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Panzer War

Panzer War for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by ShanghaiWindy located at Site 42 HuTai Road Baoshan Shanghai. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence, War Themes) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a fun game, and I'd play it for hours if only it didn't crash so much. I'd really appreciate if it can be optimized for slower phones or a lag limiter where it can process everything that happens so it doesn't crash and my phone can catch up. Thats why I'm giving it four stars. Otherwise i love how modular componets were implemented and there should be more such as view ports and engines and add crew member which reduce tank effeciency if killed, like slow reloading if loader gets killed
The mods i downloaded are some tanks are pretty big so i would ask if u could make the screen more bigger, and some mod/not mod tanks are pretty laggy for sumsung so can u edit the tank and make a it less laggy
very good very good but the game I reminded adding the M60 Patton tank and the Russian T-14 armata and a M26 super Pershing please please 1 more thing the M1A2 tank and the M1A3 tank
i gave five star cuz ilove your game also i see that it has a very big potential i like also the game is offline i cant stop playing even im in school ... keep it up. keep it updting the game...
this game is not laggy anymore..but i got a question...i saw the btr but when i play skirmish mode ..i cant play the btr ..why?
This is the best tank battle ever, can you fix the controls of aircraft aswell as the helos? Please create a naval version even not free
I hope you get even more support, I love this game. I would recommend this game to anyone who is looking for a free to play game with lots of vehicles to battle in. The mods are also amazing and I'm glad you added an easy access mod list. Keep it up. : )
i like this game, but the only thing i don't like about it is the KV-1 challenge. The pz38t is pretty easy to defeat, it's the Pz4 H that makes me mad. My suggestion: Lower Difficulty for KV-1 challenge
Can you update the artillary AI to refill there ammunition if they ran out , because when they ran out of ammunition they just there doing nothing , thanks , love you game
Great game but needs only one thing.And its the custom decals.Then why not to give 5 stars?And also needs detailed infantry and tanks.
I like this game! But one thing for sure is that the multiplayer and aircraft or helicopter control... first is the multiplayer, i live on asia but it lagged a lot like i cant even move or anything, is it applied for only chineese server or what? Second is is the heli and plane control, it is to complicated, and the map is to small for airplanes or helicopter. If you see and fix this i will give a 5 star
Can you add more map pls like battle of Berlin,stalingrad,kursk and can you make the map little larger
Its a great game but everytime i go to multiplayer it kicks me out after like five minutes and all the work i did is erased so i dont get my money for my kills.
Its a good game with good physics but the gameplay is choppy and laggy and the controls are placed in wierd positions and you are unable to adjust it
love the game but multiplayer needs more features and improvements, like added new modes, deathmatch, team deathmatch, cooperation. And pls added remove the AI bot option for multiplayer, I wanna 1v1 with my friend without team mates from AI.
I love the game especially the mods it got maus, E100, t95, P100, gustav, karl and other mods 😊😊😊😊
I need to say it's good but it crashes my phone and I don't understand why my settings are all low and still crashes I don't know why I think the mods did it or the game it self fix this I'll never play this game untill you fix my problem or this problem
Good game. Only problem is the camera. When you set the camera at a certain angle. No matter we're you set it. When you are are at that point and look around you stay at that point we're you set it. It should not move from the point you set it. Please fix this.
Great. But I want to see big updates. For example: add new tanks for researching please. And one very important thing... Please improve interface! It s little bit strange. But generally I like this game)))
game is cool,but it can be more cooler if u add more modern tanks in the game, specially in coldwar mode and improve the main menu of the game because it doesnot look like menu of a game.
I love the game but the tigers front armor is weak and a Sherman Sherman firefly and panzer can destroy the tiger so increase the frontal armor of the tiger and also can add the war thunder damage module just like cry of war
Ok the game is alot better now you just have to improve the terrain physics since u can get stuck on small things and tanks can't drive over some small rocks
I really like this game but it would be even better if you could fight against helicopters and planes in 7vs7. It would make using missiles much more fun.
This game deserves a 5 Stars for its gameplay and graphics. But the problem is that it requires alot of optimization and sometimes the fps drops to 1. A problem with the multiplayer is that it does not have an auto balance. Another problem is that switching tank shell is kinda unresponsive. But overall I can say this a Freemium game and I totally recommend it.
