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Our Last Journey

Our Last Journey for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Amateral Inc. located at 1-2-3-402 Higashi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0044 Japan. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game difficult on some levels but i managed. It was a very relaxing game but the only problem was that the characters moved to slowly for my liking other than that is an absolutely beautiful game.
It is a good game really enjoyed. It made me sad for sometime but i was ok in the end happy they loved eachother till the end . It's quite tricky but finished the game in a day .
The game was glitching and I could barely get past the intro scene because it wouldn't continue when I tapped where it showed me to tap. I was talking like a maniac and not really sure how to handle the controls.
Very cute game but a little too easy and too short. Finished the whole thing in about 3 hours with only 1 hint.
Incredibly sweet, heartfelt, and a powerful metaphor for life. The puzzles were quite challenging at times. There were moments when I'm thinking "oh God, do I really have to push all these blocks around to get to the end?!". That was when I realized the metaphor...
A very cute game. The puzzles weren't too difficult and the art was beautiful. It had a cute storyline as well. Only downside was that it isn't more!
Peaceful and atmospheric, with good controls. Unlike some players, I found the puzzles way too easy. Solutions are repetitive, and there are some stages in which it's impossible to make a mistake.
Excellent puzzle game with lovely graphics. Highly recommended for fans of Monument Valley type puzzles. The only drawbacks: It could use an undo last move button, or a save progress button within individual levels. Also, it's kind of battery intensive. But overall, fun and challenging.
Sad and sweet story. Really fun puzzles. I would love to find more of this particular style of puzzle.
Wonderful game, so much fun and so beautiful. The graphics, storyline and music were all very enjoyable. Only annoying part would be accidently pressing something and having to redo everything, i wish there was an undo button! But that might take away from the game. Overall so fun! And so pretty
Such a cute game!!! Graphics are adorabe, cobtrols are straight forward and easy. I love it. Best game
The graphic design is cute, simple, but also keeps its daintiness. Touching story line, challenging puzzles as level goes on but never too difficult, so it fascinates you to move on and don't want to stop playing. I really enjoy this game, hope to have more like it.
Not overly taxing on the brain, although some puzzles were more challenging than others. A romantic story line which made me feel happy, sad and a little nostalgic as it evoked memories of my own experience. I highly recommend this game.
One of the most fascinating games I have ever played. Story is touching, graphics are beautiful, and puzzles are truly challenging. I am very impressed!
Cute little game. Really liked the old school simple graphics. Some puzzles were really hard, others not so much. So was a nice mix. Didn't like all the ads, but you can't get any game without those any more so can't complain too much. My only suggestion would be to have an "undo" button. So that if you made one mistake, instead of having to reset whole level you could just undo the last move.
This is a really cute puzzle game. It can be really easy to overthink puzzles, and some are genuinely complicated. I think the only issues I had is the movement speed is pretty slow, and there were a couple of bugs. One bug in particular is that sometimes it freezes when loading the next puzzle.
This game is cool. I like the story line, I wish I could adopt the old lady and man. I would keep them in my terrarium.
Great game. Beautiful story, great concept. Not too difficult, some levels require a little more thought and planning ahead, but all in all, a relaxing game with a sweet story, and graphics that are easy on the eyes. Thank you, I will definitely recommend this game to all my gaming friends!
Loved the touching story and the harder levels. Could've been improved by enabling us to change our view of the levels vertically as well instead of just horizontally, and also covering the entirety of my 18:9 phone screen. Great work! Thanks for making this game :)
There was only an untouchable, uncontrollable small version of the game at the top left corner of my phone. I wanted to post a picture of what happened but playstore didn't allow me.
Very amazing game! Puzzles weren't super difficult though the last one did take a few tries. Storyline while simple did it's job very well which is the most important part of a game for me.
Pros: the puzzles were challenging enough to keep me interested. Cons: cute backstory but predictable and mostly irrelevant to the game. Controls are difficult to use and gameplay is slow (especially when walking over buttons). Would not recommend.
I love these kind of puzzles, reminds me of the block-pushing puzzles of John Wizard games. The story is simple, the puzzles range from easy to challenging, gameplay is fun and relaxing. I like the unobtrusive Guide Mode for when you are truly stuck -- you can turn it off once you're unstuck and not spoil the rest of the puzzle.
From 3-3 it simply freezes.everytime its such a beautiful app i want to purchase it but not until bugs are worked out
I love this game! It gets harder and harder each time but helps you along the way if you need it. Theres a low amount of ads and It even has a decent back story. Its fun and relaxing, a great time consumer! You have to try this game! Even my friend who dosnt like puzzles enjoys it. It just amazing!
I found this game while looking for something to soothe anxiety. It really worked! The soft colours and beautiful music relaxed me, and the simple but heart-warming story made it really enjoyable. I like that there is no timer, because I hate being rushed in games. The difficulty was sufficiently challenging but not too frustrating for one who is not that great at puzzle games! The guide was very helpful sometimes!
I LOVES this game!! Seriously!! It was cute. Graphics were adorable. Story line was cute and sweet and to the point. The levels were challenging enough to use the hints once or twice yet not too easy that i didnt have to restart a time or 4 🤭 and the ending was the best part. I damn near cried from the cuteness!! I hope you make more games like this. This i would definatly pay for. 😉 Great job!
Movement is slow but the story, art, and puzzles are beautiful and interesting and fun. Also offers a fair alternative if you are stuck on a puzzle. A great take on puzzles, not new but such a fresh revitalization on the puzzles. I love it. It's also nice to be able to complete a game for once.
This game has great potential, with lovely graphics and animations, cute character design, and good game mechanics. I thought the puzzles were too easy and not interesting to solve. Good puzzle design is incredibly difficult, but my standards have been raised by games like Monument Valley and Interlocked. I don't regret paying for this and hope they make a sequel with harder levels!
Really loved this game. It was simple but grew challenging as you went along. The last level was extremely difficult (I spent 2 hours on it) but is accomplishable. I wish I didn't use the guide to get past my problem, since I basically figured out the problem. I hope you make another just as challenging with a sweet little back story!
Magnificent! The story is such a sweetheart. Poor grandma has to do all the pushing and climbing up and down :'D
Loved it. They were quick and fairly easy to complete, there is a guide in case you get stuck as well but not needed. Sometimes she moves to the wrong area so you have to be certain to move small squares at a time in some areas, otherwise you have to start over. I just wish it were longer! 💖
Oh my goodness I was such a cute lovable game. It made me tear up at the end. Death happens to everyone and I'm glad that this game is able to show the journey of passing a way in such a unique way and that in the end you end up with the ones you love. I love this game
It's a really cute game! I really enjoyed it, it helped me with problem solving and find ways to combat each level. All the levels were different which made it very satisfying! Overall I would recommend this game for those who would like to have a little problem solving to do daily. :)
A few of the puzzles were a bit tedious, but they were all well-crafted and fun to figure out. The story was so adorable and sweet.
its a beautiful game but its too laggy, the girl is very slow it makes me frustrating nearly unplayable
Trully wonderful journey, i thoroughly enjoyed the matrix of puzzles, not impossible to get through. Six star!
Heartwarming story I really enjoyed this game it was really fun to play. The puzzles were very fun and the best part is if you got stuck then there's a step-by-step solution. I hope you make more games similar to this one.😁
Game froze on 2-6. I can rotate the camera but can't move. Re-starting the level and the game doesn't work. 😕 It was just starting to get interesting, too. Bummer.