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Pastel Friends : Dress Up Game

Pastel Friends : Dress Up Game for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by SeyeonSoft located at (48213) 301 Dong 402 Ho, 192, Jwasuyeong-ro, Suyeong-gu, Busan, Korea. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
THIS GAME IS SO FUN!!!! I totally reccomend getting it! The art style is so cute and there are so many options! I love this game so much!!! You can play offline, save you chatacters, make uo to 999 saved ones, and SO MUCH MORE! I also really reccomend Pastel Girl too!!! Please get this game!
So so very cute! I wish there was more body types, and eye/hair colors, and maybe some more clothing. But I still really like it, I would love to have the ability to have to different colored eyes, and to add scars, and tattoos, I still love it none the less!
this game is actually good but can you add some summer outfits? i'm from philippines and its really hot here now, so i come up with an idea to do summer outfits. please add some!!
Cool game! Really Cute ^^ I would like it though if you'd add more of a variation of clothes, especially the shirts! Its hard pairing them with skirts hehe ^°^ And maybe If you could customise the colour of the clothes? that would fun :} Its a nice game and i have no complaints so far! ^^
This is not that bad, this is really the best game ever but I wish everything is free then I could make my character's hair like Melanie Martinez hairstyle but this is really good! (⊙ω⊙)♥♥
I enjoy this game! I'm really glad that you can now make male characters, but there are a few little things I miss from pastel girl. I REALLY love the colors tho!
I love it so much! But can you do the Rockstar outfit? Add the tattoos too! Would love to see it in this style.. and one more thing, can you make a 'random' button because sometimes i don't have idea what they should wear...
I like it it's just that, when the ads come up there is no exit button and you have to completely close the app. Which when you come back your progress is not saved.
I love it. It's very fun and easy. Also all the clothes in this game very beautiful. I just play it when boring or want to make myself fell much better and it work♥️
I like the style of the pastel girl better, where shirts all fit pretty much the same so you can use almost any bottom for them, with this app there's not a lot of skirts or pants that don't go with the shirts because they all fit to differently. I'd appreciate being able to change the clothes color like the hair, having more ethnic hair, and changing the height/size of the avatar. And putting the avatars together is way less climatic than it seems, they end up just standing next to eachother.
This game in general is really nice and high quality , but it would be better if you could change the color of your outfit , tail , wings and more.
The new features like more colors for the accesories and the ability to put characters together are great and I love them. However, the art style is just not the same as Pastel Girl. They look the same but Pastel Friends just feels really off. I also suggest adding the accesorries and hair from Pastel Girl to this game, or give Pastel Girl an update that will make it more similar to Pastel Friends (color customization and studio).
There are so many options and colors. Its adorable and there's a lot of selection. I would love it if you could make some more ear types available like elf ears maybe, but other than that, it's great!
This game is great you can dress up in many different clothes I hope it could add a little bit more accessories
This game is the best! I wouldn't give exactly 5, but I just love this game so much I couldn't syltop myself. I love all the cool clothing, and especially how u can get up to 6 characters on one screen! Again, love this game. ;)
Its a awesome game . I realy like although I realy wish those mermaid and all those fun packs you can buy were free or a liltle less money . Ooo and i wish there would be more clothing options like dresses and more xmas and holiday outfits
This game is actually pretty decent. But like a lot of the other comments say. It needs more options for people of colour like hair especially, oh and hijabs. Skin tone selection is already pretty good though. Another thing would be nice added to the game are pieces that would suit warm weather better, colour selections for more clothes, more free in game clothes and because I haven't seen anyone mentioned this. Maybe LGBT+ pride items?? Like flags or clothes with the flag colours.
Cute game!! I love all the little details about this game!! But the only thing bad about this game is that the pose comes with the shirt.. I wish that you can change the pose without having to change the shirt. Out of all this is a great game I'd recommend it to you! I'm absolutely in LOVE with this game!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️♥️
i love it!!! i use it to make mini stories and go crazy and my sister uses it to create her outfits for the week. the point is, we both love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i suggest, a panda headband! pls bc then a i can create me and i absolutely LOVE pandas! but thx!!!!!!!!!!! (too many !'s is never enough!!!)