I liked how u make the game more comfortable for 8.0.0 Huawei iPad media but still make it more fixed and comfortable and smoother for ver 8.0.0 also and add a custom tank builder which will let u build a custom tank for Android and add a bot difficult in the setting (easy=bot will have less accuracy at shooting and moving will be weird) (medium has medium accuracy and moving is not bad) (hard will have very great accuracy and smart move will confuse players and make bots easier to survive
The game has good graphics and pretty much the best selection of vehichles I have ever seen in a game. But there is a problem. Whenever I log in and press " Click to enter the game" it kicks me out of the game. It also does this when im about to create or start a match with AI. I would really love to play your game so I ask to please fix it as soon as possible. Thanks.
I love this game. people call it a copy of world of tanks but they are wrong very wrong. I've been playing this game since 2019 I love it
Can you make the army like ride the kubelwagen so we could move faster into the battlefield and I suggest that you make a pacific map and add American and Japanese soldiers along with Italian and French ones, and I've noticed something that the soldiers on the Marder is taller than the normal soldiers and the Sturmtiger is quite smaller than the Tiger I, I hope to see you add these suggestions
Oh thats the reason why there are no updates for the last 2 months because of huge update , the game is much better , say can you add a settings where I can separately adjust the soldiers count , that would be great.
10/10 awesome game! It would be great if u could have a tech tree sort of organization for the vehicles.
A nice little shoot um up game, not to mention a great range on tank choice:s, though an upgrade wouldn't hurt by adding some anti-tank gun's as well as some dug out defence position's for the tank's to take up the hull down position for firing on the baddies, would add more to this game.
Thank you Shanghai Windy for giving a better than World of Tanks experience, will you add the Tortoise and the AT tanks, please, and thank you
Pls rework the sfx it's a bit unrealistic and pls add some recochet sfx or dmg sfx for more realistic feel ....
Pls bring back the girls und panzer voice i downloaded the mod it didn't worked and pls add calliope tank, sherman croccodile tank and m1 flamethrower troop for the americans and inside the tank view as the driver and planes i rated this game 5 stars if u add my suggestion to the next update to the game and add machine gunner to the tank thanks
When I installed panzer war I thought I made a mistake, that I was gonna play a terrible, low quality, milked out version of any other tank games. Little did I know, I was about to be blown away. Not only is this game completely free to play, but there are no pay wall aspects of it, (unless you count some base tanks locked behind ads) unlike World of Tanks. The game is quite lacking in variety but they include something that no other tank game I've played has: a built in mod center.
Game was fine until it stopped working please fix the game It won't let me even get to the main screen because everything turns black and I can only leave
Good tank game, graphics decent, cannot upgrade equipment, no tutorial how everything works you just play. Could be a great game. Devs need to get on this and make this better......
This game is just like war world of tanks. The most amazing part is that the gravitational pull. I just wanna say you mind making the helicopter and the bomber planes controls much easier like in normal plane games. Anyway its an awesome game
Good game but can you add more tanks like , t-34 calliope rocket louncher , soldier machine gun , and add a scope on the german sniper and add the. p -1500 , Sd.kfz 7/1, Sd.kfz 7/2 flak 37 i will be waiting for the update
ShanghaiWindy can you add LAN/Local hotspot multiplayer into this game, because we want to play with my friends and brothers with only using Hotspot and not network, This is by-far The Best Offline tank Game.
(I edit this) Please add more French ww2 tank, this game was very beautiful and I like it please add French or Italian tanks
Its great edit:The plane controls are difficult and can u please add more wider maps so the bombers can actual bomb on a wide place
good game and can you put italian cv 33 tank and the british crusder matilda and grant tank and can you put the panzer 1 tank
The best offline tank game I've played so far. Hoping for more tanks and if possible try to add where all tanks from any year can play together. Also need more maps. Air support, rocket artillery and infantry will also be great if it can be added!!
This game totally changed my life.... I played World of tanks blitz and got tired of making money so I found out this game has free tanks and some tanks that are super duper easy to unlock. I downloaded every mod for this game and this is the world best game!!! I got a problem, it is when you have the mods in panzer war the loading takes to much time!! Can you add more for these tanks as well Sheridan, JPZ E-100, AMX 50 100, AMX 50-120, Badger, more wheeled tanks like the Lynx 6X6, EBR 75 FL.
I'd say this is a good game but a t15 its near imposible to play unless you use the Gustav i know you cant do mutch but its still a problem
Everytime I start playing after loading the game closes back to my homescreen pls. fix it I love this game so much...
