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Park of Monster

Park of Monster for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by LT Fun Inc. located at [email protected]. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Kind of boring as it takes forever for dragons to regain energy, levels take a lot of energy and it's slow to refill, dragons can't do much each time they wake up. Expect to spend more time waiting than playing. Also, if you get a call while playing, you lose ALL progress in your level and the app restarts. The energy to play is gone, progress is gone. Have to wait another hour to get back the energy to redo a level you were almost done with.
I pay a lot for this game cause i love this game so much. The character is adorable. But please make the diamond affordable. 0.99 dolar is 3.99rm. 3.99rm for 20 diamonds?? It annoying. Please make it affordable. Adjust the amount of diamond. Atleast 0.99 = 50 diamond. I love this game.
I had previously given this game 4 stars. I like it and have had relatively few issues with it. That is until this newest update. I can't access the game anymore. I'm getting a connection error message that says my phone is switching between Wi-Fi and cellular. I don't have Wi-Fi so my Wi-Fi is not ever turned on on my phone. I only run off my cellular data. So it is impossible for this to be happening with my device. Once the issue is fixed I will update my review.
Got all the way up to level 25 and then the new update crashed my game and i had to start all over again. Cant even play it now because theres writing all over the screen in another language that i cant get rid of. I was really enjoying it up until then.
The game is good but I had trouble getting back into the game once I quit. Whenever I tried loading up the game it keeps saying I had to reconnect. My Internet is fast and I had no trouble with other games except this one. Am uninstalling because I prefer a game worth my phone space, data usage and entertainment.
Ever since the update, I cant get into the game. It was running perfectly fine for me before. There is a bunch of foreign text at the top of the load screen and then it tells me that my phone is going between wifi and cellular data. I tried putting my phone on airplane mode and JUST using the wifi, but it's the same thing. PLEASE HELP!
This game is so much fun, anti stress and amazing. I only invested 5 dolars to get the option so that the dragons wait for me to give them actions, it would take to much time to get to VIP lv 1 on my own. But that was not a problem, cool game, thank you devs!!!
I really like this game, but today's update messed with the game. After doing the update, I got a "menu?" that's in a language I can't read so I have no clue how or if I'm suppose to navigate it. And part way through loading it says that the app is trying to bounce back and forth between WiFi and data (even if I turn one of them off) so I'm having to press reconnect constantly.
It's fun and addicting, but I just wish there was more ways to get gems instead of having to pay for them. Otherwise gem build up is epically slow. Also, it could benefit from more player interactions with friends on the game (like being able to gather from their world). The battle matching algorithm needs to be fixed forsure. I always get matched with people way higher than me. Monsters are fugly and cute.
I really enjoyed this game but the most recent update made it impossible for me to log in as it kept on crashing and trying to reconnect. This was even more disappointing as it is in the middle of an event I was working to get the rewards for. The issue was fixed in a couple days luckily however as my account was not bound I lost all of my progress.
lost my account data for merge dragons and somehow ended up playing this game. its very similar and it could use some work. like the bubble system could be better ( let them overlap and be able to slide them away like in merge dragons). descriptions of items could be better. they are too vague and do not really tell you what they produce and the wiki is underdeveloped. however i do like that there are many more items, a combat system to give you a goal of being stronger, etc.
Use to be my favorite game until the most recent update today. After the update i cannot log back in. I get a message saying my device is switching from data to wifi and prompts me to reconnect. Ensuring that either way data is off and connecting through wifi or wifi off and connecting through data it still wont connect. I ultimately tried to uninstall the game and download again to still not be able to connect. Still recieving same prompt of data and wifi connections.
The space gets filled up really quickly after a while which makes it difficult to collect numbers of items to merge, when you have discovered a large variety of items too. Other than that the graffics are great and it is easy to play.
Since the newest update, the game hasn't loaded for me. At first is said switching between WiFi and Celluar data, which wasn't true, since I always have my WiFi off. Now it has a bunch of language I can't read over the screen and keeps telling me to reload the game. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game and it didn't solve the issue. I will be uninstalling the game for good.
Latest update is broken. For one, notifications have been in Chinese for a while, but now everything is in Chinese except the error that I keep switching from mobile data to wifi, which is wrong because my device doesn't have mobile data, only Wi-Fi. Can't play cause it tells me to reconnect. Was a great game with loads to do until now, very sad.
I love collecting the little monsters and clearing off more land! I play this game often and earn points on Mistplay for it and I will probably continue playing it after I can't earn any more points because I love the game. Merging is really simple but the sheer variety of things to merge keeps it interesting
I came from playing a heavily p2p game ao this is a breath of fresh air. If someone attacks you the only thing you lose is points on the world ranking, not your resources or monsters. Also the monsters are adorable. It does take a long time to load, but theres not really a rush to try to save your stuff so its fine. It does need to refresh sometimes but otherwise its like a solid few hours of play without requiring any real money on my part so i dig it. The events are also A+
This is NOT a pay to play game. It's actually quite generous in giving gems, which I don't have to watch ads for. I have been playing a while, I've switched from Merge Dragons/Merge Monsters. It does take quite a bit to heal grounds that have been cleared, sometimes a ridiculous amount, (i.e. 30,000 worth of healing for a low level "bush"). Otherwise I enjoy this game very much so. I'm up to 115+ levels and they keep coming. I'm impressed. Still love this game.
