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Panzer League

Panzer League for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by CipSoft GmbH located at CipSoft GmbH Pruefeninger Strasse 20 93049 Regensburg Germany. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is pretty good. Nothing bad to say about it. However it needs more gamemodes such as free for all, assassin etc. That would make the game better. The default tank skins look a little cartoony so please make it more realistic. And please make bigger lobbies. Thanks.
This is unique moba, good graphics, but needs improvement lag a little bit. and i suggest put some 5v5 mode to play more fun and rankings etc.
It's a pretty good game. But after a bit, it gets kinda old. One thing that would make it better is different maps. Mabye different lanes, longer, shorter, more or less defense towers, different drone/sentry/marauder spawn rates. This is a really great game, just needs a few variations.
Um i really like this game its a good concept but can you please fix your game,i just played one match only and thats all i couldnt get in the match it takes forever to load through i always had to exit the app and find a match again its been 10 times now please fix it.
Can you make tanks more realistic?! I mean it's very futuristic tanks but if developer's do that would be more believable and enjoyable that's my opinion about it...thanks for work
gameplay is good but some panzer need to rebalance, like Berzerker is too op for a tanker role, high dmg, high hp and high defence, please check player name matzz his berzerker doing too much dmg even for 5 star armor
Pretty great game. I enjoy this take on the moba style. My only gripe is I have TONS of components and you dont do anything with them...
I like the game, there needs to be a lvl bracket because I was put in a match at lvl 3 aginst 3 lvl 16s how do you expect me to fight that.
Not to bad of a pvp style game. The only issue I have is my account just disappeared. Other than that it has potential to be a top teir game.
Hey Cipsoft I still play this game and I just wanted to says that this game is still good but I want to recommend you one thing. Ad reward I was hoping that this game has another way to get panzer point. By make advertisment reward I can get my reward you can get your money. And 3 lanes map like what you have did at older version you have release. Hope you can give me response.
Its like a mini league of legends in tanks fun idea!!! Great game I do enjoy playing, I'm hoping you might add a 5v5 mode on a multi lane map? Fingers crossed
It was good until the lag was unbearable when reach to the battle with the bots everything started to get out of control I was everywhere could not even fire or use my ability's then it crashed good game overall
Could you punish or solve that problem for someone AFK player, i always lose when someone stupid AFK, like change to auto A.I or something, at least we can fight back, overall was normal, until you fix that problem above & next i can say... , Waiting ur update ✌️
Ya know what it's a good idea but,when the balancing is off its just not fun. Your teammate's just run in. Great idea but not going back into this for a long time
It's a fun game, a pretty casual MOBA with good fights. High level players would have an advantage because of "off-game" upgrades, But what the game does not tell you is that you are playing against bots the whole time. Honestly the AI is pretty good and I played over 10 games before getting matched with a real human, which I realized because the "add friend" button appeared. Kinda kills the fun for me (and my hope that I was good at the game). Maybe there are more real players at high level waiting to prey on noobs, but not willing to grind to that point.
Only 2 stars,Because It Doesnt Even Play When I Click The Play Button From The Bot League,Pvp,And Ranked Battled
matchmaking sucks might be a nice game but getting stomped bey opponents that are 10+ level above you just isn't fun enough to stay interested
hey devs . ur game have big problem , one of that , about invite friends , every time I want invite my brother for playing together ,ur system says cant found any online player
This is the start of something good. The MOBA genre is full of clones and copies of something more elusive than the rickety success of titles we all know. You play 3v3, with tanks that glide slowly, ponderously, into condensed mayhem. Think icebergs playing wargames before climate change or the incoming nukes take them. One feature I want to suggest you all support this game for: a way to search playets from recent games to friend. Keep up the good work~
This is unique moba, good graphics, and i suggest put some 5v5 mode to play more fun and rankings and many more.
Game is good but.. When I started playing with Dedeye tank it was free.and I upgrade to level 12 after that m unable to play with Dedeye tank.. So I decided unstall ..what type of policy he follow don't know nor given any updates.. Thanks. Good luck you administrator..
Game is awsome and have a lot of potential and need a better optimization and can be add more Mach modes
Good graphics, but way to slow in my opinion. 2 Mins of fun and that's being generous. This game is 😴 zzzzz putting me to sleep, lol 😏
It says on the game, operation failed, feel free to contact the developer, i cannot play and get a match, either bot match or pvp
many player are using cheats, level 1 player can have like 5 secs cooldown for the upgrade attachment and use unlimited on pvp, i saw a player using a heal skill known as a MAINTENANCE BEAM on a BEHEMOTH named Long.7210, never knew this game has a FAKE Terms and Conditions, unbelievable that each Tanks can use all types of skills. I already un-installed this game last April 13, 2019, since many players are using cheats
Update, The control, graphics and sound are fine. What I have a problem with is, it seems to be on high difficulty. Low level 'bots` are tough as hell to kill, meaning at my level w/upgrades I should dispatch a tank that's 4-6 levels my junior quite easily. But we can't? Why? How do you lose making a lesser difficulty game that's more enjoyable to play?
I liked the concept and the gameplay I loved it and I am playing it with much joy and satisfaction however though it's very enjoyable it lacks competetion. Please in future updates include a ranking system and squad team creation for more competetion. This moba might be the only one that has both fun gameplay and good concept. Very Amazing work. A masterpiece. Improve more and make this game more elegant in the future.
Fun but many things need to change. I was in a level 5 tank vs a level 16 tank, and two level 12 tanks. Very imbalanced sometimes. Other than the imbalances, the game has got great controls and excellent graphics.
It's fun to play. It's free. It's not a pay 2 win or pay walls to advance. Kind of refreshing to see. I dont feel the combat is ground breaking but it's not terrible either. Play it and judge for yourself. To me it feels like a 1 lane LoL game
The matches are broken when I go in it loads then I can't get in to the match and I use a beserker if it's something to do with that
love the game to bad there is no open world chat to form some tipe of team caus it's hard to teal if your playing with bots or players
THE SERVER LAGS LIKE HELL!! even the new players will quit seeing the lag, moving the tank takes 3 secs to react. fix that everything is fine
This game sucks it is very laggy and I can only spectate at the enemy and allies the controls are not responding except the move.
Any true moba player will enjoy this plus the fact it has tanks and not a heavy p2w essence,good game and look forward to updates!💯
Its... ok. The amount of grinding for credits really kills it for me. Id rather be able to test a couple tanks, upgrade a little and try to enjoy it but the amount of grinding is overkill. 100 credits a match. Everything costs 4k to 15k. 40 - 150 matches to upgrade or buy with 10min matches? Nah. No thanks
Great game, a lot of depth in tank customization. I have spent money on this game and will pay more if you can fix: 1) Matchmaking. Why is the tank with the highest points after a season first on ladder. It should be the highest ranking tank according to skill, not how many times you can smash the play button. 2) Clans. I'm sick of being matched with players teaming up and I play my absolute best solo but keep being destroyed by buddies that just spam crowd control and have 1 carry.
Great gameplay, fast rounds means more opportunities to play! Different play styles for different tanks makes this game a different experience every time you play.
The game is awesom im not even kidding but it just had an update and when i try to update the game it wont let me. So can you guys look into that please because i cant play at all not until i get the game updated. Thank you and keep it going you have a bright future.