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Paper.io 3D

Paper.io 3D for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by VOODOO located at 4 rue Jules Lefebvre, 75009 Paris. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love it. So much easier to take up the whole map and get skins. I spent hours playing it. The only thing I'd like to change is that when you complete all the maps, there are no more. I would like to play more maps. Please add some more. Other than that, great game and so much fun.
This is very subub. Game is love this game. This game if you want to increase your area if you are lucky so you don't have to cut but you are unlucky you was cut. It is a good game. I gave 5 stars to this game. And yes u will also give 5 stars OK. Please you all who was downloading this game you all give 5 stars. And yes you all I want to tell a secret I am a child.
The controls freeze up which makes moving really hard. So, you die. Should make it so if you click any where outside the revive button and the no thanks button, it won't take it a no thank. I do this a lot by accident and I want to revive. Lastly, when you click the revive button, it can make it so it does not give you an ad and the game keeps on you watching others play and you can do anything about it except close the game and re-enter to re-start the map
This game was really good, but was not easy to control I really wish the Devs would fix this problem, because to the ragers out there would be really mad and make a 1 star rating. Overall, I'd recommend this game to everyone! To the people who make 1 star ratings please don't send hate, VooDoo does their best on apps and games for you to play.
The game's great and I have fun playing it! I just finished all the levels. There's this one minor bug. When I finished some of the satellites, the screen tells you that you completed it and get the reward normally. But, I immediately clicked on it and got sent to the menu screen. And, I didn't get the reward that it was giving. I tried finishing the satellites again, and I still can't get it, even though I already finished it. If that bug could be fixed, that would be great!
I take back what I said before true it is kinda weird to look at it because the background moves in weird ways but it saves your progress and gives you more maps and funny cute 3D skins I'm loving it.
I love this game but I can't play a round now only after a day. On the diamond level I can't play or on any other. It won't let me in to play. The area that was mine is gone. Please fix this issue. But I would recommend the game. I've only seen 2 adds so far. No problems with the adds.
I used to play the sequel of this game and I enjoyed it but when I found this game out I really enjoyed it! It is quite fun and it doesn't have an abundance of ads like most games do. I recommend this game.
The game is amazing super fun and addictive! But... you guessed it theres an ad after everytime you die and lots of lag. I always have to turn on airplane mode which gets annoying cuz you forget it's on and miss calls or messages. So only 2 stars cause the ads cheap game dont ruin everyone's time like maybe have an ad after every 10 games. They also make the best characters hard to unlock what do I mean? You have to watch up to 30 ads to get them but they look so cool so it really sucks.
This game is a lot of fun i like how you have chlenges and have to cover different maps or objects. I finished the game and thought they would add some new objects with this last update but no new ones so I guess I will just delete the game it serves no purpose on my phone anymore. But really like the game.
this game is intresting but there to many ads evertome i die a ad pop up can you really fix this and the game is quiet laggy and i recommend fixing this bacause some times when i plat the mini one my character moves out of control and some no listening to my hand and ever time this happends i die so thats why i give this 4 insted fis this small bugs and yeah
The bots are programmed to constantly attack you no matter what, its almost impossible to expand when someone literally goes in a straight line to the other side of the map somehow knowing exactly where you are and then kill you. DO NOY GET THIS
I love this game! But the adds NO I don't like the adds I gave it 4 stars because of the adds but this is a good game for little kids in less they are mean or grumpy only if they are nice and don't care if they see an add. ONLY NICE PEOPLE. So kids if you see this be good so you can get this game or keep it. Stay safe πŸ™. Be nice too. And all guss what!!!! I'm on vacation!!!!
I have been playing this game for a few months now. And it's really good. And ads can be stopped by being offline. So I am not bothered by ads that much. But would you add more satellites and skins. I would really enjoy a wider variety
Great game. Lots of ads, but with a game this addictive, you kinda have to just deal with it. Need more levels tho. I blew thru these in 2 days, and now waiting in limbo for more. Oh, it's a pig on your battery, so try to play while plugged into your charger, lol. Otherwise, if it my favorites of the simpler games.
Very nice game and the skins are super duper cool and it's 3D effect is mind-blowing and also I have completed all the levels and unlocked all the skins . So for me it is a very nice game πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š
It's a fun game but the ads are a LOT. And it's so so so laggy I lost a game cause it froze. It makes me mad and the pop up ads do to please fix this please it's a very BIG problem... Ugh.
I love this game but, well... THE ADS BRO..! Like at the beginning, every 2 times I die, you get an ad but now, every time I die, I get an ad..I keep getting stressed out when I get an ad.. Please fix... If you can fix it, I might change my rating to 5 stars. πŸ™‚ Update: I realized that if you turn airplane mode on, you can have no ads so.. Congrats! You earned yourself 5 stars πŸ˜„ Update: I recently have finished ALL of the maps and I DO NOT want to play the satellites so please make more maps.
