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Palace Rule

Palace Rule for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Young Phoenix Co., Limited located at Unit 3A-8, 12/F, Kaiser Centre, No. 18 Centre Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for PEGI 12 (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I've had this game for 3 days now and it keeps disconnecting me from the server. I've deleted the game once and re downloaded it . Just for it to do the same thing. Please fix this game.
Your last update is great,thank you all for adding more fun... BUT the fashion part is ko. The dress up queen sucks. The members of my guild agree. We want the previous version of the fashion week where we can dress as we want, be ridiculous as we want, have fun as we want. Please give our fashion back.
I love this app so much it is very cool you guy's should download and play it It has romance and you can dress your avatar how ever you want not like other games where you can't edit or dress your own avatar also you can read it for free not like other games where u need rubies or coins to choose or decide. Sincerely:Carla
I had a lot of fun playing the game at first until all of my progress was lost which is really disappointed and annoying since I have to started all from the beginning but I'm not going to play it anymore too.
This app is gorgeous. It has a big variety of things to spend to get what you want. Although logging in takes a little time.
Pretty good game. I've played for about a month now. Giving up because I don't care to grind that much to proceed in the story. All of the story lines are voiced. A couple of the voices were great (thinking of Arigun) and some were so terrible as to be funny. I like having the Lovers section directly help you with gaining Power as well as being there as a romance aspect.
So far it has been really fun. One thing that I wish for is to add more clothing! Like outfits from actual palace dramas! Since this is set in the Qing Dynasty please add more Qing Dynasty attire!
its exactly like it was shown in the ad i watched. that's always a nice surprise its so fun and you get to actually pick the outfit you wear unless its for something that's important.
Just discovered this game is an knock off of beauty in the palace harem. It stinks since I spent all this money on game upgrades. Other players have reported credit card issues when purchasing gold and have said that the customer support has a I don't care about the players attitude. I thought this was an authentic game not a knockoff version.
Its Awsome it's truly great I do have a suggestion tho I wanna be able to raise babies into kids palace games normally have a kid system and so I really want this one to have one too cus I think it would make the game even better and more fantastic
After 4 months of playing, I can wholeheartedly recommend this game. It's amazing and there's no ads! The materials needed can be earned without paying any real world cash. Progressing in the story is a bit difficult after Ch 14 but trust me when I say you'll be patient enough to continue. The community is also very kind and helpful should you ever get lost.
Very glitchy game and support is ignoring messages. Can't see chat, special events aren't working, and can't access item store or certain wardrobe items. Edit: after update game hangs on loading screen and won't even get to login page. This game is unplayable completely now. Have had loads of issues in the past and customer support was first contact (who eventually ignored messages). Can't even reach the point to contact support now.
This game is EXACTLY the same as SOFAACTION's "Beauty in Royal Harem" released in May 2020- down to the same typos in the story chapters!!! I wish I could rate higher, but they didn't even re-skin this game for release, and I can't find any changes, nor anything to say one is EU vs US servers.
It's confusing and the tutorial doesn't explain much. The graphics are pretty, but ultimately I quit this game because I don't like bullies and, in order to progress in the story, your character becomes a bully (even when trying to help) or becomes bullied themselves. As someone who was bullied and abused, I dont take kindly to either option. If you can overlook that stuff, feel free to play.
I quite like it. It's not too hard to get your head around. The only reason why I rating this 4 stars is because there are a few spelling mistakes in the main quest. EDIT: I changed it to 3 stars when I realised that you can't install on a sd card
Good game but the developer and customer service need to work on harrassment, cyberbullying, and making sure that players are not subjected to a hostile environment. There are particular incidents going on in our server which people have tried using the reporting buttons, but nothing is done. Blocking people does near to nothing; they will just opt to harass others through the game play mechanics debates and teases. There needs to be an intervention.
This game was fun in the beginning, but I've reached consort 2 and it's not fun anymore. I'm not sure if this game was put together with the thought that it might not go far, but the higher you get up the less creativity was put into the game. Sometimes we had mini games, but now they're just "events" that require purchase for an outfit. The developers aren't doing anything to make the game more interesting or worth your while to stay. I've invested a decent amount of money in this game.