It's a fun, relaxing dress up game app with a few various differences with the body color: skin, hair and eyes. The clothes are rather cute and incredible to dress up. The is also several slots to save your favorite dressed up characters!
I really like the game, Most games like this they never add brown hair, brown eyes, and yeah. One of my complantes (sorry if I spelled that wrong) is, you cant sort the hair from "short" to "long" and that really annoys me. Over all this is a really good game and i recommend it to all of you! By the way wear a mask to stop the virus.
i really love this game BUT!.....Can you just give all the outfit like other entertainment? i really love your game i already download 3 of your game but all of them need to but the outfit that i really want its just sad😞😔 please!!!!!! make the outfit free PLEASE! just for information now i gonna download lily dairy...just for information😔
I like this, it helps me remember what my character for my story looks like, but I would like to have more boy clothes, I chose this app over a few others because it had more options for boys and I liked the art better, but it could use more clothes for boys, then maybe also Egyptian or more ancient clothes
It's so cute and there are lots of options! It's easy to use and there are lots of save slots for both single characters and friends.
This app is really great and I really recomend getting it. It's really great for making original characters if your stuck on ideas. I have a suggestion thought, it would be nice if you would be able to change the color on the outfits and if there would be more backgrounds and outfits. Overall this is a really great app!
I actually love this game so much and have no idea why but its so kawaii and perfect !!! The only adjustment I would make (at all) is so that you can have all standing positions with all clothes but other than that its very good !!
I love this app! I like how you can save and load characters, and I love the customization of the game. I would rate it 5, but here is the problem. I wish I could pose the characters without using specific clothes. Other than that, great app!! ❤
This is so cute the outfit they wore was so cute on them and also it's like I'm making a cartoon for kids like "Cuties On Adventures" I even like the background it's so cool and this is a amazing app and I'm 9 I'm still gonna keep this game forever! U should try this app if ur reading dis cuz it's cute and adorable #cutegameforpeople
super fun, i love making characters in this app and then drawing them! lots of cute options to make fun diverse characters and put them in groups! love this game, i play it often!
I love this game! My cousin showed me it and at first i was sceptical but after trying it i love it! I think there could be a wider range of clothes but thats the game i guess.
It's a nice dress up game there are a good selection of clothing and hair to choose from I do wish you could choose poses for the characters because there just standing next to eachother.
It has alot more styles but I wish it had more masculine things like a red tie, suite, things like that instead of focusing the game on women.
Super fun game very relaxing wish the loading was faster, but other than that it's a total boredom buster
Love the game but i wish i could adjust heights, i like making kid and adult charaters. It would also be cool to pose them.
So, You may wonder why I only gave 2 stars, Its because half the clothing items were stolen from Pastel Girl, Also, Theres not many masculine clothing choices, So if you want to make a male character they usually look like a cross dresser, Which is fine but hard when you want to make a very masculine character.The hair colors and eyes are also stolen from pastel girl which is awful. They need to be more original. I would give them 5 stars if it wasn't for there unoriginal clothing designs.
Its fun but...... if like have a mini game it be better cuz its kind of boring and make that the charakters can shange poses
It's a cute dress up game but it's pretty limited regarding clothes and stuff (unless you wanna pay) and everytime I try to use the games screenshot feature, my screen just turns white and the game stops working.
I love this game!! There are loads of options and stuff. It takes a while to load on my (incredibly old) phone but I think that's a problem my end. Only thing I would add is more hat/wing/tail options, for example kitty ears or whiskers.
I think it's a good game to make avatars and stuff but maybe just like instead of just having to buy stuff you could have to watch a certain amount of ads.
I would so Recommend!! This is so fun!! If you are looking for a game where you can create characters that look unique then this is the game for you.