Game is really good for time killing. All the shapes have been conquered and satellite modes have also been finished. But don't know what is next??? Either the game has ended or what is next in it????
If this game was great I could have rated this a 5 star. Alright so here is my problem. If I try killing somebody by hitting their line,they just be Alive. Then it's so laggy that i could not even move so pls fix my problems so i could rate this a 5 star pls
Fun game. Please add more levels and skins and zones!!! I am all done, & now can't play. No fun doing what I have already accomplished. And I only added it 4 days ago. Looks like it's time to delete, no new levrls to do after months.
Well i like it alot. but you need to add more things like more skins and maps like i have to uninstall and the reinstall so its more fun. but i love the game in all but please add more stuff if the creator is reading this. bye have a great Day!
Though this game is perfect but I would have given it 5 stars,so the problem is when I am not in my base someone comes to my base and takes it and then I die even if they did not cut our line and if we cut someone's line it doesn't die and if we do it the second time then only it dies so please fix this
Great game, fun to play, I like the satellites idea, and that the first time you play a object it saves your progress but I finished the entire game including satellites in about a week so they don't get 5 stars but could deffinetly be worth 5
This is a great game for wasting time. I waited till I beat all the levels and have all the characters before posting. Its both challenging and frustrating at times. Only thing that bothers me the inconsistency of second chances and the randomness of ads.
I really would like to like the game, but bugs and ads makes it impossible...Sometimes game doesn't register when i take some new territory, line just dissapears and no one was close, so it just dissapeared. And i have to play offline so there aren't so many ads. I'm game dev myself i understand that that it's the way how you earn money, but there are ways how to earn money without showing ads so often. For now i will give you 1 star, but if and when you change all i said, then i will change the rating too.
Everytime you die, there is a 30 second ad... Other than that.. Good game but no actual multi-player, you are just playing against bots. Also the level restarts right where you lost, so it's just a matter of time, not skill, to beat a level.
This is an excelent game! People are complaining about the ads but every game is going to have ads and thats how they make money. Dont complain about ads, every game has them and this game is amazing! Also paper io2 is really good aswell.
Worst app, i was playing this game for almost 1 month until when i died the game froze, i tried to turn off my phone nothing happend so i spammed the turn off button and then some emergency phoned me i was scared so i declined, do not install it only happens when your phone is HUAWEI
This is a great app! I really like it BUT it doesn't let me cover some parts of a map sometimes and it should get more levels but overall its great and I would recommend it I just wish they added more skins and levels in a future update though!
This game is fun no lie, but there is this glitch where when you respawn after having like 50% of the map it keeps it. For some reason though, it doesn't let you make progress, so whey you try to get mor land it doesn't let you and for the 3rd time you respawn it gives you a 100%? And the ADDS! Omg it's ethier promoting itself, or an add I've seen already. Not to mention that sometimes when I score up to 90% it makes me lose! PLEASE FIX THIS. Otherwise fine game πŸŒ¬πŸ˜„πŸ‘Œ
It's a good game, and to anyone saying that there are many ads, just turn off your wifi/data. Also, please fix glitches. I lost all my progress when I reached 100% on a satelite due to some reason. Restarted the game, and it didn't even show the high score as 100
Good game but when your at like80percent on the map nobody spawns so pls fix that and also on the map everytime i die i always end up where ever i left off so pls fix that and i gave it a three star because people don't care I'm just go around and get half of the map so easy so make that less and also add new skins and maps aldo
I love this game theres nice skins and there easy to get aswell as how it saves your data but the problem is can you make a paper io new version thats not 3d like maybe make a part 3 that be awsome and then paper io 3d can bc the 4th paper io game in google play from now on. I would really love if you could do this well anyways thanks for all the hard work of this entertaining game peace.
Very interesting and outstanding app. I like this ap so much .it is such a wonderful app to play game at any stage of life . This game can be played by the young ,elder and old people ....l request you all to download this game app and rate it with all five stars
This is a great game. A good time and fun to pick up when you have some time to waste. This is my favorite version of the paper. Io games for sure. I wish there were more shapes or at least that they would add more on a consistent basis. Once you've reached 100% on all of them, there's really nowhere else to go from there.
Great game! I love how theres so many 3d platforms and skins. I do love the normal version but for me this ones more inresting becuase its 3d!download it. I was gonna give it four cause the ads but just put it on airplane modeπŸ₯°.(edited because it was five but when you do them all theres nothing else to do and sometimes it does this wierd glich but still great and dowload it!)
I LOVE THIS GAME!!! I mean other then the ads I would give it form 200000000/200000000 i mean right who else loves this one or like who doesn't like it you don't than poo on you if you dont like it mean it's a good idea to make it 3d because it's like you have your own little space or like you are in war and you're giting your land back like I mean who else might think the game like it er like I do?
Found it quite addictive but got this weird glitch where i culdnt make a line it was invisible i was only able to kill and remove a part or line of the other players area and I was really close to finsihing the end of the game so i dint wanna reinstall And ofcourse ..ads ..even of u press no on the ad u still get one A BIG PRPBLEM WITH ALL VOODO GAMES ..