Not happy with this game anymore, I have been playing it for a while without any problems when updating but the new update now won't let me on or load at all, my internet connection is absolutely fine. I am very disappointed that I can no longer play this game I had a lot of monsters and merges. Please fix this issue so I can continue to play
I absolutely love this game....until the recent update. Now it says my phone is switching between cellular data and wifi when I strictly play on wifi alone. Please fix this so that I can play again. I love this game and dont want to have to abandon it!!
Thought I would run an update. So far the game has been relaxing and fun. It does have the money trap of having to buy gems, lest your space become overrun with boxes and chests you can't open. Of course, getting enough gems to open those boxes is extremely expensive. Other than that, it's a fun, relaxing game.
Great and fun app to kill time, but only 3 stars because I usually have trouble getting into the app or reconnecting. Would love it more if we could visit friend lands and send items to friends.
Generally good with lots of ways to merge on own island then in the mini games. Keep forgetting to check what the stars are on the mini games as they aren't referred to at the start. Haven't yet had to actually spend any of my own money to buy things just take opportunity to put games down when run out of hearts or the dragons go to sleep. Only thing I don't really get is the battles. It's not hidden game in sense of finding things but you do get prizes if you get to merge lots together.
When I first tried the game, I thought it was okay. It didnt work very well when I initially tried it, so I came back to it and now I play it every day. The monsters are cute, I enjoy the challenge of unlocking the land and merging to get the greatest evolution of the item and I've even bought a few packs of monster egg nests and gems. So glad I found this game
if i cannot log back on soon due to the completely incorrect and unnecessary "switching between wifi and cell" error message, i feel forced to demand a refund for the last few transactions as i have no way to enjoy what i have purchased. it's been two days, and i am not the only one getting this error for no reason!
Ever since the new update today I cant login. It constantly says that my device is constantly changing from wifi to data, turned of data but nothing works. They finally fixed the update issue a little while ago, but another thing is the auto gathering, you're told you can turn it off in the settings, but when I went to go turn it off I have to pay to be VIP in order to turn it off, it's frustrating trying to have space when everytime I make room a monster drops something in the space I just made
Great game, very addicting. Haven't played it long enough to give it a 5 star yet. Will come back at a later time. 8/28/20 Still a great game. Does start a little slow but once you start building your your monsters and opening up the areas, it gets to be pretty fun and addicting.
Park of monster quickly overtook merge dragons in my favourite mobile game. There have been a few blips here and there but they have got them rectified pretty quick. Only reason it didnt get 5 stars was the poor communication I had when I had an issue and it was frustrating. I can only assume this was due to a language barrier to whomever I was being messaged by.
After this recent update i'm unable to play the game. It gets to the loading screen then freezes. But basically the game is just like Merge Dragons just the graphics in this game aren't as good. And there's not as much to do cause the dragons don't stay awake as long. I was going back and forth between the 2 games but this one is giving me too many problem. Sometimes I go to purchase dragons and it doesn't go through. I try to move an object and it doesn't move. The merge quest are weird.
love it!!!!!! Can someone address the fact that when I did the last update it now will not let me open it at all keeps sayin connection lost...... Would it be possible on the next updated to think about makin it to where we can click on an object move the screen and place it instead of having to drag it as it is now if you click on something move the screen and try to place it it does not do that other than that I completely love this game
I was able to play until I updated. Then it says my phone is switching between cellular and Wi-Fi networks so to play the game, which I wasn't doing.. So I turned off my Wi-Fi it still won't load then I turned on airplane mode and tried connecting just your Wi-Fi and it still won't load. It was a great game until that happened. Well they finally just responded to me on Facebook messenger and they said it's not a problem with their application it's a problem with the Google Play Store
I am enjoying this game very much so far. Its my first merge game. Nice graphics, you get some nice rewards & if you choose any in app purchases they have nice 1st time player incentives. It would be nice to have more diamond sales for long time players. Still loving the game.
I really like this game. The art style is unique from other mergeing games. A lot of the frustrations with games like this one have been fixed in Park of Monsters as you can turn off auto collecting with your creatures and auto chain mergeing with items. Also the events give really good rewards.
Yes, it is worth trying, because it is the best merge game! I am huge fan of merge games and have played a lot. This one has the best game mechanics and artwork! A variety of events every weekend and a combat side game for when you get bored of merging. The puzzle levels actually challenge me. I love my little monsters!
I really like this game but for the second time I've had some bizarre warning about a third party app changing the time ... I don't have a third party app and can only imagine this is because I'm not completely leaving the app when I close it but its irritating and off-putting. I put a lot of effort into the game to be threatened with being kicked out is a joke
The new update had made impossible to play, you cant log in and its saying that I'm going in between wifi and data, which I'm not. It needs to be fixed or I will be uninstalling this game. Which sucks cause its actaully ridiculously fun to play. I will change my review when it's fixed if I don't have to uninstall and as long as it didnt rest me all the way BACK to level one. Updated: thank you for fixing the problem. Some things can still be worked on but that's ok at least the game is back up.
