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Otter Ocean - Treasure hunt with cute pet friends

Otter Ocean - Treasure hunt with cute pet friends for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Finifugu Games located at Flat h, 21st Floor, Block 17, South horizons,Ap lei chau. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I personally really love this game, although I would always get a bit annoyed on how: big there this bar is and how expensive the food is. I tend to buy those food that are worth 2 or 3 food bars. I also had a small malfunction, which I already e-mailed just a while ago. I really do hope you can add more updates and improvements. :) -β™‘
it's a really fun game good for a collection game besides you have to feed your otter every time your otter goes on a dive
Super cute!! The stories and characters are adorable. Nothing takes days to complete either that I've found yet. Updating to say that even after playing this game for a bit, I still love it!! The no ads purchase is so worth it, and I love the exclusive otters as well. The developers are also really responsive so that's a plus too!
I think it's the best game I have ever played this is so entertaining I love getting new orders and all the others are so cute I wish you would like be more authors because yeah I like to get new orders each time I get really excited when I get new otters of the others so cute and I just loved how they dive into the water
this game is so CUTE and I love to play in little chunks of time through out the day. collecting all the cute little otters is my favorite part! very soothing and just all around enjoyable. I really have no complaints
It was fun, until I opened the game yesterday to fins that after diving, I can no longer spin to get my reward. I get whatever reward the game decides it wants to give me. A lot of the fun was spinning and trying my best to get a new otter or a sticker. Now that fun is taken away, because things are just given to me. And all I get given is food or shells, so definitely less fun than it was before.
This game is adorable, cute, and do esnt bombard you with ads every 5 seconds!!!! It is a lovely easygoing game and su per cute!! I love all the otters, my favorites are the frog and the patchwork one so far! I named them Froppy and Cozee UwU
It WAS a cute game. Now, I can't even open it. After the recent update, I get stuck at the loading screen. Way to ruin something good.
It was ok, but then they tripled the requirements to get the friendship items. It already felt horribly grindy and that really pushed it over the edge for me. In addition, they want 20$ for one extra level of content. This game is cute but it's shameless in how badly it wants your money.
This game is so cute. The art is adorable and the music isn't half bad either. The storyline isn't complicated and the wait for the otters to dive isn't very long either. Overall it's a fun, no-thinking time waster. My only complaint is there needs to be more things you can purchase with shells. There's only so much food you can buy before it's just OP.
I'm DEVASTATED. I spent hours on this game. And today I go to open it, it restarts. I lost ALL OF MY PROGRESS!! ALL MY OTTERS! I loved this game and I'm so hurt right now. Don't download, it's just soul crushing.
I had originally gave this game 5 stars, but I'm having to detract a star. My sisters and I started playing on the same day and we were having lots of fun. After a bit on the dessert world I had made it to the second dive spot. I was on at least every two hours for 10-20 minutes at a time during the day for two days. The only things I managed to get from that second spot was kiwi and pancakes (over two hundred kiwi). I uninstalled and reinstalled, but lost all of my progress. I may stop playing.
Haven't been playing for very long but so far this game is fun and also super cute. I like how simple it is as well
It would take you $40 to unlock everything in this game, and that is if you bought things on sale. Otherwise it would be $70. That includes extra market slots, exclusive otter, a map, and no ads. If I wanted to pay that amount for a game, I'd go buy a console or PC game. The console game would even be a physical disc! Two stars for cute and easy gameplay. Sometimes my taps aren't registering. There are bugs too.
I love this game so much so far! Something that really caught my attention is how they pick up trash. Sometimes when you come back they look really hurt because of it and I feel like that should make people more aware of what they are doing. Also just a suggestion but maybe you can add something to pet the otters? I just like petting them cause they are so cute! But they never react ;-; but overall this is a great game!
The game is super cute and I wanted to love it. But its very grind-y with collecting items, needing so much food, amd slow progress. Unless you pay money for packs you can only do a few things at a time, then long waits. My biggest complaint, however, is about the in game ads. They don't work. Every single time I tried to play an ad to get shells, or when there was a button with the ad symbol and "One More!", the ad crashed out and froze the game. Every time. Error message.
