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PBA® Bowling Challenge

PBA® Bowling Challenge for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Concrete Software, Inc. located at 7250 Metro Blvd, Suite 210 Edina, MN 55439 United States. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very tough for new players. Have to pay or complete the offers for playing other games to get a good start. Then it's a lot more fun as you can unlock more options. Ticket system seems unnecessary as the Golden Pins are the only thing you really use for unlocking. The ad system is much much better in Concrete's PGA Golf Shootout, where you only watch ads when you decide to. This game basically makes you watch an ad after each game played.
I love this game!!! Its a great way to pass time too. This is the best bowling game that ive seen yet. Its a great challenge and its almosr as if you are at a real bowling lanes. Keep up the great work!!! Great job guys !!!
I get booted to the main menu after every game in the tournaments. Weekend Challenge etc. That garbage gets annoying. Plus you need to keep the cheating down to a minimum. In fact you should get rid of it completely. Kind of hard to win the a game in any event when you hit the pocket and it always leaves a pin or an impossible split while the A.I. strikes away. It's usually always the last game in a tournament.
It's a great game. I love it but I had 2 get a new -used be phone and I didn't get any of my games back... So I had 2 start all over again. I know I was on level 13 and owned 5 or 6 BB. Anyways catching up quick..
Pretty good but I think the prizes should better. And I think it takes for ever to level up. But I do like the game needs more graphics to make it exciting
Was great at first. The more I play, the more the game lags but only when it's my turn. Computer players are fine. Got ripped off of tickets. Completed a challenge and should have gotten 810 tix but got none. Also downloaded an app, which was all I needed to do but I also opened it and used it and should have gotten 786 gold pins but again got nothing.
well i love to bowl, but if i get another phone that is better and i have to reinstall the game. I got far on the game and baught stuff and when i go to play it. none of my stuff i baught or trophies and balls and gold pins are gone. its a joke when you pay to play and when you get a better phone its gone. totally bogus and scam.
Very fun game. The principles are the same as bowling IRL you aim the ball to knock all the pins down and if it's got the right force behind it you get a strike! In the game of course it's much easier than IRL but there are other variants that make it challenging, e.g. the oiling of lanes, the weight of the ball itself, the percentage of spin and control. there are an incredible amount of ball choices. All in all its a really fun game. The graphics are amazing too
I love this bowling game, and beat this game before, but now you have new modes,I can't wait to level up again.
Reply: sorry it isn't the balls. I was being facitious. It is the game rigged to keep pins up that should be falling down, in order to control the user's outcome if he isn't pumping more $ into it. This game was awesome at first-- but like all other app games worth a squat this one stops letting you advance if you don't keep spending more and more $. I advanced many levels but wasn't spending enough.
The game is fun, my kids like it, however multiplayer/online play does not work. Just 1 person at a time. I have sent an email to the developers but they have not replied. Device: Nvidia Shield Fiber Hardwired Internet Edit 9/15/20: Review changed from 2* to 1*. You did not reply to our email Friday morning. This is a lie.
It's a fun game that actually takes some skill, but not so much that a novice cant have fun too. Kills time!!
This is a great game. The challenges are there, so are the chances to win and become a champion. It requires patience, and the verve to succeed!
The graphics are awesome and I love it when you get board of other games and want to play sports just play this it's awesome.I definitely recommend you to play this if your a sports person.😄
I love this games. I play it almost every day for hours. Splits are challenging but durable with the help sometimes. I watch Pro Bowling all the time. I love Kyle Troup's amazing bowling wardrobe and fantastic Afro.
Been enjoying this app for over a year. See a lot of stuff on the commissioner's challenge. Match 17 vs Norm is a bear. He does have normal games in the 240s and 250s.
