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Overkill 3

Overkill 3 for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Craneballs located at Antala Staőka 1859/34, Krč, 140 00 Praha 4. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 18+ (Explicit Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a really cool game. Would cooler one can move the player. Also why does one have to buy the first item when upgrading. Seriously that's really bad
It's an enjoyable game weapons must be available when bought because number of weapons bought don't show don't show when on a mission
Like the game like the gameplay I have a problem I downloaded the game with mobile data and I want to play to play the new gamemode but it keeps on saying no internet connection but I used mobile data I have no wifi just mobile data it's ok if this is not fixed
I like the game and everything but why one star left is because you cannot move around or dodge an opponents attack but I highly rate this game to be the coolest game.
This game is fantastic. I would totally recommend to anyone. The only problem is that in game cash is not much. Like when u finish a level u aren't given much money. Fix this and get 5 stars
this game is like a Hitman 3 this game is very good in my life is a gift if is a gift of my in a YouTube channel IFC and I Google search of a hit battery that I got a hit battery is only download on laptop on ott app that the youtuber say that they the game is the load like a Hitman 3 it some very good game in my life
This game is good but the controls are not good because we cant customize it in our own. The 3 star is for the coustamization of gun is so good than any game i have played
At least better than others that I've downloaded for the past few months... But the player needs to be able move from point to another,,, to dodge bullets
The game is really good but when i have internet connection it says i don't have internet connection please fix that. And when i don't have internet it still says no internet connection
Althogh this game super amazing in graphics and controlls i still preffer brothers in arms but it doesnt mean the game is bad it is a great game try it.
Not even good, it won't let me avoid the rocket launchers or grenades and I am always getting spammed. Don't play this game, it's a waste of time.
This game is really awesome because it's not like all the other shooter games bullets get finished Wich makes it fun and the armor is quite expensive Wich is good so you can try and to make money and the controls are good the way they are but if only I could control my character around but I love the game the way it is.
the game is nice, fun and fast-paced I like it, plus I really usually don't believe that the online gaming thing is usually real i mean I usually don't think if I'm playing with real people but it so happens to be true in this game heck I even was chatting with a fellow from Australia and he told me the right time in their country and i invited him to a match. we played together. it's nice. some games make you play with AI online thinking it's people.I have a request to the developer plz ans me!
Great game. Its very sickening to buy, or upgrade a weapon and you have to buy the current item before the next. Thats very bad. Developer must work on that. Give the player his will to buy what he prefers.
I Installed the game but not able to play it on my android phone as it's not showing shoot option but it's showing some sort of joystick how to play it on smartphone without any external hardware support?
Honestly,after playing alot of shooters on this platform i never thought that any of them would have any hope to keep the audience hitched to them for a period of time..but this,this is different than those games,this game just clicks and before you know it,you are already hooked to it...i cant wait for the next installment if they ever make one..the only issue is the weapon upgrading system..it lacks something more....
Fun. Enjoyable. Have one problem that is there is vitually no tutorial and no place to contact to get answers. Example. How to cover and protect from enemy attacks ! What makes matters worse is that I'm told to cover . How? This accompanied with this nagging sense that you are lost. Strange. One should have a place to go to refer to tuitor as well as get answers to questions that arise and not preset vague answers on a list of 3 questions ! Well , you did ask for HONEST FEEDBACK and ranking.
"Overkill 3" is the best game ever. This game has excellent graphics, excellent gameplay and excellent controls. This game make me fun and I never felt bored. Thank you for made this game. But one problem I have faced in this game today. My phone ram has full I go to "My Files " and delete folder and I started this game .But unfortunately this game was not opened yet. It saw it download resource file. Please fix this problem. Thank you.
Good graphics, story line not bad but the control is just awkward..... I can't shoot properly even the steps of leves are not properly shown.......
Good game and i played a lot of others its just this pay to play that gets me why cnt all the upgrade just be free for the first 24hrs you have the game i know you must. Ake money but its way to expensive and yyou already payfor your data
I have been enjoying this game but since these recent update I have been unable to play this game. These new controller isn't responding..,
Honestly overkill 3 is a good game with pretty high graphics game full with enough action at same time give vibes I love the idea of the game and i wish to other games like this with good graphics
I give 2 star rating because when i start this game with on internet in this game show connection problem and i don't play multiplayer please fix this bug i m waiting for new update
Great game but on my alcatel one touch game deletes on its own.and its to hard to get cash and medals as well as upgrade weapons.i will reinstall when fixed.
Fire button not working in control while tutorial...installed 4 times..agajn and again but problem still happen to me..
