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Paper.io 2

Paper.io 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by VOODOO located at 4 rue Jules Lefebvre, 75009 Paris. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a pretty good game. But.... There are many downsides- For one... The game lags.. A LOT. It's really annoying and whenever I try to play it just keeps lagging and I can't play for longer than a minute sometimes. Second of all.... The ads.. There's not that many but enough to get you annoyed. So I wouldn't say it's the best game, but it's good.
The area engine errors often (1 out of 4) when you have a large area of the map, someone eats at your border leaving you with 1% from 30-40%. Another problem is when you're presented with the option to watch an ad to continue, the ad takes 30 secs and you come back dead (without any land). Makes getting the 50% skin a nightmare and the 80% impossible. Lastly, at times it's render blocking. Unacceptable for this game.
It's a fun game but there's a few problems there's this thing in the side of the screen it has a countdown and when it gets to 0 it gives you an ad for some random power up that I don't want to see and the second problem is that sometimes I randomly die for NO reason I played this game for a week or to now but after this review is posted I'm deleting the app.
I was loving this game until I realized it is rigged so that you can never get the whole thing covered. I was going around the rim and had gotten about half way and then all of a sudden all but a tiny section of my color remained. There was a glitch and I lost ALL of my work.
Im giving this a 5 star. The gameplay is simple and a good way to waste time. You can play offline with bots which is wonderful for when your going on a trip to somewhere and need something to do. I understand the constant ads because thats how the game is able to be free to play. If you take away a star in your own review because it has ads, thats pretty stupid, they cant really do anything about it because thats what makes the game free to play-
If you're asking what game is good for that typical day when you don't know what to play and you games you have are for you just annoying, then you can install paper.io. Paper.io 2 is good and easy game. It has ads but that's for patient people like me normal. If you are not patient then you can just off your WiFi and then you can play without ads. The skins are really rare and hard to get unlock. More fun then no? I think Paper.io 2 can have update with maps. But still Good gameπŸ‘
Visible area is too small,. Sometimes you can't even move an inch before being killed. The NPCs are horrible. Sometimes I run over their trail and they don't die, just keep going. Sometime you just die for no reason, and it randomly crashes. If the viewable screen was a little bigger, and some of the glitches were fixed it would be a good game.
I love this game, it's addicting, time killer, fun, & once you see your score go up you will want to get a higher score than that. but it does have some glitches right now. it keeps shutting down, stops working, some times the ads won't play, & suddenly it does work.
This is SUCH an addicting and fun game. But there are way too many glitches! It frustrates the H outta me when I am doing super well and then it glitches out and looks like I don't have a base to go back to... just a line. Please FIX IT! ☹️
I really like this game it is something that you need to use your IQ on and it is so fun and also I think this game has sorta good graphics but sometimes when you cover other people's land it is like kinda glitchy just something to think about but other than that I really like the game.
It is a fabulous and interesting game. Playing this game is really fun. I enjoy it every time I play. It never seems boring. But, from a few days, it closes automatically when I start for my 3rd or 4th chance after opening the game. I am sure there's not a problem in my phone. I hope the inventor/s look after my problem and solve it. Anyways, this game is awesome.πŸ˜„
Loved this game and was even okay with all of the ads outside of the game. But now that it interrupts you in the middle of the game for an ad, it's terrible. Causes me to lose almost every time right after the game starts back up. I understand and accept the need for ads to keep it going, but there is a limit to how many a person can deal with before it is a waste of time. I'll find another game to play.
I actually don't mind the ads because they reward you for watching them however, there are so many glitches, it drives me nuts. The game randomly ends for no reason, start again... and again and again. I never get past 20% simply because the game ends for no reason. Getting pretty tired of it.
I'm really good at this game and I love it!! It's so much fun to play. There is just one problem. The ads are really annoying every time I die another add plays. Also, the screen blacks out and freezes in the middle of playing the game. It even gives me ads whilst I'm playing like what the heck?!?!?! I downloaded this game in the past and it had no ads and it never blacked out. What a disappointment.
I gave it five stars because this game is fun. But there are too many adds.That's the only problem I think you should fix the adds. there are too many adds!!! Little bit less ads that's all I ask for. When I say a little bit less ads I mean no ads. Otherwise this game is fun and it's fine. I hope you enjoy this app. That is if you want to download it.
It is good and fun but just want to give it 5 stars but I can't cause there is so much ads! Overall it is fun and I like it. Also whenever an ad pops up it makes me quit my game. Please remove ads while playing the round! Edit: Now whenever I get an ad in the middle of a round, it gives me a reward instead of kicking me out! But I can't change my skin! No skin shows up besides the default color cube. Please fix for five stars.
It's an ok game lots of ads though if there wasn't so much ads I would give a 5 star but the game is still good please put less ads and to get the unicorn you have to cover 100% of the map to get it why?I want the unicorn but I can't because people keep on killing me and it's soooo anioing please make it easier to get the unicorn that why I gave it 3stars paper io 3d is way better in paper io 3d the unicorn is easer to get and looks way better play paper io 3d it's way better
Pretty great game just it's a bit buggy at times because there is a guy over there next minute I'm dead. It's honestly an a amazing game and the developers are very talented I would never be able to make a game this good or even make a game at all this will make loads of kids occupied and is a stress free game. I hope everyone gets this amazing game and again thanks so much developers.
This game is pretty good but there is a glitches when you open the game if you open the game it will back to home but I like this game it's pretty good to play with the kids
It's a fun game but it bugs me that you cant change gamemode or map size like you can on some versions.
