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Outbreak - Infect The World

Outbreak - Infect The World for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by MacawDev located at Skrytka 1795, Urząd Pocztowy Wrocław 48, ul. Sienkiewicza 36, 50-385 Wrocław, POLAND. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
📣Notice!📣 Great game! It's free And the graphics are good! And there's no ads! Tho really wish that the custom Disease type was unlocked instantly! 📣Notice!📣
I've had a blast playing this game. I'm suprised the game doesn't have a premium option anymore and allowed me to play a really great game without paying a dime. If you like plauge simulation games you'll probably like this one too! Can't wait for more content.
Much lovelier UI, graphics, font, colors and implementation than Plague, Inc. Difficulty ramps up gradually. Some suggestions: 1. Better visibility of countries with lockdown when playing human mode, 2. A zoomable, swipeable 3D spherical version of the Earth (like in First Strike) would be cool, especially when deploying natural disasters. 3. . Swipeable and zoomable info boxes for better text readability. 4. The success/defeat page comes up too abrupt.
Game is really good, and has actual difficulty (on another game, I played Normal and Brutal and won quite easily). The game is 100% free, so Im just like "what could I do for you? Watch ads? Try some of your other games?? Xd" Good job on this one ♡
Good game play. Innovative without being unfamiliar. Lots of "modes". No ads (big plus). Choose your weapon also fun.
No ads!! :). And is unique enough to stand alone. But I cannot get past Prion. It doesn't spread quick enough before borders close. Needs tweaking
This game is fun as hell. Sometimes hard. But I like it. Better than other games. You don't have to pay for ads or anything. And it nice and easy. But not fungi mode It pretty hard to beat that mode and yes the game might be bad and boring. But I enjoy it It a good game lady and gentlemen...
Giving the game 3 stars cause the vac is made way to quickly and already advances immunities once your virus has been detected if the game had a little more controle over how transmitions work I would give this game another go and a higher star ranking but until then this game sucks
All right enjoying the game more than I thought I would, a little bit harder than I and I thought it would be not as far as plague though, and I like the national disasters
I will write a real review, not many seem to want to. The gameplay overall was fantastic. It felt pretty difficult at first, as would a real disease that just started. The menu system is a little confusing to understand at first, but I got used to it pretty quickly. When I loaded into the world map it was pretty laggy. I would suggest adding something to fix it, although it still ran well enough for me to play. A small bug where I can't see the name of the disease though. Overall great game!
Bull**** cheating game would not recommend the scales are set for the vaccine to win do not get this game at all was fun in the beginning dont expect to get very far or succeed
Id like to suggest to increase the infectivity rate of prion! Vaccine inefectiveness is nothing if the mission is to destroy 90% of humanity! And... when Im in humanity side against Prion... prion evolved all indirect transmissions after the infection spotted (which is one of the most expensive ones!), that doesnt happen in me! That's my only issue... everything else is perfect! Prion matters are the only ones. Im waiting for your the Zombie!
I HATE THIS APP IT THREW ME OFF AS SOON AS I STARTED .If you want to have a simular game to this I recommend plauge inc.This game is also laggy.
No matter what combination I use, I can't beat the first level, on normal. I spent money on this and can't see any of it. Not too happy. I like a challenge, but this seems more about chance, combined with a really elaborate guessing game.
I Like the game Mechanics But theres a bit Of Problem In Being a disease and Killing Humanity. First being a Virus Or disease Is Hard on this game Plus The Simulation is Not really accurate Because the disease seems to be only Infecting Multiple times But the same deaths and Infection per day It seems tottaly Innefective. However I do like The realistic Idea of Having natural disasters and Being on Humanity's Side Because plaque Inc Has Nothing in those. the only problem is the accuracy Of It.
thanks for the game, macaw! I love it my fav side is plague. although i enjoy the human side now, make more of this! But I did have a problem. Why doesnt it save game progress? For example, I played the infection mode, and it is also with humans but I won the easy mode, unlocked normal mode. I thought I could play it later. but no. I came back. Locked. please fix or otherwise dropping da stars.
Where do I begin on this game. This game is much like "plauge. Inc" except I like it Way more. I find it has more customizable options that "plauge. Inc" and it seems more realistic in the way that you can close borders, airports, docks in humanity mode. I also love the fact that you can speed it up 3X for FREEE. Literally everything in this game is free. Way better than plauge. Inc. And to add to that, I am so hyped for multiplayer.