It's a cute and enjoyable game, but there are only two levels of free content. There's a 3rd premium level. The app description says "New Content Every Week," but I've had this for a couple of weeks with no new content. As is, the free content can be completed in a few days if you have the time to grind it, or a few weeks. I'd gladly continue playing if more content was available.
the games is really fun but their is one problem idk if this is just my device or it happens to everybody but i got 8 otter and when i got the 9th otter i didnt get it so when i got my 10th otter it was this really cute unicorn otter i didnt get it☹️ i was really bumbed out becuase it was so cute i wanna fix this and add more of the hunt circle things but it a really good game i just thought that was a bug
Once fully completed this game isn't fun any more. Please add more features like daily objects to find and more treasures? I've paid real money in this game and don't want to uninstall it. Its a cute time spending game
Super cute game!! I love how you can collect more Otters, and all the Otters you collect are so damn cute! I love how easy this game is as well. I'll definitely recommend this game to my friends. 5 stars!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
this game is so cute! I'm hooked. The only reason I am taking away a star is because the price of a level is ridiculous. On sale it's $28.99 and full price is $57.98 FOR A LEVEL! That's the price of a switch game
I got four stars on this other race because whatever I get the otters to like go and find treasure when they're done they're already hungry so I like I seriously so tired of giving them food I run out of food a lot quicker do you think so if you want to download the game download it but you're going to have to get a lot of responsibility and I want to tell you they're also really cute πŸ’•πŸ’ž
Another game that makes you watch an ad every 30 seconds in order to make any kind of progress. Its very cute and well designed, if not for that I would have given it 1 star. The standard of mobile gaming is way too low and we should not be watching ads in order to play a game. People need to stop putting up with it. I realize you need to make a profit on your game, but you do have microtransactions on top of the ads as well. Outrageous.
Amazing game. Really fun!! After a while the requirments for missions and how much food each Otter consumes increases in number and longer wait times per mission. ADs arent super bad here either. A very adorable game for kids and those who like cutesy animal games.
This is so cute! I love otters and I love the beach! It's so adorable and it's so worth playing! I just started though but I can tell I'm gonna keep this app for a long time! The characters are cute too! I hope for the best to come! <3 I have a lot more to discover. Totally recommend this game! Loving this, hope for the best! β€πŸ’«
It's pretty laggy from my experience, but, other than that, the art is just *chefs kiss* πŸ‘Œ β€” it's pretty unique! :)
cute but its slow. once you dice in the last spot you don't have much to do. I would like to be able to dive in more then one spot. the others are completed and I don't want coins. I have a plethora of them.
I hate to give this app 1 star, but I've had level 1 completed for over a week and have not seen any change in my ability to progress further into the game. While it is very cute, quick, and fun, it's certainly not worth keeping on my phone if I can't get to the next level. I would consider paying for 3 or more levels if this game ACTUALLY progressed as it claims it does.
Love the style. The storyline is there, but not overwhelming. You can go at your own pace basically. The waiting isn't that long, yet, either. Still really wish that there's more to the friendship meter. Maybe more moments, food milestones, or just more rewards in general so I don't max out their friendship in a few minutes. It's pretty good so far!
Amazing amazing game but whenever I press the shop button it says no internet connection and I have perfect internet connection it works all the time but I will still give it a five star
The game is very cute. Generous on the shells so you dont need to wait to feed your otters, and best of all its not time consuming you can go back to your otters after a day and take care of them after a mission, no need to keep the app open. Over all I enjoyed this game and think its positively one of the cutest ones out there!!
