresh so when i want to play it again few hours later its still exactly the same as i closed it so then cant play it i have tried numerous times to uninstall and reinstall the game but doesnt make any diffrence
ok this is my 2nd review and it's not a very good one.i have been playing this game for sometime and I do like it very much,but with that being said I purchased some gems on 1/5/19 and as of today 1/25/19 I still have not recieved them! I was charged on 1/5 for them !! after many many emails back and forth I still do not have paid for item!! they emailed two different times saying they credited my gems to my account and I still have not recieved them. just wanted to let people know this๐Ÿ™
i had been playing this game for a long time now and I really did enjoy it. but after the last upgrade ,it has been unbearable, the lives sometimes take days to refresh. After looking at the reviews it seems as if no one is addressing these issues. so if you, the developers don't care about the problems, then I don't care to invest my time with this game. I have uninstalled it
have played for long time,but now refuses to open beyond 90% other games open so is not tablet problem
Having to get keys to progress and not being able to have infinite lives is annoying and some levels are too difficult
very dissapointed, love the game, but it keeps on freezing all the time, please help stuck on 1722 please help
Never had a problem with this game until level 1722. It freezes the game when the bottom arrow is unlocked ๐Ÿ˜ . Will the powers that be please fix it it's very frustrating
loved this Pengle game until about 2 days ago. Now it locks up on my computer (win10 BlueStacks) and on my tablet and android phone. What a shame
It freezes a lot, can't play. There are bubbles going around the app like loading and stays like that.
Enjoy playing this game. Unfortunately it is freezing on game 1722 for days on end. Any suggestions please.
We still can't play on our mobile devices! You ruined the game with this latest update. Don't even bother downloading this game!!
Please please sort out game 1860 for weeks now I'm stuck on it as its faulty .I have now completed this game but it freezes at the end of every game so I can only play 1 game every few hours as it stops
I've played this game for years (only match 3 game I've ever played) and made it through all of the updates until this one. Worst version ever keeps freezing. When you lose it doesn't take you back to play again, you have to exit and start over. I'm done and will be uninstalling it. Was fun while it lasted.
Please please sort out game 1722 for weeks now I'm stuck on it as its faulty the cross arrow at the bottom freezes the game when you use it be a shame for me yo have to delete this game
Been playing this game for ages and really enjoy, it but lately it just keeps freezing all the time, causing you to keep losing lives. Thinking of ininstalling if they don't fix it soon. Edit 21/04/20 Game still freezing and unable to progress so I have no choice but to uninstall the game.
ok, something to play but there are no new things added. like new helps, no bonuses. seriously needs update.
It's a fun app, but where in the world is the Daily Bonus I used to get when I played the game on my computer before Flash disappeared? The Daily Bonus should get put on the app too. I miss getting prizes for playing the game on a daily basis. :(
I love this game, any problems...and all games have problems if you play them long enough, developer fixes in a reasonable time period.
keeps freezing, especially before I win, so frustrating and the arrows purchased are a waste. Can no longer gain coins from friends. No friends list at bottom. Waste of time playing over and over just to never get ahead. Level 1485, should be alot further.
Can't get past level 5047! Game keeps freezing on last move/tile elimination! Have spent lots of $$ on extra moves, etc. and it's impossible to beat it. Freezes!! Sooo frustrating. Fix it or delete the game/app.
Would be five if the game had not stopped working after up date,I get 1 life and then it stops annoying as am on level 1403.This game is still freezing after I lose 1 life ,I have tried uninstalling and then reinstalling but it still does it!
I'm having trouble with Pengle. Last night (December 4th) it was working fine but when I tried opening it today the 5th it says play and nothing happens. Is there a problem with Pengle app? I've uninstalled it few times the reinstalled it and click play then only 1st time option says sign in with Facebook or guest so I click Facebook and it just goes back to play with dots circling around play button. I hope I can get it to work or find out what the problem is.