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Parkour Simulator 3D

Parkour Simulator 3D for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Akadem located at Wipplingerstrasse 1/2/1, 1010, Vienna. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game sucks booty because of how is says it's offline, but you need WiFi just to play a level. I also hate how there's no free roam. Please fix this!
the problem isnt bugs, it's that the "game" is more a video then a video game, we want a free running (free running as in parkour not a free, running game) game with movement and jumping that the player controls, I'm suprised you guys/you looked at this video with a single button and went "let's make this public" and sell masks for what, 100 DOLLARS. also vault jumps are supposed to make you go faster NOT SLOW YOU DOWN, then again you are just a tardis in Austria which has to be a lie
You expect me to download your trash i mean add everytime i fail 20 to about 50 secs to load and god this isn't parkour this some laggy thing where people do flips and say there parkour masters shut up one star dude.
The game was good when it first came out, but after a few updates, the controls became very bad... & now you want us to buy some stages before we can continue playing the game... you must be jokingπŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
It used to be so good and pure no it changed so much like i cant do flips i cant freerun like i used to do thats why i left a 1 star
Gameplay is ok. The fact that you have to pay to practise. Is just bad. You have to get a certain level to continue in classic mode. With no way to tell what level you are. This game is trash.
This is too difficult to solve and when u jump in to a car the jump will go miles from your destination
when i downloaded the game and i got on it it was just black dont download this dont waste your storage dont waste your TIME!!
By looking it looked a cool parkour game but ...........when played it is worst and even more ...true thing is u cant control the avatar properly so jumping and sliding are good but doing the same tricks again and again is worse.......so dont install this game.😫
The controls are bad, graphics are bad and you have to pay to go anywhere. Definitely the worst game i have ever played.
At the first,I am very impressed by seeing the video of the game, and I gave five star rating. After opening the game it was full of ads and cannot start just loading and loading since 20 minutes. Then I deleted it and my review also and give one star rating. It was just a wastage of mb and nothing. Please don't download it.
Very bad game the character runs super slow this is not even parkour the graphics are in 3d but its not good when I was seeing this game there was like a lot 1 star so I downloaded it now that I know why so many 1 star
Horrible.. The Game Update Made The Game Horrible, It Took Forever For The Level Of Time Race To Load! Id Rate It 1 Star.. You Know Why? CAUSE THIS UPDATE IS TRASH! It Was Fine As It Is.. It Used To Be Open Minded And Fun.. WHEN THESE OBSTACLES BECAME SHORT! EVEN A TODDLER CAN JUMP OVER THOSE TRASH CANS IN THE FIRST LEVEL! I WANT THE NORMAL GAME BACK! AKADEM IS OUTRAGEOUS!
All you have to do is hold one button and it does everything else. There's no challenge or even playing really
you should put some more spinning some side twist backflips etc the old version is better than this game make it exciting on the next version and 1 thing l hate is too much ads .Pakour do spinning tricks like side twist but whay do you remove those spinning tricks
This game is the worst load is to slow even in the next round the game is good but its taking an hour to load the game my internet is full but it still slow to load the game the practice is ok but the missions are too slow to load make it fast
Wow I love this game so much and iam addicted to it this is the best parkour game ever. HATE this I can't even play it I completed the tutorial but when I start the it keeps on saying LoEDIng AsSet AN IT TAKES AN ETERNITY TO LOAD AN MY INTERNET CONNECTION IS IN FULL BAR AnD IT'S JIO FIBER 5G PLS FIX IT I WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME SO MUCH PLS 😭😭
15 ads befor the game even started i exited and then reopened it and guess what anouther 7 ads befor it opened but this time it worked ok i get in to the game right i go to start a mission axadently hit an ad at the bottum of the screen no big deal i play the game as the lvl loads anouther ad i play the game after the 10 sec ad aful cuntorls after fimishing anouther ad and keep in mind this was in the time span of 10 mins max so 25 ads befor i even lvl up this ap is a money graber don't get bye.
Game didn't even load. I gave it a good five minutes and checked that my wifi was fine but still nothing.
You need permission This form can only be viewed by users in the owner's organisation. Try contacting the owner of the form if you think that this is a mistake. Learn more. It is very bag game do not download
I'd move forward and jump and it would make me go left or right. This game sucks dont download its a waste of time and space.
The game clearly has had a lot of effort put into it. Some parts are terrible, graphics and some animations. But some things are great like gameplay and level design.
I hat giving reviews 1 star but the game play is pants the controlls are so bad graphics are terrible and there alot of bugs
The game is fun, but the way you have to press the buttons to parkour is very challenging for those who don't have good reflexes in that manner. Other than that it's a good game
I'm addicted to this game but there is 1 problem the graphics please fix them but anyway its a fun game I play the game endless
I like this it's just that it's hard to do tricks in parkour simulator and u can't even upgrade ur person
If I could put zero stars I would this game takes sooooooooooooooo long to load I was waiting for 30 minutes this game is a waste of space
I like the game a lot. But when i completed a mission i can't go to the next level unless i close the app and go back in. Please fix this and then i will give 5 🌟
Great game i have played the game before but now when i install it again so after i complete the training round and start the game it just takes ages to load
It sucks looks nothing like the picture on the front i do not like it I CANT GET PAST LEVEL 2!! LEVEL 2 THAT LEVEL SHOULD BE EASY BUT ITS NOT again do not download.