Edit: I originally gave 3 stars because of respawn issues and lengthy adds, but the more I play the more I find wrong. Iv been killed in my own area for no reason several times, once with 40% of the map. Iv had 20% of the field and it just disappeared and turned white for no reason. Some of he adds are WAY TO LONG at least 30 seconds with another 15 seconds added to try it. Too many glitches in this game to give it more than 2 stars. Its a fun game if it didn't keep screwing you over.
Love it!! This game is a non wifi game. Can play on car rides. Love all the characters you get ! Can be a little glitchy, but so fun! Get it now!!
Game needs more modes of play so we can actually get more than 30%. There's always players or bots in the game so you can never really get to win. Sometimes even after watching an ad for an extra life you die anyway. The game glitches a lot which sometimes means you lose all progress and have no land of your own so your only options is to kill yourself or get your kind tagged other players. Love the game but it needs to be better.
The game play is good. However i wish we could play online with real people. The bots get boring after awhile. People online have actual stategies which woulf make the game more fun. Even if there were still bots id enjoy it a lot more and rate it 5 stars if we could play onlines with others.
Really fun, the only thing I would fix is nothing actually! Great game. The only thing I don't like isn't the game, it's the players... it gets really frustrating when people just kill you immediately... but that's not the game's fault. I would definitely describe this as action-packed, fun and really enjoyable!! (It's definitely enjoyable when you can actually play as the game is trying to make players play! Ect. When people kill you immediately or when you nearly get to your area you die!)
Love this game but I gave it a 4 star because it's just like Paper.io 1 so ya and this game is a very fun to play so if your board some time I would recommend playing this
Not even 10 seconds into the game and I notice you can put almost infinite characters as your name. I play the game and I am instantly distracted by the longest name ever that goes WAY off the screen. I die. The controls are a little bad, or maybe thats cause I'm on a chromebook. I like it, but I think it works better on the website. I don't trust VOODOO anymore cause I think you guys make us play with robots on the apps... none of these names look real... Anyway, I had fun. Gud Game.
Sad thing is the game was decent but you guys ruined it. Of I don't wanna share my data I won't share my data. Every match you guys are nagging for my data and I always decline. If this keeps up I WILL delete the game and never play your games again. If you stop this I will continue to play. So I'm leaving a 1 star review as of right now and I will keep it this way until you guys stop trying to force me into giving out my data to you. I've had enough of all this and contact me if you will stop.
This game is actually really addicting! It's fun and competitive. The ads arent a problem for me, and I havent experienced any lag. (other than the one time it glitched out after an ad and froze, but that's it.) I love the characters too! I dont really have anything else to say.
Entertaining, but they've now switched to ads that literally start in the middle of play. As in, you'll be interrupted by an ad not after a death or the end of the round, but multiple times during play. Last game I got to about 18% and had 4 ads in that time. Died because an ad started when I was next to an enemy. No longer playable.
I love this game and you should too. The only 2 problems is after every round there is an add, an the paper does not even look like paper, but really, that isn't a problem. I love all of the characters especially the pink one with sprinkles that you see on paper io 2 when you download it. Th
Is an ok game other than ads, but what do you expect honestly... The other "players" are bots, you can turn wifi off and still play against the same names, plus the fact you can revive is a big hint. Problem i found is i cannot unlock the consecutive days played skins, whether i play connected to internet or not it stays at 1 day played. I have had this game for over a week and play multiple times throughout the day to see if its just not in my time zone.
Too many ads and keeps crashing. Good game but there's an AD that literally happens in the middle of the game every 10 seconds and I wish I was exaggerating. So when you have an AD it means other users take over your 'space' and you lose. Why would you have several ADs in the middle of a game? Needs a lot of work.
Wonderful Game.... Great game but the only thing that is frustrating us is the other players.. when we enter into the game , immediately the other players will kill us. Then how can we play?? But this is not the game's fault... This is really a amazing game...
Lots of glitch lately... 1) The ad at the bottom is too irritating... Opens up browser evwn if your finger brushes the ad. Pathetic. 2) Some one will spawn over your already captured area 3) cant figure out the borders when the other player uses same colour. 4) lately the screen freezes for a second or two intermittently.. wont turn on multiple tries.
It's honestly really simple and I like it. I was able to play the game and download it. It's my cousin's favorite game - which is why I downloaded it. He's the one to usually play this, but honestly, I've been, too. A lot, actually. :) I won't give it 5 stars - since it's just relaxing and simple. It's nice and all - but that doesn't mean it takes off 100% of my boredom. It still is a nice game. <3
Very addictive, ton of glitches, needs more features. Glitches: watch a extra life Ad and respawn dead, cross a boy line and they don't die, bits with same color and pattern as you. Needed: 1. Zoom out so you can see your territory, bots rip through your land and you have no clue. 2. Multiplayer 3. Earn more extra lives (you only get one max) 4. Abilities like earn speed boosts, go through your own line, etc
I cross another player's open line first and it does not kill them. But the worst is having a high score, completing a loop safely for more territory and leaders say i have 30% of the board complete and i take 1% more, when i return to my territory, it erases the previously conquered 30% and leaves me with only the 1% I just won. When that happens I turn the app off and refuse to play. Fix these two please and this will be my favorite game on my phone.