I really like this game but after a while my character becomes difficult to control and will turn left when I direct it right especially on a surface that isn't flat. I've also gotten stuck at the piggy bank now because It keeps kicking me out like someone crossed my line but no one is near me and the progress I make gets wiped.
It's so fun!!! I love killing people although when the satilutes are way to hard in my opinion but that's just my opinion. And on the mushroom (when I started) it is too hard because of the curve. We need an update boys!!
Awesome game in general, super addicting, and the 3D aspect makes it SO much easier to *actually* win. Problem arises when you finish all the boards and basically have nothing left to do. >>>UPDATING WITH NEW BOARDS ON OCCASION WOULD BE NICE!<<<
Wow!!This game is soooooo nice.....no ads only playing without any of the disturbance at all, but only one request to you that pls keep more shapes in which we can play more... because it ends only on pencil....so pls do the needful.... but very nice game πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜
Pretty fun just needs more levels. Bugs aside, its still prrtty enjoyable, i wish there were more levels being added. Maybe then it'd be worth purchasing the ad removal. Until then, idk. ive finished all the levels, so wherever there more added or an update i'll come back to it.
The game is fun, but still it's glitchy for me, idk about the others, and what's the use of the revive button? U gonna be in the same map and the same place and ur area is also gonna stay the same... The only reason for the revive button is for ADS. And OMG it's soooooooo GLITCHY!! For example, every time I kill someone, my game glitches and I go back to the home screen. The Game Over wala screen. Pls fix that.
I'm so glad you were able to make this game without the crippling glitches your first two paper.io games had. The only issue I noticed is that the app closes itself occasionally, but other than that I'm pleased with the game. Good work!!
This game is my favorite in the trilogy. Though the first one will always hold a special place in my heart as the little game I watched grow, this one so simple and easy to use. I recommend it to anyone who likes this type of or anyone that doesn't. Sincerely, One of this game's biggest fans
I have 3 Problems with this game. 1. When I am out, I press continue. But it doesn't do anything. And then I press the second time then also, it doesn't do anything. After 1 minute, it do. 2. When I am making my line, someone else comes in my line and I am out. 3. When I am making my line, it doesn't take it. Because of these problems, I have given you 4 Stars. But it is a very good Game πŸ‘. But you will only deserve 5 Stars when you will fix these Problems. Thank you 😊
I hate this game. I whenever I die, I click on "New Best" but it doesnt work. I tried it multiple times. My points dont rise either. Please find a solution for this. But other then that, its nice I guess...
Paper io 2 was great, deserves a 5 star except for some glitches.... it was good cause it was challenging and hard..... this one, favors me to much. if I die, I get to continue with the same piece of land as before. that makes the death useless, cause I loose nothing, hence not challenging at all. now I can play the game recklessly cause I know I'll get to 100 percent anyway, will just take longer. return the paper io 2 mode. if you die, you loose it all, you start back at 0.6%. perfect!!
Hi there this is my first review on this game... I like this game but it freezes on my phone and when I am in my space I just die which is weird anyways plz fix this problem and moving on 2 the good part is that the moves that you make it saves it while on paper.io 2 it does not do that thats what I like this game. Now that's my first review thank you
Fun when you actually get to play the game. Every time I enter some weird music plays and my screen goes black. I have to turn off my phone atleast 6 times to get on my phone and i have to close my windows, please fix this bug!
This game is very very very very very nice but there is a lot of ads after each and every game. Do something about it. That's why I had give this game 4 stars otherwise I will give this game full star.
This game is good and although I don't like the company, the game is great. Honestly it would be better if another company made it though because VooDoo tons of ads and is glitchy. The good thing that came out of this version of paper.io is that there is no ads during the middle of gameplay. But good game. Just fix the glitches and reduce the ads to maybe 1 out of three times you die.
I agree with Jiya Verma. My new chromebook kept freezing! I deleted this app because it's getting in the way of my work. I'm quite upset because I kinda good, and always king, getting 100%, buut... My chromebook won't open even when I charge it. It was 100%, but now it just won't open. I'm not trying to be a hater, cuz' VooDoo games are great, but they contain loads of bugs and I just wasted Β£300+ on a new chromebook that doesn't work any more because of this app. I DO NOT reccomend this app. :(
this game is the BEST! the controls are a bit crappy at first, but when i started to play the game more, i got used to the controls more. and you didnt get scammed(basicly where you are in a game which has too much ads). this game is so fun(when you win lol) amd the ga,e might be glitchy here and there-its probably your internet connection. other than that-its a perfect game!
I love this game, my over all experience was great with this app! Its very fun! I would rate it 5 stars, but I do have one complaint about a stupid annoying bug that keeps on happening! Okay, so here's is what is happening, so I join a round, I get a lot of space taken in the map, someone goes into my area to steal it, and I touch them I die and they survive, this also happens when I touch their head. Also if I am out of my base, someone touches my base, not my line, I die. Please fix this!