I was having a blast with this game, won the WSOB Bear Finals and came back to continue and the entire WSOB section was erased. All that time I spent was wasted. I made sure I had 1st place before I would move on to the next level. I had given it four stars, now I think I will just delete the game
I would like to see this game add some new options, such as giving the option to bowl first or second when in a tournament, and allow the creation of custom tournaments and perhaps a create a ball feature. But personally I consider this to be a very good and borderline great game.
As fun & frustrating as real life. Lots of options for bowling balls as you progress through the game.
I enjoy it. 5 second ads after a match is very doable. Daily spin includes option of additional spins for 30 sec ads. There's lots of different balls and lanes that provide different bonuses. It's competitive and relaxing.
I really love 1he game it's easy to play it feels like you never stop playing in lt when you first playing1
As soon as i started playing this game, i was immediately hooked. The graphics are on point, and has a realistic feel to it. Great bowling game for sure. 💯👍🏻👌🏻
Awesome graphics, sounds, extremely fun, I would highly recommend this game!!! This game takes skill, and without the back ache afterwards :)
Okay, I love this game I think its very fun, but I have some issues with the pins just not falling, I mean I do the same thing that got me a strike and I get 9 pins, I don't know if thats intentional or if I'm just bad.
Ridiculously LONG ad after every SINGLE game you play. It's painstakingly tedious!! You can't get a rhythm. It's also clearly to get you frustrated enough to buy something because it take literally forever to attain any type if decent bowling ball. Frustrating! If I could give it a negative star, I would!
Great game very addictive. The only problem i have is that it takes soooo long and way too much money to get any balls to.play. inspend most my time lusting after gear ill never have
I have been bowling for a long time now,but I lost my phone last night,so I had to start over on the app,this was last year,I was up to 200 ex's, I dont know if I can get credit for that but if not its okay! I do love your app,its very close to the real game,my goal is to get to level 999, does the level go past that? have a great summer,sincerely steven burney!😊
Awesome game,although at times it seems like the computer makes you not strke when you start lining up strikes. But overall great game. Makes me wanna go down to a bowling alley and start lining it up.
Absolutely love this app. By far the most realistic bowling game out here. Great variety of lanes, each of which bring there own different challenges. Many different choices for bowling balls which allows you to find and improve your bowling style. Each level is challenging and unique. To the app developers, " Great job on creation of this app. Hope you will be around for a long time." THIS IS A MUST TRY GAME. YOU WONT BE SORRY YOU DID. Mark Mrozinski
I love this game even more now that they fixed the issue I was having with the game but now that it been fixed I just can't get enough of it keep up the good work I really enjoy playing
Ads after every game is kind of excessive. Maybe cut down on the ads or offer a paid version to get rid of them. Otherwise, great game and super fun
Great game it is by far the best bowling app out there. I would and have recommended this game to many of my friends. The only thing I would like to see different is maybe make the better bowling balls available a little sooner. And of course offers for gold pins that actually pay I have had many offers not come through.
Lots of fun. Recommend. Ball is a little hard to aim at like one pin. Throw- - looks good. Last second- - - -. Nope. But I like it
This game is just exceptionally amazing.☺☺I play everyday to pass time. However now it keeps crashing and just doesnt work. If you know how I can solve this than please reply. Really appreciated.👑
great app, this is by far the best bowling app out there. they definetly got this down to a science. I can play this for hours and not get bored. it's also good for when your trying to teach someone how to bowl. you can give out pointers and tips with this app, I do it all the time. the graphics and the audio are good too Sounds like a Bowling Center for certain Hats off to you guys
One of the best bowling games I've played by far!! Graphics are outstanding! Gameplay is very fast paced, and it's pretty simple. I would recommend this game to any and every one. Definitely!
This app is the closest you can get to real bowling, without paying for shoe rental and lane fees. I recomend this app for many hours of bowling fun. Also one unexpected added bonus, this game can help you refine your own real world bowling ability. If you love bowling download this app NOW!!!!!
I can only bowl with a short side of my screen The app doesn't have the ability to flip apparently so I can use the long part of the screen to have a better flow of the ball.