Love this game is good. And hey! Did you know that I got the unicorn? That's sooooo impossible but I got it! Welllll the only problem is that when there is WiFi and you die its an ad😠 but if you don't have WiFi and you lose or win there is no ad! Well that is soooooo cool guys. Wait I forgot to tell everyone that I recommend you a very good game I know it dosent make sense but it's a very good game the game is online and the game I am talking about is animal jam do you have it?
Best game ever lol so much fun once you start you can't stop there are a lot of ads but its so much fun.
Even if I don't have the game many people are complaining. Maybe the glitching and the adds are better now, (Maybe) I still didn't like how they said that the developers didn't respond. I had this game before in 2018 or 2019. It was good at the time, but pls, can u promise that u will respond (I'm talking to u developers) on reviews and make the game better. That would be great. I'm giving this game a 5 star rating because it was fun and addictive.
Latest version only deserves three stars. I don't like my game interrupted by ads. I don't mind the ads in between games. And I've noticed that your game now freezes at times and goes to a black screen. I used to like this but it's annoying now.
its great but i am very disapointed. i was half in the game with so much land but suddenly it all disappered.why does that happen? i was so close to beating my high score too πŸ˜₯
This game every time when I move it makes me move all kinds of directions and I cannot move that's a black I cannot move nowhere and then I die it makes me go to my own self and then I died other people Lego tie dye I'm just dying I just die die die I go to my own self it goes back at me
This game is very good, but the thing o really love about this game is, that there are no adds maybe some I think you did a very good job and yes I almost got all the challenges completed and it's really fun. Well I will rate this game 5 stars, becouse it's fun, no adds, no trash things like other games and yeah.
This game, for some reason plays with quite low frame rate, and otherwise feels a bit crusty from the web browser version. Graphics perhaps could be tuned?
The game itself is good, nothing to complain. It's enjoyable and a good thing to do while I'm chilling. However, the amount of ads is just terrible. You can't play more than 2 times and an ad comes to annoy you. The ads are much long and boring. I'm uninstalling this app
I bought the No Ads option. Somehow, this didn't register in app. Contacted app maker's support, but they couldn't be bothered to even reply.
Game randomly wipes out most or all of my area without any players killing me. As I normally get up past 15-20% area, this constant repetition degrades gameplay and ensures players will not progress in the game. This is either a glitch that needs fixing, or an added game mechanic that restricts gameplay. Either way, it deserves a 2 star.
I like this game, however it has so much glitches! When you kill someone else they don't always die, some of my area just disappears randomly, when you play it randomly kills you or exits you, I was nearly about to fill the entire space then it just stopped working. Even your land when you plan has glitch lines, tones, etc. There are ads now like veryyyyy frequently however, they do give you a bonus like power, etc. Also I feel like the characters are too slow I wish I could make them faster.
Lovely game. I wouldn't reccommed the adds though. But it doesn't bother me. I just wanna say that it's very calming, and it helps stress. But one thing is it'll lag out for me, like I will be in the middle of a game, and my whole screen will turn black. I WOULD like for you to fix it, as IT IS very disrupting.πŸ˜ͺAnd when I get back on everything I did will NOT SAVE!! It's very disapointing, and I know your trying to make money. But if your gonna make it lower the adds A LOT, and fix all this. 😁
This app is fun and cool but, when I play it an ad pop out in the middle of the game and it takes a while and when it stops, it gives me a reward but it doesn't give me a skin also when I get back in the game I see my land stolen or I die in the game so I given it three stars but I did get my favorite skin the donut and I am getting the unicorn too and I am also a Youtuber so please watch my video my channel's name is myesha and if you can't find it then write it's time for weird facts. Now bye
I like this game very much. It's one of those best games for passing your time when you get bored. It's all about enjoying. And recently, I've found this game really addictive because of many reasons. But overall, I give it a 4 star because it has way too many ads when you're playing with Wi-fi. So I suggest, please don't show many ads. And lastly, some minor bugs still need to get rid of for a better gaming experience.
Paid for no ads but the ads kept coming. Google luckily refunded my money without any hassle. I'll continue to free play as regular because it is fun to play but youre not getting anymore of my money. Update: I am deleting the game. Great concept but the glitches are way too frustrating to deal with. Kinda hard to get 100% when the glitches get you every time. Update: Reinstalled hoping there would have been some changes but nope! Even more ads. The controls are super glitchy. Uninstall again!!!
Love the game, hate the glitches. Please fix them. It's frustrating to get a decent chunk and the whole entire thing dissappears and you're left with a line. Or dying after watching an ad for the extra life before you even get to touch the screen. You shouldn't be able to die on your own area. I wish I could choose the plain black square, as the other colors are easily confused as I am color- blind.
The game itself is fine, its fun and a great competitive game, but there are just TOO MANY ADS every 5 seconds, i see a random ad popup in the middle of a game and I have to deal with it to only get back to half my land stolen, sure there are "rewards" to make up with the ad costing you your game play but at least make the so called reward longer.
Stupid ass game this is more frustrating than any io. game. You can't even make it to first place with some garbage idiot running your ass over. Controls are hypersensitive and one wrong move and you're dead. If you go out way too much you die because someone killed you which you can't see for that much. Dumb game, dumb controls, dumb everything about it in all aspects.
Definitely hate this game just got it and boom its extra laggy at first it let me do a little but when I hit side on accident it made my whole phone freeze this deserves 0 stars if there was zero plz fix for better rating I hate it for now I'm deleting it until I fixed 😑😀😑
This game is somewhat challenging and entertaining. The consecutive days skins appear to be impossible to unlock, played 4 days in a row and nothing has unlocked. I will say it seems like the bots sometimes move faster than me which is frustrating. There does not appear to be a way to increase my speed in the game.
