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Overdrive II: Shadow Battle

Overdrive II: Shadow Battle for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by GEMMOB Adventure located at 70 Bowman St. South Windsor, CT 06074. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Best game ever i am loving this game and my brother also .This game is really fantastic, fabulous and amazing the graphics of this game is also good.Levels are unbelievable , the options of this game make it more better than any game.
This game is so awesome and realistic. The armor, weapons, abilities of the character are absolutely extraordinary
I like Δ“ tech graphics and it seems a little too easy probably cuz i downloaded it a few mins ago. Cool game
A great game though.I love it because you make the sequel from the first game but there are some lack that overlaps from the first game.First,the shield T-Droid,in the first game,you kill the shield T-Droid by go to the the shield T-Droid back,which it weaknesses,Then one slash one kill,but in the second game,your sword will be unvelnurable to the shield,you can kill with easy,second,many of the boss level when you play it,suddenly it will go out without knowing what the problems.Please fix this
Great game overall with some potential.Much better that it's prequel Overdrive. Unlike that game, this one feels like a lot more effort went to it.It is a fun challenging adventure with the kind of grinding that is subtle, compared to all of the gachas.There are some flaws though.There are several noticible mistranslations in the story, some skills feel unresponsive and for me, they sometimes go of on their own when I am just using basic attacks.You can't auto the tower,which takes a lot of time
It's good but I would like some more characters and a class probably like a hacker but right now this game is amazing so 5 stars!
Good fighting game Awesome levels Most interesting is the level up system. I love it. This is aweaome game I love it.
Few stages are getting automatic shutdown and energy is getting lost ( though I didn't play the stage ); and most importantly in boss fight furst 12 sec and in normal run first 3 sec are getting delayed as in this time limit hero can't move. Disappointed again !
One of the best games I ever played! Great graphics and plus I have a wooden samurai sword and it gives me ideas for the moves I do, thank you for making this game I'm so thankful
It has the best quality and a game I've never play, so addictive and fun but the one thing they should change is pop up ads, every second I win the ads come up but I recommend playing it.
Great app, no adds, awesome graphics. This is an awesome app for people who like back and forth intense combat. In my ten minutes of playing the game, it is very awesome and amazing. Like I said, there is no adds, which already made me like it. I like this game and it is very cool.
Nice game good graphics no adds to many skills and equipment I really like this game different Bosses to many modes I think download now and enjoy this game
The Design Are pretty Hi-tech. And it's pretty robotic and surely does the controller are a little bit hard then previous chapter. But there is one thing I need to ask you. Collaboration with Nekki Will Make The Design of yours powerfully make people Enthutiasm on high level. Ok so that's all. The game was great than before. It is a new generation of Overdrive so I have nothing more to critics but this game is fantastic from the effects.
In this game there is a problem with data restoring It can't restoring my data I reached level 30 and once I go back and return to game it shows iam in level one So please solve this problem Solve this
Can u bring more higher animation in this kind of a game? I would feel good to play that kind of a game which has more reality in its graphics in a cell phone.
Was actually to give decent amount of rating but, -2 stars for bribing new player to rate for 5 stars for "diamonds" and you wont get it if you rate it below 5 stars. -1 for the game fluidity, its a good sticky man fighting style but can be better. Gacha system are suck but doesn't seems too gatcha dependant, so i guess still f2p friendly, and energy refill quite long to finally refill
The best I've ever played, but improve the player's movement around buildings, Instead of being on the same place but in different modes or levels
WΓ–W! CHECK THIS OUT!! Smooth futuristic visuals& slick gameplay. everything you want and more in a side-scroller! RPG elements, for the advanced gamer. For others u can upgrade your character which is really dope! even though it's a side-scroller. they really really creased the edges and fluff't tha pillows on this one. it's nice, very nice!
It's fun. The gameplay is fun for a mobile game. It's not trying too hard, no crazy money sucking tactics that I've seen. The characters a cool. (This game looks like it could be a console game. Kinda like warframe.)
It is a fun game and the graphics are great. I would hope though thaa the jump button gets easier to do. But overall great game
This game is good right now but don't make this harder to get and and obtain like make upgrade harder and more offers it will make player leave the game and dislike it because they will know it will be pay to win so don't make everything worse
Have been playing for 30 seconds died at level 21 overpowered weapon and overpowered armor and an overpowered backpack and my power is just too much for a level two player.
The game is good but, whenever I quit the game, it reduces my down my level down to 3 or even more, also, it started to glitch when I reached to level 3, otherwise it's not that bad. Please fix these problems.