Pay to play plus lagging so much. Fix the lags and issues. Bring back the old version if you can't fix the update
Not too pay to win, it is genuinely possible to be a high ranking player without spending money (I only spent about a dollar because i had a little money left over from a gift card). Events are varied and the server I am in is extremely friendly (Server 10, feel free to join the alliance Fairies there :D) I've played 2 or 3 other games with the same theme but this one actually has a pretty good translation and not too bad main story, so I've been playing it for over 2 months now.
Excuse me?? This app has been on my phone for awhile now and when I tried to log in, my entire game was reset and I can't recover my progress at all! It was binded to my Google Account, but, I guess not... Uninstalling 🗿
I actually am in love with this game just like the ads show it's all based on your choice and the dress up aspect is fun
I love everything about the game. The little side stories, the mini games, the graphics, the plot, but it has been a while month since I last opened it. It's not my connection since I have tried opening in different wifi networks but it still doesn't work. Kinda disappointed since i really love the game
Many problems with the big update, plus I get kicked off of the server a lot. It's still a big beautiful spectacle epic game I am hopelessly addicted to! 😍🤩
A very relaxing game to play, peaceful background music and the storyline is super interesting too, would definitely recommend trying it out for yourself
I love this game. It easy and relaxing, but be prepared to invest at the start to make progress. The monthly card is a reasonably priced. The artwork is beautiful and the translation above average.
I find it unfair that only the leaders get more things during alliance ranking. Because a lot of people contribute more than leaders but leaders take it. The game needs to be fair that members who contribute should get equal shares or it's so motivating.
Impossible to pass level 1-6 in Alendi's date, as well as 6-6 for Arigun's. In order to get the items you need, you would have to potentially spend hundreds of dollars on the off chance that you might get the colored item you need. For an early level, this is ridiculous. Until they fix this, either by granting more gold, granting more colored items, or by changing the levels, I am keeping this at 1 star.
great game would have been a five-star however you have to pay for your VIP levels please try and make it similar to kiss of War and give daily VIP experience of a certain and amount each day that increases with each consecutive daily login.
10/10 addictive, fun, challenging, and doesn't punish non pay players as brutal as other games. Art is beautiful, story line is fascinating, the characters are colourful and individual in charm. This is the first game in years I haven't been able to put down and am having genuine fun with it.
its a pretty good game so far.. you don't have to spend money to get a lot of rewards the story reminds me yunxi palace.. I would have perfered Chinese voice acting but I appreciate that they use voice acting to flesh the story out
I CHANGED MY RATINGS FROM 3 STARS TO 1 STAR. Loading is very slow, story not interesting, boring game, expensive events, wish tree only give mostly socks. I can say more but i dont want to waste anymore of my time.
To me, there is a lot of stolen artwork. like the models look exactly like Nikis games, and at the beginning of the game when we're at the laboratory. for some reason the artwork didn't match to the game character art and this game feels like a ripoff of Legend of the Phoenix. Come on guys, be creative and unique about it.
I really enjoy the game, nice story and really good rewards for contests. However, it's SO HARD to get new clothing items. The clothing store hasn't updated, and spending gold (which sometimes I buy with my own money) on the "wishing tree" gets me TONS OF REPEATS. Seriously guys, people over certain rankings probably already have basic items. I love the game but the lack of clothing variety sucks.
A lot like several other Chinese palace/harem games. I found this one just has SO much to do, it's a bit overwhelming.. recharges come back up really quick, so you'll be in the middle of doing other things and going back to clear those tasks.. I'm used to being on each game 2x/day. This one makes it seem nearly constant!
Yes, I suppose I could have done that, but the fact is that when the game doesn't work right from the very start yet others work perfectly fine, I have no desire to continue to try to figure out what's wrong with this game so I can actually play it. It should have worked the first time or even the second and third time. Your response to my issue has also left a terrible impression! Really impersonal, and unprofessional!
The game is fun, i made some friends here however the loading is too slow, i want to just log into the game it takes so long. Events are a bit expensive. This is still a great game
An EXACT rip off of "Legend of the phoenix" like Exact. Both aren't even very great games, just a dess up game with a story mode attached.