Hi i love this game so much but the reson why your missing a star is because i wish you can have poses and the clothes are jusy normal i hate having to pick my fav outfit and it comes with a pose that i dont want so please can you do that please for an update. bye have an happy day
Hi (●’◡’●)ノ. So I really like this game but there's one problem. I can't manage to add a second person in decorate friend mode. I tried tap and holding it, I tried everything but it didn't work. So pls if you can add a more easier way of adding another person? Sorry if this is too much to ask.
It is a fun and enjoyable game for any age it also helps you find your own styles. But if you want to get more clothing, the prices in the shop are a bit to experience. Still it is an amazing game.
Awesome game but I wish there were more options for the headbands, such as cat ears. But great game, creators! Consider my suggestion, and I'll leave five ⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐
This game is so cuteee and amazing. I just downloaded it and now im enjoying it, the music is great too the clothings, parts of body is so cute.At First its confusing whats the use of this and that stuff but now its ok .That's why I will give this game a 5 star. Thank you for making this game!
i really really like the app its super cute and awesome 😍💓 but i really want that we can pose our character and it would be really cool if theres a little studio so that we can play with our characters but its a great app tho UwU
Yay!! I can make more cute characters and have them together on the same screen! They also made the option for eye colour available in this one!! I love how there are two colour layers to the hair and that there are fun poses!! One thing I wish they could add more is the items for decoration. It's not as many as in the Pastel Girl.
I love this game! But let me add this for my questions... 1. Detail mode, with detail mode you could change the lighting of the eyes,jackets,under shirt, even more. 2. Friends list. Omg yas we should have friends in the game,but it's your choice creator. 3. Profiles. Well if we add friends we should add a profile oh and for making the profile we could make a character but instead of just save, and load in, there should be a load in profile. Bai I hope you like my ideas. But you don't need to add
This game is great. Everything about is beautiful. I'm giving it 4 stars mostly cause some things that i but in the app don't show up on my other fun but some things do which mildly up set me. Othere than that its great!^^ i highly reccomend it.
I love how cute this game is, pastel is my favorite color category, I really really love this game, although, i wish you could change the colors of some of the clothes, but over all, it's really fun.
I really enjoy this game! I would like if I was able to choose poses and colors for clotji ng, but all in all it's an amazing game and I highly recommend it to children or just even highly creative people in general!
It's kinda a toss up for me, clothes are very limited so most male characters will either be wearing clothes that would normally be on a girl or they will look quite alike, however the style of the game is quite cute and it's fun to create you on characters that you came up with can't say it's amazing but it's not bad either I think that people should try it out if the have a mainly female cast of characters they want to make in Chibi form.
Very nice and cute characters, this is the only dress up game i play, though it doesnt have much accessories its still fun to play.
I like this game a lot,Becuse You can dress up charecters! Also Have fun doing it.A youtuber Would not play this i dont think but I am a youtuber and this game Is great.I never posted the video but its An awsome game i recomend is game! Keep up the good work on makeing games like this👍😀.Also please make more outfits please.other then that,Keep makeing more games!!!😃😀👍👍 Also if you are a youtuber then i recomend trying to record this game for A new game.
This game is an amazing time killer and you can play whenever you're bored. It has adorable clothes and hair styles. I love all the backgrounds and the animals as well. The characters are adorable and I love that you can change the eye colors instead of having one eye color like in Pastel Girl. It would be better if there were more black hairstyles like braids, locs, etc.
Soo i love this app but i cant decorate diferent charecrers only one but the rest is great you can save and alot more 4/5 stars for me
i was making my character and an ad pops up and it doesnt allow you to leave AT ALL i had to restart my device and my character GONE when i came back DO NOT GET THIS APP.