Really good. If you have no WiFi play this. Its a game that keeps you busy. New things to try, new things to unlock i REALLY like it! I'm working hard on trying to get the unicorn skin! I love this game 5 Stars, recommended. Also I'm not sure on the NPCS tho..It would be good if it was actual players even though you'd have to have WiFi.
Overall pretty good! I dont mind the ads. Its very addicting I'm not gonna get in details but I would recommend this game! Also I'm happy that there aren't a lot of ads I'm rating this a 5. Amazing but needs more skins to add. Its gets boring but the game is good overall! You should 100% install it. Side note: Controls are quite easy
I just want to say that this is one of the best mobile games I've ever become addicted to. It can become a bit fustrating, but its incredibly fun and I love trying to get all the skins as achievements. The number of characters you can make your name is great, and overall I feel its a great app. The only downside: the glitches. I'm not begging to get these fixed, its not a huge problem, but it's an annoyance. I highly eccomend experiencing them for yourself before you form an opinion on the game.
It is a great game. I recommend it Number two is the best one. This game is outstanding the makers of this game are the best
It's not worth it. yes it's an addicting game but the game is literally robots they are too aggressive an and will go halfway across the map to kill you. I've played for 4 days back to back and didnt get the skins that say if you play for a day back to back. I've seen alot of glitches like it killing me even though no one is touching my line also uou can get back to your base in time and you will still die even after it builds. Fix the game please.
I love this game! It gives you a lot of chances if you die and it gives you more skins to unlock! The only problem I have is that when the ads come you can die right befor you have the ad. :< I lost my streak from that, and the other reason, ITS SO SLOW!! If you can fix that then I would be more than happy to give you a 5 star rating on your game! :) Thankyou!
Paper.io is really fun. I have had it for 2 months now and I am sorry to say I have deleted it due to space problems. But the only thing in the game I dislikes was the huge number of ads. Amd also, sometimes when other snakes haven't touched me, the whole thing just- ended for me. IDK if it's me or you but Fun game !😍
Best game ever! I love the fact that you can invade people's land and create a piece of it yourself! I have 24 games and 5 of them are Voodoo.But the reason I rated 3 stars is that every few times I kill someone I get an ad. I do get rewards, but I'd rather have no ads and no rewards than both. Please fix this, as you don't need to fit anymore ads into the game. From Winnie (8)
It ia gpod but its hard to controll when you walk for me and its a nice game i gave it three stars becouse it lags with me so much and this glitch is everywhere now you can draw withoit the circul!? Please fix the glitch and please fix the lag its lags and i die people just teloport when i lag so please fix the glitch and their too much adds please fix the game so i can get a skin once!
Amazing game!! Very satisfying and calming you'll think you won't get addicted but as soon as you press play you won't want to stop very good game my only complaint is lower down the adds and no boys real people not other wise more skins I love the food skins so more but recommend to get
Can you please PLEASE add a joy stick for mobile players. Because I died like 3 times cause they didn't have a joy stick like slither.io so PLEASE fix it. Also when I played the game it just TOOK ME BACK TO PAPER.IO 1.This kinda sucks so please fix this game or get a life.
The game itself is awesome but the fact that after every game you get hit with an ad and it's very annoying if your home quarantined and you want to play this game and get hit by millions of ads. I understand you wanna get ad revenue but think about the people playing and how annoyed they must be. love the game either than that
*Well its a good game for timepass n i love it but i'd not keep it on my phone for a long a time if were u cuz its really annoying that it showing me adds all the time n gets hanged after after playing for a minute or two*😀😐
Game is broken. I often spawn in and instantly die, no one near me. Ads crash the game repeatedly. Watched the ad for a respawn, moving through my territory and die for no reason. After you fix those issues, it would be nice if you would keep it from spawning me right in the path of another player with no chance of saving myself.
It's very frustrating whenever playing after dying I cru or scream and my sister says shut up which hurts be more and you should remove the fricking feature where you can kill yourself 1 star
Nice game if not all of that lagging. My square just disappears sometimes, I had a really big one and then suddenly its again like 1%. Then after watching ad, my area also gets small and I am floating somewhere so anyone can kill me.
Good game, honestly really good. But I gave it a 4 for a reason, it has ads after every time you die, and I mean there usually not long, or you can x out of it, but sometime it doesn't let you x out and is pretty annoying. It also glitches sometimes like when you click revive after you die it doesn't work, and sometimes it kills you when nobody was around or you "touched" your own land stuff, and they don't have many skins, so it would be fun to have more. But otherwise amazing game! :D
Its a very awsome game!!πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ luv it i found this game because of flamingo he played this back then Then i tried this this is a very epic game! its a very nice time killer but its a little bit hard tho :) Only one problem it has a glitch where sometimes it kicks me out idk if its my device problem or its the game pls fix it make this game more compatible with devices i hope this gets updated!!πŸŒŸβ˜„β˜„β˜„
When i start the game the first thing is that its all black i cant even see anything in the screen its just black every game is like that and im like 'oh its ok maybe i can wait' and i waited like 1 min it kick me out of the game so i thought of it again 'maybe there fixing some wrong stuff or glitch'
I would honestly rate this a 5 star, but it is just that there are many, Many ads. And of things weren't worse enough, it repeats the same ads most of the time there is an ad(Which to me, was almost alwaysπŸ™„πŸ˜’πŸ˜«). It would be fine if the ads weren't almost always repeating, than I would have rated this a 4 star, but because the ads repeat, I am giving this app a 3 star. If someone could fix the repeating, I wouldn't be so annoyed, like I am right nowπŸ˜’
This game is good with no Wi-Fi bc there aren't any ads but if you have Wi-Fi on it means there is an ad every time you die so if you are impatient just turn your Wi-Fi off. About the game is when you get to a certain point how are you supposed to unlock another character? How do I get the whole map all mine to get the unicorn that is impossible! It's just gets to hard.