First, the phone gets hot while playing this. Does anyone else have this problem too? The game is good, design could be better. Sometimes the skin blocks the view like clouds etc. The color combination sometimes make it difficult to differentiate between the skin and the marker. A gew glitches too. Once from 69% i crashed to .3, the entire skin vanished.
I am obsessed with this game but it does have a lot of glitches. Sometimes I am the king but then just randomly it glitches and takes away my progress. I think that the company is a little bit different than the other games
Great gameplay. Very satisfying to complete the shapes. However the ads are way too frequent. Also, bots always prioritize killing you over staying alive. They go way out of their way to kill you and then die right after. Which is stupid.
I love this game!πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜ It is very good that it's an offline game and it also contains no ads(If you keep Wi-Fi off). Although I would have loved to give 5 stars, sometimes when you draw a line to expand your area it is not counted at all. When you return to your area, the line just disappears and it is very frustrating. Please fix this bug. But the graphics quality and gameplay is awesome! I would highly recommend this game let alone the minor bug(it happens rarely). AMAZING GAME, I LOVE IT!
This game is amazing I love it so much. But when you have finished all the planets you have nothing to do.I would of given it 5 stars if they could add more planets or to change that minor detail, and if you where going on a road trip or something and you don't have any internet you can't play it which is really annoying.But this a really fun game and you should definitely install it.
I loved this game!! It was so fun until I had to install an update that ruined it. Beware of the updates.... I updated the app thinking it would make it better, but now it is too easy. The game saves your progress so when you die you are put right back where you were. It is so frustrating. If you die with 6 percent when you get back onto the world you are already at 6 percent and winning the game. I definitely recommend paper.io 2 which is a lot harder.
Ok this game is just perfect all the 3 paper. io is amazing because the graphics and the quality and the idea of the game is amazing and the skins is stilly and pretty and there is almost noo ads because like the game is just perfect and I rate 5 stars πŸŒ πŸŒ β˜‘
Better than version 2 in way that boards are winnable but being able to always start where you left off is pretty dumb. Satalite game is much better but way too small. When all boards and satalite versions can be completed at 100% in just a few days it is not only too easy but there are not enough boards. With that being said, it is a very fun game but does still have some similar glitches to the version 2. Also had multiple issues where game just crashed near completion of a board.
Best addicting phone game out there in my opinion, I dunno I just love such games. I really wish there was even more to unlock and complete bc I was done in 3 days. Not too easy not too hard. Just so much fun.
This game is so addicting! So many good skins and if you finish coloring 🎨 you get many more stars! There are different coloring options like: banana🍌, star ⭐, and more! You can even color the satellite ones! Keep up the good work guys, best game ever! Also: β˜…EVERYONE HAS TO GET THIS GAME β˜…
Of course i love this game its very fun to play and i always win the game in 2 matches it doesnt take long and i just love it and the reason i gave this game four stars only because it shows a ad after every game and i would love it if you will fix it out but ya the game graphics are awesome and it is really offline i just love this app and i prefer you that install it.
This game is so fun especially the place we will conquer is 3D. And there is a satellite revolving around the 3D. You can play this with diffrent colour, shape and character. But only thing is that sometimes when you defeat a person they actually don't get defeated due to some problem in the game that is why I have rated this game only 4 stars.
This game is interesting! But the graphics are so poor!! I hate it when I was just going to copmplet e and it suddenly disappeared...poor!πŸ‘Ž
Fun to play and not allot of ads. There are cute skins. The one annoying thing is that everyone you play with aims to kill you. When you kill a person, you kill them and yourself.
Too many bugs. The character is spawned outside the area covered. The area is not painted even when the round is complete. The game freezezes on the best score/continue screen it does every time even after restarting the game. The game kicks you out at the level section suddenly while playing the game.
Worse then first 2 parts: - Incorrect filling - Shading bags on corners - Bad camera positioning, rotating and settings that cause cursed enemies on the periphery (0,9% looks like he has colored half of map) - Saving colored area (makes game no changeling)
I love this game. The fun things is that when I go on another side my mind started to rotate sometime. I would really recommend this game to everyone. Ann when you turn off you wi - fi you will get no add. Thanks for creating this game. πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’―❀️❀️
Paper io 3 a simplistic game that's somewhat easier than paper io 2 go outside your area come back to add more color to your base cover as much as you can sounds fun however I have a couple of problems first of all THE GAME IS TOO EASY!!!! I GOT 100% TWICE!!!! Second it's not very competitive sure people attack your base but it's not that exciting because they don't do it that often. Lastly there not much to do it would be cool if you got to create your own skin.Overall the game is ok
Hey you! Did you know this game is single player offline and not multiplayer online? Im not lying look around for the tags that say what the game is in google play. They should make this easier to notice. Its like they are trying to hide it.