Well, well, well just got beat in the last game of the weekend challenge, again. Seems awful damn strange how I can bowl great games all the way through when I play the last game for some reason might get a strike or two, just about all spares r splits n my hook has vanished. Scored worse this time. Obviously the makers can't take a whooping so my game ends up in the gutter, pun intended. I'm gonna give it one more shot n if I lose the event the sorry app is history.
good game, works well; should have local and global leaderboards for daily weeky and year scores, and how about multiplayer leagues, there can be ones for all levels of bowler also, let us design and own our own custom lanes or predesigned ones for league and 1 on 1 matches
A very well thought out program. Great looking graphics and play action. I also like the ability to earn gold pins and money to upgrade balls
Despite the glitches that occur when you are doing the free spin or watching a second chance video which happens alot its a fun game.
very good game very realistic the main problem is when the opponents timer don't start and your head in the game by a t pins but you have to take a forfeit because the timer didn't start
Tilt phone to curve feature didnt work, every throw seems to be regulated to certain speed and the animations making playing a single game a bit dreadful. ive seen better, but worse as well.
Well I really enjoy the game, instead of pretty good however I think some of the angles and games somehow set up to fail. In one series I rolled a 236, a 266, and the third game froze up the controls to curveball didn't work and every time I am the ball where I wanted it it wouldn't respond. And it's not like it only happened once it's a continuing thing with certain series. Fix it if you can great game other than that Actually I just wanted to thank you guys for your quick response to my
Ive played several bowling games. So far this one is the best in the following 1) graffics 2) ability to choose Ball's pins and Lanes 3) ability to play in leagues and against other players
fun and great response time, I have had issues, and yes you can watch ads. But aren't all games that way. each time I have had any issue, I sent them an email and within a day or 2 I received a response. Thank you, its appreciated, I definitely recommend this game, and it is fun to play as well
Hi I'm 12 years old and this game is amazing i do better then i do in real life. But I've noticed I've shot a strike over and over when i first started but now since i am leveling up i get a spare or split Everytime please fix it and I'll edit this to 5 stars
Its a good game you dont have to spend money to play and you can win without droping mega bucks it could use more to do side options playing different people one on one with the computer
Ok so I think I am up to the final events in the ELIAS CUP, I think the developer should make this game more realistic with more bowling balls that are real but also the lanes (PLEASE BASE THEM ON MORE REAL PBA LOCATIONS) and change the credits to like real dollar amounts for the balls in realistic prices :) as it stands I give the game a 3 star rating they also need to change the whole wait time thing when you run out of power so we don't have to wait and earn pins to bowl again.....
this is a fun game other then the ads appear every five seconds it seems an it's almost impossible to get enough gold pins to ever buy new balls if that was easier this game would be a lot funnier to play but I'm about to uninstall it from my device
Fun!!! My 1st mobile game that i played for long time untill today. So addictive. But i have 1 issue. I have won all 1st place in every career tournaments but 'The All-Star' ball didn't unlock. Why?
I have 2 bowling games saved but when I go to use one game it says it's in conflict with the other so I can't use either of them now I have to start over
Game itself is fun, even if designed specifically to be grindy. Ads are a huge annoyance. I'd be happy enough to pay 5 dollars for an ad free version or subscription.
Best bowling game that I have ran across, good graphics, sound, and layout. I am also guite impressed with their tech support, I contacted them via their web site on a Saturday and had my issue was resolved before noon Monday. I definately recomend this game, and cudo's to Concrete.
It's alright started slow but it's picks up and it's not bad And playing it for 186 days straight and I can bowl a 290 game and playing better than I ever played and the computer gets the average since the lock down I wasn't sh@#t but now I'll toss that ass up like bum on a ham sandwich having fun and weighting for you.😊
Dont care for bowling in real life but this game is quite fun and addicting. Right when I thought I was going to delete the app I find myself playing longer and longer. Great app and will keep for some time.