Aside from the odd glitches and the basic category it fits into, the game has a lot going for it. Great variety and imaginative work from developer. Good options for free play. Don't have to spend money to enjoy it.
Ok so I have been playing this game for a while but I HATE the new update. It won't let me log in and keeps telling me that my connection is messed up. MY CONNECTION IS PERFECTLY FINE. IT IS THE GAME THAT IS HAVING A PROBLEM! Everything else on my phone is working perfectly fine except this game. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX IT!!!!
Not worth your time. I downloaded this game to get an award on dragon city. I got to level 15 after spending actual money to get there and they never awarded me my gems on dragon city. It's literally the same actions over and over again.
Love the design and how it never gets boring. Lots of challenges. The new campaigns are fun, too. Never had any problems or glitches. Play this almost daily, and it still interests me.
So this is a regular merge game with a fighting mechanic- you can send your leveled up monsters to fight and pillage other players which is kind of fun. However you don't have to utilize that part, I certainly don't. The graphics are the best, different from the bright color cutesy sugar theme a lot of others have, this game is more in line with a creepi-cute vibe, some of those monsters are not conventionally cute but are adorable all the same.
Your app keeps saying that it is disconnecting, because my service is switching between Wi-Fi and my prepaid data. I'm not connected to Wi-Fi, and I never have been. That means there is something wrong with your app. Especially if it can't tell that I don't have Wi-Fi. I guess I don't want your app after all. Have a peachy day.
I am editing this as I am now disappointed with this game. I have had 4 purchases go through, yet did not receive my items. Support has been useless first telling me the transactions didn't exist and then they went through and I am lying. Yet I have an error that will not go away. Save your money and a headache as apparently they do not care about their players. 2+ weeks and just went in circles....
Update Aug 29, 2019 Now it says "floating error" and I still cannot play or collect anything including the compensation from messed up update. Please fix it correctly. Update changed language from English to ??? And it wont connect. Keeps saying its disconnected to internet, tried both data and wifi, nothing works. You messed up the update.
This was a 5 star game until I got a new phone, reading in the games info how easy it was to ask them to put my old game on my new phone i proceeded. I dont want Facebook. I have spent my hard earned money in the game. I have contacted them 1 says it cant be done then they tell me its linked to twitter.. yes it is but it still won't work . Will someone please help me from the gaming company or refund my money
I really love this little game. Have played several other merge games and I find this one to be a lot of fun. It was a little difficult trying to figure out all the ins and outs but it's slowly coming. I love the graphics and think all the monsters are so wonderful and imaginative. A great job.
I was really into this game and was upgrading every time with no problem. Until the last time i did an upgrade and couldn't even log on. So for ha ha's i tried the next day and another upgrade. So im hoping the glitch has been fixed..nope. Lost all my data. And now it's been uninstalled. Thanks for wasting my time.
Pretty good game. I like arranging my island and so far the gifts from ads aren't too bad. I seem to level up easily enough. Opening up more land could be a bit easier but overall, not a bad game.
The game was wonderful but after this last mandatory update i cant get the game to open. It thinks there is a bad connection despite only being xonnected to WiFi. There honestly should be an offline mode to the game anyways. There is also a ton of text drop down boxes written in text on the top of the loading page and I have no idea what they mean or how they change the wsy the game loads. I've never had an issue before. Can't play the game now so whats the point?
I love the game, it's a really good merge game when you get into it and past the first clutter phase. BUT - I wish they'd told me that if you lose power/shut the game without looting the orbs, they disappear and you lose the things. Ran out of battery and found out in a HARD (expensive) way... 😑😣
This app has a newer drawing style in really loving! It does many things differently, but the fact that it's hard to find gems is still shocking to me. I suppose that has to happen to get some people to spend money, yeah? Overall, it's still a great game and I'm having a blast!
Hey I don't know what is going but after I updated the game on my phone and tablet it is not letting go in the game. It keeps reconnecting over and over and there is no connection problem going on. So if you guys can please help me with that. Thank you. I've spent money on this game because I enjoy playing it but I'm pretty sad its not working.
Great game play. So much to do. Spent alot of time and in app purchases to get to the levels I'm at. However, there has been nothing but server issues and i keep getting booted out mid game. I hope this will be resolved soon! I'll be quite upset if i can't play!
Had an update today, can not log in to the game. See a lot of Asian script in the top of the loading screen. I can't read or understand any of it. If it would be possible to switch that to English it would be nice. Than i can atleast understand what is going on. Missing out on my rebate and daily trophies. It doesn't matter if i am using a stable WiFi connection or not it keeps saying that i switch between WiFi and cellular network.
I was enjoying this game and doing well until this recent update, where all I see are Chinese characters at the top if the loading screen and then it says I'm switching between wifi and data when I'm not! Please fix this issue and I'll consider giving back the original rating I gave before! I really do like this game, but I may be forced to uninstall and never play this again.
I love this game. It's easy to play. At first it kept crashing but after a few updates, it now runs great! The packages are inexpensive to expensive, so anyone can afford them. And the bonuses are amazing! I played Merge Dragons first but totally pick park of monster first because of the battle feature. It adds to the game and gives something to do while your monsters are sleeping and you're recovering your lives for the challenges. Awesome game love it!!!