It's even better than the previous versions and so cool, but when I die, I don't see any buttom to finish the game and start over or revive. All i can do is to close the game and open it again. It's a very fun game , please don't stop making it more funπŸ₯Ί
Game is laggy and way too much ads. Kind of annoying when the camera angle is kinda wobbly. Game is easier than Paper. io 2 and is simpler but what I hate is that the menu is so bright that it strains my eyes. Also, graphics are so plain and boring, no offense and I keep saying that in your other games. TOO MANY ANNOYING ADS and PUSHES YOU TO PAY FOR IT ANYTHING ELSE IN THE GAME
I love it!! I just got it and it's already my fav game!! So I'm not a fan of the ads, but they only pop up after the round is over which is AWESOME! Most games like this have so many ads that you don't get to actually play the game. So that's one of the things I love about this game! I've played other Paper.io games, but this is new to me! Super awesome, super fun, get Paper.io 3D!
I'm going to give the game four stars. I bought the ad free version and it was more than I would've liked but that's okay. I like to replay the levels. Occasionally the game doesn't run quite right and I can't "capture" some space but it isn't a huge problem.
fun game but it glitches a lot and you have to close the app and reopen it to get it to work again, otherwise, it's super fun (I'm pretty sure the other players are robots though)
It's a very, very fun game! I love the skins...But I wish you didn't have to pay for some. The graphics are cute, and I never get sick of the game, problably because I always win :)
this game is so fun smoothing Gameplay i love it and i just downloaded it today please make more games like this But I Have To Give it a 4 Because on my phone witch im using my tablet But on my phone this bug kicks me out for exaple i join a game then my phone goes back to the home screen so on my phone i just play the paper.io 2 On My Phone
Fun game!! I love this game!! I would really recommend getting this game!!!! The characters are so fun and cute,and I love how the paper things change for each character you get!!!!!!Recommend!!!Creators thank you for making this game!
I paid to remove ads but it still prompts me to watch an ad for using extra lives. This is not what I expected and unfortunately my refund request was not approved even though it was only a few minutes after I purchased the very misleading IAP.
Its awesome!! but also annoying, when you log on the graphics are good, and the game its self but i gave it four stars because of the ads!! When u revive or join a new game there's always these ads and sometimes they take so long like 20 seconds and more but other than that I really love this game!!
Absolutely cute, funny and occupying! I give it 5 stars because the graphics are super, the creativity for different levels and how effective the options for choosing skins are. There are also just enough options to choose from so it isn't complicated but it isn't boring either. The download to my phone is pretty quick, so I don't have to sit for ages to get the app to start up. The only drawback is the adds. I really hope that at some point the numerous adds could somehow be taken away.
I love this game because you can move your finger but it's quite hard so you could try your best if you download it and I had to give it five stars instead of 4 I was thinking for but you not not not enough for the fours
ITS A HIRRIBLE GAME I BATE IT!!! when i die and i press th button to go back to the lobby ITS DOESNT WORK!!! THEN I NEED TI GO OUT OF THE GAME AND GK IN AGAIN SO JT WKRKS!!! I give it two stars though because its really cool and because it works only some times so pls fix it if you dont before 10 days ILL DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY!!! I HATE THIS GAMMMEEMEEMEMMEMEMEMEME UGH. Pls fix the lag I have the account on my sis .from Yasna Raeesi
😠😑There are way too many ads !!!! I like the game but there are way too many ads... and it don't make sense to force people to watch stupid boring Ads😠 Especially when we are going to the next level. I don't watch the ads it is a waste of time, I'll have to turn the game off and back on to continue the game... Your ads suck hard😀πŸ₯΅
Enter the new dimension! Discover the smooth drawing experience of Paper.io now in 3D! Create your zone, avoid others players and colors unique 3D shapes! Collect stars as you play and reach 100% to unlock new levels and bonuses! ☺☺☺
Barely deserve 1 star. Full of bugs same as the 2d version. Am I playing this to get nervous??? Every time game give me an error and get closed losing all my progress in the section.
I enjoy the 3d effects. However, this game is getting increasingly glitchy. The game gets slow & jerky. Often it throws me back out to my home screen. In fact, 3x in 15mins. Even tried restarting my phone, just in case... nope, it's the game. Needs work, please.
It was fun. But there are only 12 shapes. It took me about an hour and a half across 2 days to do all 12 shapes, and now it's done. Also the computer controlled players need to calm down lol. Add more shape and I'll have no problem Update they added some. Add more
I really liked this app, it was fun and entertaining though when I had finished all the islands and satellites (there are 40 satellites and islands)There was not any other levels to complete and I had got every character and starting shape there was. So that is why I only give it 4 stars if there was extra levels you unlocked after you finished the first ones then it would be 5 stars⭐ ⭐⭐ ⭐ ⭐
It's really good but sometimes the glitches can't fixed by refresh which is too bad....on heart shape planet I used to live in my own area but somehow someone kills me constantly and I can't finished the heart shape....even I can't get that extra 1% also after that kill....so please fix the glitches as soon as possible.
