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Paper Fold

Paper Fold for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Good Job Games located at Akat Mahallesi Besiktas Istanbul Turkey. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game has way to many ads and I watched a ad from bts singing and I'm like this game will be amazing with artists singing throughout the game I load in nope no music update so it has sound and I will actually like it pleazzzzzzzze
Great game. Ironically enough, because you dont put a lot of ads I want to buy the no ads to support you. Is the No Ads a one time purchase?
Only played two games after first game already an ad ... game itself is fun is there a difficult one ...
The game is a really good way to pass the time. A lot of people might complain about the ads but you're wrong. The ads are barely 30 seconds because you can skip them around 5 seconds in. Also compared to other games the ads are not as repetitive and annoying and you don't get them constantly after every level! But in the ads it shows a sort of shadow figure on the folds where the pattern is and in the game you don't get them, still it's a really nice game for being on mobile.
Too many ads!! The game is fun to play, but after getting ads after almost every game I played, I decided to uninstall it. Too bad though, it really is an enjoyable game.
Very hard to stop playing? No this game is terrible it keeps lagging and keeps crashing and theres too many ads and its soo boring and its too easy even my brain hates this game
To many ads, turn the internet off, simple. But anyways this wasq really great game! And I love all the cute pictures and how challenging it can sometimes be.
This game is good although I think that it could use a lot less adds, because before I play a level there's an ad after and there's nearly any time to actually play the game its mostly adds...
I'm sorry its just to easy,to many ads I would not recommend its shows me the same ad over and over,in general just easy and boring😖
great, love the game, it's super cute, easy and fun to play but there is a problem, I have my internet on but no adds?! I can't unlock new areas and play the hard levels. I got the game a few hours ago and I'm at level 123, no repets of levels yet and great art design, PLEASE FIX THIS I WANT TO SUPPORT YOU!!!
it has some ads and i mean SoMe ads , but at the least of i like it and thats what matters but so much ADS and ill give 4 stars if it had like none ads thatll be great but why does it be ad and then play the games and then ads why it be like that though,Anuways it so stisfiying
I like the game and it's fun but around level 120 it starts repeting levels or folds that I already have done
so nice and sand the sound is just so satisfying I don't get why some people hate but please remove some ads the ads are a bit much but is so nice and fun
I downloaded this game just to give it a review to tell the developers to make their ads better. I swear to god. I'm scrolling on tiktok and the last thing I want to see is some dumbass not folding the paper correctly with bts singing in the background. please just do it correctly next time. I'm literally shaking and crying at this ad right now I don't know what to think or do. please.
This game helps ur brain cuz u have to find it in right place . It's also good for ir child because they will learn something and will learn some kind of lesson that prevent them to stop the badness
I would give it a 5 but the ads hardly work and I would love to do the hard levels but it won't let me.The the levels start repeating at about levels 198 I love though. :)
I was originally going to delete this app, but then it got SO addicting that I didn't. The ads don't appear ever second, after a few levels though it does. This is a game I reccomend!
Already stated my choices before I started the game, the app is making me reconfirm every single time I start the app up. Also, WAY too many ads. Uninstalled.
The pros of this app: the pictures are cute and the folding is pretty easy to figure out The cons:when ever it says hard level or a new theme the add is never ready so i can never unlock new themes
This game is so fun and my sister ( im playing on my dads computer and im a girl) love to try and get it correct when it gives us the card to fold -,- UwU TvT
Ok this is a good app but I have one problem ads. Finish a level? Ad. Want the badge thing? Ad. Taking longer that usual to finish a level? AD. But otherwise it's a good app hence the low rating.
I mean it's OK. But it has some problems. First the freaking ads my dude. Second when u get the star thing and it's says "watch an ad to get it" my bro when u press on that button it says "ad is not ready try again" but but but when u get a new theme and it say "watch an ad" and u press on it it works my freaking dude it's ANNOYING like why it it my internet or just the game hates me
All hard level is behind the advertisements. Personally I don't this. And after some levels it repeats the same quizzes. So poor!
