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OTOME of Ikemen cafe

OTOME of Ikemen cafe for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by whomor Inc. located at 東京都中央区銀座8-15-2 銀座COMビル3F. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I loved it! and my favorite route was Leo's ♡ but they're all charming, all of their stories are so sweet~
Why's the story is short,i dislike the length of story,please update this and make each story longer for each 1 diamond :(
chapters are way too sort. I played all the gems provided with download and only got a few paragraphs of dialogue. one chapter was like 4 sentences I kid you not... I like the concept being a fan of a certain older kdrama but I can tell this story would take FOREVER to get through. As a wise woman once said... "ain't nobody got time for that"
It's great,but the low amount of choices are kind of bothering me and the shorts stories but it great
It was very good I liked three of the characters story but I saw some glitch it doesn't matter that much but still saying sometimes when the other characters call my name it just shows (%name%) something like this I think you guys have a problem in the coding but overall it's pretty good
The story doesn't make ANY sense, but you made it more silly than confusing, that's great. It's addictive to just read on what happens next.
Great app, easy and simple interface. But...extremely short parts are annoying and I don't really get to choose responses. It's more of a story to read than a game to play.
I love every otome games this developer make. Too bad they have deleted some of the game they had. But, I still like them a lot!
It's.... BEAUTIFUL.. I honestly don't know what to say. It's an amazing game for me and I just love the characters! (especially Ryo lol)
I love this game. I used to play this back in 2018 along with the developer's other games. I'm very sad because they deleted their other game like Love Ice Rink and Monster's First Love, which is I really love. Hoping that you guy's to back the other games you deleted😢.
Lovely stories! I love it! The graphics are great! The storyline is a bit cliché but I still love it cuz it stirs the doki-dokiness in your heart -w- the only thing that went wrong was gaining more hearts by watching ads...it worked pretty well at first but then it stopped worked after I started a 2nd character's story...it's a shame that I can't get more hearts in a day to read since I'm impatient to know what happens next. But overall, I finished the stories after a while and it was worth it!
It's amazing you have three people you can choose from it's amazing and you have an adorable girl in the game which looks like your sis
I love the game but I wanna experience the boy with glasses route.I wanna play a game where you can choose what route you'll take between all of the boys.But good story so far.
The storyline is good~ I enjoyed Souta's route haha but I'm hoping for Ritsu's route... I thought there are four routes but only 3. And it's sad to ignore that megane (glasses) guy. About for the CG there are few... It's just that while playing the game especially choosing an answer, that should give me a CG for every correct choice and if that was wrong then I don't get a CG. It's not enough that a heart to appear for a player getting a correct choice. But the story still great and especially some chapter that really moved me~ p.s I'm hoping for an anime too hehe if u don't mind 😊 thank you
Love it so much Most otome games have dress up challenges Glad you guys don't have that 3 things in the game happened when you turn off you phone music still play. Flash's be gonna off on the game lastly. %Name% has been seen. Also chapters very short. Gems hard to get.Overall good App. Just need to fix your coding.
Good game I just have one issue. I think we should choose our male name as I made the characters name kira and it makes things confusing.
Honestly, I thought this app was going to decent, but it exceeded my expectations. If you have a problem with ads, the only ads that are in this app are optional (watch an ad to get a gem for your story). There are also none of those little mini games like dress challenges, and i have been able to use this without wifi which is a big help for me because i like going out ofen but have nothing to do after. In conclusion, this app is amazing and i highly recommend it if your into otomes.
I love anime episodes and games and I like the character's and I also think it really gives moral lessons...so keep up the good work
I love this but my only complaint is why can't we read Ritsu's story. I think he would be interesting especially since he supposedly doesn't like women.
This is one of the best games ever. To me at least. I love Ikemen games soo much. if your into Ikemen games or anime I think you will like this game as much as me.
I absolutely love this game!! But there were some mistakes when they call my name and the story for each diamond is kinda short but you can recover the diamonds to read more anyway so that's OK for me. I love it!!
Well the game is marvelous and fun it is also exciting you will fall in love with this game,even though I just started it,I love it !!
Honestly, I thought this app was going to decent, but it exceeded my expectations. If you have a problem with ads, the only ads that are in this app are optional (watch an ad to get a gem for your story). There are also none of those little mini games like dress challenges, and i have been able to use this without wifi which is a big help for me because i like going out often but have nothing to do after. In conclusion, this app is amazing and i highly recommend it if your into otomes.
it was so lame. why the hell do we need to lose a diamond Everytime we talk a few sentences. it's so dragging and so i uninstalled. thanks
I absolutely love it, but i have some recommendations. 1 add a Ritsu route. 2 add a story of what happens after they know they love eachother. 3 Tweek some mistakes. Thx for the game.
Only played Ryo so far. He's a bit standoffish but I ended up liking him. Translation is rough in places but can be understood easily enough. Looking forward to playing other routes.
One of the best game I ever played great ❤️ loved it alot great storyline great quality ❤️ grafics are good there are 3 story male leads are supper cute you will enjoy it
The design for each character is amazing, the story is good but the chapter parts are to short. It's only like a few seconds or so before you have to use a heart to keep going, please make the chapters longer
I love this game so much.I love the characters and how the story goes. I highly recommend it for otome game lovers.
It makes me feel better when i read this app please make a part two for this specially at Ryo's version and make longer too.
Chapters? More like paragraphs that pretend they are chapters that gobble up your diamond's! Multiple loading screens that are un necessary, & even with perfect wi fi, it takes forever to get past those screens! I'm not dealing with that anymore. Uninstalled.
I loved the story charcters and art of this, but i wish you could have all 4 guys as an option that would be cool.
I am new to otome games so I don't know what's standard, but I do know this game is leaving my phone the same day I installed it. Terrible English I was ignoring. 5 story entries a day I could live with. But when each story entry is approximately 25 words long and there is an ad both BEFORE and AFTER that twelve seconds of game, I'm out.
The stories are good but i want more than just 5 diamonds per day, also i purchased diamonds and didnt get any at all.
it a very good I could read this more and more alto I do be going crazy like screaming and stuff like that it enjoyable keep up the work ✌👍
The game is great. The only problem is the scenes are so short even with a premium diamond. I couldn't even finish 1 chapter with 10 premium diamonds. I love the game, the graphics and storyline is good but it's too costly.
The best I have ever played Otome game like really I've played mostly all of their apps even from before, I really didn't understand why there are few games left like I really fell in love form the ones from before. Anyways I love the stories, the plot, the characters (yes love their personalities and all) and the graphics and especially the well being of the game. To those reading this I recommend this so much. Nice game. No comments on tickets. Love it.
Kyaaaaaa!!!! I have always love gender-bender mangas and animes! Now theres also a game about it! You have no idea how happy i am. I recommend this game, the stories you read in this game will attract you to continue the story. So yeah i love this game really much. Please make more gender-bender otome games! It can be a girl disguise as a boy or reverse as long as its a normal couple story and cute love story. Im perfectly fine with them! I REALLY ♡ THIS GAME!!
It's very refreshing and leaves you on the edge of your seat until next thing comes up. Absolutely love it!
I get hooked on the story which is great but having to wait for the timer between videos or waiting for the next day is very very hard for me because i forget what happened before then i have to rehook into the store just to run out of hearts ugh
I took off another star because this game could be fantastic but the ads don't work and they are getting worse. It now takes me all day to watch the 3 free ads because they will not load and keep locking up the app. I have to restart it each time and try again. Of course the ads work just fine in between the story segments that we DON'T get credit for.