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PAC-MAN 256 - Endless Maze

PAC-MAN 256 - Endless Maze for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe located at 49-51, rue des Docks, CS 90618, 69258 LYON CEDEX 09, France. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Nice game. I rarely play games. Downloaded this for no specific reason. Found myself playing it frequently. First wasn't doing any upgrade and it was fun enough. Now using the upgrades and the daily gifts. Pretty fun. Simple and fun game to play.
Now that I have a phone that can play this I'm kinda hooked, but that's just Pac-Man, you tally can't get more addicting than one of the hottest arcade games your parents enjoyed in the 80s while you played it on a collection on the Gameboy advance or something. Took 2 stars off for two reasons. 1: It didn't work on my note 9, don't know why but now it works. 2: While the ads aren't pushed too badly there are still plenty of deceptive ones, don't hit retry or continue on the ad, please.
I love the game, and I play it all the time. The only reason I rate it 4/5 stars is bc the ads are really annoying and there's no way to even pay to get rid of them. Sad. :(
The game is more better than the Classic Pac man because there are very good themes and the gameplay is very smooth and the graphics are good
Me and my mom love this game its so fun! But there is something wrong with it whenever I'm playing this it kicks me out for some reason but other than that I like the game and I like how the glitches come in on the map it kinda reminds me of fortnite lol
PAC-MAN 256 is one of my favourite offline games. Every thing is cool but jest one thing ; if Pac man can be slowed down when running it will be more fun outsmarting the ghost
This is a very nice game,it is inspiring,and the best part are the power,even I don't had enough pac coins,at least I can try the expensive map,that's nice!But the reason of the nerf of 5 stars into 4 is,there is two side black bar in my phone while activating this game,which means the revolution has gone wrong,can you fix it?If you did I will buff the rating!Peace!
The game is extirmly fun there are differnt themes to pick out like the classic pac man. and there 24 power up to pick out. but you have to wait for the power for like and hour or longer when every you get a new one. i don't mine waiting but im anxis to see what it does. plus you can pick out three power ups when every you about to start. and you can upgrad them for longer you use them
This game is pretty great, a refreshing take on original pac-man. All I ask for is more content. After you get all the power ups, there's almost nothing to work towards. Maybe add a gatcha system for themes, or different pac men, or more powerups. That would be amazing! Thanks!
This game is awesome! It has great controls and doesn't force you to watch ads all the time. An all around great game.
Amazing game- it has kept me entertained for hours upon hours. Just as you would expect, you go around eating pellets and boosts and avoiding ghosts. Has never froze or lagged as of yet. Only complaint is there is not enough ways to spend your coins. Aside from upgrading boosts and themes, there is nothing you can do with them. Would love to see an option to customize your skin with coins. 4 stars.
Addictive, but rewards are slim, and gets irritating when the response time to turn lacks. Sometimes grabbing a power up just a couple frames before a ghost comes ends in a game over, and the meter is running for said power up, just a few bugs to fix. Fun idea, addictive, but irritating.
WOAH! THAT GLITCH IS SICK! might have killed pac man in ALL courses, but this game is PEGI 7, the multiplayer intro says PEGI 3 but it's PEGI 7 as it contains Fear because of the glitch, i had to run from it as a found out Glitches are ENEMIES, and this weird ghist called Glitchy keep teleporting, this doesn't exist in reality, I hope it does 😈😈😈
Game won't load. It keeps crashing over and over again. I've tried it on 2 phones and it doesn't work for some reason. Please fix this.
This is a great game I love the fact that you have to beat the glitch and have many different types of ghosts after you. there could be some changes such as having an opening scene to introduce you to the game. that is all
Gotta love the classics! This game is a great way to enjoy classic Pac-Man, but with a nice modern twist.
I like this game very much. The only odd thing that happens is a crash glitch. I'm playing as usual and the game freezes, follows up with a crash, and the app closes itself. Sometimes weird anomalies happen right before a crash. One of which is when ghosts start dying a few seconds after they spawn in. All in all, fantastic game.
What is there to say? It's the fun and thrill of the og game, just made endless and with some new polished 3d ghrapics. theres not ads at every single corner like other crappy mobile games, and it's free. This game is defenently worth your time, and i would say its the definitive way to enjoy pac-man. If you like pacman, but don't like the individual level system and cramped play area, this game is right up your ally.
