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Paper Wings

Paper Wings for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Fil Games located at Developer Address: 166b Arlington Road, NW1 7HP, London, United Kingdom. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Simple but not overly done to the point of a afk game. Unlocking seems straightforward enough that gives one direction. So far worth about 4 stars, but I don't currently have a lot of hours invested. If I continue my review may change to reflect updates.
Good. No advertisements as of now. You can play offline. Engaging interface. So far so good. All the best!
This is a pretty cool yet, challenging game I've only played it a couple times, but it's really fun. I also like how you can interact with the birds.
It had been interesting to play for more than 2 weeks but it suddenly got stopped and was reset wiping out the whole progress.
I would've liked or even loved this game if there weren't so many ads. There's ones you have to watch to unlock more birds, you have to watch one to rewind, and even when you don't it plays one anyways! I didn't even see if you could pay to get rid of them. I don't even mind ads most of the time as long as they're not being obtrusive like this! And this is an EDITOR'S CHOICE game as well, completely inexcusable.
Paper Wings is fun in short bursts. Bird lovers will like the theme, and appreciate it considering how many more cat themed games there are. I didnt like how it initially put too many ads. However, that is not much of a problem later. All in all, an excellent casual game.
Enjoyable for anyone who likes a quick, easygoing game. The art style is simple yet beautiful! With that said, I'm not a fan of the latest update. Not only are the controls more slippery now, there's also less of a transition between each set of obstacles and the coins fall faster than previously. Even during the earliest stages, the red explosive coins may fall before the yellow ones can be cleared. The pacing is not as gradual and beginner-friendly as it was before. Still a favorite though 🐦
Fun coin collecting game to pass the time with some cool power-ups to give some variety and add some strategy. Custom bird skins each come with a unique trait that makes each useful in their own way. Very enjoyable and relaxing!
I enjoy the game, but i must be honest. The graphics are wonderful, the bird buddies are adorable, and the controls while simple,take time to master. The controls are not bad, most people aren't patient enough to learn However, the game just needs more stuff in it to keep people's attention. As is, the game is just a little too short and sweet
Wonderful game i love it. Only one issue though: after you have all the birds there's nothing more to do, the coins become useless and i lost interest in the game:-(
Good side: 1) Great concept and idea to support birds 2) Great graphics and physics 3) Music is Top Notch Amazing 4) Calm mode feels like a form of Meditation 5) Get to know about different birds 6) Power ups and different game modes fantastic job done there 7) Color choice was Marvelous (kudos to the designer) 8) Thank god it is offline and free Down side: 1) Multiplayer mode taking ages to load 2) Controls man, tweak them a little bit so hard to control 3) Optimize the game for full view display (18:9 aspect ratio) Request: 1) Atleast add some bots to multiplayer mode so that we can atleast see what it is 2) Controls controls controls do something with them
I love this game! It is beautifully designed and I just love the music, sounds and the chirping! I like how the game is really simple and beautiful at the same time! One thing that doesn't work for me is the multiplayer mode. I have a pretty strong internet connection, but it never seems to find a match (opponent) for me. Also, it seems my device cannot do quests? If there is any way for me to get it to work, that would be great because I really want to try it out! Thanks developpers! Great job!
Love this game, very relaxing! The controls are a bit difficult, we shall see if I can became a master or paper flight πŸ¦…
Hello, developers! I've been frustrated, because I cannot change my bird's name in multiplayer after numerous attempts. I've gone to the point of deleting all my progress for the app in Google Play Games, but it gets rid of everything EXCEPT the name. Please consider adding a feature to change your bird's username, or fixing the glitch where it deletes everything except the name. Thank you for your time.
Nice game! As a bird lover this game is really good. The only issue I can find is that sometimes the bird is hard to control. Usually when it goes down to the bottom in the water. It gets stuck there sometimes which causes the game to end. And the multi-player feature doesn't seem to work very well for me. When I try to connect with another player it just says its trying to match with someone. After several minutes it doesn't find anyone just keeps loading. But apart from that, its a really nice game and good way to calm yourself but also make you excited as well! :-)
Like the app, I am doing kinda well..I guess? Downside is that the controls are way too difficult, it is almost impossible to play and cant catch those coins/balls so easilly, I hope in the next update...it is easy to control now and with better control of the birds movements. That's all but I still like this game, the only thing I hate is the controls.
The game is very relaxing, its a bit confusing at first because of the controls but you will master it. I love how the game is very simple and complex! Looking forward for future plans and updates of this game Devs!