I love the graphics but the controls are terrible! You press a go button to move, which is extremely uncomfortable, and you drag your ring to move the camera and to move.
i like the game but when i download it before not upgrated if i jump to the near of the wall it's getting backflip
Nice but graphic are very old and not good sound but interest in play pubg that is nice game but MB or go is much better than I thought and brothers are also very ggoooddd
The game is boring,its not even parkour,the graphics are bad and the character doesn't do what you want,in the images the game looks pretty cool but it really isn't.
This game is trash I can only play the first round and then the loading take so long and wait and see but it was loading at 0%
Game suck. It is effectively a pay to win single player game. If it were for extra content like more maps and characters I would get but having to pay for the practice area is stupid. If you are making us pay for the majority of the game at the very least let us use incase currency instead of only real money. People complain about the ads which I somewhat agree with but the lading time to enter each level is absurd for an offline game.
This game is sh** it takes forever to load or it never load at all you ppl just wanna take people money you have to pay for practice wow thats dumb go make money somewhere else
horrible, there is so much room for error, too much infact. the controls are so wonky, and your movements must be presise, to slide under something for instance, you must be perfectly in the center of the the object you slide under. i do not recommend to anybody under any circumstances.
Hahahhahhad this is a joke i hate this game because when i click the play byton this is required internet. The graphics is not beautifull to be online damn game😑😾
this game is trash, all you do is hold one button and it does it itself. half the time it doesn't even go in the right direction
This game is trash I remember when it was actually fun bring back free run mode and make the characters jump more towards the middle i keep falling off if there was a game that would make me wanna smash my phone it would be this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
It Takes More Time! This is not real of all so many ads i use Data but not working i hate this And The Creator i hate it it will pop some ads πŸ™„ i hate it πŸ™„πŸ€¬
This is the worst game because I roll under the thing and I lose but I did not touch. now it is one star plz fix it.
It's fun but I got past the first level and tried to play the second one but it won't load it just sits saying 0 percentage please fix this
This game sucks it says you control the character with a joystick and all you do is hold 1 button no limits my butt.
The Game is Fair but When Loading In It Take So Long Like i Have to Wait 6 Straight Hours. Its So Frustrating Just To Wait. Im Patiently Waiting But Nothing Happens
I wouldn't recommend getting this game, for some reason it wants to know your location, also for whatever reason it wants to access your private data like pictures, plus, game doesn't even load, all it does is play ads at the bottom of your screen while you wait for a black screen to load. also... it doesn't even load, I let it run for like 5 minutes and nothing happened besides the ads change going at the bottom of the screen.
Its trash the controls are horrible theres only two controls you ususally dislocate your arm when you try to climb and basically the animation is πŸ’©
it's the worst game ever bcoz when I try to play it it is too fast and the camera keeps rotating making very hard to see where the player is going or the way he's going too. the picture looks cool and all but it's the worst game ever and the person who created it it shows that they were not serious about this game
The game always says no connection, Im so disappointed for what is happening. So to all who to download this game don't ever try
SO GOOD!!!!! I mean yeah the controls are kinda trash but i dont care if its controls i like everything about this game
This game is fun people saying need to pay for practice but pro needs practice but yea true pro practice on their own with no tutorial Legends never do that this game is cool nice graphics and epic animation i hope you understand.
Seemed like a good game but there is lack of instructions on how to play and the controls are a bit halfhearted when it comes to them working. Fixing this would make it a game people would enjoy
I love the game play im 9 and when i was 7 i was at mu dads work i was his phone for the first time this was the first ganes downloaded and is the best the and still os the best
This game is fake i thought it's offline i can't even play this game when i press the play sign its load forever i wait 5 min. But its still 0 dont waste your time to download this game. (Β¬_Β¬)(οΈΊοΈΉοΈΊ)(βœ–οΉβœ–)β”Œβˆ©β”(β—£_β—’)β”Œβˆ©β”
Every time I play this game it just gets worse and worse, and in the beginning it was pretty bad and a little later it got better but they had to ruin it again by freezing not choosing the characters I want and just not as much of a trick variety those are just some of the reasons why this game is bad.
Fun to play good game I suddenly wanted to play a best Parkour game and I asked some Parkour games to my friends and they only said Parkour simulator 3d is the best Parkour game for Android thanks for giving a such great game
Good job Akadem. You make it the worst parkour game in the world πŸ˜πŸ’’. After I install it, it will just freeze. My wi-fi is in excellent rate and my phone storage is still big. And I want to say for those who wants to play this, please, don't play it. It's just a waste of time.
Buggy, Laggy, Full of ads AND a pay to win game, BASICALLY EA but worse, do not download it its not worth your storage and your time.