Great sequel. Almost finished, yearning for the next evolution already but not sure what that would look like. Some kind of leveling system maybe? Gigantic levels with teleporting? Co-op? Powers; jumping, wide carving, super speed, instant travel to closest border. I dunno just some ideas off the top of my head. 5 stars from me.
It is lag and sometimes it will glitch and crash and wont let me play. I had to uninstall loads of times but apart from that good game VOODOO. You can unlock skins and stuff and kill other peoples paper and become the biggest. But dont die tho. If you die you have to restart and do it all over again. But you can also watch and add too. That's all I have to say about this awesome game! Hope this review was helpful.!!!?,β™‘ bye
Its a good game however, there are so many ads. Every time you get killed, there's an add or whenever u change ur avatar. It is very annoying and this backs up my reason for giving 2 stars. Also my screen freezes so much. Please can you look into this. It has slowed down my phone very much. The other paper io games are fine (they don't make my screen freeze) but there are also a lot of adds in them as well. Thank you and I hope you fix this. πŸ™πŸ™‚
So many ads, mainly in the middle of the game. Awful gameplay. Lagging all the time (and no, it is NOT cache). This game is garbage.
I love this game😘its very fun, I recommend this game to people who are looking for some racing and killing. If you turn off your WiFi then there are no ads, which is really good. It's just that sometimes you can get killed whilst your in your area, which is a glitch, but apart from that, it's really good!😝
I love the game and especially the fact that it is an offline game. You can pause it and start where toy stopped something that I like. Also if you keep WiFi off there are no ads. I definitely recommend that game but I would like it to have more "worlds" so I can play more
I would rate this 5 stars because, like even though people are frustrated about the line disappearing, I take that to advantage! When I'm taking some space, And someone tries to kill me, Its like the line helps me! It disappears when I'm about to get killed! I love this game, and it's very enjoyable!
It's a nice game. Pretty much different from 1st and 2nd part of the game. But there are some issues..... Like when the level has more curves, a glitch starts when the area you capture doesn't add up, it stays white! Please try to solve the issue.. Rest all is fine... Keep Going VOODOO
It's better than its predecessor in some ways, but even after the update it's unbelievably glitchy. I get that they need ads to run the game, but forcing ads on you when you win, lose AND to continue after a lost life is awful. I originally wanted a simple game like this to play offline when on a break at work, but the button to continue (or back button)after u lose doesn't work- presumably because it cant force an ad. Only way to play again is reboot the game
So the game it self is great. It is 3D so you might get dizzy, and on the mini shapes, it gliches out and makes you die. It will spawn in when there is no more space. Also the ads are very obnoxious, I know it is a free game and they have to make money, but most to all of the ads are Instagram, and the same ones looping. When ever you revive or finish a game
This game is fun, but not when I get killed so much! Whenever I'm in my area, and someone comes in there, they go behind me where my line to expand usually is. Then they can kill me when I almost have 100β„… of the map. Please fix this it gets me really angry sometimes.
I like the game, but it is seriously glitchy. There are WAY too many ads and sometimes ads randomly begin playing in the middle of a game. Once, I had conquered the entire planet and, the game glitched, erased more than half of my land, and immediately killed me. Please fix this, as this happens many times, when the game randomly kills you. Also thete is this update that saves your progress, so you dont start over. It makes the game boring, and WAY too easy. Please change this feature.
Fun game!! I love this game!! I would really recommend getting this game!!!! The characters are so fun and cute,and I love how the paper things change for each character you get!Creators thank you for making this game!Also need more levels i finished all the levels!! Great game tho!!!
I like this game....but you should have to make it proper.....at the start of any planet...I cannot draw my area... I make lines but all the lines disappear and no area is captured..... you will have to give it more attention
THERE ARE TO MUCH ADDS. I AM ANNOYED SINCE THE ADDS ARE VERY BORING. I am getting frustrated for everytime you die or win an ad plays and I get annoyed even more because. THE. ADS. ARE. SUPER. BORING. I am not joking, I WILL delete the app if you don't lower the ads. Yes, you can turn off your internet but when I do that, a black screen takes place as If there is supposed to be an ad in it. And I have to wait FORVERRRRRR. Lower the ads and then it's five stars for your game from me. Please? πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί
Crashes ALL the time! I literally love this game but I can't even play it anymore without it crashing every time I select a level! I just deleted it and re-download it so hopefully that fixes the issue.
I love the game but the adds are ridiculous any time you die there's an add and you die a lot because people can kill you right away! Wich is another thing you should probably fix, you could make a little invincibility thing for at least three seconds so you don't get killed right away. But otherwise a good game.