It's a fun game to pass time as well as challenge you enough to keep playing. It's a good balance. To be honest I delete a lot of games early on. This one has stuck around.
been playing this game for a couple years and I love it. ive tried other bowling games and this is my favorite by far. keep up the good work dev's.
I love bowling, I grew up in a bowling alley and participated in several bowling challenges and also I was a member on a few bowling teams... It's an enjoyable and very realistic graphics brings me to memory lane.... Lol fun times!
It's a fun game. Great for people who like to bowl. I would recommend this game to anybody. When you can't bowl the real game , this is the next best thing. I just wish that they would add more levels after the Elias level.
Playing on laptop with Bluestacks. Still trying to figure out "finger swipe" with mouse. Had it on phone but ate too much memory on very dumb smart phone. Loved the space lanes. Figured out the mouse enough to earn all but 4 diamonds on the 300 ring and earn all but 8 of the trophies. I just had to uninstall and reinstall the game because one of my cats walked across - or laid on - the keyboard and caused it to do something very, very weird. I just had to uninstall and reinstall the game. Sigh. UPDATE 6/3/2021: Now playing on Samsung A7 tablet. Had completely finished game on a Tab A, but due to losing tab A, having to start over & not happy about it. Still 5 stars, though.
overall a very good game. would have given a 5 but some issues occasionaly arise, like no pins showing on board or sometimes timing out while your opponent is bowling in online games but issues are generally solved during updates. even with the latest updates the above issues continue to occur
Cool game..but i did lower my rating a bit as i have been having issues collecting my gold pins i started a challenge last week for over 4000 gold pins beat the time frame by a week and when i went to go collect my challenges pending and finished area were completley wiped clean as of today ive been back and forth with customer service on this for 4 days now there should not be all the endless emails i sent you a screenshot of it send my pins plz..
Very realistic & feels like you are in an actual bowling alley. As you progress thru levels, you get the opportunity to select new bowling balls with various levels of features that you decide, based on your bowling style & expertise. However, the basic ball you start with is extremely adequate & I find myself using it for different shots in higher levels. Have played SOME bowling games where the ball makes unnatural sudden turns, but does NOT happen with this game! Highly recommend!
Best bowling app, period. Still best. Still love this app. Multiplayer is great, just takes a ( long) time to get a game. Still best bowling app available.
Downloaded as a time killer. Ended up completely addicted. Tons of fun. I could see myself still playing years from now.
Exceptional play.. Some balls are a bit whacky but adds to the fun. If only I could bowl all those 300's that I have bowled, i'd be a happy, happy man. Well worth the download and time spent. Has given me hours of playtime. Thank you so much guys.
fun game to play just doesnt have much of an online community or chat system for players just join a match or play offline
Ultra realistic. 120 ish is my real life average. Now I can do it virtually I'm snazzy venues with pro quality stuff, and lose against the pros. Also too many ads. Every round. Win, lose, play an old one for tickets, watch an ad to move on. Long and short, I quit. I have an old bowling game for ps1 that actually gave a competitive chance.
Its a good game and fun! Thanks for responding and good to know about controls since I now know I can choose.
Not my kind of bowling game. Well I've Installed the game again. And I've changed my mind I like this game now. Don't really care for the ball roll options. But Other then the have I like it 😃👍.
It's the best bowling game there is in my opinion... I honestly have it on all my phone's it's a got to have kinda game. Helps pass the time and best of all you don't need wifi to play... You can literally play it anywhere..
played this game for years. starting over each time. forgot how rigged it was. didn't realize pins could be glued to the floor while the other pins go flying through it. wasted 54 gold pins on one open match before I got first. thats pathetic considering I know exactly where to aim the ball.
Fun game, but even though game saved through GPG, my inventory was missing some of the more valuable bowling balls I earned in the past. All of a sudden I'm missing the Ultimate but I had it for years. If it gets returned to me, I'll give 5 stars. EDIT: Excellent customer service, responded very quickly, and I got the Ultimate back. 5 star game, outstanding bowling fun. Highly recommend!