This is a very fun game and its so cute its like i can make a pocket version of myself but the other clothes and accessories are the problem. To get them you need to pay with real money, and its still a fun game that's why i give it 5 stars :)
Love it, but i'd like the option to add facial hair and other poses that you can cutomize, rather than the preset outfits there are on the poses. This game is much better than pastel girl, great job :)
This is the best app I've ever used, I love making characters, and I love decorating scenes, do us both a favor and get this app
This game is really fun. You can create characters, you can make/ re-create yourself or other people, and you can just play around with it!
sort review : outfits are boring unless you buy type paid for ones. should be able to buy the ones you need to pay for with points or adds. long review : This game is pretty good, I love the avatars and art! However, there should be a way to pay for the add-ons without real money. Like you're able to watch adds to get points, which you can use too access the add-ons. You also shouldn't use things you need to pay for to advertise the game unless you show you have to buy them.
I love the game, it's really amazing and open to creativity. However, I would like to see more of the "posing" types of clothing. Other than that, it's amazing!
Please make all of these colorful themes available in Pastel Girl as well! Plum Blossom, Space, Sea, Beach, Pink Brown, Leaf, etc. would be so much fun in Pastel Girl. I would pay for them in Pastel Girl but prefer that game so I am not inclined to pay for them here unless they can be used in both games.
The game is really fun and it makes me happy and makes me full of ideas, i promise this review is not botted lol (now it looks like this is botted by putting that there but now you know it isnt) its aesthetic and there might be some adds but their usally 5 seconds or theres a X on the corner. ✋👁👄👁👌 noice
I love this app and I've been using it since it came out. I actually followed it from the first app I loved Pastel Girls. Anyway, I recently changed phones because my other one broke. Unfortunately, I was unable to keep the avatars I made for so long 😭. It would be nice if there was a backup system that lets me keep the avatars I've saved from before.
I love this game its so fun to play, this game is so cute the textures, the outfits even the faces are cute 😍 I can't stop playing its soo fun!
Reasons why this game is great: 1) It saves your data. 2) All of the clothes are appropriate, unlike the crappy games Love Nikki and Gacha Life. 3) There's a variety of options to choose from! 4) Graphics are absolutely adorable, and it isn't racist like Love Nikki. 5) You can save your characters, then go to Decorate Friends and put them together with decor! My only problems are that you can't change the poses and colors of clothes, and there aren't enough fancy dresses. Otherwise, it's great!
I love it!!! But it would be nice if you added backgrounds already made like a school background or the outside and inside of houses so we can expand our creativity without having to spend hours editing it it could also help more people play this and create memes and mini movies and you could become a proper community also it would be amazing if you added poses without having to go on outfits so you could choose a pose and the same outfit would be on but a different pose overall Excellent game!
This is amazing!!!I love hoe there are so much slots!! But the reason i gave it 4 stars because would be way better if you add some more clothes😅
Really really good but I think....there should be BUNSSSSSSSS! U know the the the bun hairstyle yeah I pretty sure it would be a little unrated so please please please add that in the gameee I know it will take a long time..... but just please put a bun hairstyle thank u fot reading
It is wonderful and I love all of the options but I think that changing the colors of the clothes would make the game so much better! Also it would be even greater if you could have the option not to give the character hair. It would be so helpful if this element could be added as well. Overall a great game, but these are some updates to think about!
lots of improvements from pastel girl, like eye and hair color, but it's still new enough there's not much clothes. looking forward to updates
It's a really good game but I only give it a four star because well when you put a hat on or an accessory for me it just can't go off and I have to put a hat on now and if I don't want to put a hat it won't let me do that so please change that
It's pretty good! I do wish there were more options, especially in the clothing but it has all the basic stuff. Would reccomend.
Really cute game but i wish there were more hairstyles for people of color. For example more curly hairstyles, there's only two of them. Also i wish for more clothes options and possibly more western styled clothing.
This is so fun! :D I totally recommend it!😉 Even though it has a few ads it still fun. Don't download if you hate ads
Very Adorable!The graphics are cute amd the artstyle is cute!this is really enjoyable i can make any characters or the characters that already made i like this! when im bored, i play this game this needs more rates and attention!
Besides that it's is just about perfect when it comes to customizing characters, there is nothing needed to say about this app in my opinion.