This game is great but there is one issue which is people (not really) spawning on top of your trail and automatically kill you. This makes me really sad because the game is great but this issue is really killing the fun. Also the ai never get much land at all. The maximum I've ever seen is 6% which is a shame because battling for 50% of the map against some ai would be pretty fun instead of them spawning with 0.01% either killing you or dying instantly. Pls fix devs
The games is awesome for bored people like me but there is one problem,it is that there are too many ad's and thats disturbing,each and every time i die or i finish the game an ad appears even if we don't revive so this problem should be solved..for the game to be good..πŸ˜”
It always gets stuck on home screen after i get so far...i like the game and i got pretty far 3 times now over again because even after i cleared the games cache and reset the game and phone and waited for days. Only solution is to delete and start over at 0. This game is a cool game though. The zones, skins, and satellites are fun to beat.
Why is your game so Buggie (dying when nobody is around, unable to fill a sector sometimes or colours just appearing from nowhere and starts flickering). On the plus side this might be the best game you have made without the glitches it's easy a 4* game
The ads. The dreaded ads. They are ads every round and this game is extremely boring and frustrating. It is hard to turn and would ONLY recommend it you have enough time for 3 hours of time on your hands. Only for 2 hours and 34 minutes of ads.
It is awesome in all but this has other players that can kill you so that is one thing but other than that this is a awesome game and I am happy I got it. I can always trust this game and I hope this is a good rate I do not mean to have bad suggestions but I hope you will change a couple of things to this game and thank you for letting us rate
This is a wonderful game. U know when we are free and bored we can play this. There is also an defect which is that whenever I play this it is hanged and when I try to catch a bigger piece it shows the game hanged. And sometimes even this Something went wrong. This condition needs to improve. Else everything is perfect.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Okay, so I love most of the .io games. Some of them are very hard to control and low quality, like paper.io, but part.io 2 and 3 are amazing. I love them. The only problem I have is that they glitch quite a bit. Sometimes, they glitch so much that it will exist them game and I will lose my progress. Otherwise, great job. Love it so far.
My top 3 favorite ways this game screws with you. How a bot will spawn right on your line no matter the distance from your area. How at the start you're surrounded by no less than 3 bots all converging on your area like it's a rally in a war game (unless it's a round you win then the map is almost empty). How you break a bot line but you're the one who dies. To be fair they did make some improvements on game play. Such as if you play enough you'll get a round where you can actually clear 100%.
New characters get dropped right inside your designated area, or right on your mark as soon as you just make it out of your area..... Can you program it to drop them 1 or 2 seconds away from where I am? I'm dropped half a millisecond from someone and we hit before the game even starts
This was an amazing app until this started kicking me out it happened about 5 times in 4 minutes literally put me to my homepage so I have to go back in the game four or 5 times it keeps doing it but except for that it's a very good game
I would give 5 stars because I played it earlier and it was amazing but there was a issue in my mobile so it got deleted and I don't know why So now only I downloaded the game I saw the reviews and they were disappointing but who have played it they know how it is and When I saw the first review And that was right so who have not played the game please don't message anything bad because you have not played the game so download it
Wow this game is amazing So really I always play this and I love it.Like I have played it with my friend and we are gods at this game.We love it and so far all the maps we have done in one day we have almost dome 100Β°/. Of it.Like really we looove it like I did all of it one like 9. I Recommend to install:D (Btw I'm on a ipad and I can't do precent)
This game is good but in this it should have some more skins like glitter and some other types. I think it should have some more level. There should have some challenges in it like in subway surfers there are challenges and after 3 challenges complete than 3 more challenges comes. There should be one more game paper.io4.If you agree with me give a thumbsup πŸ‘πŸ‘
I love the 3d aspect, but I do not enjoy the fact that I each time I start I am just adding to what I've done before. It takes a lot of the sense of accomishment out of finally making it to 100%.
I love this game! I really do When I downloaded it I had 1 thing that was on my mind always the music.... There's no music But I figured that I had an app that lets me play music so I put on the music and then I played it, it was super fun! My name is (♣New Soul♣) btw And I have now 13 skins I'm now on to the Ice cream level idk how to call it but yeah! I'm so excited to get the ghost skin
It is a REALLY fum game but there are a few minor things. The first thing is that there are ads every few times you die. The next thing is that on the banana is that it glitched for me. I have 100% but there are other people on it and i have to kill them all just to finish it. I have been working on banana for 2 months. Still havent gotten it. But overall... Good game!!! Would recomend.
There was glitch in the maps. Examples: some times the place that I have taken over have a line randomly. There was a map that I almost taken everything about like 98.5, suddenly some people started to spawn at the place I have taken. I was confused and tried to finish the map but it would not let me finish.
Paper.io is amazing! Although I like the 2-D version better. The controls are good and the gameplay is fun. My one reccommendation is that you have different 3-D maps. Keep up the GREAT work! And.. as you can tell I'm reccommending this game. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐!!
I love this game it's really good. But all the other players which I assume are computers not online never kill each other. In all my time playing this game (which is about 2-3 weeks) I have never seen two computers kill each other they only go for me which I don't like because it makes it really hard to do a mission/task to get a new character. Also if you read this a tip for no ads is to turn on airplane mode and your WiFi off it makes it so the are no ads I really like this.