Prion was a big challenge, but I've had lots of fun. Clever visualization of symptoms, like migrating flocks of birds turning red when infected, have been delightful. If you've played other pandemic simulators like Plague Inc you'll see just enough familiar elements to draw you in, and plenty of new things to keep you entertained. Human mode, where you try to stop the epidemic, may be my surprise favorite.
This game is absolutely free (but it will have also premium access on future updates). I gave 5 stars cuz this game is the best game that shows how virus will infect and eliminate our world.
Absolutely having fun playing it. Still need to get used to the controls and stuff but worth downloading. Tbh it's even better than Plague.Inc and I hope it gets better. Also it has no Ads! Please stay that way😭 also hope we could try out multiplayer soon and no dividing of continents like Asia server or North America server, those kind. Would be fun if we could play with our friends that lives in other countries. Will update my review sometime soon.
Cool but its sometimes hard to defend but it is very very good because there are no adds in between!!!! Which is very good ,quality is as expected ,I recomend a bit to install if u are patient only then install . Keep that in mind
The game is actually good. No ads and it's completely FREE! That's what caught my attention the most. Ads and paywalls annoy me. The controls some times freeze but that might be my phone. It's a very fun game that mimics the other disease games but better. The save humanity part is bit boring for me but it's good you put it as an option. Nice app and nice work man! I would donate if that was a option more developers need to follow your footsteps. I'm glad I found this app. It's a lot of fun.
Good game, thought it was initially a ripoff of another established simulation, but isn't. There are more options and the ability to fight for cure. Excellent game, will buy to add to my shortlist of installed games once the free time ends. Game is slightly buggy on controls on newer phones due to curved screens, but well planned and designed. Some details are extremely small font , but then again it is on a 1. small screen, 2. Larger would obscure the game and 3. I am an old guy. Try it out
I really like this app. Yes, it feels like a ripoff of Plague, Inc., but this game is a lot of fun. It's actually a tiny bit harder because if you play as the virus, you can see what the world is doing to stop you. I just really, really wish the developer would update this game!! It's been a year at the writing of this review! This deserves 5 stars but I can't do that because it hasn't been updated...
This is a fun game where you can either play as humanity and try to stop the virus or you can play as the virus and try to kill humanity. No ads which is great and completely free.
It's ok, but inexplicably the difficulty reaches "unwinnable" once you reach Prion. I've played that level for hours, and have used every strategy possible, and the level is completely unbeatable. The issue lies in the Infectivity Modifier. It's simply way too low. You can buy every single transmission type, it the Prion is still barely transmissible. You'd assume they would have caught that in play testing
Fun as heck, this is so well made. I really enjoy the challenge and appreciate being able to fast forward thank you! 😀 Update: How about more difficulty levels like the next one could be called: Insane (lol.) I love more stuff to upgrade the more the better, the humans really need more updates as I always have over 200 points with nothing to spend them on.
it's fun but easy difficulty is too easy normal is too hard and i think that every epidemic should be unlocked at the start playing as the humans is pretty interesting but it does get old although i did have some problems This game is really good but would be better if you could play a custom epidemic from the start sorry if this was a really unstructured review. 3 stars but would give 5 if ecery disease was unlocked at the start. but this game is Definitely better than plague inc. end
Game is good but there one tiny issue. When it comes to cure reduction it doesnt really do any reduction the number keeps rising and it doesnt help a bit. if this is a bug please fix it this game is rlly fun and realisitc. Also i suggest adding things like economy going down it would add a little more support. But great job on making the game.Also playing as prion in the infection mode is a way to hard. 1 because i dont get enough ep and the infection rate is super low and humanity finds it fast
Would give it 5 stars but the Zombie virus still hasn't been added. And I paid 4 premium so there were no ads yet now the game is totally free for anybody, all features included. Can I get a refund? i know this wont happen but it was worth a shot, right? also, please add the zombie virus soon, or at least let your consumers know approximately when its due out, or that it wont be coming out now, if thats the case. thanks!
Hey, yeah. I've played the game once and I'm totally taken by it, but could it be possible to maybe add a Simulator/Spectator* or a Sandbox** mode? *Where you can watch the world burn by an AI pathogen **Where you have unlimited points and can do whatever you want. Thanks for reading this.
when you start infecting you would buy everything but only inffect 1 or 2 countrys and then it will stop when the vaccine is 67 and say deffeat or even 97 and say deffeat they need to fix this game cause it aint worth your time
I love this game! It's like Plauge Inc. but free, and there is more stuff to do in it. For example, you can fight the disease if you would like. All of the evolution upgrades are great and makes you think about what you'll put your points into. All of the different infections just help add to the game and make you want to keep playing.
