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Paradise Island

Paradise Island for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Game Insight Classics located at Antakalnio st. 17, LT-10312, Vilnius, Lithuania . The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Game is stupid as hell I recently had to reset my phone and now all of my progress is deleted a whole months worth. I thought I linked it to Facebook but apparently i didn't what a total waste of my time. Don't bother playing cause there is no way to get your progress back if you uninstall the game by accident just plain stupid if you ask my an I've spent real money on here. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😠💩
Game is really good but problem is with event....I keep losing resources i.e. lost all the eggs collected in Easter event before this also in two events I lost coz of same problem....lost 95 dyed eggs 47 colored eggs and 10 jewelled eggs...don't if I would be able to collect them to win secluded park ☹️☹️
Controls are Brocken. Game does not react to inputs although visual changes in buttons are displayed. What's the point of a sidebar when there is no action linked to it? Garbage untested software. Google should cleanup non working apps
Game not updateable anymore u should change that. Glitches all over, does NOT give u all your rewards! Game keeps saying there is no net connection when i know i have one. SEEMS LIKE THE DEVELOPERS GAVE UP ON THIS GAME
not bad I suppose I would have gave him five stars and kept playing after about four months of time into the game but all of a sudden it it tells me I may have been cheating somehow something to do with time but I guess I'll have to download a different one and hopefully I won't be screwed out of this one #uninstalled and unless you're going to give it to me everything for free considering how far I had made it I won't be reinstalling it either
Updated! No update available abd still wont play! When loading says update required. Roubd and round!
Love the game, but since it's older it is no longer supported and won't connect to Facebook or Twitter anymore. Cant get bonuses.
I can connect to Facebook, but not Twitter. I'm unable to get my incentive for being connected to Facebook and I can't post picture to Facebook to complete one of the challenges. I lost a friend because I can't send gifts and I can't gain any because there's a glitch with the social media connection. Other than those issues, the game is good.
the graphics is not good and not bad but nice and talking about controls i guess u have to put the rotation too which may help to know where the roads are and the trees are really hard to reach to remove it so u must put rotation movement to clear it out.
I used to love this game! I was at the point where I was almost building on the other land. Got a new phone and had to redownload the game. Lost EVERYTHING because you can't save progress on an account? For a game that you can put real money in to, it should be saveable.
I don't know why I like it to tell you the truth. So one of the goals is to Post a pic of the island in Facebook. It will not work.
Struggling to enjoy it as much as I use to. Unable to connect to Facebook for some reason (countless times I have attempted to do this). Use to absolutely love the game, but not too sure now
This is my favorite game by far! I play it as often as I can and rarely miss a day. With new buildings to unlock, mini games, missions to complete and so much other stuff to do, you never get bored. I'm hooked. Keep up the great work!
Super slow to advance levels. The buildings always need repair and you end up spending more to repair them than they produce. This could be an awesome game, but getting anywhere is so slow unless your willing to spend a while lot of your real monies.
I'm truly having a lot of fun with the game!🤗 No energy bar, just take your time and have fun building. Awesome job devs! Keep onnnn truckin'! Kudos!
Great game, love it. The only downside is that I can't post to Facebook. Otherwise I would have gave it a five star rating.
Great game but can't get past level 16 gaining experience is no longer working even though it says I am gaining experience you can't advance in the game but u still absolutely love the game
Nice enough game to pass the hours but the company has stopped updating it or providing fixes and is just milking it for cash. Beware.
They only reason I can't give this 5 stars is the fact that I am unable to name my island. No matter how many times I try, I get a popup that says "Nick is already taken". The name I chose isn't "Nick". Not even close. It's so frustrating.
Its good game but now no upgrade nothing new i was playing this game from 2014 , i just wanted to know that and ask that why expedition center is not upgrading after 12 ..
Not much h to play, that you can understand! I collect the money and play the war game in the arena, upgrade the area! I don't understand the rest!
Boring. Good graphics, everything works well,there just isn't any "fun" after getting things started. Only been paying 2-3 weeks and suddenly realized I just open the game, do the same thing I did last time,then close it to wait for resources to collect. Yawn. Find some way for game play to continue free, to entice us to stay in the game building for longer each time. That's how all the good apps like angry birds and COC get us involved. Those who want to pay to build quicker will pay.
REQUIRES ACCESS TO YOUR PERSONAL PHOTOS AND MEDIA FILES JUST TO OPEN THE GAME!!! BEWARE!!! I couldnt even connect to the gameloft thing. It kept saying no internet when I obviously have it. I used to love this game now it's just a big hack and scam
There is nothing to do in this game just watch the little people walk. The music repeats over and over that is so boring okay goodbye
I've only been playing for a short while but the game is missing some key features like wet t shirt contests, orgy on the beach drunk wimps cruising the strip begging for change. They could have implemented various fun activities like the ones I mentioned but noooo they made it super in fun instead. I know what your thinking and your right I should have been a game developer . I've got other hidden talents too like I can write my own name with my urine and I can pick my cats nose with my pinky toe nail. Anyways the games ok but it's boring as hell. Peace out!!