Wow this game is amazing! Sike! Like 65% of your experience is adds. Well you can buy "no ads", but only if you want to waste your money on a stupid app that your mostlikely are going to play like, max once per month. I would not recommend this app, unless you "love" ads for some reason.
so. many. glitches. bots randomly spawn RIGHT in front of me when I make progress, sometimes my area disappears and I die on the spot, sometimes the game restarts and it deletes whatever progress i had, I've been killed in my area, while using the 3x kill speed, while not being near ANYONE, etc. this game is fun especially with the skins, but there are SO many glitches I hate it so much. also don't like that every single bot in it goes directly towards me, but ig it'll be too easy otherwise.
I just re-downloaded the game after deleting it several months ago (due to a bug that made it impossible to finish all the shapes) hoping it would be fixed. I have to say, as much as I enjoy the game, I'm disappointed. Constantly starting me off at my "New Best" feels cheap and takes away any of the pressure that made me feel accomplished. I mean, who cares if I get killed? I know I'm going to pick up where I left off anyways. Makes the game feel a little pointless.
This game is amazing but there is one issue add more levels I've had it for 3/4 days and completed both the bigger and smaller levels as I don't want to keep going over the same levels other than that the game is great might have to download the previous ones just till more levels are made for this one
The game is decent. Entertaining, good time waster, somewhat challenging... WAY TOO MANY ADS!!! Start a life, die in 3 seconds, 20 second ad. Start a life, die in 10 seconds, 20 second ad. You end up spending more time watching ads than playing the damn game!
While I love this game it needs more levels and they need to fix the bugs and glitches in the game. For me on the "planet" when I die I come back with the same amount of field as I did before I for killed and it would be better to make it more like the "moon" that makes you restart each time. I also have a level I can never finish since each time I start the level it has me glitched to be a floating ufo with no area and no line And the only thing I can do is kill others.
This game is ok. The reason I give it only 3 stars is because 1) It keeps crash 2) it's super laggy. I don't know if it's my WiFi but it's SUPER annoying. I'm not deleting it because otherwise the game is fun. Great game! Just please fix the crashing thing!
I like the game but there are way too many ads, I also wish that there were more skins. They are way too easy to get and I already have almost all of them and it's only my second day playing. Other than that the game is awesome and I would recommend it if there wasn't as much ads.
The game is fun, but there are so many adds also it is super glitchy. you'll be going stright and then try to turn one way but it'll move you in another, running you into your own line(which will kill you).or it will glitch geting rid of almost all of your territory... its annoying.
This game is super glitchy with more ads then play time. And sometimes it won't let you control your player and you'll with an ad. Mobile games have really gone down hill.
I love this game it's fun to play but it glitches and it also makes me and my brother very stressed it is very fun but to warn you I can make you angry and stressed at the same time but when it doesn't it's very fun and cool with all the different maps
I'm s a very good game although too many ads and too much many to get rid of them I love the fact it keeps your progress but it gets laggy and makes me go out of control so I die please try to fix these small issues if possible. But all together it's a great time passer, and interesting game. I recommend it if you're trying to pass time, or are waiting for a special time to come. In my opinion , this is a great game and better than the first one. The first one doesn't save progress, and is lame
I would rate it a 5 star but please make it multi-player and not single player, I want to play with real people without having to go against me. And when you get different islands then you choose which island you want and everyone who has that island can play on it as you. Not just bots from different islands coming to the starting island. Please make this game multi-player.
I absolutely love this game. It is easy to play, and it doesn't take long, so you can play it right before you do something, when there is downtime. It is super fun, Not too many adds, Fun skins and it is not complicated. A little kid could probably play it, and it wouldn't be too hard, so it for everyone. :) This is one of my favorite games. In my opinion, you should totally download it. It is amazing, if you download it you will not regret it. I think it is absolutely amazing. Absolutely 5/5!!
I'm giving the game a 4.9. Not a full 5 stars only because it is glitchy. When I kill someone, they should go away, but they just keep playing. Other times it looks like a chunk of my area isnt filled, but when I go over it to fill it , nothing happens. Other than that, I really love this game!
It's great, but I wish there were more shapes. I have been finished with these same shapes for months and there still isn't any new ones. Get more shapes!!!
When I play this game the other players first only kill me before I make one round and second are the ads,they everytime appear whenever I finish the game and everytime I have to go back to the game but the game very good
I have never ending technical issues, sent emails, no response, and there is no other way to fix the issue then contacting their IT department, which there actually is no IT department If you like this game and you beat the few levels it allows, good luck getting someone to help you with getting the game to load the next levels.
The game is amazing but lately in the middle of the game it just freezes causing me to have to start completely over or other times I'll watch a video to continue and it would do the same which is extremely aggravating because I've stuck on the same world because of this problem