The spelling is consistently wrong, the UI is awful and the dialogue made no sense. When I tried to uninstall it my phone glitched and buttons became nonfunctional. It then told me it was a system app and could not be uninstalled. I restarted my phone and it started a 500 item download. Either this game is a virus/scamware or it is seriously in need of some further development.
Incomprehensible to start. Oo much to do at beginning. Turned me off of the game within minutes. Voice actors have no idea what they are saying, even mispronouncing words! Like they are reading from a script instead of acting.
This game is incredible!!! I have seen so many ads for games like these, and none of them have been good. But this game is the most addicting game I have ever played! The art is absolutely gorgeous, the character design is breathtaking, and each character has their own special charm about them that is so unique for a mobile game. Not to mention that the plot is extremely engaging, and it's not all just story, either! There's so many things you have to do when you're not on the storyline. 1000/10
I'm giving 4 stars because once I first saw it I thought there would be ads and there wasn't but also I gotta agree with some people to get new outfits they pay a lot but then it's still really fun
Over all good but not enough to be excellent or outstanding. Been playing for a few months. You should let us synthesise any past-time objects into orbs were hoarding a huge amount but really they're of no use. Unless you make events for it. Additionally, you should let leaders make group chats for Alliances so we can have separate discussion for deputies and supervisors. For now thats all I can say. Please implicate improvements.
I wish there was an option to turn off the less than subpar English voice acting because it's really distracting at times. Other than that it's pretty fun so far. edit: I know I can turn it off but I would like to keep the sound effects too just not the voice acting.
Just a copy of legend of the Phoenix. Installed just to see what it was. . It is just another ploy to make more money by the developers. I am curious about the story line so I will keep it. However I won't be spending money on this game. If you like this type of game get legend of the Phoenix. It is the best. This is just a copy. Optimizing the game won't change anything. This is a copy, money making ploy. Players don't fall into this trap.
I love this game so much but its hard to get money to buy clothes and stuff. but best game I've played in a while. I say download it and try it if you like mystery games.
So the first issue is that I can't load into the game and I've tried redownloading it and still nothing. I read some of the comments and it seems I'm not the only one with this issue. I have also seen that the game has been giving false advertisement which makes me glad the game isn't running to disappoint me more. The last thing I also noticed is that even if you leave a comment to stay the issue you're met with the same response as if it's a robot and not the developers. It's just sad.
An interesting game, challenging without being frustratingly difficult. The server is unreliable, however. It doesn't work half the time and sometimes cuts off in the middle of a game. That's the reason I couldn't rate this higher, although I would liked to.
Love this game but hate their customer service. We have a group of players are trying to reach customer service for over a month now. No response from the customer service or replying from their FB account message, yet they kept develop new activity asking player to buy. Dear Palace Rule Developers and Customer Service department, how can you expect players to spent more if you don't have the courtesy to reply and fix some issues for your VIP players! Please resolve this issue immediately.
Love this game, I just wish I was rich as I honestly could spend spend spend on this game, only sad bit is some players clearly have mods or have spent upwards of 3k on this game, which sadly puts those only spending a little at a disadvantage but its still a brilliant game to play.
Love the game play. And the costume the hundreds if not thousands of costumesssss❤❤ but arguments and battles aren't accurate and that pisses me off
Honestly it is like the ad say it is about using your head I don't know why people think this is the worst game because its basically like Legend Of Phoenix when there are thousands of rip offs like it. My only complaint it the the screen glitches out but other then that the game is amazing!
This game is amazing! It takes a while to regain energy and sycee, but it's a perfect game to play during ten minute breaks between classes. I love it! Totally hooked!
It's a good game. Only has a few things that need to be fixed in my opinion. Such as bugs and loading time. Outfits and everything else is pretty easy access, but to get them faster you will have to be willing to spend alot of your own money. Overall I love the game idea and the way it is set up. But I just think it needs to be updated to accommodate those who are not willing to pay with actual money to move forward in the game.
Not much change from the new update but still better than last time. I suggest you should let us share outfits in alliance chat too and we should be able to make group chats as well with maid supervisors and Deputies. On top of that please let us synthesise our past time items into other materials instead !!
