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Overrun: Zombie Tower Defense

Overrun: Zombie Tower Defense for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Wildfire Games Ltd. located at 52 Manvers Road, Mexborough, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom, S64 9EX. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
pretty decent game has a good amount of content but needs some work done in the base building aspect but other than that it's a good start and has a very promising future
Disconnect from the internet or ninja Ads will eat away your data.If that isnt enough,be prepared for your phone to overheat.Playing graphics intensive mobile game like PUBG,CoD & Lifeafter but it doesnt make my phone heat up like that.If you can get past those problems then take the risk playing this game
Too many ads. 1 step away from being unplayable. OK now the ads are 30 seconds. Screw this game and the people who made this time consuming BS. Still.
Just completed wave number 400. The gameplay is good and easy to get addicted but with only 2 maps there isn't much of exitment left inthe game. Unless there is a good change comes in next few days I will stop playing as there are no more achievement left to unlock.
good potentiol. needs better controlls for the people and the buildings need more health. I'll go thru like 500$ in 1 night and get 200 back ADDED: Theres a lag problem too. It makes me reset alot. Like 5 times in 1 hour. And 6 more times because the screen wont let me look around or move items/buildings.
Fun wave survival game where you upgrade and buy guns for your survivors, you can also individually control them.
Fair game. I like the concept but it would be nice if we can choose levels or waves so we can actually see the improvement of our base
Good games. Can build and control. But need more strong defense or weapon. Zombies are to hard to kill money not easy to get. And what for you give us rewards like $200++ if its use for repairs like $300++ only ????? And need more survivors!!!
Only four stars, the game is good but needs a lot of improvements and new features. Also it's too laggy, please optimize it
Has Potential to be an amazing game! Great concept, the mix of building and controlling survivors and the strategy to make it interesting. HOWEVER the building part dosn't hold up since zombies destroy what you have taken time to save up for too easily, and there a few glitches that make it impossible to proceed through the waves eg: zombies getting stuck in spawn (only way to counteract this is hope that you have grenades and that they will die from it.
I would rate this 5 star but the game is so laggy and sometimes there's just one problem there is always one zombie that's missing so I can't even finish the round I have to restart to restart the game
Looks great. But amazingly glitchy. I tried again and this game feels like it could be ok. But it's way too glitchy to play. Just unplayable.
Honestly the game is pretty fun. Not much ads and paying for more stuff really isn't so high. Again the game is pretty fun although it does lag a lot. I know you guys can fix the bugs to make it go smoother
So far only 5 rounds in to get the reward, but it looks really good with some fun ideas for customisation. Could do with more things to build, ie whole structures you can put survivors in, increasing defence and range maybe other things based on the kind of structures you use. Also some more weapon varieties.
It's a good building and a good fighting game it's very enjoyable I recommend it its not the best but not near the worst
It's good, but right now, there's a glitch to where you can put your survivors on top of an object, and zombies won't attack.
Firstly,this game is decent B tier but it has a lot of bugs,first the guns in the early game duplicate,means infinite money but it goes away after a couple of exits ,secondly the waves are too easy when you get like 4 mg turrets and a rocket turrets ,its already possible to wipeout 500 zombie wave with just the survivors ,a decent defense and those turrets only,finally the game sometimes turns to 6fps even if I set the game with no hp bars,no blood and low quality,devs pls fix
I love this game. I have a bug in my game but I spoke with the admin and he will fix it in the next update and in the meantime, offered me some in-app bucks to start again with an advantage.
fun but i think there should be stories. right now u can put ur survivirs on ur boxes so if u could do that then there should be multiple stories that would make this game much much more fun
Been playing for almost day and the game was fun at first. But after my team and structures got stronger it almost impossible not to win the stages and got boring after that. Found bug in early stages where you replace or unarmed your member and you got multiple gun duplicates which you can sell or distribute on the rest your team members. It's also better to have function to turn off the special effects to lessen lag during mid wave and think of ideas that can entertain players on late stages
very hard to control. Tapping PER survivor is a very irritating task, why dont you add joysticks. also make night time a bit more brighter its dark. Another thing, zombie health bar is so small that its barely noticable.
The sound of the game is gone after 2 or 3 waves. I need to restart the game in order to fix the sound bug
Game is good but there's a bug in wave two where the fasts forward was acting up and the zombies are too fast and since there is a tutorial you can't move your survivor fast enough also if you successfully dodged them some zombies wouldn't spawn. Overcame this bug by restarting the game 2 times. the game play is good quite hard though since there is no sample on where to place. And please update your build UI quite hard to place structures if the demolish and rotate is blocking the arrows.