Hi! I really like this game and your other games too, I own almost all the packs in this one but I do wish that you would add more dresses and maybe add animal ears like pastel girl.o(^▽^)o
It is amazing I love how there is no ads and I can just sit back have a hot drink and make my Pastel friend. I recomend playing this game and relax and stroll through your imagination land of Pastel friends. At first it might be hard to understand but you will get there.
Love the game! It's very relaxing, and the people you make can be great wallpapers. One thing I wish you could do is layer more than just the pants and shirt, but otherwise it's a great game😊
great customization very nice i would be happy of you added some other things to do besides make characters but its still very fun. 🌚
Easy to use, gorgeous design yet, I hope I see more variety in hair, not wavy but more curly to afro type of hair, that would be the best! I haven't use all the clothing so I have a lot to explore, but seeing in the future more dynamic poses I'd be delighted, it's a lot yet to be free tho! 🤠
It's easy to controls and the graphics are sooo cute, I love this game. But if it's come with more other options then it'll be more than better. Btw, I do love it, thanks for this game~
Its a great app in my opinion! You can make your own characters, but the reason I give it 4 out of 5 stars is I prefer it would be better if you could kinda create your own stories just like Gacha Life and Gacha Club.
Ok i only hae one thing to say bout dis game UwU... AMAZING this game is very fun to play! It does not have many Ads and it is amazing for making oc's i highly reccemend u down load it! OwO
The style of the game is really cute and I have made hundreds of adorable characters and the mechanics of the game are easy to learn! I totally recommend this!!
I really love this app! The only thing I'd suggest is facial hair and maybe more options for the "friends" part of it. It would also be cool to have some places background (like a bedroom, bathroom, living room, outside, stuff like that). There is one issue with the fence layering in the friends mode but other then that there's not necessarily any functional problems :0))
I think this is the best dress up game I could, find its soo fun, it has lots of updates, and it's great for killing time
great game!! im sad you have to pay for some of the clothing, but there are no pop-up ads, there is more than just a white skin color, and you can make characters of any gender. very cool to play
i really like this game! i have a few things to suggest though. more indigneous hairstyles (afros, dreads, cornrows, etc) and maybe make it so you can have different styles of highlights in the hair?
I love this app is very nice for artists like me for fashion designing and also making new ocs!! Its very relaxing app honestly! I do love where you can save them only one thing I would add if you could is putting like name tags under them so we can renember who is who! Other than that, I love it!
There are a lot of options and I like that nothing is gender-locked. Though everything is too child-looking and overly cutesy for my taste. An app like this but with a more mature art style would be great
This is amazing! In my opinion WAAY Better then pastel girl ! I'm glad you guys made this ! They're like K-POP , Unicorn-y , Pastel, and chibi! The things I LOVE! I would like if you add some more clothes and stuff! Also iTS KINDA Laggy but I don't mind! Great game! 😌✌️✨
Wow amzing app, but something is wrong why is it glitching i tried to make 1 but it glitched it reseted but i did not even rest it, but its ok? I still like that app,and i have a good news and bad news, the good news is im using this app in a year the bad news is i deleted it, sorry...., its because its glitching thats why i deleted it, i wish to give it 5 stars but.. Its glitching
This is my mostt favorite dress up game ever and ive been playing it since 2015 and my only problem is that why is there a limit of six friends only.... cause ya know👉👈 ive been designing me and my friends and were like nine so i have to put them in different pics... plsss no more limits of friendssss in next updateeee🥺
So cute! This is a great game to play of youre just bored, or wanna design an OC. But the variety in clothing is limited, unless you buy the other packs.. Sad. Id love if you could layer clothing!