So I can log on again. Thanks for that! But... small stars no longer grow naturally, and seashells no longer random spawn seaweed. Is that intentional? If so u just made the game way tedious. If not... well there's a couple bugs! Very similar to merge dragons. Only problem is that energy respawns way to slow. If it was closer to a 10 minute timer I would give 5 stars.
so...I loved this game until this latest update. Now it won't even start. it just shows a bunch of asian text in the top right corner, and claims my device keeps disconnecting, yet all my other apps work perfectly fine. So I know it's not my device. Giving this one star till they fix this update issue.
Constant Crashes. This game will not work properly for very long. It Crashes about every 10 minutes and oftentimes won't load properly when I reboot it. Even the "complete fix" button on the home screen only works about 5% of the time. I recommend finding another merge game because I've never had this issue with any other one.
Not happy! I played this game every day and was progressing really well. And now with the new update it's telling me I'm changing between Wi-Fi and cellular ... my Wi-Fi isn't even on! I actually stopped playing merge dragons for this game, oh well looks like I'm heading back to it.
Enjoyed playing the game until today. I just updated the app and now it won't open. It keeps going to a screen that says RECONNECT. It says something else about switching between wifi and my cell service. If I can't switch back and forth then I will no longer be playing. 😭😭😭
Since the update this morning I haven't been able to log in to the app and everything is in an Asian language (I think, could be wrong). After the load bar gets half way it either disconnects from my account pairing to Facebook or it says I am jumping between WiFi and data when I'm not. I try to reconnect and it just does the same thing again. I probably had an unhealthy obsession with this game, so maybe it is for the best, but I'm still sad. I really liked it.
Great, very addictive! You merge different items to get better things or monsters, but it gets overwhelming at times because you only have so much room till you unlock additional space (through game play) and sometimes you will get a rare object or monster you will have to hold onto it for what seems like forever till you get another one or two so you can merge. Only other complaint is there is some big thing you unlock it seems to just take up ALL of your space and it doesn't merge.
Did download this game a long time ago when it first came out, but it was very glitchy on my old tablet, so had to uninstall it, couple of years later new tablet, and I'm back with it, running a lot better and really enjoying it again. Think its one of the best merge games on the go, so much to do on so many levels , so you don't have to stop and start with the game all the time x
Ocd-ers beware! This game has pretty good graphics and the controls are easy to use with a touch pad. I'm almost to level 18. I've had a hard time putting it down because often there are only 2 of one item rather than 3 to merge. Having to leave the game that way can be overwhelming if you have OCD. There are a lot of prizes and watching a video here and there gets you extra items. There have been several events during my time playing. Overall it's pretty great and I can't wait to play again.
This new update has ruined my app!!! It won't get past the load screen. There's a menu written in Chinese (?) And it keeps saying there's no connection even though I have full network connection. Should I uninstall and then reinstall?? I would love a response, please and thank you.
I updated the app and now it keeps telling me that I keep switching from cellular to Wi-Fi and it won't load. Even though I've turned off my Wi-Fi or my cellular so only one is running. Kind of pisses me off that I can't play the game now. I uninstalled and reinstalled it same thing.if you fixed it so I could play I would up this review to five stars. I like this game so much better than merge dragons, but merge dragons works.
I love this game it is addictive the only reason this doesn't get five stars is due to their dodgy servers, this only plays online and I often get disconnected, it is not my net as this is the only game I have connection issues with and I play several online games. The theme is great will five star if and when they sort their servers out. Would be better if this was playable offline
I like theres a lot to do. The fight mechanic is fun. I haven't felt like it was anything other f2p. I dont get the reviews that say it's a cash grab/pay for victory, I haven't got that vibe at all. I love the graphics & art style. It is similar to merge dragons, or all the other merge games, but I dont see that as a bad thing. My only complaint is cant work out how to turn the music off!
I like the game, however, it sometimes takes several taps for things to work and it takes a lot of energy to clear new land. Ive been playing awhile now and it is still takes a lot to clear land. The land is easy to open, but not to clear it. I love the events!
I love playing Park of monsters, it definitely will keep you occupied. But it's better if you decide to buy a few things. And they're not expensive. However there are no instructions on how to fight, so consequently I don't understand how to do that. But the people that wrote this program are so kind and actually reward you if they've made a mistake with the program. I play this morning noon and night.
I genuinely love this game. The graphics are cool, the monsters refill energy quickly, and there's lots of extra activities. I did pay for a couple extra areas, but they aren't necessary to make progress. It starts a little slow, but it only takes about a week of solid play to get in a groove. Around Level 25 the game starts to have so much to do that I don't actually finish all possible tasks everyday. Definitely recommend giving it a try.
This is my first merge game so I don't know if what I'm experiencing is normal. I like the game play and as well as the characters. However, I find it hard navigating in the home map. Sometimes I just want to zoom in but ended up merging something I'm saving up for future merges or tap something I don't wanna tap. I hope the confirm tap applies to all items not just for higher level items or an edit mode where we could re-arrange the items without merging or tapping them accidentally.
i could not log in on the game, even if i Manual Fix, restart phone, removed internet, etc., and now i had missed 2 days of log in prizes coz of this.. edit: i had discovered that i could not log in on the game whenever i use our wifi, which is really weird coz we really have strong wifi.. and is working for all other games just fine.. pls fix this, i dont wanna spend money on data just to log in, i might as well leave this bad review here and quit playing, if u dnt do something..
