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OC: Park

OC: Park for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Roman Vasilyan located at ul. Kutuzova, dom 2, Moscow, Russia, 121354. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 8.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is so much fun. It is fun to choose what to upgrade, and if you are waiting for money you can watch the people going through the park. My only complaint is that the upgrade arrows stay above the rides once they are fully upgraded, but that doesn't really matter. I am excited for the new updates. This is one of the best tycoon games that I have ever played before. 😁
New update wiped the original content you set, this game is nothing but a money grab. I loved this game in the beginning but now I am just pissed. I have still been playing the game and got use to the new system.....Still don't like it. Each time you evolve the ride the seats start back at 1, the time starts over, the que starts over. So if you don't have money saved you can't update to what is needed. I feel like they changed too much to force people to buy diamonds or money packs.
3 stars just bc of how expensive things get also some of the people only go to one ride and I've tried even getting them to go over to them and u can't buy coins so tht sucks bu overall really addicting and fun
It's a really fun game but the only thing is, that when I want to see the pieces of some items you need to buy like the Funny Train, it costs quite a lot of coins so probably if it was 10k that would be better, but overall it's the best Tycoon I've played.
Good game!!! I thought the attraction were for 2 coins only but it was 2K 😅 but my bump cars attraction has so many people and almost all of them have a refund, I want to purchase/hire the clown but I don't have money, I would like to purchase all but no ✋ I still love the game and maybe when I'm older I'm paying for it (I'm still 10 and don't wanna tell my mom I want to purchase 🤦🏻‍♀️) I wish that it will still make money even though we are offline...
I love it, I'm addicted to this game, but I will give 5 star if you let the app continue running while I'm not on it. Because I closed it to wait on a 59min ride and an hour went by and I opened it back up, the timer was still at 58.
Developers clearly don't give a toss about fixing issues, as there are many, many, many reviews saying the exact same thing: a glitch prevents you from moving past the 4th upgrade level, regardless how much money the player has! This means after this point there is nothing left for the player to do, the game becomes pointless to play! According to one person, the bug has been there for 7 months or more, so if the Devs won't fix it, this game doesn't deserve a better rating even if it's fantastic
If you get this game do not buy the bumper cars. It makes your park so bad and everyone is mad.Everything else is good, no ads probably 7hours just playing to complete, very entertaining.
I LOVE that theres no ads, the only thing keeping this review from being 5 stars is the fact that you dont earn any money unless you have the game open. I think this game has wonderful potential but an idle bank would be amazing.
No ads, you can actually play the game :) they made it so you pretty much have to put it down for 6 or 7 hours while things upgrade, so that gives me time to play other games.
I really love this game and would love to see it developed further. I would enjoy being able to move the rides around though. I have them all maxed and I've realized they are in the wrong spots but there's no way to rearrange them so people leave happy instead of sick.
It was fine until the update, then despite me having all my current rides and entrance maxed out it put me back to the start with all of them, I still have the rides/stands/benches but all back to level one! Not happy!
Great game! Its a really enjoyable game, whenever youre bored, but id like to request to have a sell button to the decorations, cause like what if you accidentally bought something, and you wanna get rid of it, but cant, like.. you know? Yall get my point right? So please.. in the future update, please add a trash or sell button for decorations. Thank you for your consideration.
Can't wait to see more content. This is an awesome app. My only complaint is that the last roller coaster makes a lot of peope sick even fully upgraded. Which is a problem because they're getting on right before they leave the park. If it's going to cost so much it should leave the riders better off then when they got on. I'd probably delete it if I could the way it currently is.
Good game it dose getting boring after a bit as you just sit there waiting for the money to mount up you don't get any diamonds and it takes a lot of them to speed up attractions and once u max out the rides it still shows the arrow on top to say upgrade but there all read max out I do have a few suggestions have like a mini arcade where you can play mini games to pass the time etc other then that it's an ok game considering there no way to get diamonds unless you pay its a bit of a money scam
I've been really enjoying this game, unfortunately, as soon as I purchased the happy clown and the VIP helipad, all of my food stalls stopped working, now all the people just gather around them and cause a build up, but they never buy anything and they never sit at the tables anymore. I'd love to play the full game and really hope this game gets fixed.