Very great game but too many ads and way too many bugs, whenever i complete the weekly quest which is 11/11 it always shows 8/11 and doesnt give me my reward, i ave also completed all the story and adventure and yet the story ten doesnt come up which leaves no way to craft the S weapon and it also has an issue with saving of progress and worst of all is there is no means of contact through the game. I will change my rating once these issues are fixed
The game is fine,but some bugs need to fix. Controls need to fix ,and also please adjust the size of skill icon make it a little bit bigger..and also i hope you will add a Dungeon "Survival " where we can loot some items ( common costume,Rare Costume,Epic Costume, Legendary costume). Thats all thankyou..GodblessπŸ‘ŒβœŒοΈπŸ‘
This game is incridible,but why its comback to the start when i play offline,,i recommended that if you play online or offline,,,it is also save the game..
This game is fun you're able to upgrade your character and you're able to get good weapons I just started and I already have a level 21 sword.
the game is awesome the graphics are good and the movement are smooth but the only thing is sometimes when im upgrading my character its bug like i cant upgrade my character
Game was very good , chapter1 level 10 not responding, my level reached max100 after that it not increasing and also enchance also locked at 95, How could I relase all this to continue my levels
This game is amazing . The best graphic design game i ever seen in under πŸ’― mb . The game story is so best . I like the combat power Skill and gameplay is best . I found no bugs in the game I completed full game . The bosses are different at different levels and Stages . The fighting skill are good. The sword are good My suggestion :- download this game and enjoy it . Best of luck Stay safe stay home:)
Awesome, single player, offline game, nice controls, mid level graphics, overall a great under 200mb game
The gameplay is very fluid! I was not expecting that it would be too fluid, It was like playing a AAA game.
It's an action packed yet simple game that let's you jump right into the fight and customize the character how ever you wany
I really love this game, and I feel it has even greater potential. The skills are amazing, the enemies unique, and the design is beautiful. However, the skills overlap, and there is no description that tells us what the skill does. And the skill slots are little, so it's a really tough time deciding. But I believe this can be solved if the developers give certain side effects to the attacks, such as stuns, and they could also add passive abilities, like ones that increase our speed.
I am pleased with this game. Great animations and graphics, very fun to play. However, I do notice that when crafting some items you need Boss 10 drops, which is unavailable to me even though I have completed all adventure levels 1-9. It is possible to craft this weapon because the top player on the leaderboard has it. Is this a glitch or what??
The game is great, ads appear a little too often but it's manageable, overall a good game and i can't wait for the new characters
Really fun and when I need to farm that gold and level up the auto option is good. Overall very well thought and created.
Its one of the best game ever played..But they should work on the rewards for the missions..But still amazing graphics and fighting skills....BravoπŸ‘exellent work
OK. I play overdrive 1 and it's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo coooooooooooooooool. Wow that was really cool. And I have a feeling that this gonna be so good. Its fun to play and have good graphics and yeah.
Delightful time killer starting out. But I will not be spending money so let's review in 2 weeks once I have looked over the mechanics [update] nice game and love the auto feature it is a solid set of mechanic for what it is recommended highly for toilet sitting or just time to waste gaming
i started this game today!that means on 23rd Nov 2020!till now i find it amazing!all the graphics,gameplay,controls and also the story is also!everything is up to the expectations
This is the BEST offline mobile game the graphics are soooo good the controls are even better than the first one. If you are a mobile gamer i highly recommend this game.
What the hell !!!! what happend to this game. Suddenly all the data which I saved is lost. And again I am in 1 level. I played it more then a month and when I played today the all data was lost. Please manage this.
Game is amazing and graphics also and it looks like real fight game and it is just awesome and please give more powerful weapon so that it will be more interesting than any game in the play store. It is easy and difficulty is there in some levels but the game is good and it is very interesting game also
this game is fun to play there is a lot of challenges to face and the game play is good and the bosses are the best part to me :)
Game is good. Good graphics. Feels smooth to play. Levels are fun and challenging. Skill set is good. The upgrading & customization are also good. But that's it. That's the only good part. Cons β€” Buttons are small & easily overlaps during fast paced fighting. As for combat, the biggest problem is skill cooldown. The basic jump and rush skill has cooldown that feels long and clunky. This game is about combos but a simple rush & jump attack cannot be done simulatneously. And lastly bugs..fix'em.
Very good game but please crafting could be more simple you know what I want to say? Crafting could be good by these tips 1 you should remove boss drops from crafting and use in upgrade 2 if u have not to remove boss drops so please decrease the boss drops needed for making gears maximum need 10 minimum 3 Overall very good game give more updates that's all thank you
Epic game man i love this game yoh lol i played it everytime everyday man nd im still playing it right now bro...like i said bro this game freaking epic the swords the upgrades skills and everything man it freakin amazing bro im rating it 5 stars yoh because i love the game yoh and of course i really really enjoyed playing the game oh and plus i already told all of my friends to go check the game out play the game so yeah their playing it right now though...well guys yall did an amazing job....