Stinking Cute and Addictive! Unfortunately, the game is doing some weird stuttering freezing and I have to force it to shut down. It started today. Otherwise I love this game so far. I hope the bug is fixed soon. <3
This is a cute game but there's lots of annoying unskippable animations that make it a chore to play, especially when you open a chest. You also can't click on a floating otter to collect shells if they are floating near or inside one of the scavenger spots, which is really annoying. The navigation buttons are also a bit confusing to use.
this is the greatest game that I have ever downloaded!!! It's very cute, entertaining, and just a nice game in general. And I have only been playing this game for 15 mins and I have gotten so far!! The only thing is when I was downloading this game, I was looking at the other reviews and I saw some pretty bad things written about this game. And since I have only been playing it for 15 mins I don't know what to expect. But it is still a great game so far.
The graphics are simple and cute! The gameplay is very simple, easy to understand, is an idle game and can be played offline. I wish I could pet the otters though...
I really really like this game, it's so cute and the storyline is far enough apart that it doesn't feel like nothing is happening, but it's also not too close that it feels like everything is happening at once. I've gotten all the way to the dessert ocean before I noticed anything was off. I saw that the dialogue between the reunited crabs tends to be scrambled. So the main crab is saying the other crabs lines and so on. Which is why I put 4/5 stars. I even recommended the game to my siblings!
Ok so at first I gave this game 5 stars but... Now that I'm like deep into the game like in the desert ocean I go to look at the other ocean that is next and I realize oh it's locked so I'm confused dose it just end there? I'm having a really good time with this game but if it just ends there then what next? Also I'm not willing to spend over $20 on another ocean I get that this game has to make money and don't get me wrong this game is very adorable and good but there should be more content.
Edit: had to redownload the game and it helped fix. I think the ads are causing it but otherwise it's all good. Thanks for the game. Hello, I really love this game but it keeps crashing on my device and I continously end up loosing progress. I hope this gets fixed in the next update
Thank you for the update! It fixed an issue in dessert world where decorations would vanish when tapped instead of show a special side as well as an issue with friendship points. I look forward to new worlds being added :3
From 2 to 4 stars! The stuck in the loading screen bug is now fixed. Thank you! I'm just waiting for the save progress feature and (lower the price of space world) I will give this cute game the 5 stars it really deserve.
Good until u get 6 otters and have 1percent to get a otter and its only the unique ones thats why I rate this two stars but beside thats its a awesome game fun to understand no ads unless you press something to watch a ad its easy to play just a few clicks and boom more supplies
This game is absolutely adorable. I definitely recommend purchasing the "no ads" bundle. You get more out of the game that way and it's not expensive at all! πŸ₯°πŸ’•
This game is really cute but i think there should be an otter you can find that you can customise at any time and make your own by giving it a name, and then be able to see what other people have made.
Very cute! Just started playing and it's very cute and fun! I have 3 otters so far, Coby, Willy, and...I forgot the other ones name..😭 BUT, I 100% recommend this game!!
It's so cute! i love it. it's easy, and relaxing. only thing is I wish there were more things to do with the otters, like games or being able to pet them. then this would be 5 star
This is a really fun and cute game! You have an option to not have ads and even with ads it is not intrusive. The customer support is amazing, they respond quickly. I highly recommend this game if you are looking for something cute, fun, and if you like otters! The otters are so cute and silly and the types of otters are quite creative. Download the game, you won't regret it!
I really like how cute this game is, especially because otters are one of my favourite animals. I'm only giving 4 instead of 5 because I have this weird bug(?) where I can't open the shop nor the map, because it says "no internet" when my connection is clearly 100%, and pretty strong otherwise, and I also can watch the ads when I want more shells.. I don't know what's the problem, but I hope it's something that can be solved sometime...
This game is so precious and has so many cute otters and decorations, I don't even mind the ads to get more stuff, plus the first otter (Coby) reminds me of my husband and makes me think of him when he's at work and I'm progressing the game ❀
Cute game but I paid for no ads and still have to watch ads. Contacted developer directly weeks ago and they said it would be fixed in an update. It hasn't. Don't waste your money
Cute but optimization is very poor. Heavily depending on adds but it crashes the game. Aggressive propaganda of paid stuff inside this game which makes it a bad game for little children. Grind and repetition makes the game no fun. Nice try but I'm uninstalling it.