Its a very good game i love it but theres a reason i gave 4 stars everytime the battle ends an ad plays and sometimes when the ad is finished the game just crashed can you fix this problem thank you
I'm tired playing WotB and found this game. Pretty good game, the graphics is okay, the tanks is okay, only problem when I downloaded many tank mods it takes so much time to load. Probably because there's so much files sum up in the mods. I wish it could be faster.
Totally love this game but would desperately love to see more late WW2 armor (Centurion) & more cold war armor (Chieftain, Challenger, Warrior IFV).
i love the game so much but i would be so happy if you guys could add italian tanks DESTROYERS AND TANKETTES and add new maps like BOCAGE AND JUNGLE that would be so top notch!
It looks bad from the images but I'd actually really fun to play with so many tank's and playstyle. All it needs though is penetration physics
A very good game. Add more troop class. Aerial battle would be good. Add anti air tanks like ostwind. Add scope in bomber planes.
It's a good game. Love how you can add mods. But you say you don't have to research yet there are tanks you must research to use. And what's even more ridiculous is that some tanks like the bmp or ztz and a few others you have to watch an add for. And I'm not doing that everytime I want to use that tank. So both of these things need to change or else your description big this game is pretty much just false advertising.
Great game. would've rated it five stars if the girl crew voice was gone, I was just downloading all the mods excluding voice packs and the japanese named thingy. When I tested the game before downloading the mods, the voice was fine, but then after I downloaded all the mods, it suddenly became different. Please fix the voice. Thank you.
One of the best offline tank game available on Playstore. Although you need a powerful device (Snapdragon 660 and Above) to be playable or else it can be a pain to play at below 10fps.
I.love.it. it runs so smooth it's like butter and the mod support is insanely good and it's just a great game, I love it,
The ads are brutal πŸ˜‚ sometimes it's 20 seconds of game play followed by 45 seconds of $hitty game ads. Don't waste your time.
It a pretty nice game but how come I can't spawn planes in test drive mode and I lag a bit much can you please fix so I don't lag so much and i have a request for some German tanks in the ww2 era can you add the ostwind , wirbelwind , and Goliath
Good games the best offline tank games in google playstore compare to other. but scope are not rotate immediately unlike before update. if you want to rotate the scope to right or left it always stock-up not response properly the scope rotation pls pix it's Dev. add advances tanks also like T14 ARMATA/ AMX56 LECLERC/ MARKAVA MKII/ CHALLLENGER II thanks.
This game was a great game! Especially that you can get mods for different vehicles like the Schwerer Gustav (80cm) railgun, the P.1000 Ratte, Maus, T95, a Girls und Panzer voice pack, and a whole lot more. But it could use some improvement to the translation from the original language to other languages, like english.
The game is glorious but my tablet cant run it at 30fps average , i did look into the seetings and manually optimized it , is there a way you could please fix some of its optimization , the game is great btw , even if that one person is from china it dont matter lol [laugh out loud]
Its A very good game, especially the ability to download mods, hell, my best tank is a Modded tank, but can they add more historical vehicles, like the M60, Magach's, and fix the controls for aircraft
One problem is that theres no search button for ban list and mod hub because its so frustrating to just scroll down trying to find the unwanted mod or tank
Amazing game, among the best games about tanks avalaible on Android Market, detailed models, balanced maps, constant improvements and a great community, I hope that the models of the T-14 Armata and M1A2 SEP v2 Abrams, the AH-64 attack chopper can be added soon to the modern era. Suggestions activate the coaxial or hull machine guns in the tanks that have them, Fix the maneuverability and speed values on the Easy 8, it's just too slow. Keep up the great job you are a very talented developer!!
Pls to shanghai windy, In skirmish battle Pls add "Mixed tanks" so you can use all tanks. Its pretty sucks when you cant use tanks you have downloaded
Awesome game but it's sometimes laggy. Sometimes it runs 60 fps but most times runs less than 10 fps Although I'm not using any other apps and power saving mode is off. Please fix the bugs because it makes the game not enjoyable for me.