I love this game because it is relaxing and fun if you don't see that sorry for you . Paper Fold has not so many ad's.I think we should all give it a try.
It's super easy and simple, i'm not complaining anything about the game, I love the game. I saw some ratings saying that "ads are really annoying, blah blah blah" but there's an easy way to get rid of those ads, just turn off your Wi-Fi, and there will be no ads popping, I did turn of my Wi-Fi and there we go no ads. Just saying tho, and I really love the game^_^
I had no ads with my experience, don't know if it's random or a glitch but I'm not complaining! The game was fun, if a little easy, and the stickers are all super cute. Disappointingly, around level 216 some repeats started to leak in (possibly earlier). There were still some new levels mixed with the old, but still :< I wish we could save pictures of the stickers, I'd download so many of them
The 50 first levels were pretty good and challenging but after that these levels just get repeated over and over again In level 365 which I'm in everything gets boring and easy because of the repetition and the same pattern of solving.
Pretty good, but could you please add an "Album" option or something of the sort? Overall the game is very fun and satisfying, just challenging enough to not be boring and just simple enough to be replayable. However, ive made so many cute little stickers and I wanna see them all again! I can't seem to find anywhere to see all my completed stickers. Thank you!
I love this game I just wish we had a gallery for every thing in the past! but other then that this game is awesome! there's so many things u can do! I love it so much I play it mostly every day it's the greatest game ever! it's like actually making a paper fold! I think other people will like it like me! it's so much fun! this is why I gave it 5 stars this game is awesome and I think other people will like it!😊
It's an okay game. Yes, there's ads, but you can eliminate them by paying a small fee ($2.99) or X out of the game & restart it. Some of the puzzles are a bit tricky, (for someone like me-my spatial coordination needs some work) Kids may get frustrated with it, but older ones may like it for a mindless break from harder, more tedious work.
A good game to learn how to do origami the right way and it's best to show people how to do it because your game is so well play that everyone can learn how to do it and you guys do a good job of helping people out that need to learn how to origami the right way instead of the wrong way You guys need to do more games like that that will help people to do orgasm the right way because everyone needs to learn how to do organic boot cracked way because Game makers of all time and hats up to you for
It's one of the best games I have ever played I recommend it for for kids who wants who want to learn how to fold paper into different types of shapes this is why I recommend it for people who like to fold paper in which I do so I recommend i😃
This is so brilliant to play this game. You should play to! I love this for to reasons; because it is very relaxing and second: that it help's me do the same thing as the game but in real life! I am happy to play this game.
This app is amazing but there is like say this you've been playing it for 1 second and 10 ads pop up thats why i gave it four stars if the game had not a lot of ads it would have 5 stars ok thats ganna rap this comment up in a cozy blanket bye
I give this game a five-star because it is so much fun and easy to play but not too easy. I wish there was a way that you could look back at all the different papers you folded to see the collection.
Too many ads! Great little game, but due to getting an ad after almost every stage played, I am deleting. I don't mind ads but these are just too frequent and have ruined the game for me. Would be happy to reinstall if this gets sorted out!
This game is worse than it seems. The levels are just recycled, and you just do them over and over again. Plus, the game promises things as certain levels, like it promised me Donald Duck at level 22, but it was a lie. They don't make new folds. The only thing that makes it better is new folds and ACTUALLY GUVINB ME DONALD DUCK.
I really love this game.. It's so easy , fun and relaxing but , the reason why I only give 4 stars because this game have to many ads .. So please fix it. But , totally this game is good and nice . Thank you
This is nice i give it 5 stars even when I'm 8 years old i love it who ever made this is amazing and i can Just turn off my wifi for no ads:D
It always tells me that they don't have any ads available, so I always have to lose every cool thing😠 But everything else is fine.
If you found this app on an add, it is exactly how the add was seen. This is an amazing app. Sure there are adds here and there, but overall, 4 stars
This is good i rate it 5 stars cause there is no adds on me even if my wifi is on and the levels are so balance the other level is normal,easy sometimes hard but still finish it.
