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Is a Puzzle game developed by Hexadawn Games. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It Is Strangely Addicting and fun. As yu never truly got to play the puzzle to its full potential in Undertale, This is Perfect for people who wanted to do it, and not simply solving the puzzle by not really solving them! Though I think it could use some work. ! Aybe add customizable Souls of each Colour to change it up, because in the tuTORIEL you are filled with DETERMINATION, but during normal gameplay your are PATIENCE, which I find abit confusing! Other wise, the concept of this game is great, I love it!
I'm really glad a playable color tile puzzle game exists. It's so fun. I've played through all the stuff, except....is solving the perseverance determination puzzle in all pallet colors a troll challenge? Because I've done it but it hasn't acknowledged it. If it is meant to be a troll, congratulations on making me play the color tile puzzle in monochrome šŸ˜‚
brilliant, but could you add moto mod controller support? is great as is, but would love some support for it!
I love it but please fix no one can find it on Play Store I got it from an APK Also the movement gets very very slow in DETERMINED or just as you go on in the difficulties
Very good and very much like the tile puzzle in undertale I would recommend this app to anyone who enjoys these types of puzzles
I really like this game but it would be cool if you had a puzzle maker mode that you could upload to the Cloud for other people to play much like Super Mario maker but that would probably be too complicated
Getting the crown was hard:( It was the last trophy i needed to unlock But i got bored. Here's Something THIS GAME IS THE BEST OF ALL THE PUZZLE GAMES!
i really l()Vā‚¬ā‚¬ā‚¬ā‚¬ā‚¬- i mean love how you can get awards like the dapper character, the font changer, and the perservance. it really makes me SMILE. signed, rusty
This is truly an amazing game! The fact that you expanded on the idea from Undertale and made this with it is incredible. Its fun, it's challenging, and redownloading and replaying this is as fun as ever!
I love this game! It's good for when you are either waiting something or just randomly bored. I also think it's cool that you used the puzzle idea from Undertale and made it a game.
I love undertale and I love puzzles/Mazes, this is basically my vereon of drugs cause I play it all night and day.
I remember playing this game when I was younger and I loved it! I've been trying to look for it again, after so long, and at last! It's even better than I imagined!
I'm glad someone actually took this idea and expanded upon it. When I first played Undertale and saw that this got completely glossed over at its introduction, I felt like it had potential. And guess what, the potential is all here!
Fun and wonderful, the only shortcoming is it fails to mention that the slippery soap makes you smell like lemons, which piranhas do not like.
The game is fun and challenging but when I turn battery saver on the game stops working properly. Other than that it's a really good game.
The game reminds of mettatons puzzle in undertale,but there are more and they are randomly generated,and can you put this in the next update,when a player lands on a Green square,a monster wheel pops up to see if the player is safe or not
I've had this game on various devices for about 3 years now and I still play it to this day. It's a really fun implementation of the tile puzzle and in my opinion the unlockables give the game personality. Would absolutely recommend!
I believe this game is a hidden gem for an Undertale Non-Official Mobile Game. Being based off a minigame from the original Undertale game, it does its job exceptionally well, and then some. As great as the core game is by itself, the unlockables and few secrets that are implemented beside it are what makes this game shine in polish and care. I urge you to download and play this game, whether you're a fan of Undertale, or just a fan of puzzle games in general. Please donate to the developer of this game. This is what we need more of.
This isn't accurate papyrus said you cant step on yellow then step on blue since blue is water and yellow is lemon scented and paranas like lemon
Perfect game based off the infamous tile puzzle. Has a lot of amazing features, such as a solution finder, achievements, unlockables, different modes, and more. It records your time as well, which makes beating your previous best rewarding. Maybe a new genocide mode could be unlocked, where every time you step on a green tile you have to time the combat hit thing (ala undertale) or you get sent back to the beginning.
Hexadawn please read this comment your game is so cool with the unlockebels and comedy/humor but please read this and a believe that you can make undertale mobile Or deltarune mobile or heck even your own game with stuff like undertale and deltarune but a different story and characters anyway like this comment so hexadawn can see this if you agree good game recommended
So about a year ago, I asked the guy behind this over email if there was a way to play this on Android. He let me know that it was taken down for copyright, but he was working on a update to get it back up on the Play Store. I was also the only one so far that noticed it... One year later, I nearly forgot about it, and I got an email from him that it's back! And it's still a pretty fun game.
Fun and amazing, I love puzzles and could play this for hours and hours! I've not ever played a puzzle game this entertaining and time consuming. I recommend this game, you don't even need to know Undertale to enjoy this game. I love that it's always random, so there's always a different solution. There's different levels of difficulty, so you can play at your level. Best game ever.
this is really nice!!!! its challenging at times, but overall very fun!!!i absolutely reccomend this, wether youre an undertale fan or not.
Great game! maybe you can make some green tiles summon froggits that you can run into to remove but take damage
Its Amazing, Ive Only Played It For 2 Days And Im Addicted, No Ads At All, Would Recommend For Undertale Fans And Non Undertale Fans
Hey, that was really fun! It's a good time waster for both Undertale fans and non-fans alike. I also beat a Mercy puzzle in 3.6 seconds, and there is also a solution thing that doesn't require IAP. Plus, I love how the puzzles are randomly generated!