It's a great bowling game. Most realistic app I have used. However some of the pocket hits resulted in unexpected spare attempts. In over 50 years of bowling ( not pro) I never saw any spares like these. Otherwise great game.They need to work on spares. Never seen combinations of pins they have i have been bowling for over 55years. I still feel work needs done on spares. It's to hard when u don't have directions on how to make them. Like a real bowling alley.
I like the fact that its a traditional 10 frame game...and once i realized the controls i ended up just getting better game after game....these games are needed during covid lockdowns I cant give you 5 stars until you update how you factor in our stats for each individual players...that shows game avg, strkes and win percentage etc.
I love this bowling game... EVERYTHING about it; the ONLY flaw i can C is that it needs more CAREER games in the PLAY section. Once U GOLD STAR every league game and buy and ACE EVERY EVENT... WHAT'S LEFT ??? DAILY CHALLENGE/ WEEKEND CHALLENGE... that takes all of 20-30 mins.... NEEDS MORE CAREER GAMES
Love this game but none of the textures are working for the bowling balls. They all show up grey. hopefully this can be fixed.
Good game. Too long to replenish. I played one game then I have to wait a few hours to replenish energy. By that time I'm doing something else and don't feel like going back in.
The most annoying things about this game are the ads every few games. The energy is BS too. Nobody wants to have to wait when you run out of energy. Just let people play without having to wait. Other than that the game is ok
Ok I give this 5 stars it is a good game . The adds are not to bad some you can just close as soon as you see it)( .it's 3-4-21 I still am playing , I'm doing well , this game is fun. Like I get a phone call or a text I can stop the game then later new I have come and rejoin the game. So I give 5 stars. I did the first review in Feb. 2end.
Some things are difficult but so is the real life game of bowling. I like that there is different oil patterns and the balls react different on them . Good job guys.
The more you progress through the series the more apparent the true design. Rewards become fewer and fewer... and exceedingly frustrating. The hook to get you to keep playing completely destroys the enjoyment. Pick a different game.
i would give it 5 stars but i hate all the ads...and the pay to play junk/king game style running out of bolts or whatever and either being forced to watch ads to gain pins to exchange for bolts or whatever in order to play more...why cant it just be unlimited??...that being said the game itself is really fun
For now, 5 stars. I'm totally enjoying this game. I love bowling but can no longer play in the real world due to physical limitations. So.... This works. Not encountered any issues, yet. Just downloaded last night, so let's see how it goes. If you like bowling, this is a good alternative.
I get kicked back to the main menu after every game during tournament. Also I only get one bonus spin because it won't load any more videos after that. That's been going on for nearly a week.
Dont like how long I have to wait between games, takes too much energy to play games, and have to wait hours to finish, also dont like that I need special balls to complete challenges, but the balls aren't even available to me when I need them for said challenge, and they cost way too much to buy with tickets, give more tickets, open balls earlier, and make them cheap enough to get when needed
This game is so retarded. I hit the pocket with a ball with maxed out on every attribute 6 times in row and got splits each time. Fix your game. Make it more realistic. I wouldn't be mad on 1 bad break. But 6 in a row on perfect shots. FIX UR GAME. Too anyone that wants this game dont get it. Its a waste of time.
I used to love this game years ago. Now it's just filled to the brim with ads. It's ridiculous that I need to watch an ad after every single game that only takes a few minutes.
Sweet game but i had a small problem. Data conflict sent me from level 537 to 43. It happened when i tried to play the daily challenge. Other then that 5 star
I've been playing this game for a very long time I would strongly recommend just sort of a lot of ads and they get annoying.
I sent you guys an email regarding the free pins that you offer through various games and I completed one of those offers and havnt seen any pins show up in my account for a couple days now. Let me know what I can do.