I love this game and everything but.. why cant I find anything purple, or striped shirts, or goggles- in mostly sad I cant add striped shirts or give my OC purple hair, but I still like he game, so if the game gets updated and it adds the option for more purples and atleast like 2 striped shirts I'll give a 5 star :3
I like the game but it's getting really boring because there's is too little selection of clothing , and most of them are too childish looking it isn't really fun like that
It would be a 5 star but the one thing is I don't like how if you want a top then you have to be in a pose. What would be great is if they can make it so you can pick a piece of clothing and then a pose
All of the characters you make are sooo cute I love the one I made and also the pastel colors are Soo cute as long as you could change some more colors for the clothes and other things in the app but although this app is very fun to play and cute
I'm liking it so far, I first started with Pastel Girl then this came up. The only concern I have is the "with friends" mode where you can customize the background and character, I often use the fence to bring life in the background but the fence overlaps the character which is a bummer, I hope there's a layer update.
I love this app and use it every day! Although, I do think there could be some minor changes: extending limit of how many figures you can use in the decorate feature to more than 6, being able to layer facial features, and maybe a few more male hairstyles and curly hairstyles. Other than that, the art is beautiful, it's easy to use, and everything works smoothly.
Very nice!! I originally remember Pastel girl:Dress up game. But this is similar and reminds me of my 7 year old self playing it, being 15 now and playing this is awesome.
It's a good but to me it's very hard make another slot of another character can you please change it to where you just click it to get the slot but other them that it's good!
This is very fun to me! Great game, you should add a thing where you can pick the color of the clothes. That would be amazing!
Wonderful game! Whenever you are bored you can just sit down, relax, and make up to exactly 2997 characters. I have only created 367 lol. There is one thing that I thought could be better though. While I was looking through the reviews, I noticed most of the one star reviews are just people who don't know how the game works. So please make a better tutorial. Maybe show how to change between skirt and pants, save and load characters, etc. Still download the game if you like dress up! It's so fun
I love this game please make more games like this Please please please I love it so much that there is no other one like it
Overall a great game. I love to create my OC's in here because I'm to lazy to draw them myself. It would slso be really great if you could change the color of the cloths, and maybe have more clothing and hair options. But overall really great and I'd totally recommend it
This is super duper awesome XD I downloaded it few days back but when I started it I fell deeply in love for this! There are so cute avatars! And not even that they have fancy, cute clothes with an pose which is not changable but is shown like it is perfect! This is a total inspirational for artists who are searching for cute clothes and pose! But there is just a few things I'm not satisfied with.. that is there are not much clothes for male avatar n if you give an update then it will be superb!
Awesome dress up game. Lots of options and it's very useful during road trips or outages when there's no wifi. The music is a little bland, though. I liked Pastel Girl's music much better.
I enjoy this game so much! I recommend it for artists who have a lot of ocs and ideas for ocs, it helped me find an inspiration!
Edited this a little because I uninstalled and reinstalled it lmao. I still love the game, and I like that they add new outfits every now and then (hehe frogg), and I'm cool with the fact that you can buy a bunch of outfits. However, I read from another reviewer that to buy all of the outfit packs, it would take about $80 USD. I think that's kind of crazy. Maybe you could combine packs, for example, combining both hydrangea packs? Just a suggestion. Other than that, this is a really good app.
In my opinion this game is so cute and amazing! The art style is very detailed and cute if you ask me! But i would really like to change the color of the clothes though.. But i would still give it a 5 star!
Amazing game for character creation, I wish you could change the color of each piece of clothing though. Other than that I'm satisfied!
A little laggy and you can't change the color of the cloths, but overall it's very cute and you can make some very nice designs, if you want to change the cloths colors then this isn't for you.(Also, the lagging could just be my phone being somewhat old T.T)
It's really cute! But my only problem is, they're not updating the game...They should have more outfits, hairstyles, colors (In general), more accesories, and more eye expressions. Other than that, It's a really good game!