This is a real fun game were you can use power ups and get enough money to get themes like the classic 80s theme
Great game. My only issue is that I had to reset my phone, and now it dreams I cannot get the beam power up anymore. There is no offer to get it. Other than that, I don't have any other problems with the game. Definitely worth the download!
Keeps crashing 30 seconds into the game. Until fix 1 star but it has potential to be 5 without crashes
This game took a completely different route from the original Pac Man games and it did it great! It took the basic idea of pacman and turned it into its own thing with different objectives levels and difficulty!
I would give this 5 stars, but the ads are annoying. They arent't frequent, but other than the ads, it's a good game
Love the graphics and I like how it's endless and you get coins by boxes or eating the coins just like the old video game character in 1980 just so amazing I could play this game every single day in the whole entire day and I can appreciate there's not really much ads and you can purchase new themes but you first have the crossy road with the chicken and cars and you have the normal Pac-Man this all pixely but you can get like yourself on the moon or Pac-Man Mania or even the classic 1980s .
I like this game! It is pretty cool. You can change the theme. And there is one which is crossy road and It is free! Cause this is from the creators of crossy road. And I think when I had my old tablet I did the 256 chain! But I think I can't do it again. But still, I like it! But Namco you should've made a Ms Pac Man theme. But nice job Namco. Hey Namco, I have done it.. I done the 256 Pac dot chain! But.. nooooooo! I does not give me a reward! It said! Namco you lied! But I still like it.
I love it the game but then i start to make some progress and lots of power up the game suddenly crashing and reset all of my progress and i had to do everything again but keep crashing pls fix this
I love the game because it is challenging, and the graphics are 10/10. However, the game freezes and kicks me out of the app. Can you fix it?
This game is very fun. Though sometimes it freezes and I cant move. But I can still hear my character move. It happens to me everytime I play this game. I know this isnt my phone's problem because I tried it on my laptop and the same thing happened. Fix it please and I'll give you 5 stars.
Well, it crashed for no reason. After downloading this game, it keeps the loading screen and the crashed. Please fix this Device: Samsung Galaxy S4
Every run is so much fun! It has a really nice chart to keep track of your records too as you play. I always liked it since my mom's best friend showed it to me in 2015. The game holds a very special place in my heart! ❀
This game is so cool. If you loved the retro game in 2D, you'll be blown away by how it seems to come to life. The 3D brings something different to the game making it all the more awesome.
It is a bit of a shame you have to wait real life hours, minutes, and seconds to unlock power ups but on console you just eat PAC dots to unlock power ups
Fun bet repetitive. Can be frustrating getting 256 dots and getting a mediocre "big reward". Not even 256 coins. The game is also pay to win with the skins. You have to grind allot to get them. And I mean ALLOT. The fun derives from being a infinite pac man maze. It's pretty fun, but also frustrating.
I think it is a good game and I like how the the game is 3d but the characters look ,2d and 3dbat the same time.
This game is great. Love the challenge that it is. Deserves 5 stars but unlikely from me now. But I have one gripe, it constantly quits after a few minutes. What is the deal? Please correct this inconvenience. One star for trying is too much.
Really fun. Exactly what you expect. Only a single issue; I want buy more power ups and levels. How about more menu options for purchases?
Great game! Its just like Pac-Man but endless! You can also choose what you want your theme to be (they cost in game coins, duh) and if you want random then you can play shuffle between the themes you have. You go up, you survive. You go down, you die
Basically, it was once a fantastic game but then it just kept crashing and crashing and crashing on the first level, it was actually impossible to last 30 seconds without horrible lag and the game crashing or graphics outright breaking. How did this happen? It was so good before but now it just proceeds to crash on startup in mere seconds.
Last update was in 2016...... shame that a successful game like this was thrown into dust by the developers, hope they'll give it a fresh update out of the sudden. It deserves a 5 star.
The game crashes every time a get a power pellet, would rate 5 if that fixed. Otherwise, game is enjoyable.
What a downer! I loved this game, now I just stalls after a few seconds of actually game play and crashes.
I don't know if I suck, if it's luck, or if this game is straight impossible, because no matter what I do, i can't get past 3,500 due to the ghosts. Sometimes they're faster than pacman, sometimes they surround me completely, and sometimes I swipe one direction and pacman goes the other way. It woild be four stars if it weren't for all these bugs.
