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Party.io for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Pango Games. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
idk whether they thought that they could get away with this and that nobody would notice it's a rip of Gang Beasts or if they were just trying to bait people into playing it because it looks somewhat like it but with astronomically shittier controls and slower and ugly graphics, but it's a rip none the less and even if it was a good or entertaining game, i have zero respect for studios who try to leach off of another Studios success and creativity. i hope Boneloaf or Double Fine Presents sues.
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couldn't stop until i had all the characters and did it in one sitting i thought this is a very fun game and i want more!!!
It's a fun game but the ads went faster than the actual game. Also, put a tutorial or a hint on how to grab and throw, it can get very confusing especially with the lag.
This is no multiplayer game, literally when i get off of it, it just goes off where I left and that freaking lag is killing me! this is just basically inspired off another game too , Gang Beasts. just for android and all that and way to many ads in my opinion i find it kinda stupid to just watch ads to get a skin to unlock and the skins style to be honest is just weird try a little harder on the controls also, its hard to move around please work on this
this"rip off" game is fun to play but the glitches were your character or characters stretch in the match is funny but can lead for u to die.
The ADVERTISEMENT made me believe I was going to be up against real people. somehow I can play this game with no wifi or data usage and still face "players". then I noticed that I was winning every single round. I also noticed that none of the players had a score even close to mine and I've only been playing for a couple hours. I've drawn the conclusion that this is not a pvp game and the advertisement suggested something that is false. overall a fun game, but i really lost my zeal for it.
They can't even make there own game. They had to copy a game from Xbox and PS4. This is a copy of the game gang beasts. They even had the nerve to copy two of their maps the people who made this game need to actually try to not look like money hungry developers and do their own work.
it's a fun to play game but has no sound at all and it's really annoying because of that ... and has a lot of bugs that needs to be fixed and needs better graphics ... and better controls and one important thing why all players are bots????
This is a decent game but you can't really do much in the game, you will earn trophies that have noting to do with the game at all. Another problem is the amount of ads, I understans that you guys are tryin to earn some money but I don't like having an ad pop up after every match.
This game is a ripoff! I tried playing Party.io but it said "Unfortunely, Party.io has stopped." I tried it seven times and its waste of time! Also, It has copyright of Gang Beasts and Human Fall Flat! I was super excited to play this untill these bugs ruined it! Please fix the bugs.... I would give it a 4 rating if you destroy the bugs but because this the copyright of Gang Beasts and Human Fall Flat.
I am on a Samsung tablet and every time I tried to open the game it would say "Party.IO has stopped working" , I tried later after I reset my tablet but got the same message, I would appreciate it if you could fix this bug. Thank You.
It was a fun game until you get to the last skin...it then causes a glitch so that it is impossible to win and you just keep watching ads! Terrible game, do not install!!
its a fun game but it has deleted all of my characters 3 different times and i spent a lot of time trying to get all of them not to mention that you have to watch a 30 sec add to get a new character
i kinda wish u had buttons or at least had directions on how to play the controls were hard and i had no idea what to do. but besides the controls it is a great game.
Terrible game. I AM SPEAKING DIRECTLY TO THE MAKERS. Its impossible to actually control the characters. 1 star, wish I could do 0. Nothing like the ads. In the ads everybody's running around easily throwing eachother off. But its impossible to actually get the characters to go the right way. Same with the throwing. Most of the time when I throw my charactor just jumps off. Plus this is just a HUGE ripoff of Gang Beasts. Chances are, you got this game because you thought it was Gang Beasts.
this game is kind of fun, however you can unlock everything in about an hour, then they're is nothing else to see. the game also has many glitches such as when you pick someone up, you're randomly and to fall off certain edges that were not previously passable the game also occasionally force quita
This game is fun but it's really laggy I don't know what I'm doing in the game I got always to kicked out idk if it's my phone or it's the game but I don't think that's my phone my phone isn't lagging when I was in utube I like that game that you can throw people out but I can't punch but the ai is really good at punching
no instructions, no settings, no menu. just run around like an idiot with no clue what to do. the tutorial flashes by faster than anyone can possibly read. garbage.
Where do I start? The game is glitchy also very slow, when I try to pick someone up it takes quite a while when i also try to throw someone it takes wayyyy too long. You want us to click sides of the screen why not just put bottons down so it'll be EASIER to move and do things. There are also alot of ads, pretty annoying if you ask me, I also can't skip the ads...i don't know if that's your fault though. Sorry I had to write a bad report, when you fix the game I'll give you a better rating.
Games fun, but it suck that you only.face bots amd the controls arent that great and there isnt much option to use but heck game fun to play just to kill time.