First is my biggest sore spot... Your greed. You've got people spending 20 seconds in the level, and 30 seconds watching ads to double the prize. Then, before they can move on, there's a push ad. And yet you still want us to fork over REAL money for your dead end game. That's pretty much triple dipping on a game that ain't worth a single dip. My character upgrades have maxed out at lvl 95. That means I can no longer complete my dailies for the reward. Should I go on? There's plenty more...
I haven't played pvp with this game yet and I hope that there is. But so far, it was fun and really nice. One thing I noticed though, sometimes it crashes mid game. And I'm not saying that the whole game closes. It's just that I've encountered times where the game forces to go back to the game's home screen while I'm in the middle of playing. I hope you could do something about it.
So far the games improve on many things from the first game especially on character building but devolves in places like how there's no platforming just go right, fight, go right again, finished but that's it really. Keep up the good work :)
In my 12 years of existing this is the best mobile game I've ever played I would say its probably better than the entirety of dark souls 2 and also something I noticed is that the little sword move u do at the end looks like the animation that the black knights in dark souls do after every attack but I'm prob just being a fromsoft fan boy
Ive been playing this game for days! I like the game very much but i have two problems 1.the sunset map is laggy 2.the dessert worm thing,before they come out i see the whole worm flashing one time.Thats all thanks making this game❀️
Its been pretty good so far. Some things are not clear like which levels we should go to to get weapon upgrade materials and game takes almost 3 minutes to open. But other than that its been pretty cool.
Needs confirmation message bixes for item selling and dismantling Daily missions can't be finished after maxing out stats due to one task requiring enhancing character once. Mission "finish tower of challenge once" can't be finished.
Good game , good interface , good grafhic but the gameplay is very boring you just slash your enemy till death not like the 1st one where ther jumping ang other kind of stuff , the boss in this game is boring too not like the first one wich is harder and more challenging . I do like the story and the campaing . The chracter is boring too even thou you can have a lot of different ability but the first one with those worrior and kind of stuff is really good .
The game is great , perfect but can we get a bigger ground to play as in instead of just moving forward and back can we move sideways too .That will totally give you five stars from me and mostly everyone . I hope you read and work upon it in your new update if you have one .
well my experience was good a d graphics cool enemies cool but try making the game not to use data for storage let it save without data cause if there is no data it would not save and we start from beginning but the skills awesome and even the song builds up the suspense so I say great job
This game got me glued to my phone πŸ’ͺ.. would have given it a five star..but for some reason the game is yet to grant me access to "Alpha palace*(supposed last stage)🀷...please make this level available cause im dying of patience πŸ’†.
Pretty good little action scroller with one or two issues. Mainly, the jump function being listed with the skills, rather than just using the directional pad to jump/dash can be an adjustment. Plus the actual skills seem unresponsive at times and hyper sensitive at other times. It's still a fun little distraction of a game. Not anything that I could see, would make me feel pushed into heavy grinding, just a way to smash faces and enjoy!
- The game itself is quite nice. -Graphics are good -Adds are ... bearable. NOTE - for those who hoard, your inventory has a limit. You won't notice early but more like late game. Once you reach the limit your stuff goes to the ether.
Good game but I don't know why are you not allow the battle mode of your any update come so please allow the battle mode also and graphics of game is good and controls are also very easy.
It has a really good quality from look. Also a good performance game compared to the previous Overdrive, BUT! There is one thing, every suit/skin/avatar whatever it is, it looks too simple. You need a little hard work on that but you did a very good/great job. I can say.... this is the best combat I've ever played. Maybe that's all. Thank you :)
I love the game it lags sometimes but otherwise it's a great game just waiting for the second character.
What a nice game no lag controls are soft graphics amazing highly recommended if you want to play fighting games better than shadow fight 1,2, and 3 .. best game in the world ..πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
The game hangs a lot. Contains disruptive ads. The characters are very less. I didn't find it interesting.
After completing the tutorial stage I was presented with an opportunity to purchase a "special" weapon. At the cost of Β£14.99..... extortion at its best. I do not play games that do this. It's one thing to have ridiculous bundles, but one item costing that much. Not for me. Game play was ok, graphics are very Tron like but I like them.
Well sure the game looked nice. The gamble for good gear the repetitive process while playing the game and how its pay to win. I dont really recommend it
Meh good game loved it buuuuut, I had no idea that guest data offline didn't save. I lost all my progress. Please make it so u can save data while offline or online guest mode or sign in with google
It's a pretty cool game for the people who don't want to cover up their storage and those who like hifi games. Everything is quite nice, more because it is offline. I really like this game.😊😊