For such a cute game and concept I wish I could rate it higher but whatever the app runs ads though is so poor it either doesnt work and I have to retry or it crashes completely and I lose a super cute item or puzzle piece that I so desperately needed :( If the bugs get fixed I would love to play it however in its current state it's too much of a headache.
it's adorable, and I love the art style. It has a few bugs when loading but other than that an awesome game.
It is so cute! Kawaii as anything and such fun. I love how you have to care for them and give them toys, and they all have their own food preferences. I don't think it could change in any way. Though I do think you should be able to dress them up and visit other peoples games (unless this is already present, as I am only in the first world) that would be cool. Apart from that, amazing! πŸ‘πŸ™‚πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜
This game is so fun! I love it. I just have one small problem with it the loading it takes so long. But I love this game.❀️🦦
This is a cute little fun game I love it! Everytime I'm bored or mad I play this game! It's so addicting+
a very cute idle game! it breaks my heart that the otters look so sad when they get hungry or sick, but that only makes me stay on top of them more. the ads aren't intrusive either!
I love this app but I tried to purchase the space world and it didnt go through. I noticed that the money was still taken and I honestly just want the space world. I dont really care about a refund.
Cute, but I don't think I'll be playing long. As adorable as this game is, it's pay to complete. If you play for the collect them all game this is, it's gonna cost you. For exclusive otters, you need to buy packs. If those 'exclusive' otters become unlockable in game, then sure 5* and I'll play, but I don't want to play a game and be sorely disappointed when my completion of it is blocked by a paywall.
RATING: 9/10 This game is fantastic so far, It's really cute (coming from an digital artist) it's easy to understand so kids can also play this, you don't have to pay in order to actually enjoy the game, you do have to wait for the otters to come back but it's not like other games where you have to wait HOURS to play again and you also don't have to pay for it to be less time which I REALLY love and I hope they don't chance that EVER. More reviews coming
it's a cool cute game I know I usually don't rate games but this game is really cute and fun I hope it improves in the future too :]
I was so excited to download the game but then everytime I try to open the game it loads about halfway and then it freezes up. I tried to uninstall and install it again but nothings seems to work. Dev's please fix this.
I love how it is animated and how the colors just gives the otters have a personality. but I wish you there were dog helpers just in case of something like if something gets on the otters it can get it off when im doing something. thats all :3
I love this game but there is a few bugs I keep having, I'll put the others in one ocean to dive and I'll come back and they either aren't in it or they are in a different one. Another issue is that it won't save some of my progress so if I unlock an otter or prize I'll get back on and it will be gone and then I'll get it again next spin. Great game though!
this is the cutest game I've ever seen! A little disappointed that the food gets more expensive as you buy it but every other game is like that so can't really get around it.
this game is super cute and fun there are no pop up ads but when you start it says that the search will take 3 seconds but then it turns into ten seconds after you have finished one?
This game is super adorable and pretty fun to play. Progressing through levels gets a bit drawn out after a certain point but it's still a great game
It's really fun but it's really hard to get new characters. The others are really cute and to me, I don't think it make you get addicted to it.
This game is cute, but you really think I would pay 40 dollars for a map and otters, for a game that took me 4 days to complete? I really love this game, I wish that there were a couple new worlds, if you are working on them you are doing great! Everything in this game always looks cute, and well made! I feel like it would be cool that you could play mini games with your otters, if you win they get full energy or something neat. Keep up the great work! I look forward to the world of otters!
So cute! love the game! But I gave it four stars because I am constantly getting notifications from the game. Bit other than that... great game!
As far as I've played, its pretty good. I reccomend it for people who like animals and games where you click alot.
Honestly I didn't think this game would be fun but it actually is fun. Something that it could be changed is the food, its a bit too expensive for the Otters​ which makes it hard to collect money. The otters are very cute.​ I didn't expect this game to be as fun as I thought I thought it would be just a boring offline game but it's very fun and you should consider downloading it. <3
The app keeps kicking me out i would just like it if i could actully play, But i'm sure it's a fun game i've heard some poeple say it's a cute app, But it won't work. Hopefully soon it will work, Thank you!
this is a really cute and relaxing game, and I especially appreciate the fact that it doesn't push ads into our faces!