This game is like no one has ever made it to level 200, I literally just did it's so simple I would definitely say this game is not worthq the space that you might take up I'm just saying in my opinion but I don't think it's worth it.
This game is fun but but I don't know all about this no ads thing like I know it's a no ads game but I have my internet on and my phone is still bringing me ads is this true somebody will play the game and the internet is on and the person will still have ads on their phone What type of game is this I like it but I still get ads on my phone even though this is a no ad game okay that's my description thank you for the game but I don't think I'm going to play it but I'll try to and it will work OK
I like this game. I find it relaxing but after a while it gets a little boring because it's the same shapes. Also I can't watch ads for harder levels and such because it always says 'Video not ready. Try again later.' Otherwise it's a good game.
When I saw this game I thought it will be fun but to much adds and also I do like it how when I lose it vibrates my table sorry 1 starts I only had ot for 2 days 😪 and please don't make the add pop up 9n my tt cuz I never what to download it again my brother and my sister doesn't like is too and when it's too hard they don't give you clues. Hopefully you get an update 😔
This game is okay. For me it won't let me get the hard levels or new themes because it always says it couldn't load an ad for me to watch to unlock it. It also repeats levels after level 190. It becomes very boring after that point and it is also way too easy.🙁 This game could've been an amazing game but the creators of this game decided to turn it around and make it a very boring game. I am deleting this game now. Please try harder next time you want to make another game.☹
This game solidifies what I dislike about the modern mobile game market. Games that are too simple and easy that there's barely any reason to play them. The game is also littered with ads, and it's fine to have them here or there if they're kept out of the way, but not when they play after most levels, and yes I am aware the airplane mode thing exists, but the problem is still there. Not to mention that even barring that, the game is way to easy and simple to keep me coming back.
Really good app, but it said there was songs. Maybe it is later but i was looking for the songs, otherwise its really fun and easy
its a puzzle to get your mind to figure out! I was playing for 1 hour plus a 4 minute break but its kinda bad that it's adicticting its still my first day with the app, but so far so good so I'm giving 4.5 stars!
The game is good i finished 200 levels in 1and half hr though,but game shows same pictures and same moves to complete so update the game and improve the moves and add some more pictures.
This game is great it's just that they refuse the same levels once you get into the 100s and 200s but it's a really quick game ivee had it for 45 minutes and I'm on 200.
I installed this app bcos of an ad... It shows folding with bts butter as bgm but as I installed there is no such feature why... ? So am disappointed it just gives vibration when we fold it wrong I thought it will be different for different foldings... If I had said something wrong without knowing am sry....
I can easily get around ads by turning off my phone's wifi connection, so thats not really my problem. My issue is that it's way too easy. Though the graphics are nice, and I suppose it could be relaxing, I would like it to progressively get more difficult, so that some sort of challenge is presented. Its not fun when I'm folding the same paper shapes and patterns for every level.
From the beginning I was so excited to install it and so excited to play it because starting from the ads you can see that its a great and a playful game to play with yourself and others I was trilled that they released this kind of game because not just kids play it even adults play it because it is a folding game and the people who play's with this kind of game will be attracted to make origami's (๑`✪̤◡✪̤)◞ღԵհɑղƘՏღ for the Manager and the Admin of this game I gave this game 10/10 ⭐stars ❤❤
This is a great game! if you want no ads then just turn off your WIFI. The reson why I gave it four stars is because it can get a little boring. I do recomend it!
I like this game because there are not to many adds to me and this would have been five stars if there was a place were you could see all of the stickers you have unlocked thx for reading!
My son is upset bc it will not allow him to play the videos to earn the themes he's won. On an off chance, I purchased to remove adds to see if it would work that way. It did NOT and now I WASTED money on this ridiculous game. Not worth it at all. DO NOT RECOMMEND AT ALL!!
Nice game but so many adds I changed my 4 star to 3 star just because of adds 😐 remove adds believe me I'm an indie game developer myself first make them addictive for free and you will get a lot more benefit than adds . People say it's a simple game but don't know your time and effort behind it ... So don't waste it . . Don't remove adds totally just reduce them 👍
playing it was really relaxing.i enjoyed 8t very much but after some levels (250+maybe) same problems were repeating themselves apart from that it was so much fun.