The instructions are nowhere to be found and the bugs are incessant, so you're stuck sucking because you don't know what the freak to do and then a glitch has you flying or walking over the ropes. This is the same trash lack of attention to detail that I found in Daddy Long Legs Horse earlier today. Could be fun so I gave it 2 stars, but the programmers and designers clearly lack some common sense in foundational game development.
It's a good game but I unlocked half of the characters and then it glitched and left me at a high level but none of the characters unlocked. I had to start over on unlocking characters.
So, to start things off, this game is a rip off. Ever heard of the game 'Gang Beast'? Yeah, well, this game stole the ideas, graphics, even some of the maps! Second, these 'players' you play with are bots.And third even isn't about the game. If you look at the top reviews, most are 1-3 stars, and they all get a similar response IF it's about the ads, but if it isn't, it's just left ignored. I'm uninstalling this game for many reasons, and I suggest you do the same.
Stale, I always feel as though I can never trust what I'm up against. Bots? Definitely... Bot driven game = -Star power >:(
no real players game sucks.. . Review Update: #2 If there was that many people actually playing this then there would be more than enough people to battle. There is no option to go into online play. It only lets you fight bots.. Its NOT good that its on android if its not working properly.. As soon as I see an actual ability to battle real players ill think about changing to a higher review, until then my rating stands.
I like your gameplay and like how it feels about to play into your life Hart and it's nice to play every day with me
can't even open this app as soon as I do it says "Party.io has unfortunately stopped" this game is garbage in your life that you need to throw out.
Okay Rooster Games, I have discovered that this game is NOT online although you try to show us so by saying when we tap play "waiting for other players", plus if you look at the other players (which are actually bots not real players) and see their behaviour with Internet connection then when you disconnect from the WIFI and play it offline they have the same behaviour! If you will make us play against bots then it's going to be sooo boring just like how bored I am now of this game
I'm not the kind of person who would like games like these,but since I am getting a bit older I like it I guess? I mean everybody gets into fights once in while. Anyways, this game is a fun little mini game that u can play with real people with no Wi-Fi! , So it's kinda just for entertainment if your outside somewhere.
I like the game and the thought of it. I love gang beasts and when I saw this come up I was hyped. I was hoping that you'd be able to do a friend's game so I can play with all my friends so we can goof around. But I found it to be very laggy and I could hardly even move around let alone throw people. I think I'd just get gang beasts and pay the money, but I love the general idea. Good job. πŸ‘
Worst instructions for a game I've ever seen for any app. You're only given a few seconds to try and read the tiny print that pops up only when you start a match and usually you're dead before you can finish making out what it says.
Would get a higher rating but the ads are toxic.cool game to pass the time tho. Edit: To clarify the toxic comment, what i mean is half the ads dont load properly and in order to move on i have to close the game and open it again or it just sits on a black screen indefinitely.
I really loved this game, until I found out I had just been playing with NPCs the whole time. It just pretends to connect to the internet. Put your phone in flight mode to play without ads and see for yourself. I hate deceitful apps.
terrible can't stop adverts and got to watch the whole thing and then randomly open play store. uninstalling
this game lags like crazy its not playable at least for me my device is a samsung, I am not saying that you shouldnt download it but developers please fix this problem. edit: thank you its good to know that you guys are actually trying to fix the problem it deserves 5 stars!
I honestly am confused at how these stupid pirated games keep getting on this store. Honestly did Google really not look at this game and see that it's just a straight rip off of gangbeast. And literally the freaking multiplayer isn't even true multiplayer its just stupid bots. I hate companies like this that just try their best to just scam little kids for ad revenue. I honestly just need to get a job at Google to just take down all of these stupid apps that are just scams.
whare to start how about with how LAGGY it is, the second you enter a match the laggy controls make it impossible to play and no NOT my WIFI. the gameplay is AWFUL you cant learn to play the only way I win is continuously tapping the screen no way that's fun. the only thing positive is the graphics and with the skins you have to earn them all and your stuck with the color. I joined a game and it lagged so bad I "died", I usually dont say this but dont download and no it's not harsh never said it
It was a bit laggy at first, but after a few tries, it ran so smoothly. This game is so fun. Its kinda funny to be honest. But overall, 5 stars, worth a try!
No where does it say that this is an online game so I won't knock it because you are playing against bots except for the 'Waiting for players' at the beginning of the round. It's more because it's not an original idea, with concepts clearly stolen from other games. Also no sound, no settings at all?
bad everything it completely garbage the controls did everything's terrible bull about the game it's not your mods in the slightest they could have made it so much easier by putting it to buttons it would of Ben much much easier
This game is a rip off of gangbeats there are ads every 15s and do you expect little kids buying the no ads thing, obviously parents are not going to buy it because it's useless to them, I hope you fix the the glitches, the ads, and the controls. Thank you. Meanwhile I wil have the rate 1 star
It is a great game if you want to play Gang Beasts but you are on Android. It is good, But I am still working on my lag 😁😁😁.
