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Panzer Platoon

Panzer Platoon for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by ykapps.production located at 1-369 Matsumuracho, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. The game is suitable for Rated for 16+ (Strong Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is good but it sucks that you have to pay 5$ at least i think that's the price to unlock everything
Custom battles, sandbox mode, able to choose friendly tanks behavior like take cover, retreat, make the ai not just move foward and shoot in your direction, Thanks. Also the gameplay never changes and gets boring verryyy fast.
It's a very nice game to play on the go, quite simple and easy to figure out. The AI is pretty dumb though, and often stays where it is until you either take out all other tanks or they get killed. 4/5
I recommend making 3 super heavy tanks that will cost 300,000 to 999,999 1 is the behemot kv 6 2 is the p1000 it will cost a million gold of course it is the largest tank and so it will destroy everything in its way please I recommend it and 3 is the m1a3 Abrams tank and add those 3 tanks pleaseeeee
This is was i Actualy looking for but my problem is that the the tank have machine guns but it cant shoot so pls developers make it with some enemy infantry soldiers or some anti tank guns and the Tanks are so slow when its on the snow but the enemies are faster when there in the snow thats my problem and the NPC is so not challenging pls make it more difficult but with a menu for some other players dont want a hard difficulty
I have multiple complaints. The friendly ai doesnt help you what so ever and enemy tanks hard target you. The game shouldn't end when you die it should end when all tanks die. Also adding turret movement separate from driving so it's more tactical. And maybe even making it so you can command friendly's so they aren't so braindead. I do however like the graphics.
UI is ugly and uncomfortable. Controls are uncomfortable too (Why I can't aim by myself, auto lock is terrible). Some UI elements even have default Unity sprite. But the main problem is gameplay. In my opinion, when I start playing some game, I learn and discover many things during my walkthrough. But here I got everything instantly: first 5 levels I have only one enemy for each map, AI isn't advanced (my ally only stays and shoots), penetrating is random. Is it interesting? Definitely no
This game is Nice and Good 2D tank game but the controlls bro pls fix and improve it: The left and right side of the joystick is to turn the tank left and right: The up and down of the joystick is the tank go forward and backward so the steering of tank doesn't like steering of a car. and lastly pls add joystick to the right screen to aim and shoot: The nearest radius of joystick is for aim and the medium radius of joystick is for shoot/fire. Sorry for a little bad english.
The game is better now, the controls are very comfortable. I have a suggestion like if the tanks from all years were their that would be great and also the 4 locked maps in historical battle. I gave 5 star because the game now is very awesome and addictive to me.
At first glance i feel like iys a little bit impossible to done the mission even on stage 1, but once i figured out how to play it its quite easy, for those who just played this game or installing this game and feel like the game is too hard then do this: pick any side you want (this case soviet because rush B), if you encounter Panzer III with your BT-7 then shot its rear or side, use your speed as advantage, or if you want to be invicible (until Stage 16) use KV-1, it has good armor
Very good game some of the levels are hard and some of the vehicles downgrade and don't upgrade when you evolve them.
Very fun so far! It's a very fun game to progress through and when people say the controls are too hard to play with I find that dumb. I love the different variety of tanks and game modes. But! I'm not allowed to pay real money for games on my phone and so I can't buy any new tanks after the Sherman V to progress because I need to buy the full version! Mostly a fun game but sadly I can't play more because I can't get better tanks to progress so I would recommend getting rid of full game feature
The game is simple and good. It's just amazing don't know what else to say. The only things I don't like about it is that you have no control of your other platoon tanks aside from the vehicle choices and upgrades and angling armour isn't a thing
It's a overall great and fun game BUT the missions or campaign should say, are so dumb, protect 3 trucks? The AI instantly aims into the trucks that you placed in the middle of no where, what a dumb stage to do, base defense was new and I dident mind, it was a fun challenge, but your pushing some of the worst mission ideas for AI who targets the mission objective and ignores my unit, it's not fun, its stupid that the AI ruins the missions so much, especially at stage 130-138 german campaign.
This game is really good and fun to play. I recomend dowloading this game. I give it 5 stars cause it is really great. I also love the music in that game.
First of all, I do like the game, Second of all, Level 184 is very hard, The only tank that can penetrate T-54s are the E-100 tanks, But my other tanks can't penetrate them, That I have so much stress and anger, Please add Leopard 1 in Tech 190, The game is so frustrating, Plus the T-54's front are so thick, That only I can penetrate them, Not my AI tanks tho.
Great game overall. Be warned, though, that you can only control one tank regardless of how many you have in your platoon. Your control of your platoon is limited only to selecting and equipping vehicles. Once each mission starts, the other tanks in your platoon will be AI-operated. Also, the floating joystick is OK but it would be better to have buttons for maneuvering the tank, just like there are buttons for target selection and firing the main gun.
