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Paint.ly Color by Number - Fun Coloring Art Book

Paint.ly Color by Number - Fun Coloring Art Book for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Newque Tech Limited located at Hong Kong. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Overall, this app is wonderful. With the different catagories you can choose from to the vibrant colors, I really enjoy this relaxing game. I don't know what these other people are talking about with the tapping issue, but it does infact color the ENTIRE area when you tap it. I give this app a 4/5 and am going to play this game for a while :)
I enjoy this app, however I can only give it 2 stars as I can colour 2 pictures with no issues but as soon as I go to colour a 3rd all the pictures turn white with no colours. Also the ads aren't playing to be able to unlock the pictures
This app is good, but lately I have been encountering an issue where a picture I have to watch a video, but it never plays the video. The pictures are great and there tons of pictures to color, but I wish you guys would fix this small issue. Thank you. P.s. can you guys do some anime style TMNT.
I love your pictures I love painting Angel's and beautiful flowers but all the pictures are good keep up the good work
Love the concept. But the games dont always play seeing as they have to to get lives and pictures. Still the same issue
I love this app, it's my favourite colouring app, but some of the drawings I'll finish and even though it says 100% completed they're still marked as unfinished - which is really annoying ngl
I love this app, really, I do. But I'm really getting tired of the constant ads popping every single time, espacially for the free drawings. (I'm saying this because it has been happening for more than a month now). One ad before starting the free drawing, and one ad after its finished. I don't see the point of having free drawings if we have to watch ads before and after.... I'll change my review when it will be fixed
Awesome, hughly detailed images. Would like to request a login system for backing up & saving progress, in the event of needing to reinstall or transfur between devices.
One of the best colouring games I have ever played. It is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much fun then printing a picture and then colour it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💜💜💜💜💜💙💙💙💙💙💙🐨🐨🐨🐨🐼🐼🐻🐻🐻🐨🐻🐨🐻
So I really like the designs but I've been having three issues. The first is that there will be small spaces where it says I need to color, but won't let me and I therefore cannot finish the picture. The second is the choice of colors on some of these pictures... they kind of look like someone who has no idea what complimentary colors are colored it and that kinda ruins it :( and lastly there are WAY too many ads, I've even been getting ads for this app while using it.
It's very hard to enjoy coloring with this app when you are continually interrupted by ads to complete a picture. I uninstalled before finishing my first picture after the second ad pop-up.
I love the extra points for completion of pictures. I love the chioces to choose from. There is only one problem for me. Some of the numbers are so tiny i couldn't make them out. I had to run through the colors and watch for the blank spaces to shade up. But i will definatey be coloring daily.
My kids love this app. However, I isnt enough diversity. Same skin color throughout each painting. Disappointing!
I like this game because the colors and designs are amazing but the one thing I hate the pics are to fast to get done
I'm not sure why some users are complaining about the difficulty with tapping and getting the colors to fill in. Maybe you guys should clean your screens or update your phones because I find it EXTREMELY easy to fill in the colors. I love seeing some new, different art. Some of them are really cool. My only real complaint is the way I have to share. i REALLY dislike the video option. I want to share a picture, not a video. Fix this and I'll give you 5 stars!!
I hate this game many problem in this game 1 problem is this game takeng network 2 this game vary match video and i will start this game fist time and i love 1 pictures but this picture start when you will whtch video but problems is not there problem is there i wait falf an hour video is taling loding please wait 3 i really reqst to you please don't download this game
This is a great app, with a lot of really great coloring options to choose from. New pictures are uploaded daily, and it's super relaxing. Unfortunately, the ads are enough to drive one crazy. Some pictures require you to watch an ad in order to use them, and the ones that don't make you sit through one any way. Every time you reach a certain percentage of completion, they give you the option to watch one in exchange for hints. Then they show you another at the end. It's just too much.
Very slow to colour and no idea if i can keep the picture in my gallery. Lots of ads. Nice pictures though
I have some major issues with this app. First of all I hate that I colors in a space that is not even close to the one I'm trying to color. And second, when it says I've earned a reward for 20% or 40% completion or whatever, I cannot click the Get Rewards button. Like it isnt even a button. The Back button works great though, of freaking course. Also when I click a picture where you have to watch a video for, the videos dont load either. This app is very frustrating. Not worth it!