This is a really good game and I love it but I wish we could play with friends we can only play with bots and that's not as fun I would give it a 5 if this issue could please be fixed? Thank you otherwise it's great and I have had this game for 3 years now and it has t glitches once thank you for this it's really fun and time consuming when your bored... Kepp it up πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
The worst game ever. I keep on glitching and it moves me to my line and I die. Also if I kill someone I die right away. Bruh you need to fix ur game. It has bugs and glitches. Also make it easy to get 100 % cause I actually wanna try it but noooooooo you have to make it impossible. If you would make it easier I would give you a 5 star
Its a good game and its very enjoyable but every time u die u get an ad im not boderd by it but u dont get many ads! Hey stop scrolling for games to play click on this game you will enjoy it!
01/30/2021 Update. Same problems exist. 01/15/2021 Update. Same problems exist. 12/24/2002 Huge problems. 1st. If u die and watch an ad to continue often times your base is gone and all that's left is your trail line. 2nd you watch multiple ads to continue and you spontaneously die upon completion of the ad. Extremely frustrating. 3rd these glitches are far worse after I paid money for no advertisements. Basically, you have stolen my money. Fix the glitches. Or refund my money.
Legit every 40 seconds theres at least one or 2 adds. Its so annoying that theres so many adds. I wish you didn't have to put countless amounts of adds. Whenever I'm like 1st or 2nd place an annoying add comes and I'm not able to X it out. So I basically lose all my progress in that round. If you don't like adds, well this game has a ton
Fun game, but for some reason it won't reward me the consecutive day reward skins, even though I play several times a day, every day.
WAY TOO MANY ADS. They started giving ads in the middle of a game for a power up and you could not even choose to not have it. Sometimes after that ad the game would crash losing your game and any progress from that game.And there are so many people on the server you can't play a round for over a minute because you would always be killed by another player. And then you would get an ad. After every single round. In conclusion the game is made unplayable by all of the advertising.
The app is so good . But the problem is They can show at the top in the whole map where we are in small version , Show our way after the game is done where we see our percentage how much we covered . And the frustating thing is there is no way to exit ads πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘Ώ.pls fix this problem then your game will be in top 3 πŸ™‚
Terrible. I played a few years ago and it was really good but when I play again just lag I didn't even get to play because I waited so long . I'm giving it another go now but I hate it.play paper.io 1 instead
Because this game is so fun and entertaining and there's not there's not a lot of ads this game is the best game ever and plus I have this game for once and now it got better
The game is exactly as advertised. Your goal is to conquer as large an area as possible. It's easy to get killed, but there is no limit on lives, no waiting for lives to regenerate, and few ads. The game lacks a pause button, and it takes a while to conquer an area, so it's best played at night. Also, you enter the arena among NPCs that have large areas already. I would like to see a setting where you choose how many competitors are in your arena.
In my opinion after I think a year this game now sucks. I hate it so much. There are way too much ads. I understand the they want to make money πŸ’°, but they are doing too much. So now this game is not 🚫 enjoyable. Its just garbage. I even tried to turn off my Wi-Fi and mobile data. It didn't even work. I'm sooooo done with this game.
I don't really know why everyone is saying theres too many adds to be honest becuase there isnt. In my opinion there arent many adds at all and when there are adds theyre really short. Its an AMAZING game! I spend most of my day playing it!!! I have a suggestion aswell, maybe you could add a friend tap so people can play with people they know?? Best wishes, me xx
I love paper io 2 . It is a very fun game . You can play when you are bored. I always play it when I am bored. My favourite part about this game is that you can use different types of colours and skins . It becomes i threshing when you can make it 5 times bigger. I always get the crown πŸ‘‘ . I also tell my friends about this game and they also love it just like me. I also like when you can kill others . I have a trick not to get killed. My friends are jealous when I don't get killed . Love this
The game is to easy.i think when I'm in the round it is just bots or computers.but I like the skins and colours it really shines out on my character.also final it was easy to kill people and earn a bigger space.i got 97,63 and I raged when I was so close to πŸ’― but anyway it's a wonderful game to play.
I really do like this app, but the problem is that I was playing this just now and I was watching the add after I died (as normal πŸ˜…) the add had finally ended but, suddenly my screen went completely black for absolutely no reason! I also will complain about the adds, you have to watch an add to respawn. (maybe you should add in-game money to respawn instead) please fix the problem
Great and satisfying game bro, but theres too many ads and its kinda pissing off, but I understand why theres ads on your game, but its still a very good game!
I love this game and all, but the ads are a problem. The ads pop up after the round and usually we can just close them, but at other times it forces us to watch the whole ad. This is very annoying so please fix the problem. Also sometimes, my area just disappears into nothingness and I die even though I am in my own area. So please fix these bugs. These problems are the main reason I have given the game 3 stars.
It's ok but there are ads so I think it's just ok.....but on the other hand I think it's great!and it doesn't even need internet connection and you can play with friends but you can't chat but you can make yourself a name.Thats my description for this game.
