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Is a Action game developed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. located at 東京都港区芝5-37-8 バンダイナムコ未来研究所. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
There's teething problems, for sure. But, it's to be expected from a new game. Obviously Tour Mode isn't ready yet, the game lags, the swipe controls aren't great and there's some glitches like going through ghosts if you turn when you collide with them. BUT the game is a lot of fun! There's a lot of potential! I look forward to playing more :)
I love the idea of this game! The actual execution fails. Why are mazes shown in 3D perspective? Pacman is flat! It's too rigid about making a maze, making it really hard to find decent places for mazes, even in a city like DC with a good grid. The touch controls are sooo bad. Intrusive full screen ads. And the game has too much going on... Collectibles and power ups and badges and avatars and missions and tours and... Wow! Most of these things are not really well explained, either.
Because of character limits this will just be a list of problems: 1. Stupid zoom in when you're near a ghost kills the pacing. 2. Roads that are very close together will merge visually, but not in gameplay so pac man has to go far back to get to a place that's right next to him. Allow us to move freely. 3. When clicking "details" it says I haven't cleared or played any maze, but I have. 4. Allow us to increase the size of or rotate the road detector for maze creation 5. Ghost a.i. is different.
1) 1 minute of ads per 3 minutes of play. 2) Game is rated E despite Playboy and 18+ ads. Reporting. UI and controls are clunky. Not bad but game isn't handled or moderated well - if at all.
I really like this game because well it's pac man, the only problem I have is that this game don' have keyboard or controller support but overall really great game
Mandatroy fullscreen adverts between levels. Controls are laggy at best. I'm struggling to understand why this game even exists at this point, considering the lack of GPS utilization. What's worse is if you suffer through all the issues to be found in this app... This app only allows cloud saves using Facebook and Twitter accounts. Don't use any of those services? Then you can only save locally. Why no Google Play account linking? Without cloud saves, this game is a waste of time.
A great idea based on a great game!!!! I love it so far and i created my maze near my neighborhood! The only thing that needs optimization is the controls and swipe response... Some times it doesn't get my input, or it goes to other direction than the one i want it to go... Anyway, Keep up the great work guys!
The controls for this game are confusing, for me at least. If the controls weren't confusing then I would give this game a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating. But due to the controls being confusing it only gets a ⭐ rating from me. To be honest I would actually rate this game 0 stars if that were an option or even just half a star, but that's not an option. ⭐ Is the least I can give it, so that's what it gets from me.
I am a giant Pac-Man fan but this game was just underwhelming. There isn't really much to do besides play pacman in the weirdest way possible. However, I will recommend the actual Pac-Man mobile app or Pac-Man Championship Edition. This game just feels like a crappy bootleg instead of an official Pac-Man game.
Update pretty much broke game for my phone. Total lagfest and can't move pac quick enough anymore. Both clearing level and losing freeze screen. Too bad it was good before that. Might uninstall.
A pretty fun twist on the Pac-Man experience. My two thoughts: 1. I wish there was an IAP to remove ads. I personally can't get hooked on any game that forces me to watch ads between rounds. 2. The controls could use some tweaking. About half the time I end up going down the wrong path.
For the second time, what was a Google Maps April Fool's Prank became an actual game! That's awesome! For the game itself, the controls are something to get used to. I still have trouble using the scroll-like controls on the other Pac-Man games. I do look forward to the Tour Mode and what powerups come out
First of all; don't believe the 5 star ratings.. I drastically repeat DON'T BELIEVE THEM. This game is beyond broken and does not work. They rushed this game out WAY before it was even close to being ready to play. No beta or alpha test to see if the interface worked properly or anything. Don't download this until it actually works because you'll be wasting your time, dreams, and most importantly phone/ipad/table memory that could be used for something more fun and entertaining.