0 out of 5 stars. This app uses artists artwork and uses the stolen art to advertise their app! Also they don't seem to include the stolen art in the app, so that is also false advertising. It is unfair to the artist that have created the artwork to have it stolen amd used for profit by a thief. Many artwork from numerous artists have been stolen. As well as images that have likenesses of people that probably didn't give these people their consent to have their likeness to be used in a product.
Some of the pictures were cool, but the touch tracking on it was off. Also, when "coloring" if you touch anywhere near the top middle of the screen the game will send you into an ad for more hints whether you wanted them or not, and if you touched anywhere near the hint button that was recently moved in an update, the game will jump you across the screen without any choice as to whether you needed a hint or not. These flaws really turned me off and made this experience less than relaxing.
I got this cause i was going on a trip and i knew i was gonna be bored in the car and this app is amazing. You can paint your head off lol!
The app overall is really satisfying and fun but sometimes there are these random unnecessary tiny parts that are impossible to find, and you have to watch a video to get a hint. Also i have found that a few of my finished coloured drawings have dissapeared which is super annoying. Overall it is a good app worth downloading but there are definitely better apps out there that do the same thing.
Incredibly terrible configuration. You don't even have to click the right area because the calibration is so off. Hints are useless because of this and the fact that the pictures are already so easy to do. Premium access is overpriced and redundant. Playing free means watching 1billion ads just for one picture. Pick one of the thousand other color by numbers games over this one.
Very good colouring App, works well, good choice of pictures, and good variety. I would give it a 5 star rating if I could choose my own colours without having to use numbers....but that's just me.
Too expensive for my budget. Absolutely love these games and this one has a great selection of pictures to colour. BUT for the full app it's just too expensive. there are other games out there that as as good as this and charge a fraction of the price to access all pics and get rid of adverts. would play this constantly but they would need to scrap the silly prices
This is very relaxing to me. The only problem is that there should be a sound when your done with the color your on. Still love this app.
I am not someone who pays money just to tap on mobile screen. Where is the creativity in just doing that? Yo cant select colours or anything just tap tap tap. Not worth spending.
Super fun way to pass the time, especially if you find art a good way to spend your time.👍❤️💛💚💙🙌
I love this game but it interrupts me when I'm coloring because something just pops up and I ACCIDENTALLY press yes and it takes me 2 an ad.
The pictures are really nice but after 3-4 days, whenever I try doing the special pics it just fills black instead of the texture.At the end the whole picture is just solid black with the lineart on it.I tried reinstalling but the problem persists.Complete buzzkill.
I love this app, sometimes it won't let me color a picture, but that is okay, still an amazing app! ♥👑
I love this app i am rating this 5 stars because i love to paiting amd draw drawing this app is really good who people or else never try this plzz download and do painting its make me busy all time.this is a amazing app . Thanks.😋😯😁😇
I enjoyed this app so i'll give this 3 stars. The colors, textures and drawings were great! But this would be super awesome if this app will give us the freedom to choose the color we want to paint on a particular drawing. I chose the pink one and press the numbers where i want it to be colored in pink but it doesnt work. But when i pressed the shaded part, it works. Means i cant choose the colors i want. I cant paint the drawings with my own taste.
It would be nice if I could save my work. But all it shows me Is a loading bar that doesn't even move. Can u fix it please I really like this app.
I would give more stars but the way this game makes you watch ads is very annoying. While you're tapping to color out of nowhere a window appears right where you're tapping! ( Go Figure ). It seems to me to be a cheap way to get you to watch one of these stupid ads. I wouldn't buy anything from these ads just because of the way they go about it. Other than that i like the coloring in this app as well as the patterns.
I downloaded this app because of pictures I seen on my friends. I got the app and me and her have totally different pictures I really don't understand why we have different ones. She has way better pictures to color in I'm honestly confused on why we have different photos.
This is the best game I have ever played on line. I paint at home so it's right up my alley but the presition it takes to do these are incredible! I will definitely do every single one of them!!💚💚💚😏
Can not recommend this one even for the beginner. It started out okay with quick response to the touch. ran into trouble right away. You can't go back to find & finish a color. Final straw was about three four spaces from finishing a color it arbitrarily shuts you out of the color. Out of five pictures was only able to finish four. Bad design within the program.
I wish I could find the part where I could pay to have no ads or pop ups . . . I don't see anywhere where this game charges for anything . . . I really love this game and would love it even more with no ads or pop ups and unlimited finds! TY! ;) 5 Stars 4U!