Love the game, hate the glitches. Please fix them. It's frustrating to get a decent chunk and the whole entire thing dissappears and you're left with a line. Or dying after watching an ad for the extra life before you even get to touch the screen. You shouldn't be able to die on your own area.
Fun game but Jesus Christ, the amount of ads is unbearable, it's at least one every 10-15 seconds. You get constant ads for useless upgrades that no one ever asked for, and they don't last nearly as long as the ads you're forced to watch. The only reason I played it is because it's so easy, which is why I put 2 stars instead of one. If the developers get rid of the 24/7 ads then maybe I'll change my rating, but for now this game has my "avoid at all costs" reward.
Ad after ad after ad. When it offers a revive to get back in the game, its not a guarantee. This games a joke. To get anything out of it, playon airplane mode for the time you have it. THIS GAME HAS ONLY GOTTEN WORSE. CONTI YALLY FREEZES AND SHUTS DOWN. THATS WHAT HAPPENS QHEN YOU MAKE A TRASH GAME. GOOD JOB RETARDS.
It's the perfect idle game for.. idle times lol. It's never gets boring if you're competitive, because it doesn't have a high scoring system, but you can see yourself gradually improving and getting better at beating everyone else. There is an actual attainable possibility that you can win, and that's why I keep coming back.
Love this game! Great fidget game Suggestion! Please make a mode where it saves your progress so you don't have to restart every time you die. Yes, keep the original, but make an additional mode. Perhaps you could give us 3 lives in the new mode, and after that it resets. If it had different modes, it would get 5 stars from me
The game is pretty fun. It isn't my favorite game EVER, but it's cool. I don't get those people who say this game is too easy. This game isn't a hard puzzle game, so I dont think this game's supposed 2 be challenging. Ive played way easier and less fun games. The 1 problem with the game itself-I really wish we could play online. A friend told me that the 'other players' are just computers. It's like they r pretending 2 be ppl and dont tell us. It's kinda sneaky don't u think? Maybe it's just me?
Well, I loved it sooo much! ❀ You can get your own special characters and watch ads to get more powers. But now, it's getting on waaay too many ads every one minute and I can hardly enjoy my game. I guess you have to pay for no ads at all but I'm not doing that. Please fix this and I will rate a five ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐! ! (BTW, my sister also plays this game and says it was awesome!!)
It is a great game for when your board at home because there isn't much to do at the moment. I really recommend trying ths game out to become a better player and learn more about it. In this game you can kill other players to get better skins. you can also make your map bigger to get better skins aswell. But be carefull because other players can take your land and make it theres or even KILL YOU!!!!!!!
this game is really fun and if your the king people try and kill you even people in second place also people just go in your thing and take your space and it makes how much parts of your space become their space so if they do that kill them and it will give you your space back but you have to colour your space l hope this comes in handy one day for you
Actually I will have given it a 5 star. Still I need something in this game. When I acquired almost over a 80% of land , something like a glitch came and ruined everything. From eighty it became 0.74%. I was about to get a 100% of land but that glitch came. I have experienced it several times. Hope this will be fixed.
This game is a 3 star why?? 1.theres to many ads like in 1 game. When i watch an ad theres like 10 more 2.the glitch. The glitch is so annoying when you go at the edge and you go around you can win or die. 3.when your in a drawin bc somones trying to kill you. You just in drawing till it lags you out and you die. 4. The game is buged. Why. Bc when i circle my out space i just die in my drawing. 5. The cheaters. The cheaters in games and they run like faster then the rest. FIX THE GAME
When i played this for the first time i can't play the name says error and error i cant even play please fix the bugs and i wish i could put five stars :(
The game lags way to much you get ads everytime you die to many glitches to where you die when it was plain as day that you didn't outs you in a game where its already going and you can't do anything cause everyone is on uou and you die from them
Same thing with me after the edge of the longest running emulator and watching the stream been going through a good staff room for me endings. dragon city, update the way I can play a role.i was in bed by giving it was at admin.
Love the game but lots of glitches. Area just disappears at times and leaves you as a trail with nowhere to go back to. Still addictive and enjoy the challenges set by different skins
This is pretty fun. It makes me laugh when I accidentally kill myself but I enjoy taking out many people and filling my zones up.
Fun. But glitchy as hell. Sometimes all of my area gets completely wiped. There are no instruction or explanations so no reasons to why these things happen. i know you can cut off another area if you separate it, but i can't see why everything would be gone. Sometimes the screen glitches or my controls get messed up and i end up killing myself. Frustrating when i put in so much time and effort only to be killed from something beyond my control.
This is a game that I highly recommend! A few problems: Sometimes, people who just got in the server spawn on your line and you die. It's super annoying! I'm not going to mention ads (although there are alot) because you can use airplane mode. It does glitch a lot Example: a peice of your area randomly disappears often. Overall, the gameplay is fun and challenging. You should download it!
I think that this game is a great game. It does glitch a little bit though but not bad. The game used to have a lot have a lot more ads but now there aren't as many. Although, I do wish that there was an option for an online game with real people instead of just the computer. Other than that the game is great. I would totally recommend it.
Paper.io 2 is amazing install it now the adds are placed perfectly and they only really ever show up by choice for example if you wanted another chance at living in the place you were before this game gas no down sides and its amazing!People might say there are too many adds but that's because they pop up by your choise and it asks you, rarely a add will just interrupt I have had it for months and its only happened 4 times!