This game is fun but many users (including me) have complained that the daily share is unattainable. I personally have complained here and also contacted your team through the Facebook page several times and I've included screen shots but no one responds except other players who are having the same problem. Please either fix this issue or remove the daily share and I will be happy to change my rating back up to 5 stars.
Love this game, so addictive. Since the recent update though, I can't access the game. It keeps saying that my phone keeps changing between wifi and celler connection so I need to reconnect but within a second of doing that, it repeats the message and I can't play the game now. I switch off my data and have only wifi but it hasn't worked. Quite dissappointed now. Update: Whatever the issue was with the game, it has now been resolved and I'm able to play it as normal. Thanks for the game update!
I like the game, but the opponets monsters have like infinit lifes and my monsters only have like 80 and the eggs are soooo eggspencive Egg spencive and also the loadings are really laggy and the first opponent is the only one I won. But the monsters are cute,and the eggs are pretty, but in the first chalenge I won in like 5 seconds and it gabe me the wourst reward it gave me the first uglyfush instead of at least the second one. The eggs that you hatch like the big bronze one takes like 7 hours
My rating WAS 5+ but halfway through the day, the game decided I was offline, then just kept saying bad gateway. Really disappointed, because this is one of the better merge games out there. UPDATE: Found out it was a glitch! It was fixed quickly and back to the game!
it's an amazing game definitely a great way to pass the time Well was a great time to pass the time till this new update. I cant even start the app anymore. It keeps sayin I'm switching to wifi and cellular and I'm not so please fix this issue and I will change it back to 5 stars edit: thanks for the fix!!!! As promised back to 5
Its a good game especially if you're looking to lose time. I start playing and next thing i know im looking at the clock and its been 3 hours passed. What! I like it!
It would be very helpful if you give us an option on what language we prefer. It is very hard to understand tagalog. I am a filipino and I am not ashamed of it but please give us an option to choose the language we prefer to use. It is not helpful and is giving me a headache understanding your directions, thus uninstalling this game that I had really gave much effort before the language was changed.
I havent been playing this game for awhile. But now that I'm playing it again it really helps me calm down from my anxiety. The monsters work so hard that I literally have so much merging to do when I return back to the game. I love it!!!
It takes awhile with the battles because everyone has been playing it longer and takes your trophies away. Hard to find a player that you can actually beat. When doing purchases it says .99 for example and then charges me 1.29, it's done this a few times now so I'm nervous about purchases now
This game is really fun! I love the chat feature, however, the censors are ridiculous. Words that are censored include: game, ice, and several other common non-threatening words. Please fix!
I want to keep seeing updates, this is one of the best merging games I have ever played honestly. My biggest issue is the limit on ads per day, and how there are not a lot of ways to Earn gems, I would rather pay a one time fee and everything only be in coins or ore, or Gems be earnable similar to the other currencies. I love this game so much it's kind of mind blowing to me. Edit two months later, still loving it
This game is SO MUCH better than Merge Dragons! If you choose to spend money you get more for your buck than with the other game...but you don't HAVE to spend to advance if you are patient. There is more to do and the developers are awesome about giving "consolation" gifts when the game servers have issues. My favorite game!!
Revising my review from 3 to 2 stars. Needs work. Battle algorithm is bad, keep getting matched against players much stronger than me and it makes me pay to re-match. Gems are expensive and hard to accumulate. Should be able to visit friend's islands. Game is kinda stale with no updates or improvements. Like the art though, and the weekly events. Could be better.
I originally gave this a high rating. I enjoy the game and have spent real money on it (though not necessary). After the recent update the game refuses to load. I Uninstalled and reinstalled and can not get past the loading screen. It tells me I am disconnecting and reconnecting to my internet rapidly and requests I stop. I am not doing anything. It worked amazing before yesterday's update.
cute game, fun to play and my kids like seeing the monsters change as they merge Update 8/27/19 after today's update, game refuses to load. Says I keep switching from wifi to cellular data (which is turned off). If it's fixed in a timely manner, I'll change my rating back. Have emailed, no response
I haven,t been playing for very long yet, but so far it had been quite fun and interesting. It's very similar to the other "merge" games, but is different enough to still be worth playing. It's actually a little easier in some ways to get items in this one than the others. Plus the art is fun and quirky.
After update, i can't even get into the game anymore... I have uninstall and install it again several times, and atill cannot get into the game. I'm patiently wait until now, may be the developer fixed it asap. But almost 1 day there is no fixed version nor information about the failute. i've spent a little money here because i like the game, but now, i know this company isn't a pro one.
Fun but Needs better programming. I have an lg q6 and the lag on my game is pretty bad. Sometimes it crashes which is disappointing cuz this game is unique and genuinly fun. Needs an update. I also with this had offline compatability.
Updated game and now cannot even open app. It says device is changing between wifi and cellular data. My tablet cannot use cellular data, at all, only wifi. Edit: After the game was fixed, I am really enjoying being able to play. This is a Great Casual Game. My only issue now, is that the PvP portion of the game is always matching me against opponents double my level. So, I never win.