Its really addicting ! I love the outfits you can wear. The music with it is super peaceful, its a very fun time passing game!
I love this game, its fascinating and intricate. The story is interesting but its the rich side features that really make the game. And the translations are wonderful. Dreams alliance on server 38 has plenty of space for sisters of any level. But customer service is useless better hope you don't need them.
Don't play this game, there is NO costumer service... If you have problems you're on your own. Don't spend money on it either... It holds "events" gives you dates when they will occur and ends them early so you can't collect prizes you've worked for... Waste of time and energy...
Their support center is horrible! I recently had to upgrade my phone and was playing as a guest. When I logged in, all my progress was lost. I contacted the support center to see if they could help me get my character back. They asked me 7 questions, all of which I answered to the best of my ability. I even included a screen shot of my purchase history in Google play so they can see that it correlates with my character. They respond once every 24 hours! And in the end, after I answered their que
Interesting. Keeps ones appetite appreciative and wanting for more. A few errors here and there with written dialogues. Confusing with regards to the order of navigating each area on the screen display but i am eventually figuring it all out.
Really Liking it so far but it's taking me awhile to try and figure it out the Graphics are really Great so is the Storyline & the character's but I am getting there starting to figure it out but yea so far it's a Great Game Good Job Everyone!!
I feel absolutely robbed. After the maintenance it was a very common issue that people were unable to launch the game until you re-installed it. Which I had to do. This led to the loss of my guest account.And I was only a guest account, because every time I tried to link my Facebook it failed. So, forced to use a guest account I had to reinstall and lost it! I contacted support and showed them proof of my receipts. I was VIP5! AND THEY STILL REFUSED TO HELP ME! THEY DELETED MY SUPPOURT TICKET!
I just downloaded the game, and I cannot get past the opening notices. The "tap here to conitue" is non-functional, and all i can do is read the notices over and over. Behnd the notices are the opening screen with the enter link, but I cannot even get to that as the notices cover it. I will be un-installing and not returning. A person should at least be able to get to the title screen. If I could give it 0 stars, I would, as I have not had any game time to make a fair assesment.
This game feels like a total copy of Legend of The Phoenix! Almost everything is the same! Even like, half of the characters. Or that's really how almost all the people look over there...But I don't want to plany another copy of a game. So, I'm unistalling this game. Bye.
I love the storyline of this game and it's easy to go around it compare to other palace game where u have to figure out what to do the only think I don't like is the fact that you restarted the entire game from the beginning
Love the story. The plots and the characters are quite eye catching. If I were a person of judgement. I would say "Well done, The story catches the breath of the player and the suspense truely makes it worth reading. As if someone had taken a novel of a famous writer and had made it into a game, speaking a million words." Tho I am not. I fairly enjoy both the game and the story. Tho I do happen to get disconnected. But last game I played said I was running low on storage on my phone.
So far the game is great. Minor spelling errors here and there but nothing you would notice unless you were trained to. Truly enjoying the story.
Beautiful game. Easy to play and so absorbing. The only slight criticism is the amount of time needed to progress the main story. It can take days to get the resources needed
This game is awful. There's bullying taking place on open chat in game and the complaints team do nothing about it. In fact there are parts of the game which encourages players to attack each other. Also not a game to play if you don't live in or near UTC5 time zone, otherwise you are at a disadvantage from the start. You also won't get anywhere unless you spend money on the game, so if you're not happy to pay big, this game is not for you
I love this game, its fascinating and intricate. The story is interesting but its the rich side features that really make the game. And the translations are wonderful. Dreams alliance on server 38 has plenty of space for sisters of any level
Excellent game & a great story! I personally appreciate how much they give in terms of boosters as long as you do dailies! The graphics are quite lovely and the outfits are gorgeous~ The top up rewards are amazing, but not neccesarilly required to enjoy game play. The only downside to this game is the Gacha for clothes, the Gold Coin one specifically. The amount of coins for 10 draws is quite hefty for draw chances being multiple duplicates.
Very fun game that mixes murder mystery and fashion. Romance, and intricate story telling are some of the key highlights of this game. You don't have to pay to play, but it does make getting outfits easier.