This is a good game please fix the sandbox testing mode not to direct you at the main menu after playing the game or testing the game you created ty
Yeees , thanks you very much for fixing the game , my day is isnt complete without playing this game , and new tiger is added to the family , the yukon map is so awsome , good map for hunting using my tiger 2 , and in yukon map there is a bug , my soldiers is not moving
Wow this game is amazing ilike the tiger tanks better but can you make helicopters and bomber controls much easy i will be waiting for the update
Everything so far is good the game is good, but my only problem is the Helicopter controls, the controls are hard to do and if you move in any direction the helicopter will go down so can you make the controls more easier. Good game keep up the great work.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
this like war thunder on android it has some of my favorite tanks but I wish you add the t95 that would make this game a six star plz add more tanks
It fun everyone, its fun, way better than tank of blitz and rise of kingdom because it pay to win but this game is not, it not pay to win and have fun with this game and god bless you all and the creator of this game.
Can you please fix the M1A1 abrams tank mod please the graphics are so bad of this if i, put it in high graphic because the other tanks graphics are so bad if i put it in low can you please fix it
I hope in the future please add machine gun team especially MG42 or mortar team or anti tank rifle , aaand also add scope to the sniper rifle , love this game very much , and also please remove the green circle when you scope in , in your tanks
The game I thought was ok but when I played first the plane controls were pretty messed up then the game would lag sometimes just lag me out fully then some of the game modes don't work and the game is also making my phone freeze. I heard this game use to be good but dry not trying to be disrespectful but I'm a give 3 stars for now
i like the tank but i wesh the wer you shoot the tank a um briver get kill the tank can't move and has to wiet to repe or the ammo get hit it a one shot kill and can you put the sovit (Katyusha)
The game was fun with excellent graphics and has accurate armor placement. However, I cannot get past the initial loading screen. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game several times. I even let it run for about 5 minutes and it still did not get past the loading screen. UPDATE: Reinstalled and the game loaded correctly.
An awesome tank game that has a lot of potential to be revaled, love it. just need a high amount of polishment tho.
This game is awesome. I've been playing it for some months and it's fun And the best part is that you can dowloand mods to get even more tanks
Could you guys please bring the maus back and the one map with the bridge in the middle i would play this game 24/7 if you do.
Its awsome but the problem please make a custom game mode because the commander game mode is cool but you cant put all the tanks and add the planes and plane controls is hard and the other mode's are boring
The game is cool and the graphics are great just can you put a japanese tanks that well be great thank you
The game don't have any bugs visuals could be better, controls no problem at all, some snow and rain in battle would be nice. Anyways if you have problem of the game not opening I suggest you should not download too many mods or use a game booster on the app.
This game needs more repair the Bugs are everywhere the Tanks are lagging the freakin ads are long 7vs7 is broken 6vs5 is fine i really like 7vs7 just like world of tanks by the way the game is accurate and stable but Bugs are everywhere fix it plzz
Add WW1,WW2, And Cold War bombers and air to ground, and fighter planes Just some Ideas because I LOVEEE THIS GAME and I want more fun stuff😁
Look I really like the game, but can you add a different region server in multiplayer? Because my country isn't compatible with the servers there.
Ok , I'll admit that the game is good but it needs more work especially with server issues.The game just freezes during a match even if its an offline match
o7 to you sir. Only you just made this game? Wow bravo πŸ‘and please improve map and ghrapics if you can? Im counting on you bruuuu :)
This game is fantastic. I absolutely love it, however there needs to be a tutorial on the aircraft controls. That's my only issue.
Probably the best war thunder/battlefield like game for mobile.. but it would be better if there was more settings for the "host".. and being a solider running around the battlefield in a multiplayer lan game (not sure if it's for online)
The game was really good but I just think that it's not really realistic enough nodding is awesome but it kinda throws the game off balance and the tiger tank has too little hp otherwise its a good game
(in equipment) can you make instead of "destroy" to "remove" because 1.5million is pretty hard to get or you can decrease the cost of the equipments to less than 1.5million and the graphics didn't need to change it's pretty good for low-end phones like me and more tanks like the M48 bulldog and some more strv, more chinese(ho-ro and more) tanks and japanese tanks make golds exchangeable to equipments or money
Good game and very challenging. This is the best tank game i ever played and i have to suggest that you could add a vehicle like the bradley and others for the modern war. You're a so very intelligent from making this game and i really recommended this game to everyone, and add tanks for modern war for future update pls.