I love the assortment of themes but i wish the game wasn't interrupted by every few minutes for a reward.
It's a pretty decent app, but the hint feature is super annoying. I'd be in the middle of coloring then all of a sudden it just pops up in my face "YOU'RE 30% DONE! GET A HINT!" and it disrupts everything. Not only that, but there are some spaces so hard to even click that it's more frustrating than relaxing. It's so laggy, and hardly registers me touching the area that needs to be colored. It constantly freezes and shuts down and everything keeps jumping around from one place to another.
I have uninstalled this app twice, because when I click on a picture to colour, a picture you have to watch a video, all I get is wait and no video so I can't colour in the picture at all. Please sort this and I will give more stars thank you.
I enjoyed coloring with this program; in general it was relaxing. I did find that sometimes when I tapped on a highlighted space it didn't respond. It took numerous taps before the space changed color. As a former primary teacher, I believe this program could help young children work on small motor control, numeral recognition and patience.
I really like this app. The only thing is that I wish you could pick the colors. Some of the drawings are boring and some of them are too hard. Its a little tough. I love this app and definitely recommend it for anyone who likes coloring online. There are no pixelated pictures so it is more realistic. I am very happy with the quality of the app. There are ads a lot but otherwise it is awesome. Good job! Keep up the good work paint.ly!!!
I love this app and have used it for a couple of years. I would give it a five, but since the last update the ones you need to watch a video to be able to open, do not play the ad and do not ope, and get stuck on please wait. There is no way to contact support. I am going to have to uninstall it 😖
I'm sorry but I can't see the art work when I'm picking a the next art I'm confused and ad all The timme
45 seconds for an ad, if the ad works at all! Had to exit and re enter game several times. And on the ads that faltered, after waiting 45 seconds, you have to exit, and you don't even get the hints. I know advertisers have to eat too, but the ads in this game are too unpredictable.
My rating is based only on one painting, because I like the option of removing the watermark. Hope there are less cartoonish pictures to color, though.
Really like this app except for one problem. Sometimes when you can't find a cell for a color, i click on a hint and it goes to a spot that is already filled in.
Pictures have gone way downhill. They are very childish and you don't do any "special" or "featured" ones anymore. I liked the ones that were more adult anime of women. Now they like my 5 year old drew them. No thanks
Nice app, EXCEPT, for the placement of the pop ups in the midst of coloring then having to wait 30 secs before continuing... I just might delete this app.
Although this seems to be fun and somewhat relaxing, the other coloring app I have is much better. The colors are more vibrant and the pictures don't seem to be so childish and simplistic. I also understand if you don't want to pay $6.00/mo. the ads are necessary, however in my other app there are ads as well, giving us FULL access to ALL of the pictures. This seems to want to force you to pay for full access. I'll give it a little bit longer with this one and see if it gets any better.
I like the app. The biggest and really only issue I have is that when you have to switch from one phone to another phone you lose all the works you have already completed. I have to restart all over and redo the same ones again because my mind tells me this piece was already finished so I have to re finish it. it's very annoying. what I'm trying to say is that there should DEFINITELY be a way to save progress and pick up where you left off on ANY DEVICE. PLEASE!!!aa
can't save or share.. I wasted 6 hours on 1 picture.. colors are hard to fill in and won't save it share.. can't do anything after I finished the picture.. nothing but one ad after another, back to back. finally deleted app. if I could give you 0 stars I would
I don't like the highlight to let you know where to color it's to light and looks like the color to much that's should be there
I'm not going to pay for this when there are several other apps that a free!!!! I just restarted this app. I'll do another review later.
Ads at the start and end of every single pic, no matter if it's a "watch a short video" or not, is a bit much. Found a couple that let you get 99% finished but either the spot won't colour or even with hints, it's too small to locate. One new pic from a couple of weeks ago, is a "watch a short video " pic that only gives you a blank page. However, despite all of this, I really like this app and enjoy doing multiple pics each day and look forward to the new content every couple of days.
I have this app on my iPad, but I wanted it on my Android phone to have on the go. I enjoyed the pictures on the iPad because they are vibrant and beautiful. But the pictures to color on the Android are nowhere near the same. I don't know if it's just taking a long time to get the same pictures installed for Android, or the developers simply don't plan on having the same content available for both systems. I guess I'll stick to my iPad...even if I do have to shell out money for the good content.