This is a cute and very affordable chibi maker! The only thing I'd love for them to add (here and in Lily Diary) are background props/assets! Trees, grass, benches, clouds, a sun, a few tables, stuff like that. They supply objects like soap and flower vases but nowhere to put them? So it limits how much you can do with your characters 😭
i love this game but i wish there was an option to buy all of the exclusive items at once. i counted it up and it's around 80usd. i'm not even going to mention how u have to pay at LEAST $2 for in game clothes and hairstyles. why even have ads if ur gonna have in app purchases?? uhh i'm ranting a lil, huh? anyway, i was thinking if it's $80 to buy every pack individually (+no ads) maybe u could just pay 50 for all of it at once? or maybe 20 if the prices are changed to be decent? um gg otherwise
I love it but I know that the concept of it is cute but it would be so awesome if you add more outfits what I mean are like ripped jeans, cropped tops, cropped sweats you know but overall 5 stars.
I don't like how you cant change the clothes colors, you cant zoom into your character, and the poses why csnt you change the chothes but keep the post? In coulcultin its a good game with small problems. (Sorry for bad spelling)
Adorable! The art is original, and the style is cute. This is a great app for creating simple but colorful chacters. There are SO MANY save slots for the chacters you want saved in-app, and there's also an option for saving a screenshot of the character straight to your device! As if that wasn't enough, you can also arrange saved chacters into a scene for group pictures! I'd say the only things lacking are more color options and more outfits, but this is a great app regardless.
It's overall a really great game, I play it all the time.The only thing is that it could use more clothing options. I totally recommend it though.
I use this app to design my avatar for events. I used pastel girl and this app. The difference is pastel you can't change the eyes colour but the pastel friend has no jackets to choose. If both put in one game if think that's better. Overall, the game is okay.
I really love this game. It's a bit better than pastel girl. One thing I would suggest is facial features (Freckles) and poses. Other than that, Install it! l it doesn't lag on mine for some reason. I don't get why it won't load for people. It loads for me ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ
This is sooooo good...but can you please please add a few dresses? And also can it be like we put a shirt then put a jacket on it? Coz sometimes it's like we have to choose between them
Pastel Girl is one of my favorite apps - I play it frequently and don't mind paying for items because of how frequently I use it, how much fun I have, and how lovely the designs/items are. Pastel Friends, on the other hand, is comparatively worse. There are very little items despite how long the app has been out and even thoes are basic and uninteresting. On top of that, they recycle art from pastel girl which wouldn't even be that bad if they had more unique items of their own. It feels lazy.
It's cute a cool. It would be nice if they added editing to move things on the face or something. But besides that it's cute and I love it.
Ok, so I was really exited to download this app on my computer. It finished loading but I can't do anything (I can't even see the charecters) because each time a big add is blocking the view and I can't even exit the add since there is no "x." I'm willing to try again on my mobile device since this looks like a very cute app so hopefully it works on there. I'm not trying to hate, but I'm just upset because I have to close the app inorder to get the add out of the way but an add still pops up.
Fun app, useful for character design inspiration. While I do wish there were more options for clothing and such, overall, it's still a very fun and cute app. I would recommend it.
its really a great dress up game. i just wish that you'd get to choose the colors of the clothes and the likes. also, more clothing choices please? i love this game. hoping it the ext update would be greater. hehe. also, as an aspiring writer, i get to visualize my characters so yeah... thank you to the developers, and to you who is reading the review: download this app NOW!!!
Great game! Its very addicting aswell. And the best part is... that you can have over 999 character slots! Other games only have 10,20 or 30. It even has a photoshoot feature! You can even make gif's!! This is my new favourite app 😁😆. The only thing im requesting is for a feature where you can change your character's poses 😊, and maybe a game mode so you can play games with your character or OC of your choice! Overall its a great app! 5/5 stars for me! 😁
Reasons why this game is great: 1) It saves your data. 2) All of the clothes are appropriate. 3) There's a variety of options to choose from! 4) Graphics are absolutely adorable, and it isn't racist. 5) You can save your characters, then go to Decorate Friends and put them together with decor! My only problems are that you can't change the poses and colors of clothes, and there aren't enough fancy dresses. It would also be nice to have themed backgrounds, like a bedroom. Otherwise, it's great!