The decision to create an event (Commissioner's Challenge) that once you get to a certain point you are forced to roll a perfect game to advance (270's, 280's, even 290 - you won''t since EVERY attempt the computer opponent starts with first 10 strikes and rolls 289, 299 or 300 EVERY TIME) has taken the enjoyment of participating in the events away and ruined a once enjoyable game.
Love the daily challenges. I just wish their was a way to save what level of the game. My tablet broke and when I got a new tablet, I had to start all over. It actually happened twice!
This is a sweetheart of a bowlers game, but man there are too many interrupting adds. Everytime I get in a Grove an advertisement pops up. I guess other than us players purchasing something, that's how you guys pay the bills. Other than the adds I truly love this game. Sincerely yours LIFE LONG BOWLING MAN The more I play the game, it seems like that there are less ads. I am having fun with your game, I give this GAME A VERY STRONG 9.0 SINCERELY YOURS LIFE LONG BOWLER
I like the game but have a hard time getting into multiplayer matches. I personally have never spent any money on this game, play the career and bonus levels, spin the wheel, and in a short time youll have more balls than you need, 1-3 thousand pins at all times, and 500,000 + tickets.
Pro -am qualifier level is impossible. It's impossible to repeat a shot even though you do the exact same thing on the shot. Collision detection on the balls/pins is atrocious.
Too many ads, no way to buy out of ads. I'd like to be able to listen to my book while playing, so I leave the app and find other things to do. Let me have a way to play uninterrupted, I'll pay for it. Otherwise it would be 5 stars.
this game is awesome. I give it 4 stars because it take to long to tickets to get a better ball to be able to compete. but it is very fun to play good job with this game.
There was a time when there was no other bowling game but PBA. Those days I'm afraid are long gone. PBA Bowling you have been replaced. Tricky, frustrating, very stressful game. Who wants that?! Bowling King is the new game to play. Offers a variety of competitive games, noone leaves a loser like you do bowling PBA.
Great Game Love this game. I just wish they would put Hall Of Famer Doug Kent in this game. Not only is he Hall Of Famer but he is local to me. He is the one that with the help of my uncles got me into bowling.
Love it although I lost all my bowling balls, awards rings trophies etc. Been playing and saving for a few years now all gone. Socks but I'll do it again
Used to be great. Now i keep getting the same message that says "data conflict" and it doesn't matter which saved have i choose it keeps repeating the same message.
Liking how this game plays just wish it was easier to get better working bowling balls and easier to get to use the cooler bowling allies. I think they should make it so u can choose the bowling allies that u wanna bowl at depending on ur mood. Oh and they should make it a lil' easier to get the bowling balls u want just my opinion of course.
I have downloaded many bowling apps in the past, trying to find just THE RIGHT ONE. This game is fun, yet challenging enough to almost get ya frustrated! Before you know it, you've earned a multitude of tickets and/or gold pins and then it's a free for all in the "Shop"deciding from crazy, whimsicle balls to power house exploding pins! Bowl your way around The Us in leagues. Qualify for Opens....Come on...Let's Go Win a Tournament!!! 😁
so far this game is great really enjoy it and having fun with it, I think you should try it and join the team, and the tech support is a strike!
Used to really enjoy this game. But oh my god, the amount of ads in this are disgusting. After every game I have to wait for an ad? Creators need to moderate the ads, I would be more apt to play it.
I love the game. Instead of being cash grab developers. Scummy money hoarding dirtbags. They added a bowling venue (Concrete Venue) so you can bowl and get gold pins from knocking down gold pins. Its a grind. But at least that have the brains to add a 'Oh. You can't afford it? Just watch 17 "gold pin ads" and get our Concrete Venue. That way you can bowl and get gold pins cost free!' Great job Developers
Although I love the game, I don't like to have to watch the advertisements, and I don't want to spend money either. I also don't like the fact that although our progress is being save, I lost my daily challenge level of day 51 and had to start over, even though I vigilantly watched my daily progress. That is so frustrating.
