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Paint Color for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by FreeGameTeam located at Suite 1113A, 11/F., Ocean Centre, Harbour City, 5 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon,Hong Kong . The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love the colors and shading. Would love to have more complex pictures, though. It could easily be my favorite coloring app; love how vivid the pictures turn out when completed. However, there's something I can't work out. Some of the pictures are shaded light red, light blue, etc., before you begin to color. I don't know the significance of the shading? Can someone please explain? Thanks for the new pics! Keep them coming, and please include some that are a bit more detailed/challenging?
NEVER any new pictures AND they advertise new pictures daily! grrr. Too bad because the colors are beautiful and the app is awesome. But only a small amount of actual pictures. What a waste of an exceptional app.
$9.99 a week to unlock the rest of the pics?! RIDICULOUS!!!! And on top of that pay to remove ads! The developers are out of their minds! Give us the pics for free and we will gladly pay to remove the ads! Other apps do it this way. No one is going to pay for both! It is a lost cause! So give the pics for free!!!! Also, let us do make up of blush and eyeshadow as well as lipstick and nails to color in on the female pics. Also, give what is promised of new pictures a week. You have to follow thru!
love the pictures. just dont like that you cant save them or send them to fb. i feel like you guys gave up. there have not been new pictures in a long time and you havent really fixed anything.
I would give 5 stars but i can't. i don't have 9.99 a week just to color the ones that are locked and you haven't had new pictures to color for awhile. and if you do fix it please add new ones to each theme and add some themes to. i colored all the pictures you had already. and I'm about ready to uninstall and install it again just to play it again lol
Best coloring app ever!!! The ease, the colors, the pictures 😍😍😍😍 love how it makes the picture pop, so luscious and soft yet vibrant. and it shades to help you find the numbers. really want more pictures to color πŸ’— update 02-26: It has been almost 2 weeks since a picture has been posted. It says 'new pictures every day'. What happened?
Love this app. But one thing. It says new pictures every day. I have yet to see any. I've had the same pictures for the past week. No new ones have shown up. Just updated it too. I would appreciate it if you could fix this. Thank you
I love this app, my only problem is that it's saying new pics every day, I've had this app for a week and a half, and it's not once gave me new pics, please put some new ones on, it's my favorite coloring app.
Fun for a couple of weeks and I love the depth of colours in the pictures (which is why i give 2 stars instead of one), but then you run out of free pictures to do. They say "new pictures every day" but they haven't added a new picture for over a week. I'd be pissed if I'd paid for the upgrade to no ads and more pictures and wasn't getting the promised new pictures daily.
Thank you so much for letting me know!! I truly appreciate you doing that!! I truly love your Coloring App, it's the BEST one I have ever found. Believe me when I say that I've downloaded SO MANY if them, tgat as Soon as I found thus 1, I deleted all the others I had. I wish you reconsider the price you charge, because I won't be able to afford to pay ypur weekly price but maybe 1 every 5 months or so. πŸ˜ͺ
I like the app. I just don't like scrolling to find a free image to color. can't y'all group them according to the ones that are free and ones that is a price? I am on limited income and can't spend real money on m an app. wish y'all were like other coloring apps, watch a video to unlock good images. That would be great!
*4/5/19 No new pix for a month. *3/20/19 They've gone back to not adding any new ones in about a week. They were doing so well, too. *3/4/19 They've added new pictures yesterday and today! They have the best colors, IMO, out of all of the color by number apps. Sometimes even a pattern shows up within the color. Thank you for the new pix! Keep 'em coming! *ORIGINAL POST: 2 stars The colors are gorgeous but they're supposed to add new pictures daily, which they don't. I won't pay for old pictures.
I colored one picture then I paid $5.99 to remove the ads, which I thought would unlock the rest of the pictures, but alas it does not. I chose a picture with a purple diamond at the bottom, a pop-up asked for $19.99 a month or $99.99 a year to unlock all pictures, features, and REMOVE ADS. I'm currently asking for a refund. I'll update the rating if that happens.
very disappointing. if you don't pay money you do not get any updates or extra puzzles to color. if you do pay money you'll be lucky if you get a daily update of a free picture or new pictures. I paid for a week and a half and never once did I get a free or new picture added. these guys are a rip-off and not worth the money and not even worth having the app. really want to report this app because of the issues.
This is the best paint by number Ive ever seen. I only give it 4 outta 5 cuz of one huge issue T-T it stopped adding new daily pictures. Ive waited for almost a month but nothin! -_-; unfortunately, its huge shame cuz the brush sensitivity is good, not to mention the original art. But to me what separated this game from all the others is the fantastic color palette and the shading that gave it depth to make it pop! Pls help, let me kno if there'll be new pics or should I just uninstall the app?!
easily my favorite coloring app out of many. had a free trial and wanted to keep premium, but I ran out of things to color and nothing new was added in 5 days. If it were regularly updated and a little cheaper I would keep my subscription.
advertises new daily pictures. I paid for the upgrade and have not gotten any more pictures for a week...definitely not worth any money.