Usually don't write reviews, but this legit sucks ass. it looks super good, but don't be fooled. You can install if you want, and see for yourself, but it would be easier to just take my advise: look for a better parkour game πŸ™ƒ
You're not doing anything at all. The computer does everything. What's the point of a game if you're not playing it? It's like watching someone else play. You just hold your finger down in one spot the whole time and the game does everything else, turning, flipping, sliding are not in your control.
This game is trash,it had bugs,lags a lot,its pay to win and I can barely practice because you need to pay to practice,dont waste your time on this game
After training it takes forever to load the game it took almost 20 minutes to load I unstalled this game to bad it looked like it would be fun
I like this game! It's very interesting because in this game there are very nice stunts and best parkour gameπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜ŽπŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ
Its very good and its satisfying for me i dont know what others feel but thus game is very relaxing but a littlr bit rage for me
This game sucks its so laggy that you can't play and also it needs Internet connection which makes the game even more worse, don't download this game this sucks.
all you have to do is hold down the Go button. Don't play this gsme unless u find it interesting to watch a poorly animated character do vaulte and backflips off of a level that looks like it took 5 minutes to make. They also try to get you to purchase a set of items right when you open the game.
Worst game ever played It says it is offline but even requires internet for the second level Super slow loading speed
The game looks good on the cover but it's very poor on delivering what the cover drives, the fact that it's listed as an offline but requires a data connection sucks, it gets a 2 out of 10 from me
WORST GAME EVER! It takes a whopping 20 mins for the game to load! Moving the character was very hard. When trying to jump i have to press it really really hard because it just wouldn't jump or roll. It could've been a fun game only if the functions didn't suck and it wasn't slow
games pretty bad i meen the details is good but the gameplay is just bad in the levels you only hold a bottom and in free roam you have no control of wat moves you do and why would in game mask cost 109 dollars like thats kinda just....dum
I thought this was offline but now it is online and the tutorial was pretty good but on campaign? Worse its because its only online.
The Worst ever app its too bad game what just say offline game its online game, it doesn't work on - worst and too bad
It's a good game for people who like parkour great and it's so fun plese download it if you are a person who like parkour. Edit - I hate people who don't like this game.
I can't even play keeps on giving me the premium subscription screen it's so annoying. I feel like I'm going to uninstall this game.
This game is for time waste. this is not parkour game this is loading game. Whenever I complete level loading was come. It was boring game. I never seen any boring game like this in my life. When First time loading comes i said : what is it ? ...I don't want to give it any star but I give. This game wasted my important 30 min. Of my life.
This app is amazing but the problem is when im done playing it its goes back to the start and i really........
This game is very boring and it is very slow in my own rating it should be 2 because the game is so slow and lots of ads and it doesn't do any pakour thing but he roll in ground and jump pakor is meant of cool things like back flip so my question is why is the game call pakour and it isn't 3D?? I had delete this when i finsh 1 level please don't download this game it us dor your own good if u want to time wast then play
literally just pressing a blue button that says GO. no way to actually control the guy other than that one button
Bruh you said its offline but when I play without mobile data it says no internet connection, bruh -_- U GUYS ARE BIG NOOOOOOOOOOOBBBBBBBBBBBSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the only thing that I don't like is that the sensitivity for the controls. When you try to run and turn, the person turns easily... too easily.
This is amazing how u made it realistic but u could improve graphics 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
it's a good dame great graphics but the controls are complicated it would be nice if you just used a joystick type of controller instead it'd be more fun rather than annoying
It takes forever to Load! Even when the Internet Connection is Super fast! Learn Something, From Rysen Dawn you Nonsense Developers It's a console quality game in Free and even OFFLINE!!! 🀬🀬🀬
trash sensitivity is so high you can't be alone there a timer and blue circles you have to go to it I'd so fustrating
Sucks you can't even load into it it like takes forever to load in I didn't get to load in I have literally waited for 1 hour and I just stopped
This game is cool but I am not always connectedto internet so could you just set it so that it is an offline game
Too many ads, many bugs, keeps freezing. please fix it and make ads appear after 3 stages. I understand that you want money because I am also a game developer. And revenue it's too much. It says offline but when I play offline it says no Wi-Fi... Disappointed
Game just randomly freezes and it makes u lose 600 million xp for no reason! I don't really recommend cause you'll be wasting ur time, it's fun for the first few levels but then it gets buggy and then all the glitches happen. I believe that this game could be really good if the creators just fix these bugs, I also think that when u need xp for more levels it's really dumb and I'm gonna uninstall this game. I really like parkour but not this game, also I keep on getting trapped in walls! Thank u.
This game sucks the countroll is Much too Small please Fix this Game But I give you 0 Star Only because the countroller is Small okay see ya thanks for 0 Star
The game is excellent only thing improve the graphics & add more buildings,contruction sites,oceans, let it be a free roam game.This game can become the best ever parkour game if you work more hard on it.
This game is just awesome I don't know how people are explaining glitches.This is even available for pc.Just Awesome Good job Developers.
Idk why but when i move foreward my character moves side ways and it takes forever to load and theres so many ads popping up once in a while pls try and make more updates and ill give it 5 stars πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™