Most mobile games have waaayyyy too many pop up ads. This game has no pop ups and is just like the ad. Would recommend!
I love it! But I was very disappointed when the screen froze when I was about to open an otter, I was kinda sad :(( if it didn't freeze I would've given it a 5/5 but I gave it a 4/5
This is a cute game, with a lot of potential, but locking half of the otter food market behind a paywall, and then having the contents rotate is GRIMY behaviour. I don't care how "cheap" it is to unlock, having a market with all products permanently available once discovered would be far better practice than this. It's also impossible to collect shells from otters if they are swimming too close to the dive areas. My review will remain at 1⭐ until changes have been implemented.
I'm really not a fan of the new update. It is practically impossible to get anything other than a few shells and I liked being able to open the crate the otters returned without having to "spin" for it.
IT IS SUPER CUTEE...i love the extra drawings and i love the otter called rocko because he looks so stoned but it is really cute i really think if you are reading this play the game please add the sping wheel to when you get a prize from the otters again i really enjoy it!
I honestly love this game so much my only problem is i bought the third map the space one and everytime i go to open it is says pay for it like the $19.99 comes up and i press it and it says error you already have this item but it wont let me play it which makes me really sad because i really want to play that map Another thing is i think it would be awesome if you guys made more maps with more missions Other than all that i really love this game its my favorite please fix the 3rd map thanl you!
I love this game...You can collect new and cute otters.You also can get many things.Also,you have to feed them so they can dive and search for a chest.This game is amazing.
its cute but more time u play longer time u need to wait for ur otter to be back from dive and the ads bro- and thats my only problem with this game
This game is amazing! and is very Cute and adorable! it always puts me really happy with all the little cute otters!πŸ₯ΊπŸŒΈ
The game itself is really well finished with great animation, transitions, UI and general cuteness. But the game play is just too slow and tedious. Buy fish, feed them, dive, wait and then wait again because you get a roulette wheel. Which kinda annoyed me. I don't see the point in the wheel part, after all the effort and waiting and you just skim past a new otter.
I absolutely love this game and I really hope there will be more otters and content to come. Edit: I have unlocked the second map and now the game freezes every few minutes. Is there anything I can do to fix this? I love this game but I have to close and reopen it very frequently.
I really like this game, it's very cute and I dont mind how the ads are implemented, *however* they accept ads that shut off/override my music and podcast which is frankly unacceptable and makes this app unusable.
This is a very fun game! I love it! There are fun events like a earth day event. There are no glitches or pop up ads. There are adds but you only watch them if you want to get a reward, but otherwise, no pop up ads. The game is super fun! If I could, I would rate it one million stars!
super cute, gotta collect allll the otters. ads are not intrusive (only have them if you choose them to get bonus stuff that you dont need, could completely play without them) and you can progress without any in app purchases.
Such a cute, simple game that's got the right amount of ads for a free game! The idea is super cute, loving the otter theme! 🐚
it's perfect in every way! but it's super hard to get otters so if they could make it a higher change to get otters this would have 5 stars
Really really adorable app it's very fun to play and the characters are very adorable it's just one problem sometimes when I watch a ad it kicks my out the app after I finish the ad But that's Okay.This game is Great!!!
The game itself is pretty cute. I love the character designs, but there's alot of really annoying glitches. One is that when I spin for a chest, it will land on one space but then move 4 spaces over out of nowhere. And another is that when you open the chests in certain areas, you can only roll for shells.
Ottet Ocean is one of the best games in the world! I have been playing for 2 days and already have five otters! I rate this game 5 stars for its phenominal ideas and rules. If you do not have it I will let it slide this time but you must download it IMMEDIATELY or you will miss enjoyment and enrichment. Get it NOW!