Would be cool to add different maps/ locations. Also larger build areas would be cool. Perhaps with different chapters, location could change each chapter, gradually getting harder.
yknow it is a bit harder to run on old phones but its a keeper! i wish the reward amount upscaled a little better with the difficulty. however am thankful for the 100 per ad deals. not bad if you have nothing but time. the game itself is very addictive!
Great game but changing rating from 5 to 3 as the exploding zombies makes this game unplayable everything you've built gets destroyed and there nothing you can do about it you kill them and they still destroy everything and that's on all difficulties I spending more on repairs and rebuilding then I'm getting per level makes no sense. And I have like 40k worth built
Far too difficult to control the characters, especially if you want to move multiple people. Zombies are bullet sponges meaning you can't progress far without having to pay for premium content.
This game has huge potential to be awesome, as of right now there's still some major glitches. Wave 2 and wave 5 when you start zombies are already over you, everything kind of turns invisible and everyones moving at 100 mph your players die within seconds. zombies just spawn directly on you and then your players won't stop moving. If you get this fixed this game has a good future. Thanks
pretty enjoyable, pretty difficult as well if you setup your defenses poorly, upto now it scales difficulty well
the game is so fun!!! it's also the creators of swarmZ the walking zombie and more and world war polygons
Editing my review. After last update all the glitches I experienced are gone. It's now a very entertaining game. Raising from 2 to 4 stars. Can't give it a five but that only for personal reasons since it couldn't get me really hooked :) Well done :)
So far im enjoying this game, however i found a major bug in the game that is kinda ruining my experience. For ex, if I put a wood crate down and then put a survivor on top of it my the zombies dont come and try to knock down the crate, they just stand there and let my survivors kill them. Please fix this and i will update my review.
Too hard. Too many zombies attacking at once. Pistol does almost zero damage. Barriers and traps barely slow them down. I gave the game several rounds and 30 minutes. I can't get past the first wave. It needs an easy mode or at least a weapon that will kill the zombies. EDIT: THANKS DEV! I FOUND EASY MODE AND IT'S SUPER FUN NOW! I LOVE IT!
Basic controls don't seem to work. Have a very new phone with no issues but can't seem to select characters or use molitoves or anything. If graphics are any higher than low framnrate suffers a massive drop. Which is a shame because it looked to the the simple game I'd enjoy.
Have potential. BUT : grenade launcher need a precision in the auto firing, FOR REAL. The ai automatic firing need to be more developed or fixed to be precise. Some golden or legend weapon tier should be fixed, some of em isn't worth the price. Zombie movements a bit laggy or buggy. Imo, I like this game, waiting for the next chapters or next places, hope there would be a story line about this game, not just an unlimited defense wave of zombies..
Thanks for the update. Now 5 stars :) and keep doing a good work. Glad the developer listens to the customers. Just gonna add one suggestion. Kindly add multiplayer like LAN :) it would be cool experience for players.
fun but control can be improve, like able to move all survival at one go, rather then clicking them 1by1
I have turned on the cloud save but everytime I get out of the game I lose some data. Bought a gold mini gun and was gone at the next log in. This is extremely annoying.
you did a great job devs & i already did the review but its not showing up something i want to see is a update every week & if you do that then try to have around 3 thing or maybe 1 thing added or at least add as much as you can each week with lots of bug fixes & if you do this or at least try to i will give 5 stars & many people will love it if you do that. also my survivors got powerfull to fast & thats okay because im on the 2nd map & the difficuilty is just right from the looks of.
Loved the gameplay. I'm only giving 1 star because it freezes every minute or two then you'll have to close the app in order to play or customize not even then. Cuz it will freeze again.
Concept and execution seem great, but needs more balancing. The best tactic at the start seems to be buying weapons and upgrades and not building anything.
it would be awesome to be able to assign fighting styles to your survivors like aggressor or defender etc etc. fun so far!
The game is fun so far (I've done about 100 waves). Although I don't see the point in changing the difficulty to a higher setting or playing harder maps as I get the same reward amount regardless (about $300-$350). It is also common at the end of a wave to be waiting a long time for the last few zombies to appear, even with the speed up enabled.
with more levels and gameplay this can become a huge timesink. runs well and is a lot more fun than other games of this style!