This app is awesome! I love the shading and the vibrent colors. The only problem is that it keeps freezing! Please try to fix this bug. Overall this app is just amazing! Oh, and it kept freezing while i was coloring
My favorite color app. I have colored all the picture. please add more then one picture a day. It's no fun waiting 24 hours to color again...I'm no longer receiving new pictures, please add more!
Love the artwork and ease of coloring, as well as the shading, just beautiful! One concern, are you going out of business because I have not seen any new pictures for weeks?
so sad..I love the colors and how it looks as though the pictures are painted. But the pictures are adolescent to be in an adult coloring ap. There are seldom new pictures added so I have become bored. uninstalling
After coloring 3 pictures, it tried to get me to purchase it and wouldn't let me color any more if I closed the pop up. I tried to click the "Try for free" button on the pop up but it still wanted my card info and I don't have a credit card. Less than useless and deleted after less than 30 minutes of use.
This is a wonderful game, pictures & color are beautiful, it's suppose to be a free game, but why are the pictures on here if you can't color them, THAT'S RIDICULOUS, & YOU DON'T GIVE FREE PICTURES EVERY DAY....
WORST coloring app & I have tried them all and by far this is the worst all around. Not only do they have very few pictures that are decent, their coloring choice is not good. Very few colors & to think they want $19.99 a month to get a few more pictures that still aren't that good or detailed. I guess they couldn't come up with a detailed picture because they no colors. On top of wanting an outrageous amount of money for nothing you also have to watch ads even before coloring. πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽDon't bother!
This app cheats you. It lets you do a couple of pictures and then tells you to buy it for free but still ask for you account info. That SUCKS. I dont think other apps like this does this.
I would love to give this app a 5 star rating because it's a great app BUT I guess the new pics everyday part is only for those who buy the app. If you don't pay then what you see is what you get. Color slowly!!!!
this app has the best color. however, most pics are really simple. the app says new pics everyday. have been using this app for about a week and there have been no new pics! they added pics twice. I have finished all unlocked pics. most take about 5 minutes to color. the more complicated pics are all locked. they want $9.99/week, $19.99/month or $99.99/year to unlock. that is outrageous!!! For almost 2 weeks they had a new picture every day. It's been almost a month with no new pictures.
I love this app, but I've colored all the pictures and have not gotten any in a while. no option to pay for more pictures on my app, not that I would pay 9.99 a week for a app, maybe if it was a 1 time fee. any way love the app but I would like to see more pictures
Best Color App Out there. Bright beautiful colors. Best pics ever. Would highly recommend downloading. Thank you for such a great fun app.
Lovely colors and shading but NO new drawings. It is a rip off to pay outrageous prices for "new" pictures when there never is new content whether free or paid content. EDIT: You tell everyone you are going to update the photos in a few days. That is a lie.
I Love this site the best for themes, brightest colors, ease of use, etc. Got all pictures I liked done on 'Free' 3 days trial!! Do 25-30+ pictures per nite!!! Few new pictures were placed here. Did them, plus the ones I didn't really like. All pictures done!! Today erased pictures that didn't like or would not have done. Been using 3 other apps for Numered Color sites!! Membership will be up late April before I get good pictures to color!!
False advertising! App claims to have new pictures everyday, but there's none unless you pay for the premium option. Who would waste $9.99 a week for that? πŸ˜’
I love the pictures and the ease of color and the vibrancy of the finished product; however, I have finished all the pictures and it says new pictures every day but.... I'm still waiting for more pictures...
Great app, but there are definitely NOT new pictures added daily. I've not even seen new pictures once per week. UPDATE: After my previous review, there were new pictures daily for approximately one week. No new pictures since. No point in having an unusable app, so I am deleting it.
Paint Color is my favorite coloring app. The special effects contained in the coloring pages turn a very pretty coloring page in to a very beautiful coloring page. If you color for anxiety this is the script. It's so easy and relaxing, I bet you will be smiling and not even realize that you are. Are there any other apps. like Paint Color ? If anyone knows of any pls let me know.
Its fun for awhile till it never updates new pictures. From all of the reviews on here they're right, its not worth paying for anything on there cuz its not worth it. Plus the creators or admins just reply they'll add more pictures to all the comments on here. No they won't and never will. They're better coloring apps than this one
I f you want psychedelic designs and whacked-out bright colors that don't go together for every design, then this is your game. The "Premium Content" might be better, but at 19.99 a month or 9.99 A WEEK (!!) I don't bloody think so! There are quite a few free pictures to "paint," but the color choices are nauseating. The only attractive feature was the shading some of the free pictures have. Word to the wise? Skip it.
Need more pics. I've paid for the premium but not received new pics for 2 days and I have colored all them. I love the colors and pics but will cancel if no new pics.
super disappointed that they're blatantly lying about how often they add more pictures. i check about once a week and there hasn't been anything new in about 5 weeks maybe 6. meanwhile they say new pictures everyday.
only good thing going for this app are the range & variations of the colors. because of that i "upgraded" for $9.99, and NEVER HAD ANY ACCESS TO ANY OTHER FEATURES . NONE OF THE PICTURES WERE EVER UNLOCKED MUCH LESS ADDED TO DAILY. To bad you're screwing up on your own . You had a good start. Word of mouth & ratings are gonna bury you