Came back to the game after a couple months and now there are ads after every single dang game. EVERY ONE! I have put enough money into this game to buy a console game on sale. Its idiotic that they did this and I know im one person but it is unacceptable they have done this. Uninstalling this asap.
its a great fun game. but the ads are ridiculous. play 1 game and you gotta sit through a 30 second ad that you cant skip. then bowl another game and another 30 second ad. can we please find a way to get rid of half if not all of these ads please
Would be great if there wasn't an ad after each game. A no ads option would be something I'd gladly pay for.
i love this bowling game. its so fun. i have had no problems with it except my name is spelt wrong on it
Ads are getting annoying. Playing this for years but it not fun anymore to see an ad after each round, you get kicked back to lobby as well, done wastitime instead of playing, and unlikebother games, you cant remove thwm permanently.
This game is just like in real life. The more you play, more balls you buy, the harder to get the next level, and it is so fun. It passes the time. You should play this game, trust me, you will get idetid in 1min.
I have been consistently adding PBA Bowling to all devices ,phones,tablets and laptops I have owned over a 5 year period.the normal way of gaining points,cash or pins is by just by bowling in all events and getting better thru practice. If I was just 16 again no problem .to get more $,and pins in amounts that would take years of game play can be done by just accessing free pins features from watching a video to major game app challenges that pay out in the thousands!
in my opinion not an honest game,though just a game. i was going 4 bck to bck 300 games,bowled 5-6 stikes all perfect .the nxt ball same xact approach,release ovr same arrow ,went straight to the gutter.imean straight to the gutter.games as honest as Vegas gambling!
Love this game! Had this game years ago just found it again and I'm hooked. This game is far from boring with all the special bowling balls that have different abilities.
I like the game, because it's a challenge. I enjoy going against the older professional bowlers I grew up watching on TV. The graphics are great. I would recommend it to anyone who likes to go bowling. Now I'm ready to take on some more pros. The pros I'd like to see added would be Earl Anthony, Dick Weber, Don Carter and Ray Bluth. Of course, that's wishful thinking, but it would be fun.
I know a lot of work went into this, so I'm sorry not to give it a higher score—but it's odd design keeps it from being enjoyable for me: • Landscape mode? Why? Bowling lanes are narrow, not wide; and it's harder to hold a phone sideways. • You can't pull the ball back before you throw, only push it forward, like you're lying down on the alley? (I've seen little kids play that way.) • You tilt your phone to "add spin" (or more accurately, "steer the ball")? Where's the challenge or fun in that?
Very fun and easy game to play. Sometimes the game freezes and you have to back all the way out and start over. It never takes you all the way to the beginning , it starts you were you backed out from.
The is good, but it takes way to long to level up and to get the really good bowling balls . In saying that I really like the game
Good graphics and physics but the having landscape view makes it very difficult and controls are horrible!!! Uninstalling until controls get a serious fix.
I Bought 200 gold pins on 16 september 2020 thru tv android , and i used it to unlock temple strike, north pole and tropical invitational locations in bonus items. but unfortunately after 2 hours to use application suddenly these locations is locked again until now, why did it happen? , my money has gone out for this application, please unlock that locations again or return my money , waiting for ur response soon..
Used to be fun. The physics of it suck now. Most of the balls are trash. Used to be able to shoot good scores and now everything is a split. I used to be able to throw a 300 at least most every tournament but now, I literally have thrown more this year in real life than in this game over the last 12 months. I play this for fun, not to leave 5 splits on pocket hits or go 8/spare for 9 frames.
This is an excellent bowling game it's like you're at the bowling alley and you're really bowling and the sounds are excellent I would definitely recommend this game
Started out as a fun game. But after awhile your energy capacity rises but then so does the energy required to play one single round. Now even with a full energy bar you can only play 1 round without waiting for it to refill. Developers are just money hungry. Ruined the game for me.