New review. I now know how to move people. The Ads are a big issue. Too constant. No cheap thing to permanently get rid of them. Other than that, solid game
this game is good based off of the gameplay Dynamics but I think something you guys should fix is the fact that if you have five or six survivors they should be able to move on their own if you have a spot where the zombies are too much because I think one player will have a hard enough time controlling one or two survivors let alone six so maybe think about upgrading that
It was fun at first but, i would like to add local multiplayer. Or maybe a 2 player option. Because, games are more fun with friends. So maybe you could add local co op or, 2 player option. Thanks for reading.
cool game , i lkve the fact that you can build barricades however you like. but sometimes it's a bit stressful. even if i just wanted to build one,i would accidientally build a buch of it because i press ed the arrow button a pulled it
I like the game but it gets tedious after a while due to bugs, for example, when I finally finish a long wave and then there is a zombie stuck outside the map, I can kill them using molotovs and grenades but sometimes I can't even find them so I have to restart the wave
love the Game mechanic love the shell shaded 3d polygon type of concept Music and Sound is4 Gameplay is5 overall is 5 just need more Twiks on the View mode need more angles like Bird eye view And more Zooming to better See some Angle for comfortable and adjustable for comfort better have a blue print mode for more diverse Base Planing and have more interesting base template.
the game is pretty fun but I think it just needs more updates to the graphics but overall desint game
As far as game play I find it to be fun. There are moments where its slow to load or the Zombies won't move, but a qui k reset and your good.
Great game. I love the concept. Its like an RTS combined with tower defense. Definitely addicting. A bit buggy at times, specially on the build mode, the arrows dont work. At times the survivors wont move. Do you have a support page? Would like to give more feedback. Would be good if you guys put a description on when items in the build mode can be unlocked. What prerequisites are and what level. In line with this, i wanted to ask how i can unlock the machine gun turret after the shotgun trap
Idea is fun. But I've been playing it for 5 minutes and it already crashed 3 times, and its very laggy as well
It says 2 zombie remaining, but those 2 never comes. So I needs to restart that wave. It happens frequently, its frustrating. But gameplay and concepts are good. Fix these bugs.
i like it because i like building games and zombie games but i have a couple ideas maybe u can upgrade buildings blocks too and maybe have prebuilt structures
cute artstyle, functional control, fair ads, no excessive i.a.p.s so far! and finally, enjoyable gameplay :)
Keeps crashing. Sometimes I make it in to play then it will crash. Other times It will crash when starting up the game. Will fix rating when fixed
I like the tower defence strategy in this game but the best part is to be able to control your guys in a pinch. So you can set people where you want them, build the way you want, command your team rts style, or direct control them.
Really really good game but it could use like it you can explore maybe you can but I am not to far into the game.
so far seems like a unique game but also has the build up of a pay to play. Definitely deserves the 4 stars up to this point
it's a good game but needs a spirit. the rewards could be better. Developer could add a story as well.
Pretty solid game, very straight forward, don't really NEED to play the tutorial if you're already familiar with these kind of games. But for a top down shooter I wish I wasn't I balling all of my shots while the AI are total marksmen. Speaking of which, the game has really solid AI.
Ad pusher! Finish the level, here, see an ad. Don't bother if you don't like being forced ads. Uninstalled!
The Game Is great! I love the Gameplay and the Concept Of the game. The Graphics are Great For a Low Polygon one. I have some Suggestions in the Game like adding a Ragdoll Effect and Commanding them all to move than Just Tapping The survivors One By one. I hope More Survivors More maps. The Overall Performance Is Great and I love it. Good Job Developers. You did A lot effort Making the Game. 👍👍❤️
It's a good game. I like the polygon visual. Very easy to get the hang of. But it would've been nice if I knew about the survivor commands earlier.
So I'm sure the game is great if you are patient, but whatever I build I cant get past the first wave, not a very inviting start and not really sure where I'm going wrong, as it is I've given up.
i found a bug where you can softlock the game where you'll recruit a survivor then replacing it with another survicor to recruit on wave 29 and it just black screens the game
Not bad. Wish there less ads but it is free. Can be trucky setting up if your touch is a bit 'heavy'. Still very enjoyable
Its a awsome game,but sometimes when you put oil done in builder mode it lights on fire but nothing to bad great job Developers
when controlling the character the camera begins to change, its the only problem i am facing at the moment
great game but it is bugged! the zombies are stucked in a place where my survivors can't reach! it is like an endless stage or like more zombie finding game! please fix this! i will change my review if this is fixed
Great game. I love all of the improvements since I last played in April. Does seem to have some technical issues, like zombies not coming out when press start wave. And freezing on loading screen. Other than that, keep up the good work.