We wants free control... I hope free control/multi control is best control...as like free fire/ morden combat 5
Good game play but it keeps telling me I have no internet connection. Not only do I have cell service I am also connected to wifi
If you are looking for a game which can be played both offline and online and can be played with friends . Then this is the best . But beware of progress loss . I am giving 4 stars because I have automatically lost my progress 2 times.
Good, fantastic game but weapons are slightly expensive. You need to buy through real money. But overall game is good πŸ‘Œ
I hate it😠😠😠😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑. If you don't have external controlar, then naver download it on your device. I think I gonna enjoy the game but now I uninstall it because it's don't have any touch pad, this game only running when you βž•external controlar.
it is decent game.controls are also decent graphics not well.but the level of action are not satisfied
the game is good but the only disadvantage is that you have to unlockother mission through gaining stars it became so difficult and you have to stuck in the same mission for many days
The worst game I've ever seen. IDK why the rating of this game is 4.1 ?? Developer didn't even know that this game is being played on mobile so controller must be according to mobile but they says use remote controller. This is the worst game on playstore even the flash games perform better than this..... Hate it...
I want to ask that you guys can make this game more better like adding a zombie mode and adding more characters in this game like it is boring to play with one Character and more characters with special power are awesome and improve graphics I don't think you popular guys reply to my review and please add this in next update and keep working hard good luck with God's blessings πŸ˜‡
It's very good, but whenever i go home on my phone for like 3, 4 hours and tap the game again, it just restarts the whole game. Please fix it!!, but overall very very good game
It's an amazing game. The reason I gave it 4 stars coz I tought u can move your person that you can control, sometimes the controller (camera)moves alot.But the game is good πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
I hate hate hate this game. It has a good storyline but just won't let me enjoy it. After a day of playing it goes back to the beginning yet I have made progress,It's like I am just pressing an invisible reset button. If there was 0 star then I would definitely go with that.
Interesting. Fun to play. Dissapointing. When you reinstall or clear data, you lose all progress even if your Google Games account was signed in. Also, the game keeps telling me "No internet connection" when I'm clearly connected to the internet. Because of this, I can't use multiplayer mode. The tips don't stay on the screen for long. So, I can't read them. Dissapointing
I'm giving three stars because. The system asking me to use controller to control eventhough I didn't connect to anything. I can't do anything except looking at the anemy while they shooting at me. I hope you(developer) can fix this issue. Thank you.
Good Game in all but the only thing that is absolutely wrong is that you can't move unless you defeat all the soldiers, so please try and fix that. Thank You.
Oversensitive controls. Clear headshots dont even register as any damage. Bug in shooting controls that stop bullets from registering most of the time when left thumb is on control. Controls are so bad you cannot play it without appearing to be a 5 year old because of how bad it is. Cannot move behind cover. Its not even close to being ready for beta testing. Game plays as if the idea was put into a program and thats it. Nothing more has been done to make it functional. Negative 100 stars devs
It's a nice cool game I love that I didn't find ads the gameplay is good grafics are good but i think they should have made the character to have more items.
Why is it that wen I got to level 12 my phone just brought out a weird control mode that doesn't work on my device I can't play the game again. Wat do I do if I want to change the setting back to the normal control. Please fix this
It's a fantastic game l say but we really would love the best sound and as well fix the background sounds also with the controller
I give 3 star .. every time my internet connection is always active.. But every time show that no internet connection.. . Do not work any parches and others options.. it's very bad And this is not frist time...over kill teame realy πŸ‘Ž bad things.....
Totaly cool game but the cash is not that much and we need more levels and a batle royal mode would be even cooler
Why is it that everytime that in the tutorial, it starts of on controller (physical). I dont even own one, never had.
Loved the game, easy controls, decent weapons etc. But, very hard for those of us that can't afford to buy the extras to advance faster, unless we spend hours a day watching videos to gain 1 battle coin from each video. That's the only reason I stopped playing the game, I just cannot afford to buy the extras to advance, otherwise, it's awesome.
This is a good game and I like it, but the part in the game I dont like is you can't move by yourself so please see what you can do about that.😍🀩
I would have rated it 5 star except that the progress made is lost but its a very good game i love it❀❀
Even using strong internet. You Cannot access multiplayer .... Fix No connection to internet problem.
Good game ever. but the free medals πŸ… section isn't showing video of ads even using strong internet. It keep showing SORRY. Video not available at this time. Fix this and I will invite my friends to install overkill 3😍 Pls creat more offline mission for the next update
Great game ever played. I have completed all the offline mission and I am waiting for the next update with the new offline mission, creat more offline mission in the next update. THE BEST