This had the potential to be a really good game! It took me awhile to figure out that the trees and bathrooms can be used as obstacles to control the crowd. Very neat I hope you and more free content because I enjoyed very much. Even purchased the clown! Small tribute for tour work and also a big help keeping guests happy Keep up the great work!
The game is very enjoyable and kept me busy for a while. However I've run into an issue where I have accidentally placed the bushes on top of where a new attraction can be placed. I can't move the bushes away and I can't buy the attraction, despite me having enough money. The game is unique and has no ads, unlike many others on the playstore which is very refreshing. I have tried purchasing the next level as well but I can't place any other attractions in it. So I can't progress in the game.
Was fun and additive until you place the fourth attraction where i spent hours saving millions to realise the game is rigged and you can't place anything down anymore. People smart enough to read the reviews before playing the game will be smart enough not to waste hours on this game unlike me. Also occasionally the music dosen't stop after closing the game but that might just be a bug.
I like the concept of the game however, the fact that you earn nothing while away from the game is a let down. It would be nice to be able to build more than one attraction at a time and maybe easier to obtain the "super" attractions than just by purchasing them with money.
The game is really fun! It has a unique concept of merging tycoon business games with a pinball style game. I do would suggest offline earnings tho, since upgrades because pretty expensive after a while of playing. Keep up the good work!
Played this game and really enjoyed it. Completed it in a few days, but with no ads and the ability to play split screen it was an excellent time killer. There has just been a big update, which wiped all of my progress so far except the basic builds which I was disappointed with. But now instead of out lot of upgrades you upgrade the rides multiple times. Seems an improvement but will hold back on five stars until I've played a bit more.
Most phone games are good for about 5 minutes so it's nice to see a game that kept me entertained for 5 weeks. It's very simple and you can only build rides where it tells you to, but the rate at which you earn money and progress made for a balanced and fun experience.
Amazing! The only flaw in this game is no idle rewards and that bums me out because I can make thousands away.
This isnt the game that was shown in my ad. I am so upset. I saw the rating was 2.2 stars, and I still gave this a chance, because the game seemed cool and all in the ad, but I should've know that this is nothing like the game in the ad, not even 1 bit, like 2 different complete games, so maybe stop giving false ads thankyou. This game sucks anyway I dont feel bad that the rating us 2.2 stars. Loser.
It was alright overall. Wait times for building attractions quickly become ridiculous, and it was a pretty short game, but it has a good idea, just mediocre execution.
I have just lost everything again on this game second time. Lovre the game. But your restore button does not work.
This game isn't quite what was advertised to me. I wish what I saw in the add was also included, if only as a mini game or something. Otherwise, this is a nice, simplified tycoon type game.
So, i like the game concept and its a fun time killer but i noticed that on some of the upgrades it says it costs like 1 coin or 2 coins and its still locked when i have like 2k coins? I dont know if im still too early in the game but i even uninstalled it and reinstalled it and the same issue continues. Overall though, not a bad game.
I think the game is amazing its really fun to play but every time i finish my thing or new updates are out it resets and i dont wanna keep redoing every time
Downloaded it to play and once I installed the first ride that was it. Couldn't do anything else. Uninstalled and reinstalled now can't click anything on the screen. Not going to try again
i wanna rate it 5 star but the problem is when i clickedbthe + button it show no resturant and when they came at the popcorn and ice cream they dont move they even not get the food pls what happend........
OK this game is the best and all so I find a glitch that if you block the way of the exit the ball guys wil just stay on the park
On the positive side it held my interest, and the graphics are cute! I love that there are no forced ads, the balloon clown and VIP Helicopter pad are inexpensive. On the negative side I wish ads were an option for offline money earning as well as to cut down on the time it takes to complete the rides. I also did not like that you max out on food stalls and picnic tables. Why not make them unlimited! Would also be great if we could upgrade the ride itself once we are maxed out!