I love pac man game but this is even better than original I love how there's this glich in the game so cool I give it 5 stars if I saw this when I was young I would explode into pieces love the game keep it up
great game that ive been playing for 4 years. very addictive. ads not required to make decent progress, which i appreciate. it crashes all the time when im not on wifi for some reason, and my maxed out save file (every powerup maxed, all themes unlocked) got erased in my most recent crash. complete horsesh*t. probably not going to play it anymore, would take months to get back where i was. and i'll probably never reach my 150k high score again.
It's a pretty good game and canon to Pacman, but when watching ads it can glitch and the only way to fix it is a force shut down of the game but besides that its fine.
Buggy and NEEDS an "ad free" version. Let me pay .99 for no ads, how hard is that? Pretty much don't get this until they release a new update.
Why does this game glitch so much? I would have to restart it like 4 or 5 times over just to be able to play one game. Before you say the obvious first couple of things, I already made sure there is enough space in the phone, I always close out all of my apps before starting and on some occasions, even restarted my phone. Still, same result...and it has been happening through the course of this app's ownership, in this case its been happening through the last 5 phones I've installed it to. SMH
This game is the glitch level from pac-man that the screen is cut in half: one half is the game, while the other is a glitch and its so difficult that you are programmed to lose. So much time and that?
Not too bad! The random board themes are fun. Even though it says you can watch an ad for a free continue game, it doesn't always make you actually watch the ad. Which I really appreciate. I do wish that this app was a PlayPass app. I mean, come on, its one of the most classic games that is part of the few that launched us into this era of gaming in general. But over all I like this spin on this great classic.
Yeah this game is garbage, I like the addons in it that breathe new life into pac man but this game crashes way too often. I cant even finish a round without the game closing itself in the middle of playing.
Just keeps closing and closing and closing. I can't even get past the music at the start of the screen.
It's just the best I didn't want to add just the one more star cuz you got to fix it 256 doesn't mean glitch it means show you numbers and show you the right path so you got to fix it because you have to fix it talking talking talking talking you don't have to fix it none of your business
Nice game and makes fun to grind the classic packman fans will also love it for sure the sounds are really great by the way and the different themes are awesome, just a little bit grindy not for everyone
Love it you completely changed the pacman experience good job this game could use an update like everyone should love it if added an online mode and a classic mode so you can play the original version anyway keep up the good work
pretty fun and addicting, if my friends ask me what to download i would recommend this, its cool that you have to wait for your power-ups instead of hard challenges, 10/10
This is a whole lot fun and addictive, although, it's a frustrating endless pac man game, I like that all ghosts have their OWN behavior, No one will hate this, the experience is AWESOME
The game is interesting and it would be worth playing a lot. Except for one major flaw, your amount of coins will be randomly reset and the developers will tell you they can't correct the issue. So my suggestions to anyone, you may play, but never put money on that game as you may lose what you'll buy.
This is a great game!!! You don't even have to worry about the ads just click on one of the ads and close out of it and keep it in a different tab and when you come across another ad go to the other tab then go back to Pac-Man 256 and you get to revive, and get free gifts!!! πŸ€₯
Great game. My only issue is that I had to reset my phone, and now it seems I cannot get the beam power up anymore. There is no offer to get it. Other than that, I don't have any other problems with the game. Definitely worth the download!
The controls are simple but make sure your device is clean otherwise it may not always work, the graphics are amazing, and over all just a fun game
Good game, i used to play this a long time ago when I was little, but I really want to get 256 dots in a row to get the special reward but its too hard, its a great game, I didn't need to watch a single add! P.S. I didn't pay for anything.
A great follow up to the original and an amazing reference to the infamous 256th level. The content is great and with the update where you don't have to wait for upgrades it is even better. I love playing this game to pass the time and I always try to beat my old high score.
I would have given a 5 stars but its just every thing is to expesive it takes me forever just to get 100 coins and the prize thing still would not give enough like cmon 2000 for a map
its a good game, but it sometimes crashes and exits the game. You should maybe add some unlockable skins for the ghosts and pac man instead of having to buy the skins too.
This game can make you busy for a looooong time . There are endless ghosty adventures . Overall this is a good game
I think this game is awesome. It has some nice power ups and mechanics, which makes it a cool game. Once you get all of the power ups, you have a large variety of things. My only recommendation is that during shatter, you can kill ghosts. I love this game.