To many ads every time you win a battle you have to watch a 30 sec second ad. I rather play the game and not spend half of the time watching ads.
wheres the achievements? wheres the skins for completeing set challenges. there are no other people playing against you. with the amount of downloads this game has there should little to none of encountering the same player again. If I were you guys, stop half fast making simple games like this. take this off the market. you need more features, and do something about the ugly colors and character designs. it looks as if a high school student made it for a programming class project. Disappointed
I would give a higher review but I think this is kind of based off of gang beast or got an idea from but overall both are great games πŸ˜ƒπŸ€£πŸ˜‹ and are similar but also different thank you for making this wonderful game hope I find more games like this cause there's not much like this!
Its Good and all but I completed the game in 1 day and now its getting boring but yet at least I have the most hightest score then all of the players ✨😌 by the way there should probably be new Characters and maps and probably modes to be more fun but anyways its pretty good.
I would not recommend you play this game, the controls are bad if I stop moving it still says I walk but when the bots stop moving they stop moving. I just downloaded this game and now I already deleted it. . Its also annoying how after every round they either just throw a ad in or they give you a skin that you have to watch an ad for. This is the first time I hated a game so much, atleast make the graphics better. Thank you for reading my post.
The game is hilarious, but it misses ragdoll effects, which would'v made it much more funny. I put three stars because whenever I win by Yeeting everybody of the map, an un-skippable ad pops up. Mate it's but loaded with ads which is not cool. And the only way to proggres with unlocking skins is by watching ads. Like mate put a currency system instead of stupid useless XP.
I mean, I like the idea, but they way it's made is not very good, I dislike how you cant really get to know what to do before your thrown in with other players, my first match was instantly killed by some guy, and then it says "your level:100" that's confusing, why not just make it for every match you level up by one? and maybe make a tutorial for new players? I'm uninstalling, and I dont really like games like this anyway, so I probably wont get it again...
Firstly, the screenshots of the game look nothing like the game itself, second, physics are a mess, no tutorial, and graphics are awful, third and most importantly, it is a TOTAL RIP OFF from gang beasts, you know that actually good game that lots of people like. If you see this don't install this game it is a waste of time and phone storage space
This game is hideous. The controls are horrible and the game doesn't show us how to throw and lift people. Also, the fact that you trick people into thinking that you play with real people is sad. Rooster Games, if you're reading this (which you most likely won't), FIX THE CONTROLS BECAUSE YOU REALLY DIDN'T! AND STOP TRICKING YOUR PLAYERS INTO THINKING THEY'RE PLAYING WITH REAL PEOPLE!
great game fun ...need to added land severs and added friends list give us better cloths and bling and more players in matchs cuz 5 others gets boring at least make it 8 or 10 player in a match but over all its a great game and also give us stuff to unlock with the skill lv and more real players
I am just here to type a review to let anyone else know that this is a terrible game. I only downloaded it in order to type this review.
this game sucks i just started to play it when it chose my charater for me one star off the second star off was when it just threw me on a map and said nothing two stars off the thrid star off was it not being low screen and instead high screen three stars off the fourth star off was the lag it was so bad i got teleported to the corner of the map would rate lower never play again do not download
So fun! but the only problem is that I can't buy the skeleton skin it's say 200 to get it and I got 200 but it didn't let me buy it so fix it please but still fun! 😁
Hello. This Game shows effort but still needs improvement. Try making better controls graphics and make servers in which online players can battle each other. Try to find a way to eliminate the lag. Thx.
The game is a lot of fun I just passed 7000 xp so that must say how much I enjoy it. I unlocked a lot of characters then it sent me back to the pumpkin head guy. Still I enjoy the game. Rewatched all the adds to get the characters back.
I like it. The gang beast rip off is good. I like how you can throw them off. But perhaps create GUI buttons on punches, headbutts, kicks, and throws. I like the customize of the characters. How about instead of costumes, why not try finding sifferent traditional clothes from differwnt countries. Like chinese clothing, Engliag and Amercian.
this game is still a little bit buggy. I was about to thrown off the map when i glitched out of the whole map. Please fix this.
ok this game is straight up HARD IT MAKES ME WANT TO THROW MY PHONE anyways this game sucks for now if you make the computers that are playing with you easier ill just leave 2 stars also UNINSTALLING
Actually this game is a bit horrible since it got too many bugs, there is also glitches and no tutorials to see how the game works. Not much options but why i give 5stars? I just enjoyed it and hoping that the developers may fix the issues and provide more attention to develop this game
let me make it more clear. every time you win a game it gives you the choice to watch an ad to get a new skin. This gets very annoying because you have to wait evey time for a few seconds. Im ok with ads but I don't want to be asked the same thing over and over continuously. It is so easy to win because the AI is very bad and serves no challenge, almost 100% sure that I am not playing with real people. Would be a 4.5 with actual multiplayer and no questions repeated over and over.