I like it, but I hope Paper Wings will add an new features, such as a different background(the new atmosphere not only in mountainous areas), add new birds that we can adjust to the player's will(their speciality or a custom bird). Other than that for the multiplayer version, I don't know why, but in my cellphone its always stuck and only said waiting for another birds, without any progress. Thank you, overall i really love this game.
This is one of my favourite games, I'm so in love with everything, the concept, the beautiful design, all the easter eggs, and the fact that I've never gotten a bug or glitch. Ik this is worded in a weird manner but I really do love it a lot ✨❀
It's a good game but u need to add more modes and some new abilities ;3 bdw cool game make more updates :P
A really fun game that is very calm and not rage enducing , and at the time that I am playing this , there is not even ONE thing that I would change , it has nice graphics , nice controls that aren't confusing , very beautiful birds to unlock , information about each bird for little extra content , good multiplayer , and of course , it's satisying Great game that I would rate 10 stars if possible , since it is actually the first game that I have EVER played on console or phone with no problems..
May I ask for some fix? See, whenever we reach certain combo or stage up, there will be like a flash effect followed by changing weather and time. That effect hurt my eyes real bad everytime it happened. Yeap, that is correct. I have a little Epilepsy in me, and only happened whenever a strong flash/light emerge from the game all of sudden. I really love this game, don't get me wrong. But, if you can help with this Epilepsy problem, that would be very helpful.
It's a cute little game that's fun to play, has no microtransactions(!), can be played offline and even has a button to donate and help endangered bird species. My only complaint is that the quest screen doesn't work. I did not expect to find a game as neat and enjoyable as this one. Thanks for your work.
Kay, so the game is really relaxing, and i like it a lot, but multiplayer doesnt work, and I think they should add more birds, do both and you get 5/5
Want more online players. Please. Just for only this lack of connectivity issues among online players I'm giving it 3 start otherwise game is good
This is an excellent game. But it is really difficult to control the bird. Please do some improvements. Please..
This was and I believe one of the more interesting, stimulating and serene offline games I have had the pleasure to play trying to de-stress. Seeing this again browsing through Editor's choice is simply delightful.
Fun little time killer with a few problems for me. The screen flashing when you get a coin is a bit much. The hud could also use some work. The only way to access the settings menu is when you have the game paused and not on the home screen. You can also only change your bird after you die, not before you start. The controls are a bit tough but I'm sure that's intentional.
Quite a good, fun game, but the complete lack of any usable online play is annoying. The connection never works and I just end up waiting for ages. Even when I try to add my friend's username and play, the online connection still doesn't work. Overall it's a good game but the lack of decent online play is very frustrating, hence only three stars.
I find that this is a very good casual game to install, maybe whether you want a challenge or just a good entertaining time killer. You can spend hours experimenting with the hundreds of different combinations of birds and game modes, especially with the update that brought multiplayer adding a whole new level of depth. However, I have noticed a new bug in which at the end of a run it relaunches the game and when clicking the rewind button you will also lose the progress of that run.
The concept for the game is really neat! The backgrounds are beautiful, and the designs for the birds are adorable! And to make it better, the game runs as smooth as butter. However, there are some things I think could be added. A back button would be very handy. As of right now, I have to keep relaunching the app in order to go back. And lastly, a renaming option for multiplayer. Overall, this game is great, however, I do think it is missing some features that would improve the gameplay!
This is a great app with the exception of multi-player. I understand you can't force more people online but my recommendation is that while waiting for a second player have something to do like the ability to just fly around or something. I have to wait FOREVER and just tap around to keep from my phone going to sleep. Also suspiciously its almost impossible to find a partner for multi-player and" people" still have unbelievable amount of points as if they are bots. Hint hint just saying
Fun, semi relaxing. I like birds so this is cool. Too many ads though. I likely won't keep this game for that reason, but it's slightly addictive so we'll see... Update- I still have this game. It's pretty fun and relaxing. I turn my phone onto airplane mode so I can play without the freakin ads every play. That's seriously annoying.
A very calming game, with a soothing minimalist design. I really like to play this game off and on, as a pastime. It's perfect for that. However, the online multiplayer mode never works for me. It is very strange, but I always see 18-20 people online, no matter at what time of day I open the app. And I can never play multiplayer. It is likely that this is a bug, or perhaps there aren't many people playing the game (but all the time, 18-20 only?). Otherwise, great game! Nice work!