Since this update, I can't seem to get the game to log in. Plus, I don't read whatever the language is(Chinese, Japanese, etc.). Undo whatever you did in this update. I'm not changing between cellular data and wifi. I even uninstalled and installed it again. If this isn't resolved, I will be deleting the game permanently. I am very unhappy.
I play a lot of merge games, I will say that I love this game! What I do NOT love about this game is that the servers are horrible. I get booted again and again, it tells me that it's either my internet or their servers. Well, I know it's not my internet because of 2 things: #1 every time it happens I have a "strong" connection on my internet #2 I can go play ANY of my other merge games without a problem. This could be a great game, just get more dedicated servers for your players!
Wth? After updating, I can't even access the game. It said something about my phone switching between wifi and cellular so it can't connect. Yet I've completely turn of data. WHAT IS THAT? Also, my language option is changed, the loading screen is full of other languages; PLUS some weird Chinese settings popped up on top of my screen. It's really irritating. Jeez, if you're late on the updates, at least make it decent.
I am not able to play on my phone or my tablet after the most recent update. It gives me an error saying "We detected your device is changing between wifi and cellular network". My tablet doesn't even have the capability to go connect to a cellular network. Please fix this soon!
I loved this game. But today's update has broken it completely. Its constantly telling me I'm switching between wifi and cellular despite the fact I'm not so it wont load me into the game and a load of characters appear on the top of my screen which a. I cant understand and I'm not sure if they're suppose to be there and b. Should really be in English since that's the language I'm playing the game in. Either way last night I would have given a 5 but now I'd give it less than a 1 if I could.
Sad game. I have brought 3 packages, but my monsters are not strong enough to win in the game's sad war. My monsters (200 fighting power) are expected to fight against monster of 2000+ fighting power. Do not install this game of you are not willing to buy your way through the game, otherwise you will just be sad.
ok, imagine "merge dragons" but with "clash of clans" battle style and more prizes than your land can hold. if you don't want to spend money, you don't have to. if you want to, they have inexpensive options! or of course you CAN spend lots. I really love this game, the developers saw potential in other games and brought in the best from them, added events and I haven't had one pop up ad yet. all in all, great game. Update: I can't log in after game update :( Day 2: still cannot log in
I did the most recent update and now I can no long login to the game. I get an error message that my network is switching between wifi and data but i do not even have my wifi on. I also have a bunch of boxes across the top of my loading screen in other languages. I liked playing the game and I am kind of pissed that I am no longer able to play. Fix this problem thanks.
since the new update I am unable to enter the game, it says "we detected that you device is changing between Wi-Fi and cellular network, the game will reconnect to the server"......well I've tried both Wi-Fi and my own cell data and neither one will work, now I didn't have a problem till this new update, please fix this, I have been unable to get into the game for about 12 hours now
Was sceptical at first and took me a little while to find where everything was but it did not take long to get addicted. You not only match 3 but have battles, collect various items and the collection of cute, colourful monsters goes on and on. I found the tutorial easy , the graphics quirky and apart from having to wait a short while to load the game (there is a fix button you can press)there is no lag in the game itself. I say give it a go and you'll be surprised... I was.
Was working great until the most recent update (8/27/19). Now the game won't load at all. Instead, a screen keeps popping up saying that it detects my phone switching between data and wifi and will try to reload. I tried turning my wifi off to see if it'll load while using my data: no luck. Then I tried turning my data off and trying to load while on wifi: still no luck
Very Fun but.... you will get very frustrated by the fact that if your screen times out, you switch between apps or pretty much do anything but play it will disconnect you. it will then try to reconnect and fail. over and over and over. I've tried the fixes they show on screen but it doesn't work. The fact they have a fix on the load screen, just shows that they know they have a problem.
i love this game so much, but i just updated the game and i went to play it, and it wont let me in, its saying theres something wrong with my internet connection, changing a lot, when its not, and i hit the reconnect button, but itll just pop up with another thing saying the same thing over and over again, can you please fix this, i love playing this game, and i would like to still play it, this bug needs to be fixed so i can play though. Please and thank you.
Love the graphics.. And the events are unique. Very fun! Still loving it love the fact that we can attack others . And the union is pretty cool. Such a cute fun game Been months and still loving it
Update ...since I was having trouble yesterday logging in after the update, LT Fun Inc have corrected the problem & I'm once again able to login and play!! I also received 2 mailings w/ gifts - THANK YOU!!! I LOVE the Ghost Fox!! I hope there will be an event with the Ghost Fox soon. I look forward to the events every weekend- I hope this weekend won't be any different. Also, I really like the changes made in this update - especially being able to watch Ads and receive eggs/nests/etc. <3
Miracles have not been resetting for a few days now because of the higher frequency of the game resetting hence causing my in game time to reset. I suggest that miracles resetting are not based on in game time but counting down the moment they have been fully clicked for their eggs and other drops or prepare to lose more players. ( coming from a player in southeast Asia on the verge of quitting)
So far, good fun. I enjoy seeing what the next blend will make. Graphics are really cute. Edit: had to uninstall the game after the latest update (8/27/19) due to it becoming unplayable. Also took away 3 stars for this reason. Edit2: gave back 2 stars once game was again playable. Still a fun game, but definitely make note of your user id & pw!