It is a very special game it has been amazing for the past few minutes I will be able to get a chance to play with pink and blue or black.
I want to say that this is amazing game and download this game noww and it is also a time pass in lockdown who download this game in lockdown hit the like
This app and it's advertisements feature a LOT of stolen art, and when the artists try to contact them about it they're ignored.
Love the game, but sometimes the videos dont play to get all games and/or the help you get if you play a video
Painting by colours numbers is fantastic and brilliant well done I'll recommend people doing this paint by colours very soothing especially at night very late at night when I really do my really good work of art
I was going to give this game 5 stars but now I'm only giving it 4 the reason is, is that I was colouring in a picture and I ran out of hints so I watched and ad to get 1 more free one. As soon as the ad had finished, all my progress was gone! And then I had to do it all over again please fix this so I can reconsider my choice of stars.
Love the pictures. I would'ive give it a five but some off the pictures doesnt want to open after you watched the advertisement.
This app is amazing! All of the drawings are beautiful,the game is super relaxing,and they add new pictures everyday! There are a ton of different categories so everyone can enjoy it. I would recommend this game to anyone who just wants to relax and enjoy nice digital coloring. There is just one thing: the ads. Almost every 5 minutes, a thing pops up asking me to watch an ad for hints. There's a lot of ads and it can get annoying. Please tone the ads down a little so i can give it 5 stars.
each time a picture is closed, 2 back-to-back 5-second ads ... ... ... never seen a 45-second ad before, much less immediately followed by a 12-second ad - cannot "skip" either ... obnoxious ... uninstalled
So far I love the pictures. I loved coloring as a child, still love it. This gives a 62 Yr. Old grandmother of 14 the reason to color. Retired teacher says color by number is a great learning tool. I really like the, I think they really called puzzles. It's 2 or 4 pictures in a group.
Even after update I am not able to view or color any of the pictures I watch a video for 🥺 also the pictures i colored prior to the update dont show any color at all while/after they have been colored. I truly enjoy this app but am unable to enjoy the extras
I think this is a calming paint by number. It has all sorts of things like texture and other cool stuff to
I would love this app more if it wasn't priced so high. You've got 2 options, you can paint for free and deal with an ad before and after each picture, or you can pay a friggin subscription fee for it and not have to deal with the ads. You've definitely got all your bases covered in maximizing profit potential. I'd rather BUY the app than pay for a weekly/monthly/yearly subscription which makes this app expensive. The worst part is I enjoy using it. 😑 Edit: My app stopped adding new pics.
Excessively ad-plagued everywhere. Abysmal range of selection compared to competitions. Watch long ad to unlock pictures AND remove watermark, watch short ad before AND after coloring. Highly recommended for irrelevant-ad-lovers. Will remove after finishing wanted images.
This is a great coloring app except the small glitch on some pictures where the colors don't appear and the entire picture ends up dark
This is a great game but well you know there's adds that come up randomly and that's the only thing that should be improved love this game 🙂
I really enjoy this game. Great pictures. Easy way to get as many hints as you want just watch some ads. Good selection of nice pics!
I just down loaded this app. I have only done 1 picture, and I love it. 💯 I've looked through the pictures, and I seen a lot of pictures, I want to color, right now. You have a lot of things, I like to color, so Thank you so much for such a wonderful app. I'm having a lot of fun. 💯😋 I'm 62yrs old, and I love to color. Billie Stewart. 8 20 2020.
As an artist and one who draws digitally, I didn't like this app. When you would put the colors in, it would leave those annoying white dots/lines around the color. This isn't really "painting" either. its basically just filling in the numbers with a bucket. I dont recommend this app to artists, but hey, it's just my opinion.
I've just found the coloring books, and some of them totally blow. This one was pretty good, tho. I liked the colors chosen for the pic, and having the part go grey was better than striped or dotted -- way easier to see. I really have a problem with ads that jump in while I'm coloring -- I hate it! This one didn't have very many at all, but they are really loud when they open. I think this app is a lot better than others, even the ones you pay for (aren't those supposed to be the best ones?).
Very nice app i have this app from 15 days i am very hapoy by it.... No issues .. alll is good and i think all should try it if they are intersted in it
Thy had allow such unique music and pictures. It always a new adventure. When ewe we take time to play.
This is an nice app but has way too many ads to enjoy the it would be nice if its one before and after thats all you need 😉