Well, I wouldn't worry about spending money on here because the game ends super fast. I wouldn't exactly call it fun and the clown who makes "everyone happy" doesn't work. It makes the sad people happy but all the angry people just stand by it and make a crowd.
Good but I wish that some of the good stuff would cost coins or diamonds because us broke people don't really want to pay for that
The game is very good but it has some flaws but they are just minor like not being able to delete attractions and decorations and ect. but it's great considering the fact its a relatively new game its a nice game to have and i will be happy to see it progress and get better over time. Please listen to this review this is honest and from the heart there are flaw but it has great gameplay and a very tactical game with time This review has made on april 9th friday Thank your for reading this
Cute, Runs smoothly, Looks great, but there is literally like 3 days with of content. Having spent $4 on premium content, it's a little disappointing to get the message. "No more content, more content to come soon!" Like what? How are you going to tell me in 48 I have fully played through everything?
Unique tycoon game with zero ads. I enjoyed the game. It's mostly trial and error attempting to figure how the NPCs pathfind and then how to exploit it to maximize profit without overloading the attractions. Sadly there isn't much in the game yet. I managed to fully upgrade everything within a day.
One bug i witnessed when i was olaying it newly that when you move like the picnic table to the people they move when you move the table or stand to them.
Everybody is having the same problem and it is extremely annoying and it is that you can not install the 5th ride.This game definitely has a lot of potential but the game can not proceed until this bug is fixed.And if the devs are reading this please find any way to fix it but otherwise the rest of this game was very fun to play and it was fun to upgrade all of the rides.If this game was extended and you could complete the rest of it I fell it would be one of my favourites games.
Cute little faces, easy game play, wish there were a way to make the really angry faces happy again without paying real money.
I like the game in all but only a few suggestions: 1. New ride for 1M coins. A ride where the 2-10 people go up and then the seats drop down. 2. New faces 3. It would be nice if you can earn gems without paying and a use for them (the use for them might be to earn more coins faster)
It's fun for a min. It took me 2.5ish days to unlock, and upgrade everything that was free (no ads). Once your done, you just starting at people's emoations and playing around. It does need more content. You can't delete anything, and can't move rides around; to make people more happy, then mad for a refund.
EDIT: unfortunately the "restore purchases" button did not work. I would give 0 stars if I could. After I played for a week and also bought upgrades with real money, I tried to enter the game and everything was erased, like starting a new game.
Was really enjoying this game. But even though my money is going up and I have enough for all the other rides, when I click on them it does nothing. So I could only get to ride 4 and max it out and now just watching people go through and the money go up but not be able to do anything is really boring. From the comments it looks like others had the same issue months back so it sucks that it hasn't been fixed. Good potential.
No. Ads!!! Thus far I'd be 100% okay with my kids playing. Game play is a little restrictive. "Emojis" only follow one path and get bogged down. And you can only have roller coasters in a few places. I wish the special things were cheaper... but NO ADS! Gladly just bought a special ride (and normally don't spend $). Thank you for no ads!
Great game really fun when I have nothing to do but im not sure if its just a bug for me but I can only upgrade entrance price upto $50 but I saw my friends and he got it upto $200.
Love this game, fun little time waster, with physics and crowd management. There are no ads, which is always an immediate 5 stars from me. I just wish they wouldn't add things to your park which serve no function until you actually buy them with real money.
It's so broken when I just pressed ok at the start it wouldn't continue then when I restart it its glitched pls fix this I'll rate this a five star if fixed
This game is cute and fun. There are unlockables that can only be purchased with actual money. And, for me at least, it was worth purchasing them for the reason that theres not a single ad that interrupts the game. Definitely try it out, and keep in mind, there are ABSOLUTELY no ads in the game.
Waiting for the update. Its a very enjoyable game. How bout adding some cafe? Then earning gems without the use of real money? Then how about a delete/trash/sell button to get rid of some oyher decorations? 😅 just an opinion. 😁 Honestly, i enjoyed the game. Love it! 😉
Pleasantly surprised. The pros: no ads, no over the top purchase buttons to click through, the look and feel is polished. The cons: even with every ride maxed out there are still angry visitors which means you'd have to spend money to get everyone happy. If a patron's at 100% happiness and they can't get on a ride they immediately go to 20% happiness. Once a patron gets sick they are neutral about the park. Restrictive ride placement. Lack of decorations. Unable to remove or duplicate rides.