UPDATE! THANK YOU! Thank you for the quick response to the previous issues! The game is running great! LOVE IT! HORRIBLE update! I loved playing this game until the update on 8/27. Now I can't login, keeps saying that I'm switching between "Wifi and celler" even when I turn wifi off and or cellular data off, the UID is showing, why?!?!? If and when this gets fixed I will change my review (UNLESS I lose all my progress then it's DELETION TIME!) until then it's one star...
Initially, I thought this was just a knock-off of Merge Dragons, but for me it's far superior. the artwork and animation is welldone and adorable, and they've managed to remove a lot if the tedium involved in merge events. I think Park of Monster can still make some improvements to their events and rewards system, but it's still a solidly enjoyable game.
Really enjoyed this game but it seems that with each 'update' it's working less and less , due to the most recent update it wouldnt load onto the game , it's never had a problem with my wifi or using mobile data in house before but wont work now due to update and the top of the screen in full of a writing in a different language that I dont understand and it wont go away. Plus the 'rewards' you get, alot of them I'm not getting even though it says I should have.
Base idea and most of mechanisms are stolen from Merge Dragons. Except this one is much, much more greedy. Lots of events won't let you earn all the prizes, unless you pay. VIP system based on how much you spend. Side quests in levels doesn't worth to fulfill - no chance for gems (or whatever is it called). PvP pairing is just a bad joke. Lottery cost is climbing into ridiculous heights... I think you've got the idea. I've spent some money on this, but now uninstalling, disgusted completely.
I am addicted to this game I literally forget track of time because it's so relaxing to play. Definitely enjoy playing. I play through mistplay sometimes depending on the network and wifi there is some issues with freezing but I go out and come back in and all of my stuff is like I had it.
The stupidity outweighs the fun. So many everyday words are censored in the chat... 'have', 'twice' etc. And people that are more than twice or three times your level can attack you, so don't think about advancing far with trophies unless you're willing to pay big bucks for SS and SSS content. Applied to loads of guilds, not a single one accepted. The leaders/members of most of these guilds have been offline for weeks. Dead game.
I used to enjoy the game but now it's just getting annoying. When you watch an ad to get a reward from the flying ship of the crate, you don't receive anything and have to try again. I've given up after watching the same ad constantly with no reward.
The game is better than I expected. The only draw back is how high the lock pieces are on the board and how long it takes to unlock them. The monsters are cute and I really like the attack option. I recommend if you like merge games.
I'm giving it 3stars because if you want to have anything in the game, you gotta pay. Can't earn crystals, you have to buy with real money. I wish there could be an option for crystals, grind them or something. Otherwise, it's too frustrating to play. AT LEAST LEAVE HIGH LEVEL CHESTS CRYSTAL FREE FFS
Since new update. Now it won't connect to the internet. I am even using a Samsung Tablet A and not had a problem with it till the 8/27/19 update. Nice going dumbasses. Make it to where it is unplayable. And I am just a few feet away from my router. Still can't get the game to load. Not worth my time anymore.
Fun game, but to collect the stars you need to open other lands and items takes forever...... when you go in for a battle they set you up with someone that's much higher level than you are, so you always loose.
Overall, I really enjoy the gameplay, but the game has a lot of issues. First and foremost is how long this game takes to load up (easily 3-4x my next slowest loading app) and the servers get disconnected frequently, so you may have to load it several times during one play session. The combat system is horribly explained AND needs a lot of work. You will almost always be pitted against someone who is way out of your league, possibly double your level. Basically some of the combat is impossible.
I can't connect. And there is that big horrible boxes full of chinese text thats blocking half the screen and you wouldnt know how to get rid of. It looks like some kind of menu. Which i don't get because i was still on the loading screen. You can see that the menu does not belong there and its blocking HALF OF THE SCREEN. wasn't able to play. Uninstalling.
Great game, the ads are something I would opt to watch as its not annoying and gives useful rewards in game. Always an incentive to pay attention to. However, I received a ban warning after the clocks changed automatically in my phone when British summer time ended. Loses a star as potentially not a global game if I get banned because the clock changes in my country. Fun while it lasts I guess.
very similar to another game with dragons a great time waster game, easy on the eye graphics and even when you'd be run out of energy still plenty of stuff to do, was really enjoying, but since doing the update its will not connect and has a load of boxes at the top with Chinese writing in (sorry if it's not Chinese) says connection error due to switching backwards and forwards from wifi, which I'm not. Really disappointed.
After the update, I'm not able to go into the game and there's these boxes on top of my screen in a different language and when I click them (well one to be more specific) it showed me items and I was really confused,, Then when I tried again it seemed like i had to sign up again and I'm hoping that it didn't rest my data,, Edit 8/29/19: thank you for fixing the problem This is the only game I've ever liked It's really fun and i love all the really cute monsters
Slightly less instruction on how to play then many other mergers. What a relief. It is pretty straightforward. I find I'm always lacking space but it is still good to play on occasion. Sometimes hard to scroll on your phone as you can only tap the screen where there are no items. Good game, nice and relaxing.