Not bad. The story line is interesting although it's basically the same thing as Call Me Emperor and the Sultan game but with a more interactive storyline.
It's a pretty good game but I think we should be able to sell the items we dont want and maybe trade things with other players.
I just downloaded this last night. I admit I find it a bit confusing and just click stuff randomly sometimes, but the story is addicting. I was so captivated that I didn't even realize I kept fulfilling rewards for playing a certain amount of hours (I've definitely gone wayyy past the daily 1.5h reward!). What I love most is how easy it is to get special items as my character figures out what's going on. I also really enjoy the love interests and side characters, like our servants and rivals :)
This game is very affordable i didn't pay single money. SO Easy to play 🌈. Dress is kinda complicated to get. Like you can't complete outfit without spending the money. Also the cat marriage it so hard get those necklace. It will be if low the price a little.
This is definitely one of the better games in this genre, the storyline is interesting, the visuals are great and the gameplay is engaging. One thing I would like to see would be a change to the Fashion Week judging mechanic so that you can dismiss outfits when both are bad instead of having to choose one and waste that vote. I think players would enjoy having that option and it would make Fashion Week competition better.
I like the game and have spent money on it. But truly is isn't about the story the choices you make don't really do anything it's about numbers and getting those numbers to move on and get stuff that gives you more numbers. The people who are ranking are people who have played since the server went up and have spent money in the game. There's really no other point to the game than that. The story is pretty good but it really has nothing to do with it.
Pretty fun so far. Definitely a lot like Legend of the Phoenix except your choices actually matter. I hope more Lovers and costumes will be coming out soon though, and I absolutely love the cats. Maybe adding in like a house or palace decorating system where you could decorate the place you live in and it upgrades everything your rank upgrades. I wrote a previous review on this before but it disappeared so I wrote it again lol
It's a copy 😺 (Imperal Royal),but you can play without spending a dime. Can say that although graphics are not so good...in everything else i enjoy pritty much. Oh,yes... most of the time I'm guessing what should i do as translation is...terrible :) and English is not my native lingo
Lots of spelling and gramatical errors, in fact, so many it distracts from the game's good points. The main character seems petty and mean no matter which choice you make. The love story is weak.
Very much impressed. Good story, nice art and characters, all sorts of mini games. Plenty to do all the time, there is no pressure to spend money. There are good offers but they are shown in a rather unbstrusive way. It's an enjoyable game to play. It's a bit dating sim, a bit visual novel, a bit card game, a bit collection game, there is gardening, embroidery, cat breeding...! I was really pleasantly surprised. Very good game.
Surprisingly good - I was recommended to play this game via multiple ads and finally gave in. It's interesting and after ch 1-5 you curious for more. Not too much dress-up going on but I'm not complaining. There is also very minor errors in the dialogue.
User Interface is a bit messy, too many text too many button. Color scheme is too similar with LOP, some character animation it's just not clean or sharp. I totally love the intro but the actual game is a bit underwhelming. Overall User Experience is not good, I'm completely lost inside the game even with the help of navigation button. I'd like to see improvement in UI and UX design, please.
Great game! The english is not perfect but still comprehensible. Still, it is one of my favorite games currently
very similar to legend of the phoenix, but the voices are far better and the story line is gripping, a little bit of murder mystery instead of just being pretty all the time. Enjoying myself without having to spend money if I don't wish to.
I played this game a lot in the past. I just decided to go back to it today and my account was wiped. I had it linked to my Google account and I haven't uninstalled it so there's no reason my progress should be completely gone. I've spent money on this game so this makes my purchase completely useless [Edit: in total I have spent $30.98 on this game only to have everything taken away from me when I come back
I was obsessed with this game! I had spent quite a bit of money and was VIP 4 and a high rank. Then I was off for only 1 month, come back and I had to start all over! I put months into achieving all I had and then to be back to square one was very disappointing. How can I get my progress back?
gold hard to come across and obtain. But a great game. 5 stars if things get better within the year.?
I was pretty far into the story and all of my progress was suddenly gone! I opened the app and it had booted me right back to the beginning! I didn't want it connected to any of my accounts so I was signed in as a guest. I had fun during my time with it but I'm not gonna play any more to go back through everything.