PaperWings is a masterpiece. I love birds and origami, so this was a must play. I'm usually not a huge fan of arcade style games, but this game is unbelievably satisfying to play! Even when I make a mistake, I can always fix it and it's so satisfying to loop around and dive across the screen! Unlocking new birds with different powerups is amazing. Each bird feels unique and no bird is 'better' than another; different birds work best depending on your play style. Also, being able to learn about each specie of bird when you unlock them and hear their calls is fun and makes you feel closer to them! I loved the little details, such as the musical title screen and the positive phrases your chosen bird says on the title screen. It really cheers me up and puts a smile on my face! PaperWings is a beautiful game and I'd recommend it to everyone. It's a shame that I can't give it any more than 5 stars! :)
Fun idea and gameplay but hiding skins behind watching 5 or 10 ads is gross. To unlock all the ad blocked skins, you have to watch 35 ads. Almost 20 minutes of ads, really?
It is Irritating because of the Ads but There's a Glitch too! when it' Day 4 for Daily Rewards, after I pressed Claim, The Daily Rewards Opened again but it is Day 5, so I Pressed Claim but it reload again and again. I was Very Happy Honestly! Until I got 20,000+, so I restarted then Finally I can Play now BUT IT IS GREAT. So 4 Stars
it's a great game no doubt but I am unable to find opponent in multiplayer and other players score so high... I wonder how they do that... I think they are hacking in some way... I hope you fix this issue as soon as possible...
I honestly LOVE paper wings. I'd have a heart attack if this game did not recive editors choise, but it did. I love how you can control a adorable bird in a world made of folded paper. Catching coins before the fall is fun yet challenging. Unlocking different species of birds gives you a goal to set and try to unlock them all. The game also tells you facts about birds, such as that a birds feathers weighs more than it's skeleton. The game is overall amazing and this is my favorite game 100%.
I remember years ago I was searching for new games in the beta/early release category. I stumbled upon this, this was one of the best and entertaining pre released/beta game I have ever played. Years later I get a notification from Google play store about top offline games and seeing this game warms my heart. Props to the dev for making such a great game. You have earned the top position.
One of the best bird games ever I've played! It could be cool and more better if you added more new bird species for this game (Ex. Anna's Hummingbird) with new powers, tracker for hazards and coins, and different controls (Such as joystick), which you can select one that is easy for you to control your bird, I will stay tuned for new updates. I am a big bird fan, and this is a really addicting game I played, with amazing features and lots of fun!!
too fast, too much, too soon. It's a pretty refreshing cashgrab, begs and forces ads all the time, the lack of an ingame back function makes you press on watch ads by mistake using the android back button lol I'm disappointed
Never in my life rated any apps.. but this app deserves 5 star Review... very soothing and composing game.. USP is its minimal graphics and the biggest plus point is Sound design.. sounds of birds are real and no cash grabbing scam here.. you win you earn new species.. they have 30+ species of birds to choose from and small information window for each bird is icing on the cake.. imparting knowledge with fun.. also NO ADS !! what do you want more ?
One of the most ever ausome game i saw in my life. When I was a kid... Hmm.. Not so far i think, i played this in my mom's mobile. I remember the time unlocking the finch bird in this game πŸ˜„., and also the changes happen.. It's ausome. Download now guys... Feel the calmness of game.
LOVE THIS GAME! This game is really hard tho but everything about this game is fun, it's offline, also the concept is easy
Super cute and aesthetic! Only frustrating sometimes with the movement of the bird, but it is something easy to get used to
Still a charming game but after revisiting this years later I am disappointed by the number of ads. Even if you opt not to save your bird you get a video ad play. Some birds are locked behind account linking, whixh sucks. Multiplayer is dead and there's bots taking up some of the top spots. All developers need to earn, but then again so many developers end up greedy. I'd have much rather paid a one off fee for the entire game. Mobile games are cancer.
I love the game and every thing but the control's are too hard to use so please make it a joystick instead and I will try it if you do fix it and if it's easier to move the bird and I like it I will give it a five star review
Flight is fun, the controls are easy to learn (although frustrating at higher speeds to control) and the graphics are really beautiful. The power-ups and unique abilities keep the game interesting. The ads, however, are a little intrusive. The developer deserves to get paid, truly they should be compensated for their hard work. But I really wish they could have found better places to put ads, rather than in the middle of a game.