I think this is a great game cuz it is right for like your stress and stuff and you can like play it when you are bored but although it is really fun
I've got to admit. It's an alright game and I would recommend it. But the problem is that it so laggy and there is an advert like every 2 seconds and its so annoying
i love this so much because the paper folding satisfies me so much. When i fold it i just feel so good i dont know why i just do. And i feel super lucky when i get the paper folded right. This app is so much fun! you guys should try it.❤
At first I played, it was very fun, but, when it's time to get the background, you can't, you have to watch the video, but when I press to unlock, every level can't. Please fix it.
The games good I turn on airplane mode to defeat ads but your ad states that there's music involved but there's not false advertising
This game fared extremely well. The graphics were nice, it was satisfying to fold every picture, although they got repetitive, the hard and expert modes were fun for the challenge. And there was an ad every 3-5 levels, (the right way to use ads) unless I was slow. All in all, this game was a blast. And having unlocking all themes feels like 100%ing the game. It was short but sweet, but I can tell this game was definitely worth my time, and i happily would recommend this to anyone
Sometimes this game is really difficult it takes about five or three tries to get it right you have to think for at least 3 minutes to get the folding right but I'll recommend the game😎 because it is fun and it helps my brain work and think🤔
I didn't buy no ads and no ads are coming up and I Uninstalled the game and got the game again and didn't work and also can't get anything for an ad I dont know what happend it's been a few weeks since i played this game and it started happening.
Hard to stop playing? The most relaxing time of my life? No. I started it up, played for about 5 minutes, game crashed. I started it up again and now after every level, I get an ad. Uninstalled.
Such a cute and entertaining game with a unique concept! Unfortunately after level 210 or so, the art repeats and from that point on it gets boring and repetitive. I hope more new art and levels are added. I also wish we had a little album where the images we fold can be viewed again. They are so cute but you only see the completed image for a few seconds before moving to the next level.
Y'all, it is fun, just turn off your wifi and data before opening the game, no ads 😱😐 and it isnt hard after lvl 14, you just need to find out a strategy to find out what folds when ✋🙄. So if you do all of the previously mentioned it is a really good game that comes as advertised 😙
I don't know what y'all are talking about with the no ads. I don't have ads, like ever, but when I want to unlock a level, it gives me an ad. First game that I've played let me watch an ad with my consent (not randomly giving me an ad in the middle of the game, and letting me choose to watch an ad). The game is pretty simple and it gets boring after a while but 5/5 because of the no ads. Totally recommend this game.
I HATE this game!!! First, too many ads!!! Second, it shouldn't be SOO HARD at level 14!!!!!!!!!! Lastly, the paper folds DON'T make any SENSE at all!!! I tried irl and what I was doing was RIGHT!!! The ONLY thing I like is the PUZZLES that are BELOW level 14!
A very relaxing game and is super challenging but not too much. Super easy to use and it hasn't caused any lags yet. Super happy. Get this game now!!
This app is sooooo much fun. I just wish there were more levels cause it gives me the same folds cause I completed the game. (I am on level 216 now.) The game is sooooo addicting. I have only two complaints we need more levels and I want to have a little gallery to see everything I have folded in the past. Other than that it is a great game.
I hate this game. Its so boring. I even gave my daughter my phone to play on it, then 5 min's later she gave me my phone back and said "Its too boring mommy! I dont like it." So, thats why I gave it 1 star. I played it for a bit and there was way to many adds and it was to easy. I hate games like this.
The game is boring. Honestly it feels like a game you play when your bored on a plane and have literally nothing else to do.
really like the game very cool but there are soooo many ads! like they pop up every 1-3 minutes and its really annoying so pls fix that
This game is really fun. There are barley any ads and there are more challenges levels. I am really happy with this game and it is one of my favorites.
i like that it gets harder when you get more levels but the music is ok but i like the game so i hat to rate the game five star.
It's ok the folds do repeat and all the ads are at the beginning but after there's no ads it doesn't let me getting new themes.