It's a all-round outstanding game but the only real issue I have is battles can get a little dull in my opinion I think the dev could add little infintry fighting while you fight the tanks uther then that it's outstanding
Please make it so that you can play offline (I understand you have to make money, but don't force-feed us ads), make the music more military and fix the English. Otherwise very playable and fun game.
I've been playing this game for 2 years now and I'm still looking for more, can you add Japan and France in the future updates?
It is a good game, but I was messing around with the change country thing and I changed to the us yo look at the tanks they have and when I changed back to Germany all of my tanks and tech points where gone
Its a great acrade game, the only problem is that if you dont watch the ads for x2 money bonus, its feels unfair. For people who play offline, this is a major turnoff
I love this game but it needs some changes & upgrades like AI players are too dumb.most of the time they dont move the turret or shot without proper aim. The last event vehicle cant be taken because it can be taken only if I make it to tech 260 when campaign is less than than 260. And it needs some sounds updates and upgrades. Graphics needs upgrades too like shadows, realistic explosion, shell hit marks. This game needs module damage like if engine gets destroyed tank doesnt move, flame etc.
Is a really fun game that takes a little bit of time getting to understand, but is well worth the play. It is a great challenging game that plays very well with 4 diffrent countries tanks! Each with it's own strengths and weaknesses.
Can You Add for The France Flag and Add for This Tanks is - Renault R35 (First Tanks) - FCM 36 - D2 (First Heavy Tanks) - B1 - B1 Bis (Upgrade Tank) - AMX ELC Bis - AMX 12t - AMX 13 (Already) - AMX 13 105 - AMX 13 57 - BDR G1 B - ARL 44 - AMX M4 45 - AMX M4 49 - AMX M4 51 - AMX M4 54 - AMX 50 100 - AMX 50 120 - AMX 50B - SaU 40 - S35 CA - ARL V39 - AMX AC 46 - AMX AC 48 - AMX 50 Foch - AMX 50 Foch B - AMX 50 Foch (155) - M4A1 Révolution - M10 RBFM - AMX 30 1er Prot - AMX 30B This 5 Star For You.
I like it. There's a wide variety of tanks, and their makes and models. The janky controls aren't too bad, but the game itself is a bit grindy, and things to research are far and few in-between. Stopped playing after about stage 200 since there wasn't much else to do. Overall pretty good game and can't wait for the new mission to come out.
Man i really waited for this to update tho, I thought the game will not get updates but thanks! You really put up panzer platoon! By the way, you should add a feature where tank angles will be calculated as an angled tank depending on the enemy tank position it went. Keep up bro!
Please help me I cant buy the tanks It say (connecting to store) And i dont no what to do And thanks for the game
This is the best World War Two tanks videogame I've ever played. I like because it's simple but fun. I would appreciate it if you added French tanks and the Churchill to the British tech tree. I would also like more ambient noise, like shots from the distance and artillery explosions (each sound depending on which scenario you're in). I know it's pretty ambitious but it would a better experience! 👍
would be awesome if there was a workshop kinda feature where we could sort of design our own tanks, like how thick it's armor would be, it's Angle, it's main gun, engine, etc..
The game is great, I love it but some things could be better, the event battle tanks for tech points, they have their required tech points way too high some of them and they it would be better for them to be lowered, but overall the game is great.
The worst game ever first level 2 hit to die the reverse is terrible you can't buy the same tank this wouldn't be a problem is the 2 hit killed was in place over all completely terrible don't spend time downloading would rate 0 if possible
Good game despite how low budget it is. The turning could use a little work. A.I targets players which can get very annoying seeing as if you die then you lose. Tech is way too hard to get, we depend on it and it is just down right impossibly hard at one point adding on to that you can't even improve your tanks.
Pretty cool game. WW2/Tank buffs should get a pretty good kick out of it. My only suggestion would be to add the option for a non-floating joystick. Its a bit hard to get a feel for movement when the joystick can be pretty much anywhere onscreen. Also i think the zone for just rotating the tank without moving forward or backward should be larger. Other than that great game, i hope to see more content added.
Tons of content, good gameplay, and limited ads make for a great combination, especially for those who like historical battles. Plenty of numbers and data to build your tank platoon off of, from one of four armies; and yet the simplicity of the game makes it easy.
I would add another star if it wasn't for the excruciating long grind for money. Other than that it's a great game.
Fun and simple game, albeit slow paced progression. The hit boxes for tanks are a little odd, as some parts of tanks shells will go right over, but collide with others, like the turret, front, or rear. A consistent hit box would be nice.
Great game although there seems to be a bug on a lot of the missions the the top and bottom of the screen mirror the opposite side of the map it's very weird. It goes away at stage 101 and on every survive waves mission but returns during regular missions and is in every historical battles. I am playing on a one plus 7t