This game is fun put extremely annoying. There's lots of glitches when u start so u can't pick anyone up and then u die, one time someone picked me up and throwd me but not into the water but on the ground and I glitches trough ground and my screen went crazy. The worst thing about this game is that u have to watch an add to get ur skin. Although there's not many adds other then that it's still annoying. But overall I mAy recommend it I dont really know.. just try to work on it.
App wouldn't even open. Dissapointed but unfortunately not surprised, clicked the icon about 12 times before I decided to give up and delete the app. If you're looking for something good- this ain't it.
This is one hundred and ten million percent a ripoff of gang beasts, the graphics controls and even game style is the same.This is the worst game ever!! And I don't care what the devolopers say but this IS a ripoff AND it lags like crazy!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS!! You don't even play with real players, you play with bloody BOTS!! I hate games that ripoff other games..why can't you come up with your own ideas?
There is too many ads. Especially if you win over and over because when you win you unlock characters and in order to fully unlock them you need to watch an ad. I got 3 ads in 5 minutes and it took the fun out if it.
Good idea, hard to control and way too many ads and they are all 30 seconds +. On the plus side you play in real time. Edit: be glad you got 3 stars this app sucks, you don't need 30 second ads every 15 in-game seconds.
if you made it multiplayer it would be really fun to play with friends but it's all bots. Edit: I will gladly make it 5 stars if you make it multiplayer
Its basically Gang Beasts but for Android. The gameplay is actually pretty good for the most part! The controls is simplified to touches and taps for movement and grabbing and throws, so even though this game IS a ripoff, its actually a good rip! But next time, more originality
This game is honestly the worst game I have ever played. The game renders so slow and the controls are confusing. I consistently keep on running to the edge and fall. There's barely anything to do but just run and die. Not even 5 minutes into the app and I instantly deleted it. Do not play unless you have a mental disease.
This is the funniest game ive ever seen. And not because its good. Its because its complete garbage. its a rip off of "Gang Beasts" I mean, all you play with is bots and there is ads every 5 seconds when you play. "We may have some stuff in common with Gang Beas-" This is literally gang beasts but worse. You have ripped off almost everything about it. I mean, at least try to have a good grab and battle mechanics. TL;DR This is complete trash that has ripped off a million dollar company
Explain the Controls much better... no idea how to do anything except run around in circles. Absolute Trash of a game.
I did not like the controls and I definitely did not like the fact that u can't even practice learning the controls without losing points. the only way I got my point back was dodging everyone, staying alive. I pick up a player 6 times spun him around like a rag doll nd still couldn't throw him off the edge. shaking my damn head.
Ok, this game is trash. First off, they say that the controls are easy. NO THERE NOT. Literally all you do is swipe to move and turn and you tap to grab the "players". Why not use buttons??? Joy stick??? Also this is just a ripoff of Gangbeast. The animation sucks and there is only one stage. This app is just a waste of time. So I suggest that you don't get it.
other then the movement control this game is really fun! my brother got me interested into this game he also likes this game!! btw the only thing we dont like is how you move we both suggest that you should add maybe a settings and do controls like a thumbstick. plus theres also funny glitchs but i dont want you to remove them, its hilarious how it work! but if you make the move controls different then i will make is 5 stars!
It's good but it does have bugs in it and I wish it had better controls but keep up the good workπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ thank for responding to my text thank you for the new update
This game is basically Gang Beasts yes but it's way too laggy and glitchy, I couldn't move, when I saw the ads I was like "This is Gang Beasts on Android I've been looking for this for ages!" and on the ad quality was smooth but turns out bad.
this game is very simple and fun, I wish you could play with friends other wise I would've give this 10 stars, but the game is still cool.
I'm so glad it's on mobile! Thank you for making this lovely game! It's probably the most funniest game on my phone!
it is the exact same thing as gangbeasts but gangbeasts is way better don't download it it's a waste of time
its a great game i love it but i gave this 4 stars because theres to many ads and i cant x them out but otherwise its a great game and its good to get your out after a long hard day from school and work but please try to find ways to not show as many ads thank uou
dont show you how to play, just put you in a match, the 100 level for first game is was weird. just running around. game lost my vote it look fun to play but it suck save your time