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Passpartout: Starving Artist

Passpartout: Starving Artist for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Flamebait Games located at Hertig Johans Gata 10D 541 30 Skövde . The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It was working till your last update, customers just walk by. Your unable to sell since they just walk out without saying anything. All the text has vanished, which makes the game unplayable since the whole game is selling which is gone! Im not sure what you did but this is unacceptable for a paid app!
It's quite fun but the painting options are very limited. And I don't understand the point of the ink pen... Can you explain what it's benefit is?
I would rate it 5 stars but even though it is updated it still gets stuck on the curtain scene after the critic comes on the first act.
I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!! But when I wanted to delete it I didn't get my money back. Also I think its to short :(
Terrible. I can't get to Act II because characters are saying I'm becoming "Too Popular", then the next thing you know, people are calling me a sellout and I can't even progress. Please add difficulty options from easy to hard. Take this idea very, very, very, very, very seriously. Change this ASAP. Edit: still no change. Change. It. Now
I love this game, as I like to make my own paintings at home. The reason this is only 3 stars is the fact that it keeps crashing/stopping. I'd be making a painting that would honestly take a while to do, and the whole thing just freezes except from the music. I have to close the app and then rejoin and all my progress on the painting is gone. I'm currently on the start of Act ll and the game has froze, not once, not twice, but twenty three times. I'd appreciate if this was looked into!
This does not work because when I tap to paint it will freeze and then go back to my homescreen plz fix I paid 5$ for this
The game as a whole isnt terrible, but there really isn't much to keep you involved with for long play times and the replayability is next to non. The game could be so much better if it had recieved updates that added elements to the game which would actually warrant that replay. I wouldn't recommend this game.
its fun. im not sure if i would pay full price for the mobile experience though. its a bit stuttery on my phone. i wish you could view all the paintings you've made in the game. i guess you could just screenshot them but eh
the game is fun all in all but once you get the best gallery it gets boring- maybe the option to buy clothes for your character or buy furniture for your gallery would be cool!
I think this is a very good idea for a game. I watched both Jazza and Mattshea play this and wanted to give it a spin. There were many negative reviews, but I would say ignore those. I got the game for a road trip and had an great time playing it. the only reason that this isnt 5 stars is that at the end of act 3 the curtains never reopened. I'm not sure if that is supposed to happen, but I would say otherwise very good purchase.
This is so much fun! Art is so much fun, and to be this much fun should be a crime. Really adiicting and can be time consuming or not. Its awesome 10/10 would reccomend
We love this game definitely a 5 star. We do wish there were more levels though. The critics can sometimes be abit harsh so sensitive artists / players may be offended but it is amazing.
Great the first time and totally worth the money, but I accidently deleted it, and now every time I try to redownload and it gets to 99% it goes back to zero. It might me my device but please try to fix it.
The game is fun, but gets extremely irritating at times. When using stylus if i accidentally press somewhere on screen, it'll draw a line across the painting and there's no undo button so I have to repaint over EVERYTHING it ruined. Also, if you accidentally click the trash button or the check mark, your painting is lost to continue forever. I've spent 20+ minutes on paintings to accidentally press one of the two and lose something I worked super hard on. This game REALLY needs an undo button
Yeah, I bought this game today and anytime I put a painting up for sale, the characters do walk around but none of them go up to the paintings or say anything about them. No idea how to fix this, but it makes the game completely unplayable.
good game but I don't like the graphics please make it look like the people are people and make more tools
People won't come to my paintings for some reason they just walk around please fix this issue it's really annoying
This has potential but one it's way too laggy for some reason. Two I really wish you could use a stylus. Would be even better that way. I usually read the reviews before actually spending money on a game but I got excited on playing this after watching Jazza play this. Hopefully it all gets worked out so I can enjoy the game... if not... I could have saved that money for another game.
I loved the Draw with Jazza's series of Passpartout, But when I started playing the game myself there was a glitch and nobody made a bid on my paintings, I decided to reset the app then it glitched on the opening scene "Act One".
I like that you get to paint whatever and sell it. But thats all you do and the game is too short. For me, I played it once and seen everything, it no more fun. Not worth the money, only worth about half the cost.
Okay, so I paid $8.00 for a game that doesn't work at all. it was okay for about five minutes before it froze and said “Passpartout is not responding” so I restarted my phone and it did the same thing again! Please try to help or at least give me a refund. Thank you
For me it's pretty bad, when I first got it, their was lag and and no one bought anything, not one thing. And now it runs at ass frames per second.. And the same problem, no one buys anything, they just come up to the canvas, look at it, and that's it! 😕 That's What I said before, but now it's okay.. some improvement to it, it still runs at ass frames per second. but they aucualy buy the painting now, I'm not sure when this was fixed because I just stoped trying to play it, 3 star insed of 2.
This game is good but I think it should cost less just because it isn't the best game but it is a good to play so I would recommend this to people that like to paint or to people that don't know to do when they are bored so if you want give this game a chance because it is a fun game for a long time and if you got this game you'll may like it like me ☺️
Love this game, but The A.I are terrible at depicting of how good my paintings are. I made the statue of liberty, absolutely nobody got it. Worse for my child whom got sad because the NPCs said they hated her flowers.
I love playing passpartout but the only problem is that there is no option for any girls when you are selecting the character, so to improve this game I am asking flame bait games to add an option to make your own character and choose what color skin you can have, what color hair, what hair style, what outfit and so on, so can flame bait games please get on the problem, Thankyou!
Fun game, but onve ivstarted making progress customers say im too popular and everything I make is "mainstream garbage" making it so you get no sales and cannot finish the game, i would like a refund if possible
shame old ratings stay, the game works perfectly fine on my phone and is as much fun as the pc version, short but quite replayable
I loved ♥ ❤ 💗 💙 💖 💕 ♥ ❤ 💗 💙 💖 is the best game whit creative and arts I 💘 😻 💜 loved the game
The s pen is not supported to draw with... you can use it to select colors and just about anything else in the game but cannot draw on the canvas with it...