Maybe the best version of Pacman ever. Pacman is a perfect platform fo an endless runner and the power ups add to the fun. Gamepad support of the Chromebook would be nice tho. You have to use the arrow keys.
This game is superb, I haven't had the fame crash once since I downloaded it, but that could be because I tried it after others. It gives a different take on how Pac-man works and still brings all the strategy of the classic to the table.
Amazing! I play this all the time. This is a great time killer game whenever I have nothing to do! Amazing! Keep up with the amazing game development work! :)
Brilliant game i just wish they'd make obtaining coins a bit easier as there's no way to fully upgrade the powerups with the little amount of coins you can get
I love how there is different ghost and you can change the style of the maze. My favorite style is classic 80'sπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜.
Very glitchy I when i first played it was fine about 1 mouth later my screen turned black and it kicked me out then I restarted my phone then it kicked me out again
Great game love pac man but more ghost types would be nice and you should make it so you can buy the power ups with coins and a multiplayer battle mode would be fun more thing's it keeps on changing my world from classic 80ds to the original one so fix that and five stars . The end
This game is so awesome. I love pac-man. I love pac-man because I like to eat ghosts by eating a pac dot.When this game released I was so excited. Iiked the graphics. It has so many themes. They are classic, grid,pac mania,crossy road and many more.It is a endless game. Some glitches come from the back and it comes and comes. It never ends. I have escape the endless maze.There are so many ghosts. That's why I love pac-man 256
There's too much lag with every movement, I'm not sure if it's a feature or a real bug but part of the screen starts having numbers and breaking the maze. It's impossible to play and more an annoyance than entertainment. Not playing it anymore
This is such a great game! If your looking for a game to pass the time this is the game, it doesnt have daily challenges instead everytime you beat a challenge they give you a new one to beat! I dont like how expensive themes are but its still fun. If you had mutiplayer it would be even more fun but its still a great game!
I really like this game its a infinite version of pacman with lots of power ups and you escaping the 256 glitch and as always dodging the ghosts with coins you can upgrade your power ups or you can buy with coins/real money new styles which makes it enjoyable!
Great game... would have given 5 stars but the game freezes and crashes if you are not connected to Wi-Fi and Bandai Namco does not return emails for technical support. This game would be great if I could play on my break at work but there's no Wi-fi so I can't play because it keeps crashing and I already own it at home on Steam so it's actually pointless to have this on my phone.
Really good game, I used to have it on my grandma's iPad, but now covid stuff, I got this on my own phone, I just wish there was a bit more stuff to unlock, or a way to unlock the maps Instead of just buying it, that's all I have to say about this game, good game, just wish there was a bit more stuff
Great game. I don't like that the maze is tilted, it feels odd when swiping to steer pac-man around. Other than that it is fantastic.
I like this game because it allows us to try new features and when the task we get cents. Try this game people. But one thing is weird that is a broken hologram beneath you to run.
I like this game I would give it a billion stars despite you can change the theme for fun forever it can even be a memory for all the time I love you creator - (SUCH A COOL GAME)
The app is very glitchy and it usually crashes after the first initial 5 to 10 seconds of playing the game, which makes it frustrating... I've tried it on the OnePlus 6T to no avail and now on the OnePlus 9 5G and it's even worse... Fix the game because the experience shouldn't be this bad...
I would rate 5 stars but im not because of this.They asked me if i would allow them too have access too my notifications too tell me when my power ups are ready.Instead you get notifications asking you too play the game.Its so annoying and im dissapointed in the developers for pulling this stupid marketing technique
Pacman 256 is a great spinoff of a classic. The game is vibrant and fun, with the controls and layout being intuative and easy to understand. The gameplay is similar to the original Pacman, however there are notable changes which take it to a whole new level of competitive and strategic play.
Super fun game and a good way to kill some time, sometimes it's gets addicting! The ads are easy to close as well.
This game is very good and entertaining. It is mostly for playing when bored. So fun. I usually played it on my TV but when i found out that there was PAC-MAN on phone i immedieatly installed. Very good app
Any time I live the games and comes I come back to the game it restarted like I had never played please fix it I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge but the game is good if you don't fix it I will delete it.😀😑
Game is just fun. First started playing on my amazon fire tv stick then downloaded it on my phone. And it it just as good as the TV, I'm not bored of this game and it makes me feel emotion when something happens. Just a fun little game that u can play anywhere, anytime.