I love this app! Keep updating. If you want, I do have an idea. I absolutely love it when my bird tells me nice stuff (keep going buddy!), so what If you had a bird care section? Small and optional, but this is where your bird can grow to love you, by tapping or feeding him. And when you hit levels, you get rewards like coins. You can also maybe customize your bird, like with a hat. You can use a small amount of coins to get types of food, like berries. Thanks, a great game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It has easy controls, fun graphics, and simple gameplay- and most of all, it doesn't bombard you with ads every two seconds. Thank you, developers, for finally doing this. It's everything I ask for!
It's a very awesome game! I love the info on the birds. This makes me learn as I play. The overall game idea is so interesting and your use of ads is not exhaustive. Really love the game!😁
struggled to learn the controls of the game, maybe it improves over time - but the learning curve is very steep
Love it! Only problem is when I try to unlock birds by watching ads, it doesn't work. I mean when I watch an ad and finish it, it doesn't say that I already watched an ad like it stays in 0/5 clips or something. Another problem is that I cant play multiplayer. Thats it and thanks, keep up the good work
Fun so far. Graphics are fantastic. It needs to give a little more time to practice the flying part of it, but overall neat game.
A joy to play. I had had a rough day, and couldn't get my mind to shut off. After playing Paper Wings for a few minutes, I looked up to discover 45 minutes had passed, and I had a smile on my face to boot. Exactly what a game is supposed to do in my book. Well done.
Having the bird explode when you lose is pretty stressful. It would be nicer if the screen slowly faded or some other more peaceful animation when you lose to mimic the rest of the game experience. It would be a lot more fun if you got 3 chances to miss a yellow dot rather than 1. This game is beautiful, but it's more frustrating than fun. (Uninstalling)
Only played couple times,enjoying it so far.ive never been interested in birds ( with wings lol) but wee facts about them are making me more curious. Nice gameπŸ‘πŸ˜Ž to player that says cant control speed.you can he hovers,if u want 2speed up put nose down like a helicopter & he goes forward faster more u tilt.least that how I've found how2 fly it.
The game is very nice and I am glad I came across this. I think less people are playing online so there is a long waiting period. I will not say it is developer's fault. The only thing I had a bit of problem with is finding the settings button. Placing the settings button at the bottom of the confirm exit screen in not something ideal. I request you to change its place and I will rate it 5 stars if you do so. Rest of the game is really nice. Keep it up. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Like, but a lil hard to CONTROL , although this makes less than 10 games thus far..we'll see if it can turn into a 5 β˜† rating for me!
It is a very good, informative, simple, relaxing and stress-free and mind relaxing game. It is a game for all moods, all seasons and very nice game. So, I want to tell that do more updates and take our hearts from us. It is also having a pleasing sound and contains information about the birds all over the world.
Great idea. But my bird dies right in the middle of gameplay without even touching anything. Not the ground or red coins. He just keels over right in the middle of flying, man. These birds shouldn't be so suicidal.
By clicking the "i" button next to a bird's name, you will get intresting facts about that bird. This can be done by clicking "more birds" then you can click the "i" button next to each bird. You can also click the ⚑ to look at it's speciality.
It's a game that I'll play each day, it has a little problem with online mode tho, I can never find a match.
It is a very nice and decent game but please let the user control the speed of the bird, I find it quite hard to tackle with the speed of birds but I think that is the game play, therefore it's alright. The graphics and sound of the birds are excellent and even the concept is pretty much different and amazing. Please try to include more birds in the next update. It is a very good game!
This game is very nice and the birds are so cute! The style is simple but very cool at the same time. It really inspires me to love birds. Maybe if you could add more birds like 1 or 2 more. Example hummingbirds or blue jay.
The controls are way too difficult for the speed of the coins. The bird goes way too fast and the precision seems off. Turning around is tough since the bird goes in circles around the coins and when it hits the water, the bird flies in the opposite direction of the control. The graphics are lovely and I wanted to like this game, but it's unplayable.
Pretty good , replay ability after getting all the birds is a bit uneventful except for trying to better the score, ie became a once in a while only. I could definitely see expansion to add other modes with different goals other than points or coin collection . Mechanics are super fun and all the bird tidbits are great , would love even more birds and facts to expand on the current roster.
It's one of the best relaxing games I have ever played in my life. The controls are a bit difficult to go on with in the starting and then you will manage it. I love the background and the sounds of birds which make me feel as if I'm in a forest. Love this game.
I really like the game! But the reason why I rated the game 4 stars is because, the speed of the birds are too fast and hard to control. I keep thinking do I have to practice or is it just the game!? But please can you fix that I really want to compete around Good birds!πŸ™‚β€ Thank you!!!πŸ¦œπŸ¦…πŸ¦