Remember those Pac-Man easter eggs on Google Maps? This app is basically that made into a full game. Playing Pac-Man on real maps is a cool concept, but in practice it gets old a bit fast. The controls are clumsy except in grid-like areas, and the time limit is stressful and unnecessary. It's worth checking out for the novelty, but there isn't a lot to stay invested in once it wears off. Would much rather stick with Championship Edition DX or the original games.
Love it. Cool concept. Just hate how the game is slanted when you're playing. Controls are awful. Movement is very difficult, Pac-Man can easily outrun you before you even decide to take a turn especially when the roads are tight you'll get stuck and the ghosts can easily surround you. The path should be selective when you make your own track. Sometimes you can get trapped because ugly portions in the map like small, twisted, and multiple dead end roads managed to fit in. Timed ads are awful.
This app is great! Being able to find a place in the world to play is great. And you don't even need to move from your seat! Great work, you never fail to impress me!
Finally i can play my pacman geo in this phone cause samsuns galaxy 7 doesn't have exist a pacman geo on that phone But can make it offline for some reason
Awesome concept, PLEASE remove slow mo. The game plays okay, but the slow mo effect whenever you're within 500 feet of a ghost completely ruins it. You can be on a completely different road from a ghost and the slow mo will STILL turn on. Please give us the option to disable it.
I love the game except I only would like to see if there is a seach function for addresses, and the text his the white pellets from the maps kinda hard to see sometimes, but this is a great game
Barely got to play it. Every time I try now it just tells me a network error has occurred. This has been several weeks now so. Don't bother with this game.
It is a good concept but the controls need to be improved. It is hard to control pac man. Sometimes he will go the opposite direction or stay still completely not responding. Maybe include a joystick feature.
Really hard to control, and incredibly pushy with ads. It's a cute concept though! Def needs improvement though.
For being a early access release, this is a great pacman game. The graphics look great. I can't wait to see what else will be added in future updates. If you enjoyed the classic pacman game, you'll also enjoy this. I do recommend getting this pacman game.
Yay! The servers were not down for long! This game is great, but with all new games it has its issues. The controls are iffy on the mazes, and I kind of wish you could search for a place or address on the map? Is that too much to ask? If this happens my review will immediately go up to 5 stars. Thank you Bandai Namco!
Great app! I was so bored in my house trying to know what game is fun! I wanted to install this app, I was having alot of fun! Keep up with more fun apps!
Good concept that needs adjustments. When first playing it, it won't allow you to link to social accounts, so if you delete the game you lose everything. It is a bit laggy, that might be because of the phone I'm using or the games servers. The controls need heavy reworking: it wouldn't let me switch lanes when I needed and wanted to so I kept on dying on the the same lane of a level. All in all, it needs needs adjustments to function efficiently.
After selecting language, it goes to a screen that says touch screen. From there, it starts the circle motion and about halfway through the circle, it stops and a box comes up and says it will start soon. Below the box, it says close. It won't do anything so you are forced to tap on the close button. Don't even bother to delete it and redownload the game. It didn't help at all. It still done the same thing. A waste of time.
I don't understand the bad reviews. There has been complains about crashing and bad controls. I've actually have no encountered ANY crashes and the controls are simple and easy to understand. This review was written in December 2020
Cool game...But needs improvement. The concept is creative but the controls are slightly challenging. For example, moving on round abouts, curved roads make it difficult to turn back in time to escape from the ghosts. Certain roads look like they're together but they can be dead ends at times. Secondly, the ads can be a bit much. Pac-Man will always be a fun classic game but if you want to make the experience more fun...don't put in so many ads and keep the concept. Great game & graphics though.
Update not what it was made out to be. Made to seem like pokemon go but for pac-man! Was so excited to play and it's just city streets in each country. So uninstalling. So disappointed Not a great way to start with error on the start up screen. Just asks for language, and then says touch screen. Then screen pops up says preparing to start then says close, and does it all over again.