I love the concept of the game, but the money grubbing execution of this version is awful!. Do you love ads popping up on the middle of play? Do you love ads popping up ever couple of minutes as you play? Do you forced "power-ups" that suck and interfere in gameplay? Yeah, neither do I or anyone else in their right mind. I am fine with companies making money from ads in games; I get it . . . No ads, no free games. But the ads here ruin the game. Zero stars. F minus. Booooooo . . .
This game is amazing i have played Paper i.o that was alsooooo amazing And then i saw this one and i was thinking should i download it but the reviews were not that good but when i did it was amazing but every minute later a ad pop up and that's a little bitt anoying but love this game 5 stars from me good luck for team
This is like the ad. I like this game because this game has slobs all over the place. We can't die. But I played and I died once. It closed me out I rate it a 4 out of 5. I still like it, but the problem is that it closed me out. I died too, but that is not the point, I don't really care if I die, it's just a little thing. I love who is reading this, it really gives out the information! Thank you, whoever is reading this!!
Kind of fun game, if you are bored, but VOODOO puts ads in the middle of your screen and every time you lose. Very greedy, and makes the game usually unplayable. And ads for VOODOO games are extremely stupid, but extremely funny because whoever is playing in the ads probably doesn't even have a brain. "Only touch red." level 1 is so hard I can't beat where is red "the whole screen is red except for the top right, which is blue." OMG I can't tap red please help "welp, gotta kill you."
You can't move in the game plus everyone has a head start axept you When I'm playing I try to move but someone just comes and destroys me I'm going to delete this game because I have it They could fix glitches too.
It's very good actually there is a tiny problems but who cares overall its a pretty good game to me. I have been playing this for about 4 months and I love this my cousin whenever she come she would play this game. I am very much satisfied but minor bugs that's all
This game is really fun and one of my favourites. There are little to none ads for me and the graphics are nice. There are 2 things keeping this from being 5 stars though. 1- Bots. They aren't horrible but I wanna play with real people. 2- there's a problem I'm having where in middle of games i get cut off and brought back to my home screen. When I die and want to rejoin it does it too. I love the game but please add an online setting for players and fix the glitch if you can.
The reason why I am rating it 4 stars instead of five is because randomly it just turns all glitchy. Idk if it's just me but plz fix this. There is also a lot of ads. Other than that the game is super fun! I have literally been playing for 1 hour and can't stop. I don't see myself uninstalling anytime soon! I love all the cute little skins you can get too! I play with the doughnut and the cute little mousey. I would really recommend getting this game. It can entertain you for hours!!!!
Watching a video to get an extraordinary, only to die immediately after respawn, despite being in your area is dumb. There are glitches that make you lose a ton of covered space. I had 30ish percent covered....and for no reason went down to less than 5%. Fix these issues for a better rating
This game makes me lag it kills me whin somebodys not even next to me and its will kill me whin i spawn and ever since i got this game it makes me lag in athor games i have minecraft and whin i got it it just lag and i have bloon td 6 and I've been laging also in the and every time i lag i die i got more to say to this stupbid game its so ugly and this game makes me die in minecraft and every village i see and loot it i get just saplings plus it makes the iron golem mad at me by doing nothing.
Its very fun and challenging. I love this game so much. If you read this creator i love you and youre creations. Keep the hard work.
I like it a lot because there are so much different characters you can be. But sometimes it is too easy. You are the king really fast. And i dont know if you have this problem too, but sometimes when i clame a piece it glitches. But most of the time it just works. And its very very addictive!! But overall the game is fun!
Game keeps taking away my territory for no apparent reason. I teach all the way up to 47% and it takes away my progress all they eat down to 2%, even though, no other character is around me. When you guys improve the game and fix this glitch, I will be more than happy to rate this game higher. Until then, this game deserves 1 Star.
I like this ge soooooo much because it is so relaxing when we become the first in this before you will be disgusting because you will be out many times but after then you will become pro πŸ˜‰ you will feel satisfying to kill other ones thats my opoinion to install this game so you should download this game and be happy that's my opinion hope you will feel this message helpful πŸ™‚
It's awesome I can play online and I lose a lot because I just got the app but it's still very nice I love this game it's nice and you should get it
Very good app and very nice game, all is good der but I have a little bit of complaint that's why I had given it 3 ⭐⭐⭐. It's not a live game I feel,because when I used to stop it for 24 hours all the players get stopped it means it's not live. And we are playing with computers.... It's nice that we can disappear this game from our home screen. Please pick this because I want to play with real person not with computers.... Even please add a new feature on it about that we can play it with friends
I like this game because there's not alot of ads like other games, I also like this game because it doesn't lag 😊
I love the game. it has so many skins but u have to unlock skins when u play in ur phone but if u play it in laptop u can always change the skin into like unicorn or heart etc. note: if u want to play this game in your laptop u can always download it but i will show u how to not daownload it on your laptop and play it online so lets start 1. First on your laptop open google 2. Search poki 3. Then open the link 4. And u can also enjoy games other games but search paper.io 2 or1 and enjoy game
I have to restart every few seconds! Its appalling. ADS. ADS, ADS. Then I get a blank white screen instead of another ad so I have to close down the game and start over as it freezes. Having fun? It freezes! Winning? It freezes. Then there are the GLITCHES!!! Omg too much frustration. Uninstall immediately.