Very fun game, not pay to win, a addictive progressing game u get better at every second of, overall great. Ads are every 5 hrs or so, etc. Great
Nice and awesome very very nice I love this Pacman game it always give my hand to his hand when I am sad but you always dies at 20 hour 15 seconds like that but everyone can download it and it happen when ever I am sad he always bring my phone and I can play it again and again by it ensures and is point and the males and I know that many I always thank you ko because it has made a very awesome Gate just day I visited this app today again it it is in my TV also
Cool! But for the people who made the pac-man and friends please bring that back i loved that so much.Especially you get to play as other pac-man plus you get to help the pac-mans.
Amazing this game I could play for hours but it takes up a lot of memory and it is the only app on my phone because it takes too much memory if you have a older phone that doesn't have much memory (like mine ) I don't recomend unless you are 100 percent you will like this game don't get it cause the first time you play you will not want to delete it I would rate it 5 out of 5
Really good. Chill. Old vibes. And good vibes. I like pacman even if its a really old game. Arcade games is one of my fav things. Great job. πŸ₯‡πŸ‘πŸ»
It's great game just when you die you have to go althea way to the home screen to play again why not add a retry button?
A fun spin to the beloved pac-man series. There was an old method of getting power ups. Cannot remember what it was, but I guess this is easier. Just takes longer. Either way, it's a free, unbelievably fun app that doesn't shove ads down your throat. I love it to death.
Okay if you like pac-man but could use more variety in themes. Some are just weird. I would like see themes Such as dinosaurs, holiday, or even a pac as a spaceship chased by planets, and meteors instead of just ufos. More themes would increase my interest in playing even more.
Cool game, I like that you have power ups and you can change the theme. Keep the hard work up! Oh and I forgot to mention for me there's no ads so that makes it better
Really like the game, but either controller support has been removed, or it is no longer working properly....Game is much better with a controller....
The game is great but I've been getting alot of crashes when I open the game and play for a little and I don't know what is wrong with it. Still an incredible game tho
Easily to die faster on a phone than game console, I'd give 5 stars but Pac-Man 256 isn't that much of a joke than it was corrupted in the classic pac-man, thanks and I hope people like me (Epileptic) don't get seizures. ^^
AWSOME!!! there's not many adds! but it takes a while to get the power upps. BUT ITS AMAZING!!!!!! DOWNLOAD! good job developer!
The game keeps crashing after the power pellet ability runs out. I would like the game very much if it didnt keep crashing.
From myside the game is too good .since,this game is very old but this new version is very good and I enjoy when I play the game .BUT IF THERE WILL BE LEVELS AND GOOD MUSICS OTHERTHAN THE PRESENT , SO IT WILL BE BEST .....! PLS THINK ON THIS πŸ€”πŸ€”. *Thnx to developers*πŸ™
Too much randomization. All of it could be eliminated and most of it should be. Other than that it's a pretty good game. The Original arcade Pac-Man had no randomization at all. Perhaps the developers should make a Pac-Man 512 with that in mind. Maybe just enough randomization to check if the player is human.
I know the console and pc ports have multiplayer but the mobile version should have it too by playing on two halves of the screen like in crossy road,and if you wanted to play with 3-4 playera you would have to connect gamepads.
Update Update Update. Needs to be fixed, game keeps freezing up at the start but could still hear dots being eaten. I'm on a daily Pacman binge and I can't play it. Revised: 2/21/21 This game is garbage everything I've earned powerups, coins has been deleted and still no bug fix for the glitches. Wouldn't recommend wasting your time playing Pacman 256.
I like the game, it bring me back when Pac-Man was very popular, but this game I have a problem with. One, the game is very laggy, and if it is laggy for long enough it just crash. I would give this a 5 star, but if you dont make this problem better, I will keep it at 3 stars. Overall, good game, just with some bugs. Thank you for your time.
Truly a very good version of Pac-man, I really like the endless twist along with the interesting special power-ups. A big thumbs up from me. πŸ‘πŸ€ πŸ‘
This Is the best pac-Man game I have ever seen!!You can upgrade special items and you can change the theme!!Thank you for making this game I really love it!!