Pac-man is my main and is very cool I hope namco will make more unique games about this yellow cheese ball
Really good game, really funny playing it down familiar streets and roads,.on my phone, only one little improvement siggested, have village, town, city place names as can be difficult when names if roads shown by not cities when zoomed out esp over UK map (had to use assistace of Google maps to find familiar streets,) but otherwise a great a great app xx
Its ok. The major problem are the controls and tons of ads. If you don't choose a location with roads aligned to N S E W, then you'll be going diagonal. If it generates with a dead end road....you're screwed. Like the concept but needs some tweaks.
It is fun but being able to have friends will make it better and ar to see pacman eats pellets in real life.
Yhebdbdm? Pac-Man get the map to get where Pac-Man gets to the stages where stage 1 stage 2 and stage 3 and stage 2 and stage 3 and stage 2 and stage 4 stage 5 stage 6 stage 7 stage 8 stage 9 stage 10 and stage 11 stage 12 stage 15 stage 2 the to stage 1 and then every ones are price so get boxes to unlock achievements so we can update all of the achievements to unlock cuz we can unlock every map we want to go cuz if we want to go to the quiz we want to go go to the box to unlock cures to unlock
Controls are really bad and unresponsive, to the point that the tutorial is very hard to complete. To "have an account" you have to log in with social media, even though the game uses google maps, you can't simply use google account to log in... Awkward. Just didn't like the set up process. Too many things to agree to, and of course, I didn't read that, no one does, but it's okay, the game's already deleted
Super slow. It zooms dramatically when a ghost is close, even if the ghost is say, on a parallel road or nearby avenue and can't reach you either way. The random ghost ai makes winning completely luck based. Maps do not make for good Pac man mazes due to abundance of dead ends and cut offs. Ads are showhorned in there and get in the way. Just remaster the Pac Man World games already and stop with the shallow filler. Bring Orson back, at the very least? I miss him. I hope he's well.
How does Namco integrate location services to make a fun Pac-Man experience? Short answer: they don't. The gimmick of turning your local roads into mazes is novel, but unfortunately the terrible controls and abundance of ads drive you away before the gimmick has time to wear thin. Whoever had the idea to have the camera zoomed-in (and zoomed-in even more in tense situations) should be ashamed, as this makes the already awful controls completely unusable since I CAN'T SEE MOST OF THE MAP.
Well, seems pretty cool. Controls are a little delayed, but most frustrating is if clear the board.. it freezes and can't do anything but wait the game. Graphics could use a little work, especially for Pac Man franchise. Should have not been released yet....
A Great Game from the Memory of Google Maps I just think as the ideal. Now I'm already excited that I am having fun this game. The problem from my Device that it is getting frame Lagging.
It was neat when Google Maps did it as an April Fools joke, because you were expected to enjoy the novelty for five minutes and then move on. As a full game? Awful. Horrible to control, map is too zoomed in so you can't see what's coming around the corner, and because the mazes are real life road maps, they're completely unsuited as Pac-Man mazes. It seems these last few years Namco can only make bad decisions regarding Pac-Man. This is just embarrassing.
Controls are by far the worst I have ever had to fight against. Might as well make it full autoplay cuz these controls are bad! Most times Pac doesn't take the street I swipe too, and others times I won't swipe at all and he will randomly take a street I don't want him to take. Played 3 levels or rather tried to and pretty much done with this. Shoulda done a Dpad or something cuz swipe DOESNT WORK 100%! sad, game just launched and it's already a failed 3⭐ game lol🥴
Unable to play the game as it keeps crashing on the "touch screen to start" page. I'll change my review if im able to play. I'll try again in a cpl days after the kinks get worked out. Update- Was able to play for little bit before it crashed. Its different I'll give ya that. Not sure yet on if i like it. Added another star cause i could play it. Will update again later.
Well service is ready now, so time for a real review. The game is pretty fun but there is an issue that I'm having. Sometimes when I open the app, it unlinks my Twitter account. It's not that bad because I can relink it whenever, but the worst thing that happened was when the second time I played it I lost all my progress. I honestly feel like it's a 1 time thing though. Also, I wouldn't mind paying a few bucks to remove ads. They are pretty annoying. EDIT: the twitter problem was fixed :)
I would give this game 5 stars if they added an option to make it 2D and an option to hide buildings and an option to remove the zoom in dramatic effect when near a ghost. The game is very laggy but I have found out that it's the buildings and the zoom in effect. Thanks.