I like the game, but you cannot name your Island to get it registered. You CANNOT get any response from tech support what so ever.
loved it until recently. it's as tho Game Insight no longer monitors or updates the game. you can't connect to Twitter or FB anymore, which limits game play. sucks. used to be a fantastic grand
I love playing this game. I hate the fact that you have to redownload the app everytime you get a new phone. My main issue is the fact that I can't connect to my social media accounts to post screen shots. It doesn't load. Please fix this bug. It's such a good game.
ok now this is just to much, tourists walking around with all kinds of party hats diamandis and now eggs at the top of their heads? your challenges are over the top. this game used to be relaxing now with all this new stuff it is just annoying, one cant even collect profit from buildings without all the interruptions from these challenges. plus the cost of repairs for each facility is outrageous. uninstalling! your game was better the way it was before now you just gone and ruined a good thing
What was a fun time eater was turned into a social sport. Hearts for cleaning other peoples buildings? Awards for giving items away? Unknown steps in quests? Ambiguous descriptions? "You can find it in certain buildings"? Was much better before the social climbing and real world cash got invited to the party. Yes, if you have upgraded your device you can transfer your game over, as long as it's like for like. (iOS to ios) I bought a old ipad, then synced it to the iph4. Worked great!
Not addictive...It takes too much time to earn a little amount of money...and it demands other items for buying many buildings...Below average game...
The game is great to play but with the link to Facebook, every time one goes to the link from the game, the game stops for what ever reason
LOVE this game! Its one of my favorites & I highly recommend if this is your kinda style of game. When you finally get the rewards its soo exciting & makes you wanna come back for me.
PARENTAL WARNING ON KIDS MOBILE THIS IS A BUYING APP!!! I totally dissatisfying experience, a continuous systematic scam of gold special coins only to keep you up buying.. A trap that does not motivate to go on honestly. The blue prints are a lie. IF IT says 4 Blue prints needed avoiding to say it is only the first building stage of at least 4 so each special building in blue print costs you around 70 real euros!Wt the hell for a virtual thing on a game? PARENTAL WARNING ON YOUR KIDS MOBILE!!
Is this game still updated or maintained by anyone? Facebook page hasn't had a new post since 2017. Impossible to add friends, no screenshots can taken to share on social media for points. it's like a ghost town.
This game used to be soooooo awesome, I've downloaded it 3 different times now and I can't get on gameinsight to back up this game, and the last game that I lost due to not being able to connect to the internet had a lot of money and time put into it!
You should have it were your game collects income for you when off the game otherwise to really collect the profit from the buildings you either have to log on every 3 min 15min 30min and up to collect from buildings or stay on all day to actually make money to progress in game and you consider using time cheating to collect the entire days profits you should be getting for a building so in my opinion if you don't have the game collecting profits than using time to collect it is not cheating.
I like the game, but I only give 3 stars because every time I try to register it says I have no internet connection (false) & it won't let me screen shot FB or Twitter.
it's a good time killer. But that's the problem. Takes too long to build or repair buildings. And the guests always asking for help is annoying.
This is even better than the second version! Please update this! The second version is just for kids! Update this! Please I'll give 5star!
Y'all need to fix this game so it's linked to my account with Facebook so every time I have to replace my phone I don't have to start over. But other than that I love this game. I have it on my tablet and my phone.
I like the game....it's just y'all really need to make a update to fix the loading problem it starts to download then stops with a button to close it please fix it Thanks
My app just started not loading. Ugg help ive had to start this game over 3 times not again too hard after reaching level 17
best game I've ever played been playing it for four years every time I get another game another phone I mean I have to start a new game because it does not switch over from phone to phone whether you are with Facebook or Google that's the only thing I don't like
I am enjoying the game apart from very rarely getting the pilates which you need to update windmills etc to their full capacity. It seems the only way to get plenty of them is to spend Real money which i refuse point blank to do. But still having fun
it's fun but some of the icon are to small and there are times when you don't know what to do. it's truly a guessing game. also the game to take screen I get kick out and the game closes????
The sad thing is i do love this game, but my previous phone crashed and burned. When got my new phone and downloaded the game again it was ALL GONE! I sent a message. No response. I refuse to waste money on something that could simply vanish that easy, and then when asking for help, get silence in response. I said i would delete the app if it couldn't be restored. Well, nothearing anything back is basically the equivalent. So goodbye my little island. Just something else crappy to add to my crappy life at the moment.
At one point, theres nothing left to do in the game. You end up just waiting to level up and only check the app to collect money and then not at all. Need to have less time in between to level up.