To understand the game one must play it. It's been the longest game app I have on my phone and I go through games. Eat the 256 pac dots and see what takes place 🀯😳😍
Everything was fine until I spent 99 Cent and the game froze up and kept offering me the same 99 cent deal I already purchased I couldn't get out of this trap screen
Pretty fun, cool, addictive game. Although it keeps crashing on me after playing for only like 10-15 seconds. Even if I close and reopen the app and have all other apps closed, with nothing running in the background it continues to crash. Needs to be optimized or something. Im playing it on my one plus 3, shouldn't be a problem right?
The game askes you to turn on notifications EVERY time you are at the menu. I can't give any rating with this, very bad.
Absolutely Amazing, no complaints here. Great features and turns an old school game into an addicting challenge. Also a great time waster, gets better Everytime and I like the fact that you fixed it in the update so it is now compatible with my phone. It used to crash but now it no longer does this. Great job
The game itself is great. It's absolutely wonderful, and I had a blast playing it up until it started abruptly crashing, bugging out and freezing. It became literally unplayable. Hipster Whale, fix your game.
This is actually quite a bit different from what I expected, having really only played the original Pac & Ms. Pac arcade/port variants. I really enjoy this, reminds me a lot of the Tetris 99 game - same simple mechanics and gameplay but tweaked up with new things that just feel... natural, really πŸ‘πŸ‘ Whether grinding a new high score, or just having a game to pull out at the doctor's office, if you find you enjoy Pac style games, I would definitely recommend trying this game!
It's a good game, but the angle of the screen is off-putting, because you still go up, down, right and left with your controls.
I do like Pacman but it take long to get different power ups and take a long time to get different gamemodes but it's a good gameπŸ™‚πŸ™‚
Absolutely terrible, the game crashed about every 5 seconds. I'm not exaggerating. I had this game on my phone for about a total of 30 seconds. It crashed five times before I just deleted it.
This is a good game but not worth it on mobile. Buy this game on console or Steam, if you try to get the same experience on Android you will be spending much more. Another greedy mobile cash grab from Namco Bandai.
I wish I could pay for the app to bypass the timed stuff. I have this game on PC and it's just a normal game with no microtransactions. I keep accidentally tapping on buttons that lock me into watching ads for rewards when I'd rather just pay $10 and be done with it. Uninstalled
Great game!! Really love it I play it everyday. I just had one problem an ad for Crossy Road came up and never got off my screen so I wasn't able to play another game without a bar advertising Crossy Road. But I can easily just quit and get back on. But other than that little problem game is great!!!
Good game. I enjoy it. Just that when my pac man dies, i don't like the loading screen everytime. I know the name of the game is Pacman. Don't need to see it everytime. This is not 2002. Don't waste people's time.
Great but LONG adverts. Like as in they are 30 seconds long. Thats ridiculous. Game is great but I get fed up of waiting for adverts to finish so I close the app.
Game keeps pausing at a random moment and exits the app. Or if I die it exists the app. Would not recommend. I remember it did not have this issue. If this happens to you to just uninstall and not play no more. Ik it sucks.
Awesome game. So many cool power ups you can add to your loadout. Way more fun than the classic but I still had to pay for the classic 80s theme. I love this game. Dat'll do, Donkey, dat'll do
I like the game but there is 2 things to be fixed first: I can't share it Lags when I try to share my high score. second: why is there a hacker glitch under pac man when 5 seconds.
I love this game, i played it on my phone and it works well. But when i play it on my smart tv any kind of controller doesn't work, i tried to use my DS4 or my bluetooth remote, everything are just didn't work.. please fix this issueπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
I love this game. I would give it a ten star if I could because it is so fun. Since each time you play is never the same it adds variety to the games and a challenge. For lovers of the Pac-man series. You would like it because you can play it on the go. Also the kill screen from Pac-man chases you as you weave and bob throughout the map.
I downloaded to my phone ti be sure its the same one i downloaded on firestick and yes it is..came off like a fun game until i notice it kept trapping me with ghost and absolutely no where to go maybe its me its almost like it was set like that
I find this game pleasant for when I am in the car and have nothing to do. You can play this game offline and the only rewards you are missing out on are the rewards you get from ads. This game hase kept me occupied for several days now and I recommend this for anyone who likes original games, grindy games or any maze games really! Five stars!