It's pretty good! But you need to remove innapropriate ads My son plays this alot, and one time he was playing and I was with And suddenly an ad with a girl in a bikini popped up and my son Said it popped up 3 more times So I would really apreciate it if you get rid of that I dont want to delete it cuz he really seems to enjoy playing it. Thank you.
Honestly, I love this game. I have this on every device I have. Lol. Edit: I changed it to four stars because as soon as I join in I just get killed instantly...so maybe you should make a rule where you can't kill people under at least 1.00
It is a very good game but I gave it 4 stars because it is always laggy with the ads. Also when I had about 30% of teh map covered someone killed me and I decided to revive and after I did I was only left with 1% covered of the map. Please fix this and I will give it 5 stars.
I love the game! I would love it more if there were any overview map, doesn't have to be large or detailed. I would give it 4 or 5 stars if it would quit booting me out half way through the game. Seems to be happening more and more frequently. After reading several other reviews the getting booted and not getting consecutive day reward seems to be an increasing problem. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.
I hate this dumb addicting game. I want to win dammit! You can try to stop playing, but you won't. Oh you might stop for a little while, maybe even months. But one night you'll awake in the middle of the night, eyes wide open staring into the darkness, and you'll think to yourself "must. cover. the map." Ha good luck! Stupid game. ~5 stars tho, top notch~ πŸ‘Œ
BEST APP EVER!!! U CAN CHANGE SKINS FROM GOOD TO CRAZY!!! AND ALSO CONTROLS ARE NICE... ITS EASY TO KILL PERSON AND I LIKE THE TRICK EVEN ON CELLPHONES... but there are few probs to like when i spawn i die because i am inside the LINE of enemy pls fix it and also there are cheats so we want that to erase and never go with dat again pls... And pls no random skins just change the graphics and select other colored skins that all... NICE GAME!!!
Very good game but I think there is a problem it keeps shutting down and not responding do any action I give it
Its addictive and fun to play but it likes to reset all your hard work at random. I was halfway across the map making a circle around everything and the game just deleted all my progress and set my work back to a little circle while I was still halfway across the map!! There was nowhere to go and I got killed instantly. Also, so, so many ads, and when I watch an ad to get a second try it just resets me??
I love it because some time's im number 1 and im so happy but i got a question that i always get cut but its kinda ok and i just ignor the players that they cut me but this game is cool i like it so i give its a 5 stars because this game is so cool and im number 1 im so frikin happy so much X)
It's okay. The ads get in the way and they are laggy. The graphics are what you would expect from this type of game. The gameplay is dull, slow, and frustrating, but that could just be me. The controls, while simple, are not very smooth, making it hard to turn and avoid another "player". But if you play .io games and don't mind ads, you might like this one.
I love this game too much! It's too much interesting. I love to play this game in my free time. I gave this 4 🌟 s cause there are many adds, WHICH irritates me alot. HATE! Btw I like this game too much. If u will finish or make adds Less so maybe it will be more nice and players will play more happily πŸ˜‰. Now I am again downloading this game cause my first experience was THE BEST! Btw thanks for reading my review 😊.
I love this app i dont think ther isint any glichis in the game at all. i think that how you get new skins can be a litel bit more ese tho. that is the aonly thig that is bad tho si... good job
Amazing πŸ‘ and super addicting as well... although I have to switch off my WiFi options to play cause it gives silly ads in between the game but the gud thing abt that is that it has a timer to warn u that an ad is gonna show up .. and also it gives u a shield and a visual option if u watch the ad so that kinda gud .. overall I enjoy this game despite the bad things ... thanks vodoo...bye
Glitch Galore The game is good and its very smooth. But there has been multiple glitches that get you killed or make you lose all our progress. Mostly is having an island big or small and having it dissappear mostly or completely, parts of your island is gone or disappear for a bit allowing you to die in that area. Also when your in the area of someone else and THEY die you end up dying too.
This is a fun game... If you have no wifi. You get an add every time you kill someone, and they arent optional. It also gives you a power up that you cant decline even if you dont like it. The game is also very buggy and freezes. There are way too many adds
I think that this is a fun game! But the only reason why I rated it four stars was because there are lags. But rarely! And also I feel like some of the achievements are really difficult. And I'm not complaining I'm just saying. But over all this is fun! I would play it over and over if I could! But a map would be helpful, and maybe not spawn us thattttt close to the other players??? I highly recommend this to people who love to compete, who are competitive, and who love to be victorious!
Amazing game, PLZ INSTALL, IT WOULD MEAN SOOOOO MUCH TO US ALL. Tip 1: whenever an ad comes up (not usually) just go to the homescreen and open the game up again. The ad will be gone. Another thing, ITS SOOOOO ADDICTING, I SERIOUSLY CANT STOP PLAYING IT. I am begging u to install this game even though I am only 9 years old. GOOD LUCK. BYEEEEEEE!!!!
So being my stalker self I've been reading some reviews on this game. Over all its 3,8 stars. I review tons and thousands of games on my yt, so I decided to review this one. I've been playing and its so fun. So fun that you can even get it on the browser/Google on pc or laptop free. There isn't at all any adds in between the gameplay times. If there is its at the end just like all games. I rate it a 4star because it doesn't feel smooth when I move. If ykyk ok. So some minor improvement to do:)
This is such a fun game! And only has one or two bugs to remove ads it only cost a few bucks I really suggest you should install it! I 100% love it! For my YouTube channel I dare you to... Installs game don't Rage Quit because this game can be easy. Give it a 5-star rating five star reading and you're done! Thank you for creating this wonderful game. Your biggest fan me.