Since I played it again, I like it now. Even though it is super LAGGY, It's still okay. Good Job Namco.
Tutorial starts me off on Liberty Island in New York. Looks interesting but one street ends in a dead end right before another starts and it means Pac-Man needs to go all the way around. Ok, fair enough... except that the ghosts all have the same pathing each attempt and I literally can't get to where I need to get without being hit from both sides. 3 times in a row. If ghost path is pre-made, what the hell is the point of playing?
Great way to launch a game but anyway this game has potential to be a good game and hope that you will make upto to that level but for now the swipe control sucks and the map to sometime dont load properly.
Unlike others here I can play, but oh god the controls are abysmal. It's so frustrating to play in this current state, I did the tutorial and one life on a local map, but I couldn't suffer any more torment at the hands of the terrible control scheme, far too slow and inaccurate and no way to make the twitch turns and moves Pac-Man is famous for as a series.
Well we couldn't connect to the server when it was initially released, but the bug was fixed within just hours, so I would truly appreciate the effort put behind by every single member. The game is more like I expected, well developed, new features and much more. Thus am rating five stars hoping the developers could fix any more future bugs and improve the game. P.S don't give a single star rating guys. Pls review and edit your rating, because the server error has been fixed.
Well, guess we'll have to wait until they decide to get their servers running. As others have said here, can't go past the initial screen. Needless to say, can't give more than a one-star rate (and quite gratuitous at that) until I CAN finally be able to play the game and give it a fair review...... Update: Seriously, guys? Tapjoy???? (you go to their website for opt out and they freaking ask for your email address???? Wtbf?) How low can you get?
Way to go on the release. I open the game, ask to choose a language. Then "Touch Screen" and get the message "Preparing for Start of service" with the only option to "close", reopen and the process repeats. Not a good start at all. Hard to give a good review when you don't have a working game on launch.
I feel this game would benefit greatly if the time limit on each maze was removed. This would give the player a more inviting environment to test out the cumbersome controls. The pacing also is very bad due to the game slowing to a crawl when PAC-MAN is near a ghost. This works in the CE games because you are constantly moving at a high speed. This game is much slower, and I feel is one of the core problems this game has aside from controls and a time limit on mazes.
Really Cool Consept But I Feel You Should Add An Ability To Find Your Rl Position And Teleport Your Screen There So You Can Make Your Own Nabourhood A Maze
It's not *that* bad, the streets name is surprisingly precise even for non-landmark places like Trafalgar Square or whatever, but the control and the graphic are still way too clunky, and there's no real fast option to share your gaming experience, pausing the game to make a screenshot is useless. I'm gonna wait for a little more.
The game is great! Pac-Man finally made it out on to the streets into the real world!(in game obviously) However this game gets easy to control and lags from time to time and when its laggy Pac-Man delays my controls and its very hard for it to work with my swipe which will allow Blinky and the others to easily surround me. Other than that I would very much recommend this game!
It was fun! .... For five seconds Where do i even get started with this game? It has annyoing controls, horrihble mechanics and insanely boring and uninspiring gameplay, not to mention how annoying it is to go as fast as a snail when a ghost gets near you it has no rewards worth collecting 0/(insert big number) would reccomend to a enemy
Must of looked good on paper but just not exacuted right, played for 5 minutes and already started getting bored of it, the map is jankey for text so you cant really find where you want to go and the timer is a turn off when playing a game you can watch videos to save yourself but of course it's for the money ain't it also and can't stress enough for the stupid zoom in kills the pacing as pacman goes really really really slow overall this plays like a crappy bootleg sorry guys
So glitchy, I am not able to make my own maze everything needs a video It got so annoying through the 15 minutes I played