The new update is nice but after each stalls, rides and benches have evolved, it goes back to the beginning even though I've already maxed out the upgrades.
Good game but I didn't play it for a few days because I had big tests I had to take, and it completely started me over. I don't know why it did that but... Its pretty fun otherwise.
Ayyeeee the game is lit! I just have some few problems that might help with the gameplay, 1st is when we buy bushes and bathrooms can we delete them so we can clear areas, 2nd can we add dining tables so the food booths have tables each, last one is can we earn diamonds by just playing the game (no buying real money). Thank you so much 😘😘😘
Having played this for a couple of weeks and buying some in-game stuff I say it's still 3 stars for two main reasons. 1. Lack of offline money accumulation. Rides need millions to upgrade them. 2. Not possible to generate enough people to earn this game 'Overcrowded' name. Max you can have is 200 every 10s..which barely fills all the rides. Seems like a very odd thing to overlook. Otherwise it's a great little idle game with fun visuals and mechanics. Fix above and it's 5*
Its really nice game. It's like waiting game it really fun. The problem is you need to wait along time just to upgrade it's taking so long but it intertaning
Played it when it kinda first came out and I maxed it out with my girlfriend in a day or two. If I'm honest I saved up a lot of coin to buy the new ride but turns out nope. But the gem comp isn't to bad. Only problem is how it reset everything. Could have left us with mid tier beginning upgrades. But the main problem is how highly priced everything us now and the fact you don't earn coin while away. So that's what I think.
Originally I had taken the time to buy 1 attraction at a time upgrade it completely and repeat with each. Had like 2 left but everything resets every level. I would also like to point out that I saw dev response stating that that's why they gave the gems well I tried that only used gems(auto spends your gold tho nice touch to dev) to upgrade the bumpercars as much as possible originally being the 1st I leveled completely. Ended at lvl 4 with everything else lvl 1 no diamonds no gold NICE JOB
Game is okay. Mostly a money grab. There's something you have to buy with real money instead of in game currency for every single time the park is upgraded. Nothing like ads though.
The concept of the game is good. However, after adding and upgrading 4 rides (bumper cars, rocket ships, train ride, and pirate ship) as well as the front entrance, the game does not allow you to add anymore attractions to the park. It shows where you can add the next ride, and let's you click on the buy section, but the ride doesn't add to the park. It has become boring just watching the blobs go into the park and not being able to upgrade or add anything so I will be uninstalling the game.
I started the game a day ago everything was going good then I go to check on my park and everything has been reset and it started taking me through the instructions again
I like the game but when my arcade is maxed up theres still angry costomers!the bumper cars is too small! And theres no way to get more diamonds exept MONEY SCAM!!I recommend to not waste your real money here.i will give this 4 stars if this can have more things.
Really fun addicting game. No ads. I wish the earnings still increases while the app is closed (of course with a max capacity like other games) and i wish it will only go one emoji level down when the queue is full. For example from star eyes emoji, it went down straight to sad red emoji. I hope it will only go down to happy emoji
Only 3 stars. This could be a brilliant game and could be a fully 5 star experience if problems in it were resolved and some tweeks made to add to it. The carousel onwards won't add to the game so can't progress any further. There is lots of unused space. The sensitivity of the touch when upgrading could be better. More than bushes could be added to spruce up the place. I feel the creators made the game then gave up on it as soon as negative feedback was given. Bring the love back into the game
I really loved this game because it was cute and fun but the newest update wiped everything I had before. I had spent $46 (I had to go back and look on my bank account to how much I actually spent) on diamonds and other theme park items that I can't get back now. Would've left a five star review; I'm so disappointed right now.
It was nice except a day after I got it it made me restart the whole game and, I feel like you should be able to gain coins when you aren't playing it.