This game works beautifully on my Samsung S21a. It has good graphics and it is very entertaining. I have not seen any bugs. This is a really good remake of the classic and is actually even better.
Game is OK, but there are some things i don't like. For one, this game is kinda luck-based. The ghosts have 200 iq and i found myself dying to being cornerd by ghosts most of the time. Second, the power-ups are lazy. Some of them are lazy reskins or worse verisons of power-ups and just upgraded verisons of power-up that take a slot. There are some cool power-ups but this game should've had more effort put into it.
It's a Pac-Man game Naruto if you make a toot it would be awesome to make like different Pac-Man skins and maybe Pac-Man characters if you're going off the TV show you know what pack is back that one
This game is incredibly fun to play and it definitely helps pass the time. The game is extremely addicting and the quality of the game is great. My only concern are the ads, and if I remember correctly one plays after each Game Over, which is lame. Even though there is an option to purchase the ads away, it would have been better if you were given to watch ads to earn in-game currency.
It's free to play without a lot of hold back on progress. But you are free to purchase items and powerups in game at a VERY reasonable price. There are also cool skins that are like a dollar appeace. Really this could have been a dollar game or so and I still wouldn't have been mad. I love this game.
This was my absolute favorite game until it started to freeze and glitch! God forbid you pay for a power-up and it glitches,you can't play the game for 5 seconds before it crashes and now I'm really pissed! No updates to this app in almost 5 years. UPDATE and stop tricking ppl into buying advancements THEY CANNOT USE!!!!
This game is so fun. Great twist on the original. The aim is to run away from the glitch while encountering ghost and using power ups to defeat them. Only downside is that the themes are a bit to expensive other than that it is a great game to kill time definitely recommend It πŸ™‚
Kinda need to watch ads to yet anywhere, but it's a fun game. Infinite dungeon Packman and after a point you can actually grind new scenery to make it interesting. Give it a try.
Now im not the one to say this but well its a very excellent game to me, it's wonderful,i gave it 4 stars because man those ghost are really annoying and sometimes frustrating to deal with,but other then that its a real fun game and also reminds me of the maze game Pacman when it wasn't endless but this is alot more fun because it never ends
Great game. Has many upgradable power-ups to spice up the gameplay. Endless so that's a plus. Very arcade like. Has a couple themes to choose from to make the game look different. My favorites are CEDX and pacmania
Installed the game on my Nvidia Shield TV 2019 but it cannot be played with game controllers. Both Xbox One controller and Nvidia Shield Controller doesn't work.
Broken and Boring. Whenever you get achievements you can't control pacman but the game keeps running, so you're rewarded for it with failure. The themes are very boring and ugly, i doubt anyone with more than one brain-cell would pay for them, the game bugs you about getting notifications on your next power up, and if you say no, it just keeps asking it every time you go to the main menu. The gameplay breaks the sense of fun, by taking too much time from game over to a new match. Do not play it.
Found a bug tho... On my OnePlus 7, when I play a video ad in the game for an extra life or some extra coins, all I have to do is press the home button or the recent apps button, and as soon as I switch back to the game it forgets about the ad. Squash that bug and it is one of the best games.
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I like how it's an infinite maze game and how you're trying to get past every ghost and not get glitched. I like how they turn a glitch into a memory. πŸ‘
Fun game but I've forgot all the rules, it would be good if you had a pg. explaining all rules & objectives of the game.
This app is amazing, I love the "change theme" and all of the different kinds of multipliers and power ups! You should get this if the normal Pac-Man is getting a little bit boring, and all of the ghosts have their own patterns for each color!
Keeps crashing!? This game is a lot of fun. A cool twist on an all-time classic video game, perhaps the most prolific and well-known video game ever. However, recently started crashing about thirty seconds into the game. Reach time I try to play it the game suddenly pauses then it takes me back to my home screen. I've tried clearing the cache, I've tried clearing the data, I've even uninstalled and reinstalled it, all to no avail. Please fix this and I'll give it 4, maybe 5 stars. Thank you.
Extremely glitchy. Keeps freezing, lagging and crashing. The few seconds the game works, it seems really cool. But it's unplayable as-is.
Game looks like fun. But it glotches the moment I touch the screen two times. It won't continue the gameplay. Why does this keep happening?