Great game but frequent glitches and now it won't even load. Fun game with interesting sprites and items (on par with some of Merge Dragons). But now it won't load and instead gives you a nice menu (written in a language I do not personally understand (possibly Japanese or Korean, idk but it's a cuneiform language). One of the buttons shows every in game objects and the line code of said object. Very interesting. Also, the same thing as a frozen game. It doesn't load/connect. Please fix.
I really enjoy this game .The only things that upset me is that alot of the time I have to watch a video 4 or 5 times to get the reward .and i wish it was easier to get diamond's. Besides that its a great getting rid of stress.
I did love the game but after the last update things are going downhill. Drop rates totally suck and several features that made it better are now gone. I didn't mind spending cash on the game every week, but I don't think I will put any more into it. Pretty sad when u have a good game then take the things that make it better than its competitors are removed.
I love this game! Normally I only play games that I earn gift cards or cash by playing. A merge 3 game in an earning app made me curious and I found park of monster.i started playing about a month ago and have completely stopped using my apps to make cash....the pvp angle is great . Adorable monsters .good graphics and plenty of missions etc.to stay occupied. Recommend highly. And customer service responds quickly if there's a glitch etc.
Update: Uninstalled. After updates, I can't even log in. Keeps saying its switching between Wifi and cellular - its not. Came back from finishing a stage and some of my buildings that produced resources like flowers had disappeared. I also never got my reward for completing the stage. Furthermore, the imbalance with the gold and the ore is ridiculous. I make so much more gold than ore.
Love the matching aspect! 5 is better than 3...hint hint! Not had much issues with the game but I've noticed things....being told I'll receive 8 shields and only get 7...or get an item through adds and they just disappear... getting less log in rewards than promised... and getting the lesser rewards on lotteries....seems intentional that they try not to let you get good items....
Decent game, but overly hard The first few levels were easy, they got a little harder as you went on of course, but the last 10 or 20 levels are impossibly hard. If you don't merge just right, you won't have enough to continue, but it's almost impossible to determine what you need to merge first. I reset one like 7 times and still couldn't beat it. Really makes it not fun when you can't actually beat the levels.
I've been playing Merge Dragons for some time and have been looking for a similar game that has a bit more to it. There are a lot of Merge clones out there (but with inferior artwork), but I didn't want the same game. Park of Monster has the best of what Merge Dragons(and Merge Magic) has and it has some really nice additions. The ppl who made this game obviously put some thought into it. The game has its own feel and look(I love the quirky art!) and I think I'll spend a lot of time enjoying it
The game is good to past time that's why I gave it 3 stars. But there were problems with the chest/item chest, it should have something like trash button in that. Because they're just piling up and consumed a lot of space in the map. Hope you notice this problem. Thank you and more power.
Ads that are meant to give rewards fail more than succeed. Takes forever to get anywhere with the games. Promised rewards are not given. If you spend money, you get very little for it. You would have to spend thousands to make a noticeable difference to your game. Some events take to long to complete while others are just a ploy to get you to spend. Same events just keep repeating over and over. And the game asks you to spend money many times a day. To much about money, not enough reward.
Dislike new update. I can't read the language on the top of the loading page and it won't load. Keeps saying that I'm bouncing from data to WiFi signals. I have no such WiFi access. Change it back as this was my go to game and I've actually spent money buying gems and game items. I just sent an email with a picture showing the issue.
After playing for one day, I conclude. Uninstalled. You simply can't play this game for free. The monsters go to sleep every 3 seconds and there's no bother waiting all day for free jewels. Other players come in a steal them. Pointless money maker. Installed for site credit I will never receive because I haven't been able to play after the first ten levels.
The game is better than I expected. The only draw back is the long loading screen when opening the game. The monsters are cute and I really like the attack option. I recommend if you like merge games. I'm so addicted! Thank you for a great game~
Love the game, but leveling up is way slow. In the past few days when you tap the flying ship to get eggs or chests, surprise! You watch an ad but get nothing. Bogus! The higher levels you reach, your prizes become less valuable, and you cant get anywhere unless you spend actual cash. It becomes tedious and boring. Unable to play all day. The game refuses to load, keeps saying bad gateway. What?!
So this is a fun game.. but it has a lot of flaws. 1. When you go in and attack someone else... it almost always puts you against someone way higher level than you. So you set up to fail. 2. When you fight a boss in the union and you get your reward. It says x2 shield and only gives you 1 shield? There are other issues. But I dont want to take the time to explain. Frankly I'm over the game and spent too much time and money only to get ripped off. So I do not recommend you get this game at all.
I just updated my game and now I CAN'T PLAY IT ANYMORE. There's all these tabs in Chinese language on the loading screen and a pop up saying my device is switching between wifi and mobile data and won't let me connect to the game. I know that my internet is perfectly fine and IS NOT switching between wifi and mobile so something is wrong with the latest update and now there's a new event coming and I can't take part in it because I CAN'T PLAY THE GAME ANYMORE! Please fix the screw up!!!!!!!!
Just updated the game. Says i cant connect due to my phone switching from wifi and cellular. Turn off wifi and still does not connect. I switched to this game cause merge dragons lost all of my stuff and had to start all over, lost money i paid for upgrades. Now i cant play this game and i paid for upgrades. I am so done with games. They take ur money and screw u.