First of all, I had the game running at maximum graphics, and the textures looked horrible. If you're going to make a high graphics setting, at least make the textures look good! Also, nobody wants to buy any art. They just say how unoriginal each piece is. Even if I draw something COMPLETELY RANDOM, they claim it's "unoriginal". It's driving me nuts. I'm refunding this.
What a great game! I love to draw so this was the perfect app for me. The first pic, I spent forever on, just trying to tweak the little details to my liking, and well I learned that I can't do that if I want to win! Gotta save my masterpixies so I can make some monteh. Very easy to follow. It's in English with a few French words here and there to encourage the Paris theme. Playing it on my little phone and I just Love. It! (I'm in chapter 2 now! Go me!) I can't wait to try out Jazza's bonus character, Sexy Benjamin!
Impossible to please people. Spend 20+ minutes on a painting 4 times and no one likes any of them. I'm no artist but I didn't think you actually had to be. Also runs at like 5 FPS
when I bought the app for my daughter after 1 minute she came up to me and said that no one was buying her art I told her to wait a little longer but when she came back after 40 minutes she said no one bought her art so don't buy this app and if you already have press the refund button.
I was playing, scene one was working but then Scene two wouldn't work, it wouldn't transition. Refund please
Great game with the s pen. If you like drawing you'll enjoy this. Detailed game. I like that you have to put some effort into your paintings. If you make a bland panting the NPC's tell you and wont buy it. Worth every penny and addictive.
I think this is a truly unique game along with its experience however I would give it a 4 star rating however I feel that the notifications need to be smaller as I feel that the screen gets bombarded with noise from guests and the notifications. I also noticed that everyone feels strongly about having an undo feature as nice as that would be it also adds to the precision style of the drawing. Aside from that this is a brilliant game keep up the good work and keep listening to the community.
Its a really cool game overall. It feels really good when your painting gets sold for a high price, you get this really successful feeling inside. One thing for me is that it starts to get boring after a few days, nothing else really much happens than just painting and painting. But I would understand why you have to pay for this game, the graphics are very nice and so is the music.
It ended. I think it should not end because I paid 5 dollers for a game that took 30 minutes then it was over
This app is amazing, I really enjoyed the graphics, character designs and much more. Also, the game is really addictive as you just want to improve. The only reason why I didn't give it 5 stars is because I couldn't actually download it, however, I'm not sure if it's just my device. I really hope you will have a super great time with this app. ENJOY!!!!
The game is fun... when it works. It is always slow and laggy even at minimum settings, and crashes most of the time when I save or enter a new act. I kept playing even after first few crashes, assuming I was just getting unlucky and it would stop happening, but no. And now, because I tried to give the game a chance, I can't even get a refund!
This game is really fun and really easy to play but I wish there was an eraser in the game because if I did one mistake I have to delete it all hope you fix that
This game is amazing it's one of those games that you can play when your stressed and get calmed down overall I love this game
Good game good graphics but 2 thing I didn't like that the music is so emotional and 2 is I cannot get on act 2
An okay game. Could use an undo button and it should ask you before deleting the canvas. The player should get hints as to what each customer will be expecting in each stage from character personality cards or 'fakebook' pages. Sometimes the whole thing freezes when trying to move up to the next stage but you can fix that by closing and reopening the game. In the end I decided it wasn't worth the money so I had it refunded. I would probably only pay about £1.00 for this game. Maybe less.
It is a wonderful game, but I wish there was a difficulty setting and hate the amout of, well, hate. I understand that the charicters are AI but if they ask for more detail, then say there is too much detail, then boring or mediocer, it can bring stress. Again, i would give five stars if there was a difficulty setting.
I think this game is really cool for artist and people who like art. I really like this game and recommend it.
It's like being an artist in real life. People can be negative, positive, or just say something nor negative or positive. Whoever that is wondering if this game is good or not, it's wonderful. I also used to be mad at this game for not adding an eraser, but I realised that there is no eraser for the realistic-ness of the game. Great game. :)
The text has completely vanished so I can't sell so if you could fix it that be nice since it still is a good game.
Ok update after 2 day play. Good but not good. Its cool idea game but too basic not worth paying for. Sold some pic for thousands pound n you never can see it again because game is out n lost. The first time played it all store in a museum after 50 years n i can see them again. Then once you out of game, all gone. You cant chat and deal with customers who left comment.. It will b good tliff artist can run it business like, sell, buy, .
It is a lot of fun I played it many times it's a great game. My favorite part of it is the selling of your art and the freedom to draw what ever you want. I would recommend this game to people how want to leave fun and be crativy. Only flaw is that it can get a little repetitive with what the A.I's want. Still a great game.
It's good but there is no S pen support. It treats it like another normal stylus and doesn't utilize any of its features (namely the pressure sensitivity).
No S pen support, a huge oversight if you ask me. This is the only app I've tried that doesn't recognise its input so far. The core gameplay is fun, but I can't help but feel it's a bit of a missed opportunity. *edit* I couldn't find a way to respond to developer comments, so I'm writing it here. The S Pen worked in menus if I recall correctly, but it did not work at all for drawing.
It said you guys fix the problem preventing gamers from progressing, but the problem is still there. I was able to reach every ending, but I cannot enjoy them because the game refused to let see what happens in "act 3." Overall, I'm disappointed. I know this mobile game have their quirks, but not letting gamers progress to the next level is no excuse.
Its a great game but it needs some updates like having hint to what the customer want and stuff otherwise its a great way to consume time and its pretty fun