This game is amazing! i have no concerns but I do think that it should be 100% free because that stuff In the shop looks so cute and amazing 🤩😍
I love this game, absolotely cute i didnt have problems,ads but if i can purchase all the items i could be more happier! And ofcourse, its pastel color. 5 stars for this game!
This is the best game I have played, its really good I recommend you play it,its a kawaii dress up game as you can see!
Omg! Its perfect! So cute! I wish you make an online game for this! So amazing! I am so proud of yall! Keep up the good work!
love it its so adorable i only wish that there were more options for hair (super curly, more diverse options, stuff like that) :)
The game is good but I kinda don't like that you get an ad on the top of your screen when you're playing and that means you can't go into the menu because it is hard to see and you get an ad when you're trying to exit the game (but you can click out of it in 5 seconds but still) and yes I tried to turn off my wifi because there were so many ads but it still doesn't work and ads keep showing up, over all I rate it 5 stars because it's cute and you can customize a lot of characters and save them
I enjoy this app very much, it is a delight. But I do which you can explore more options when it comes to hair, example beings dreadlocks,corn rolls, braided dreads ect ect and other more hairstyles. As well as maybe add in some other things too. I do enjoy this app but maybe try to expand its variety for all users to feel more custom and comfortable to it. Indicating try to add a bit of everything so all can feel a bit more connected to this. Thx!
this is literally so fun. I mean LITERALLY SO SO SO FUN. I don't get why people would rate this 1 star. it's so cute with well,not so many clothes and pastel like Pastel Girl but the clothes is really aesthetic. really recommend to people who love aesthetic clothes
I love this game, a great successor to pastel girl!!! I wish you would add some more items to the item packs. Suggestions: I dont see why we could not have access to the items from pastel girl. :) I miss being able to layer t-shirts and jackets of different colors, and being able to move them around. There were some creative tricks you could pull off using that feature. Being able to change a jackets color using the tech for eye/skin/hair color? Instead of dupes of items in two colors.
Its been quite fun playing with the game but I think it should have more ear choices (dog,bear,etc.) or just more choices without having to pay for it also more colours in the clothing
Ok so this game is very fun and very cute, but it needs more options fro the scene creator, like toy knifes toy guns pls, and maybye the ability to size and resize charecters
This game is so cute and fun! The ads annoy me a bit but they dont happen a lot though. The game is really fun and cute.
I wish we could link up our google play or facebook accounts, maybe have the option to save the data locally to our phones, because I accidentally deleted the game and lost all my characters.
I would like to save my characters on the app and not just in my photos. Otherwise the app is great!😊
I absolutely love this game . The hair styles , the outfits , the everything is just so adorable . Highly recommend if u want to make chibi characters ^w^
It's one of the best free up games it's cute nothing's locked it saves 999 difrent charters that you crate with difrent poses and styles goodngor all ages its 👌 guchi
Amazing app, it would be cool if you could change the colors of clothes and other accessories like scars, and add more animal ears like wolf ears, cat, etc. Really good app though, you can make 2997 characters with it. Lastly, It would be amazing if you were able to name the characters.
I love this game... But of you put a lot bit more modern outfit and dresses it will be 5 STAR... And more type of hair, shoes & jewel ... At all it's super cute🤘🏻
I really liked it! I could customize tons of characters with this! I'd suggest to add more outfits and hair, some of the characters I made looked like the same. But overall, it was fun! It's really an enjoyable game to play when you're bored
This game is really fun! I like all of the designs and the options of hairstyles and so on. What I wish is that they had more masculine hairstyles that's why I didn't give it five stars.
I love it so much! It's so cute and Idk about other people but it's fun to me! And it's not hard to use at all, the only thing I kinda don't like it's that you can't change the color of the clothes but still the clothes are really cute too!
SUPER DUPER AWESOME APP EVER!its sooooo colorful!!Good for kids,.Like you can dress up whatever you want to.I rate it 5 stars.But the presets is not many as the pastel girl,but its awesome.
This game is quite an amazing game to make ocs without drawing them, it does need some more options. But over all amazing!