Fun to play at first, but it seems there is no difference in the way to play with the different infections. I don't see any difference in using different strategies. All the upgrades do the same thing no matter what kind of infection you're playing with. Gets old fast. Would be nice if each infection had it's own special traits in the upgrades.
amazing game altogether, the only issue is that africa is WAY to hard to take, southern africa, egypt, and madigascar are good but the rest is SUPER hard, please add like a airport in central and a boat dock in northern.
now i give it four stars i unlocked custom disiese on cure mode and it said you can customize it but guess whath?you can not customize it you can only play on easy normal and hard not just easy and normal that is the only diffrence about the mode but still this is a good game
Very fun game if you're bored and wanna kill some time. May not be the best game to play with the current Pandemic situation but hey it's still fun 🤣
An amazing game the one problem I had was that prion is to hard to win the infection rate is to slow but except that it is a great game
It's very very confusing to play. The game would be much better if it were a little more user friendly. I like how in depth the game is, but it's pretty difficult just to figure out the basics of the game.
This is a great game! This is the perfect game for when you can't play Plauge.inc. Soon, There is going to be a Zombie Disease And there is also extratrestrial Disease. I rated 5 star because I think everyone should play this game.
The game is good, i like it, its realistic and easy but unfortunately I can't rate 5 star because prion is too hard but apart from that, the game is good.
I think this is a realy fun game becuase you get to find different ways to destroy humanity or save humanity.
Great game because it requires a lot of strategy (when to upgrade what), but once you have a great plan, you can win through every round very fast Edit: I would like to see improvement such as dividing the regions differently!
Good app but the core virus and the protozoa stats are not right because virus don't go through blood, they also go through respiratory system and respiratory. Protozoa go through contaminated water and digestive system.
Honestly this game is really good and I play it interchangeably with Plague inc. I'm surprised I don't hear many other people talking about it. It's just a shame it seems they've given up on the game, as the zombie disease has been "coming soon" for years, so don't expect an update any time soon.
It's a fun game but it has sum small problems the opshins on wat to be at good but haf of them are lokd and the cuor is too fast if these issues ar fixed the game can b great
Currently the game is bugged out or something i downloaded this once before but it appears to still have the same problem at least it doesn't crash anymore but whenever it shows something it keeps jumping back and forth to what should be the gameplay and the menus it is even slow when doing so takes around 5min to get to the pathogens and starting it up i wont uninstall but i do hope a fix come around for this predicament
This may look like a Plague Inc copy, but it isn't(has its pros and cons). Credits to the devs for not locking anything behind a paywall. Unlike Plague Inc, you can actually play as humanity where you save the world instead(haven't tried it out yet, but sounds good). After you've beaten the game for all the pathogens, you can create a custom pathogen which is nice. All that being said, I found the UI less intuitive than Plague Inc's, but it's not a deal breaker.
Its like a better version of Plauge Inc but better. I think what it could use however is some stuff that PI does like pop culture, more unrealistic modes (vampire, planet of the apes) and it could be more realistic. But it is easier to use and it is graphically better, so if you cant get PI, than this is a GREAT alternative
I love the game I just beat Fungus and I'm stuck on Prion so can you add genes like in plauge inc. And add premium. No adds for great game you shall make money
This is one of the best plague simulator games i've ever seen. 5 Stars because it is best in animation and cool features. I'm waiting for the zombie pathogen!.
A graphically better version of Plague Inc! Been waiting for a good clone. The main difference is the storyline content is less engaging and not as relevant as PI does (such as pop culture). It is incredibly detailed in terms of gameplay options and you have the ability to play on the opposite to fight and eradicate diseases and viruses. Highly recommended. But for the dev, if you'd like us to keep playing, the storyline content needs more TLC.
Would of think that's this game is a copy of plauge Inc however. In my opinion this is alot better than the original
I see no other option other than a 5 star raiting. This is a cool game, its not easy when you go normal to hard, but still it is a good game, easy to navigate, and your options are many. No adds other than 1 every now and then, which is a rarity these days. My only regret is that there isnt more like this. Well played, 5 stars and a big hug for the devs here.
Great game. Even with coronavirus going on around the globe right now i'm having fun killing time playing this while in isolation with symptoms. Thanks for making this free. It's a bit like Plague Inc but free, and you can either help or hinder humanity, both modes are fun and interesting. I found there were a lot of options and strategies however you choose to play. Thanks to the devs for giving me something to do during this difficult time, and for making it entirely free.
Quite a lot like Biohazard but I think this 1 was 1st, there's some differences, try em both. Creepy.