Great game it's a good war thunder clone but I don't recommend playing this game on a old device cuz I'm on my old device typing this I had to buy a new phone so here's the reason why a bought a new phone to download this game when I play a game I play the game I start a match with my favorite heli or vehicle it started blinking black and then when I continued it crashed I played it again it crashed a again third time a charm crashed again can you fix that bug please over all a great game thanks
Most wonderful game. Ever, I love everything about it, the gameplay, mods, and the modes. But.... there is one problem which really ruins the fun, I run the game on mimimum graphics and only get 5-10 FPS, but whenever I play a game like World of Tanks Blitz, I get 50-60 FPS at high graphics. If the game wouldnt have required a beefy device I would rate 5 stars. Thanks for reading!
the game is a great alternative to World Of Tanks Blitz and War Thunder A couple of suggestions: 1)Add Module Damage 2)A better armour analysis like the one in War Thunder where you can pick a shell from a tank and see if it could Penetrate 3) Skoda T-50,IS-5,IS-7,WZ-115A,EBR 50, Obj 268,T-26, Panzer IV F2, Grille 15, and Centurion should be added Lastly, Better graphics should be added
Nice! New update added more texture and shades. And ammo loading sound too. Wish i can hear better engine sound and no longer repeating roar frm the engine. Maybe better effect when the bullet hit the armor. Thank you dev! Hey dev thx so much for creating this game. It is perfect & exciting. Love the new look. I have a suggestion. Perhaps can add the ability to do artillery support or airstrike or maybe both. *Mod for MGF-T64 is broken. Game crash whenever i play on skirmish cold war
Its a little buggy but its a goof game u should make a boat game also fix the controls on the planes also make the ai fly the planes cause i like to shoot down planes
Ive been with this game from the start, and ive gotta say,It developed so much, now it supports modding,multiplayer, etc Im excited to see new updates have in store for us users,
This is the best tank games i play no.1 Hello dev. Can you add tilt control for helicopter and planes.
Thank you Shanghai Windy for giving a better than World of Tanks experience I will always admire designers like you
Amazing game, among the best games about tanks avalaible on Android Market, detailed models, balanced maps, constant improvements and a great community. I hope more famous vehicles like the Challenger 2, Leclerc, Ariete, T-14 Armata, M1A2 SEP v2 Abrams, Super Pershing, Fury, and the AH-64 attack chopper can be added soon. Please activate the coaxial or hull machine guns on more tanks that have them. Keep up the great job you are a very talented developer!!
just love tanks and please update it alot more with more tank ls and add historical battlefields and Futuristic tanks
Hi devs can I suggest that you make a the visual on this game a bit improve like adding a smoke effect when you fire your gun btw nice you should download it
Such wow.. very nice update.. the new UI is not bad.. Helicopters are now much easier to use also the ATGMs on Helis which automatically targets those enemies that were close to your crosshair.. such wow.. also the mods.. most of tank mods are completely broken af..
I do not approved 5/5 but 10/10 because it's very fun to play this game and i recommend to play this game but i have 1 problem it's so hard to drive a ww2 bomber and i have a request can you add extra armor like putting a wood on the side and bush and thats all.
Game used to be the best, but now you have ruined it with the money and such, 10/10 old version but nows it's more like 0/10, yes, it's sucks that much now
love the game but what would make it better is a new german tank theres only 2 in the world left its the Ferdinand tank destroyer my favourite tank wish it was in the game i would love this game if it was tho if you want plz add this tank and with that when the update came it locked my m26 pershing please unlock it again for me because i took so long getting it i really dont wanna do this again
This is a great game wish you could add a cockpit view for the tanks though I mean wouldn't be cool to fight tank tank in a cockpit view ohh also pls make all the machine guns on tank working so I can provide my infantrymen with fire support
I like the Game the Graphics But here's the Things I will like to see in this game 1:maybe add the Killing Cam like one on War thunder 2:I will say add more Tanks like the Char 2C and The KV 6 3:Let ai fly Helicopters and Plane 4:lastly Add anti aircraft so I can shoot ai that flys plane and heli
What a great game πŸ‘ I appreciate it...but their is something wrong with making an account... it's Chinese but can be translated but when i made an account, the activation key is chinese so i Don't how to activate since it's chinese, i just sorta cancelled it... I'll give you 4 star but still i kinda admire for making this game unselfishly and even offline thanks...Made by One man huh...πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ 5 stamps for this one
Put a stug 3 and a scorpion light tank and armored vehicle and panzer 1 and 2 and panther v and japanese light tanks